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Grand Alliance Destruction

Ogor Mawtribes

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General Tactics

Not to be outdone by the other Destruction get togethers, the Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders are joining forces to smash your face in.

Why play Ogor Mawtribes?[edit]


  • Most units (BCR in particular) will hit with the speed and power of a runaway freight train.
  • You like the fightin', you like the eatin', and you love the Pot. Simple as.
  • Very close to being the highest potential damage faction in the game. Our base battleline is damage two, and Ironguts have flat damage Three.
  • Thanks to the Hungry/Eating rule, our ogres are fast until they're in melee, where they have high bravery.
  • A fantastic spell lore with 4 near-perfect spells, a situational but strong rhinox buff, and a great wizard killing spell. The Lore of the Sun-Eater is also quite good with all three spells. This only gets better with the Great Mawpot buffing your magic further.
  • Excellent healing. If an opponent doesn't kill your model, you can easily heal it to full, especially if you're fighting near the Great Mawpot.
  • Plenty of ways to deal damage without rolling to hit. You can cripple some units with a good enough Trampling Charge roll, and monsters (and buffed rhinoxen) can splatter whole units if you roll a high enough charge. Plus the Grasp of the Everwinter ability makes prolonged combat against Beastclaw Raiders dangerous as they start taking d3 mortals every battle round they're in melee with you.


  • Our wizards are slow and expensive, and while they're good in melee, that's still not where you want a wizard. You're paying extra points for a hero that has the same spellcasting as a Madcap Shaman for double the cost. Outside of Bloodgullet you also have few to no spellcasting benefits.
  • Our magic has amazing effects... but high casting values. The Mawpot helps somewhat but you can find yourself being chained to the thing, meaning the range of reliable magic is about 12-18 inches from the pot, and outside that you're taking a gamble every time you want to cast a basic spell.
  • We are a low model count army (except for Gnoblars), so a failed Battleshock test can be devastating.
  • Not much synergy between units. Beastclaw Raiders especially, pretty much none of their powers affect Gutbusters.
  • Every lost model is devastating. In an army with only twenty or so models, losing two in an exchange really hurts. In general Mawtribes sucks at wars of attrition, so armies that specialize in it like Soulblight Gravelords, Ossiarch Bonereapers, and Gloomspite Gitz are a dangerous proposition if we can't break them on the charge.
  • Penalties to hit can be crippling. Our damage and wounding rolls are great, and we hit on an excellent 3+, but hit roll penalties are common. Any penalties to hit will hurt your potential to last in a fight, and the Mawtribes really can't afford losing trades too often.
  • Comparable to a one-trick pony. Sure we hit hard, fast, and can tank some hits, but that’s about all we can do. Regardless of the composition of their lists, they’ll all mostly revolve around the same tactics and plans. Perhaps a better way of phrasing it is, we have no secrets or tricks up our tubby sleeves, and what the enemy sees is what they can prepare for.


Faction rules and abilities: Battletome Ogor Mawtribes

Latest Matched play points: Battletome Ogor Mawtribes

Core rules: here

Matched play rules, battleplans and expansions: General's Handbook 2021, plus the battleplans from the Core Book.

Supplement all the above with any Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.

Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

  • Trampling Charge: After an OGOR or Rhinox unit makes a charge move, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 1" of the unit and roll a number of dice equal to the unmodified charge move. Add 2 to each dice if the unit is a monster or has 8 or more models. For each 6+, deal 1 mortal wound.
    • From most troops expect 0-3 mortal wounds, Otherwise, think 3-6.
  • Grasp of the Everwinter: At the start of your hero phase, roll 1 die for each enemy unit within 3" of any BEASTCLAW RAIDERS units. If the roll is equal to or less than the battle round, the unit takes D3 mortal wounds.
    • Makes being around even the cats dangerous. Worth throwing in a Raider for the AoE Damage.
  • Might Makes Right: When determining who controls an objective, OGOR models count as 2 and OGOR MONSTER models count as 10. Unless you’re bringing in hordes, good luck getting these guys to budge.
  • Ravenous Brutes: Based on the distance between them and enemy models, OGOR units gain certain buffs, divided into two states called “Hungry” and “Eating”. “Hungry” is being more than 3 inches away from the enemy, which grants them +2 to Movement, and while at 3 inches or fewer they are “Eating” and get +2 to Bravery. This makes them an adaptable and surprisingly fast faction.
    • the +2" makes ogors fast, foot troops will move 8", mounts move 11" and Stonehorns move 14". Not Cavalry or Slaanesh speeds, but it's widespread and consistent.
  • Everwinter Prayers: Each BEASTCLAW RAIDERS PRIEST can know 1 prayer in addition to any other prayers they know. In your hero phase, each of them can chant 1 prayer. Each prayer can only be attempted once per phase.

Command Traits[edit]

Traits of the Tyrant

  1. Furious Guzzler: At the start of your hero phase, if this general is eating you can heal D3 wounds.
  2. Prodigious Girth: Add 2 wounds to the general's wound characteristic.
  3. Killer Representation: Before this general is set up for the first time, you can pick a second Big Name. The second Big Name cannot be the same as the first.
    • Do NOT take this and then take Deathcheater as one of the Big Names, as that would be objectively worse than taking Prodigious Girth.
  4. Mighty Bellower: If an enemy unit fails a battleshock test within 6" of this general, add D3 to the number of models that flee.
  5. An Eye for Loot: You can re-roll hit and wound rolls for this general's melee weapons that target a hero that has an artefact of power.
  6. Crushing Bulk: The general is treated as a MONSTER for the purposes of Trampling Charge. Brutal in smaller games with no snipers.

Traits of the Butcher

  1. Questionable Hygiene: Subtract 1 from hit rolls by enemy units while they are within 6" of the general.
  2. Herald of the Gulping God: While this general is eating, friendly units don't take battleshock tests while they are wholly within 15" of them.
  3. Growling Stomach: Subtract 2 from the Bravery characteristic of enemy units within 12" of this general while they are hungry.
  4. Gastromancer: This general knows all the spells from the lore of Gutmagic.
  5. Rolls of Fat: Add 2 to the wounds characteristic of this general.
  6. Spell-Eater: Each time this general dispells an endless spell, you can heal any wounds allocated to them. If this general had no wounds allocated to them, you can instead add 1 to their wounds characteristic until the end of the battle. In addition, each time this general dispells an endless spell they can cast an addition spell in that phase.

Traits of the Beastclaw - Frostlords and Huskards

  1. Nomadic Raider: You can re-roll wound rolls for melee weapons made by this general while they are wholly within enemy territory.
  2. Voice of the Avalanche: Once per battle round, this general can use a command ability on their warscroll without spending a command point.
  3. Frostfell Aura: Enemy units cannot retreat while within 3" of the general. No one wants to be trapped with a Stonehorn.
  4. Master of the Mournfangs: Friendly Mournfang Pack units do not take battleshock tests while they are wholly within 18" of the general.
  5. Skilled Rider: Halve the number of wounds allocated to this general (rounding up) when determining which row of the damage table to use for this general.
  6. Touched by the Everwinter: The general is a Priest. If the general is already a priest they know an additional prayer from Everwinter prayer.
    • Doesn't let you invoke multiple prayers, but lets your Stonehorns buff themselves.

Traits of the Hunter - Icebrow Hunter

  1. Winter Ranger: At the start of each of your hero phases, if this general is in ambush you gain D3 additional command points.
    • in bigger games, you can use this as CP generator while denying the opponent to get points for attacking your warlord.
  2. Eye of the Blizzard: Subtract 1 from hit rolls that target the general.
  3. Blood Vulture's Gaze: Add 1 to hit and wound rolls for missile weapons used by this general.
  4. Frost Maw: When using this general's Icy Breath ability, you can pick D3 enemy units instead of 1.
  5. Raised by Yhetees: Add 1 to the attack characteristic of melee weapons used by friendly Icefall Yhetees when they are wholly within 12" of this general.
  6. Skal Packmaster: When you use this general's Master of Ambush ability, up to two units of Frost Sabres can join this general instead of 1.

Mount Trait[edit]

If your army includes any Heroes on Stonehorns or Thundertusks one of those Heroes can have a mount trait (warscrolls grant extra). - bypassed by one of the Mawtribes

Hero mounted on Stonehorn

  1. Black Clatterhorn: Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with this model's Rock-hard Horns
  2. Metalcruncher: At the start of the combat phase, pick 1 enemy WAR MACHINE, or 1 enemy unit with a Save characteristic of 4+, 3+, 2+, that is within 3" of this model. That enemy unit immediately suffers D6 Mortal wounds. Pairs well with Frostfell Aura so enemies can't retreat.
  3. Belligerent Charger: When determining the number of Dice to roll for the Trampling Charge battle trait, treat charge rolls made for this model of less than 7 as 7.
  4. Frosthoof Bull: Improve the Rend characteristic of this model's Crushing Hooves by 1.
  5. Rockmane Elder: Add 1 to this model's wound characteristic
  6. Old Granitetooth: Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly STONEHORNS and MOURNFANG PACK Units while they are wholly within 12" of this model

Hero mounted on Thundertusk

  1. Fleet of Hoof: You can re-roll one or both of the dice when charging with this model.
  2. Fleshgreed: At the start of each hero phase, if this model is eating, you can heal 1 wound allocated to this model.
  3. Rimefrost Hide: Worsen the Rend characteristic of melee weapons that target this model by 1 to a minimum of (-). While the new realm artifacts suck as a whole, this actually lowers the rend Characteristic of the attack. This means that if combo'd with the Chamon artifact to ignore rend of -1 you actually completely ignore rend 1 and 2.
  4. Gvarmak: Add 1 to this model's Wounds characteristic.
  5. Matriarch: Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly Thundertusks while they are wholly within 12" of this model. Ideally you’ll take this if running a Torrbad battalion.
  6. Alvagr Ancient: If this model has not made a charge move in the same turn, enemy units that are within 3" of this model at the start of the combat phase fight at the end of that combat phase.


Tyrant's Plunder - Tyrant only

  1. Headsmasher: The bearer's Thundermace has a damage characteristic of 4 instead of 3.
    • Decent but you probably won't have enough swings to notice this one too much.
  1. Grawl's Gut-plate: Add 4" to the bearer's Move characteristic while they are Hungry instead of 2".
    • Sprint around! A scary addition but you'll outrun your supporting troops, so use with caution.
  1. Gruesome Trophy Rack: Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by friendly Gutbusters units wholly within 12" of the bearer that target a Monster or Hero
    • Hideously strong. Monsters will vanish and heroes will mysteriously find other places to be on the battlefield when a tyrant sporting this is around. Keep in mind this affectd both melee AND shooting.
  1. Flask of Stonehorn Blood: Once per battle, at the start of any phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, until the end of that turn, roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to the bearer. On a 4+ that wound or mortal wound is negated.
    • Keep your tyrant alive through a scary shooting or combat phase. Fine for defense but you might be better off just having a block of Ironguts near you instead.
  1. Sky Titan Scatter Pistols: The bearer's Ogor pistols have an attack characteristic of 6 instead of 2.
    • Hilarious fun. Sub optimal but let's be honest, you knew that already and wanted them anyway. Get shootin', Tex.
  1. The Fang of Ghur: The bearer's Glaive has a Rend characteristic of -3 instead of -1.
    • Much like the mace one, a weird choice. The Glaive on it's own doesn't have enough swings to usually justify this, but if you absolutely hate armor this is an option.

Butcher's Vittles - Butcher only

  1. Dracoline Heart: Once per battle, at the start of your hero phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, pick 1 Great Mawpot terrain that is part of your army, within 6" of the bearer and empty. That Great Mawpot is now full.
    • If the enemy won't come to the Mawpot, bring your own leftovers and refill it yourself. Great for keeping your units topped off, and possibly healing another 6+ wounds.
  1. Shrunken Priest Head: Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or a mortal wound to the bearer. On a 5+ that wound or mortal wound is negated.
  2. Wizardflesh Apron: The bearer can cast 1 additional spell in each of your hero phases.
  3. Bloodrock Talisman: Add 2 to the roll when the bearer attempts to unbind or dispel an endless spell.
  4. Grease-smeared Tusks: Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly Monsters while they are within 9" of the bearer.
    • A weird but maybe good choice, a Butcher isn't particularly fast, but if they sprint up the board each turn you could get some value from it. Still probably an unnecessary risk, as your monsters are plenty fast as-is.
  1. Rotting Dankhold Spores: Once per battle, at the start of your hero phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, pick 1 enemy unit within 6" of the bearer and roll a number of dice equal to the number of models in that unit. For each 4+, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.
    • Do you hate hordes with a passion? Give them the ol' Sneezo Diseaso and delete half their unit with this. Amazing against high-save, 1-wound infantry like Mortek Guard or Ironbreakers.

Relics of the Everwinter - Frostlords and Huskards

  1. The Rime Shroud: Re-roll unmodified hit rolls of 6 for attacks made with missile weapons that target the bearer.
    • If you're fighting enough ranged units to be considering this, you need more/better screens.
  1. Blade of All-Frost: Pick 1 of the bearer's melee weapons. If any wounds inflicted by this weapon are allocated to an enemy Hero or Monster model and that model is not slain, subtract 1 from hit and wound rolls for attacks made with melee weapons by that model for the rest of the battle.
    • This would be great if you weren't already a Frostlord or Huskard. You're more likely to absolutely booty blast whatever you touch in melee, and anything that survives is likely to be Nagash or Archaon, who will probably kill you before you reach melee or get to swing, knowing the dangerous debuff you might cause.
  1. Carvalox Flank: Friendly Icefall Yehtees units that are wholly within 12" of the bearer at the start of the movement phase can move an extra 2" when they make a normal move during that phase. Pair great on a Thundertusk.
  2. Alvagr Rune-tokens: Once per battle, at the start of your hero phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, until the start of your next hero phase, you can re-roll hit and wound rolls for attacks made by the bearer and re-roll save rolls for attacks that target the bearer.
  3. Skullshards of Dragaar: Once per battle, the bearer can attempt to unbind 1 spell in the enemy hero phase as if they were a Wizard. If they do so that spell is automatically unbound. (Do not roll 2D6).
  4. Elixir of Frostwyrm:Once per battle, at the start of your shooting phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, pick 1 enemy unit within 9" of the bearer that is visible to them. That unit suffers D6 mortal wounds and the bearer suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Trophies of the Skal - Icebrow Hunter only

  1. The Pelt of Charngar: In your hero phase, you can heal up to D3 wounds allocated to the bearer.
  2. Kattnak Browplate: Add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target the bearer. In addition, at the start of your first hero phase. you receive 1 additional command point.
  3. Frost-talon Shardbolts: If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with the bearer's Hunter Crossbow is 6, that attack inflicts D3 mortal wounds on the target in addition to any normal damage

Spell Lore[edit]

Lore of Gutmagic - Butchers only

  1. Fleshcrave Curse: CV 6. Pick 1 enemy unit within 12" of the caster that is visible to them. That unit suffers D6 MW but they gain 1 Attacks characteristic on their melee weapons until the start of your next hero phase.
    • A spicy and dangerous spell that's got a tasty effect for a low price, but the buff you're handing out can easy come back to give you serious indigestion. Use with caution, but makes a great source of mortal wounds against wizards who'll barely get any benefit from the extra attacks.
  2. Blood Feast: CV 7. Pick 1 friendly OGOR unit that is not a MONSTER and that is wholly within 18" of the caster and is visible to them. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that unit's melee weapons until your next hero phase.
    • A hearty, flavorful spell that pairs with almost any unit. Make sure to keep your butcher near his Mawpot to make it easier to brew up the spell, as the cooking requirements on this one can be a bit high for chefs-in-training.
  3. Ribcracker: CV 7. Pick 1 enemy unit within 18" of the caster that is visible to them. Subtract 1 from save rolls for attacks that target that unit until the start of your next hero phase.
    • Starved for ideas on how to crack the enemy's toughest cookies? This is the debuff that soothes that hard armor and tenderizes your foes for a quick meal. Pairs well with Chaos Knight Soufflé, Putrid Blightking Hash, or Immortis Guard Pie.
  4. Blubbergrub Stench: CV 5. Until the start of your next hero phase, friendly RHINOX units are treated as MONSTERS for the purposes of the Trampling Charge battle trait while they are wholly within 18" of the caster.
    • A strange spell for only the most discerning chefs. Requires rather obscure ingredients, mostly having enough Rhinox around to benefit from the spell's spices. However, if you've got a Rhinox steak or three nearby, this makes them pack quite a satisfying punch against diners threatening your artillery backline. Food for thought: Keep your artillery near your Mawpot to almost guarantee this spell's success.
  5. Molten Entrails: CV 7. Pick 1 friendly OGOR MAWTRIBES MONSTER wholly within 18" of the caster that is visible to them. Until the start of your next hero phase, add 1 to the Damage characteristic of the melee weapons used by that MONSTER'S mount.
    • A spell that enhances the already intense flavor of your monsters. Throw this on a Frostlord on Stonehorn and watch the delectable carnage.
    • If you’re building a BCR list, definitely considering bringing a Slaughtermaster with this spell for mobile buffs to your beasts.
  6. Greasy Deluge: CV 7. Pick 1 enemy unit within 18" of the caster that is visible to them. Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks by that unit until the start of your next hero phase.
    • A scrumptious debuff that helps stop a meal's rough kick on your softest diners, use this to turn tough Ghoulburgers into mush, or unpalatable Dryad Salad into Applesauce.
  • You'll notice a running theme with Ogor magic being quite difficult to cast, with 4 of our lore spells requiring 7s to get off, and the only "easy" to cast spell being Blubbergrub Stench which while powerful is very limited in scope. This is helped significantly by the power of our terrain piece, the Great Mawpot. Since it's free, you can basically subtract one from each spell's CV, making them all much easier cast. That being said, you'll rarely have the spellcasting force to use all of these useful spells at once, so pick wisely. If you don't know which ones will be strongest, you generally can't go wrong with Greasy Deluge, Ribcracker, or Blood Feast, as they have the most generalized uses.

Lore of the Sun-Eater - Firebelly only

  1. Fiery Whirlwind: CV 6. Pick 1 enemy unit. Roll 1 dice for each model in that unit that is within 12" of the cast and is visible to them. For each 4+ that unit suffers 1 mortal wound. If the unit only has 1 model, roll 3 dice instead of 1. A very spicy horde killer with very lackluster range, so make sure you keep your Firebelly safe after he casts this spell.
  2. Billowing Ash: CV 8. Until the start of your next hero phase, subtract 1 from the hit rolls for attacks that target friendly units wholly within 12" of the caster. One of the better spells in the book, albeit with a pretty high cast (even with +1 from the pot). Though if you get this spell off in addition to Greasy Deluge, you could all but nullify a units attacks.
  3. Tongues of Flame: CV 6. Pick 1 enemy until that has 5 or more models that are within 18" of the caster and visible to them. Until the start of your next hero phase, each time that unit finishes any type of move it suffers D3 mortal wounds. Situationally decent. Worth noting it says 'any type of move', which includes pile-in moves, so feel free to make your opponent mad by reminding him of this after he's done moving his models in combat.

Manifestations of the Eternal Snowstorm[edit]

Prayers for your Huskard Torr.

  1. Pulverising Hailstorm: 4+, pick a point on the battlefield within 18" of the model chanting this prayer. Roll 1 dice for each unit within 3" of this point. On a 3+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
  2. Keening Gale: 4+, pick 1 friendly MONSTER or MOURNFANG PACK that is wholly within 18" of the model chanting this prayer. Until the start of your next hero phase, add 3" to that unit's Move characteristic.
  3. Call of the Blizzard: 4+, pick 1 friendly unit of Icefall Yhetees within 18" of the model chanting this prayer that is visible to them. Return 1 slain model to that unit.

The Great Mawtribes[edit]

Your army may belong to a Mawtribe, and gains all the abilities within. Note that you can still take Beastclaw Raiders in the Gutbuster-themed Mawtribes and vice-versa, but they're clearly designed to buff one side over another.

Meatfist Mawtribe
The Gluttons choice, for when you wanna have hordes of hungry fat men to charge straight into enemy territory.

  • Battle Traits - Fleshy Stampede: Roll 1 additional dice for any MEATFIST units using the Trampling Charge ability.
  • Command Trait - Food for Thought: At the start of the hero phase, if this general is eating, you gain 1 additional command point.
  • Command Ability - The Unstoppable Feast: At the start of the combat phase pick a MEATFIST HERO, then add 1 to the attack characteristics of friendly MEATFIST OGRE GLUTTONS Gulping Bites while they are wholly within 18" of the hero, you cannot use this more than once.
  • Artefact of Power - Gutplate of Ghur: Reroll save rolls of 1 for the bearer.

Bloodgullet Mawtribe
The Butcher/Slaughtermaster choice. Pairs beautifully with the Great Maw-pot.

  • Battle Traits - Heralds of the Gulping God: BLOODGULLET BUTCHERS know 1 additional spell from the Lore of Gutmagic. In addition, friendly BLOODGULLET BUTCHERS can attempt to cast 1 extra spell in your hero phase.
  • Command Trait - Nice Drop of the Red Stuff: Friendly units that start wholly within 12" of the General at the start of their pile in move can move an additional 3" when they pile in.
  • Command Ability - Bloodbath: You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase, if you do so pick 1 friendly BLOODGULLET BUTCHER, until the end of the phase, you can reroll wound rolls for attacks made by friendly BLOODGULLET OGOR GLUTTONS that are wholly within 12" of the BLOODGULLET BUTCHER.
  • Artefact of Power - Splatter-Cleaver: Pick 1 of the bearer's melee weapons, at the end of the combat phase, if any wounds were inflicted on enemy models by that weapon and not negated, you can heal up to d3 for each friendly BLOODGULLET unit wholly within 12. (Roll separately for each unit)

Underguts Mawtribe
The Leadbelcher's choice. When you feel like inserting 40k into the Mortal Realms.

  • Battle Traits - Gunmastery: Leadbelcher Guns used by UNDERGUTS LEADBELCHERS units have a range characteristic of 18" instead of 12".
  • Command Trait - Mass of Scars: Subtract 1 from the wound rolls for attacks made with missile weapons that target this general.
  • Command Ability - Thunderous Salvo: You can use this command ability at the start of your shooting phase, If you do so, pick 1 friendly UNDERGUTS HERO. Until the end of that phase, add 1 to the attack characteristics of ranged weapons made by UNDERGUTS IRONBLASTERS units wholly within 12" of that UNDERGUTS HERO. You can only use this command ability once per shooting phase.
  • Artefact of Power - Gnoblar Blast Keg: Once per battle at the start of your shooting phase, you can use the Gnoblar Blast Keg. if you do so pick 1 enemy unit within 9" of the bearer that is visible to them and roll six dice. Add 1 to each roll for every 10 models in the target unit. For each 6+, the enemy unit suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Boulderhead Mawtribe
The Behemoth choice. Also the one that’s most likely to drain your wallet.

  • Battle Traits - Fearsome Breed: Add 1 to the wounds characteristic of friendly BOULDERHEAD MONSTERS. In addition, each BOULDERHEAD HERO on STONEHORN or THUNDERTUSK can be given a mount trait instead of only one.
  • Prayer Bonus - Deadly Hail: Add 1 to prayer rolls for Pulverizing Hailstorm when a BOULDERHEAD PRIEST is chanting that prayer.
  • Command Trait - Lord of Beasts: Friendly BOULDERHEAD MONSTERS that are wholly within 12" of this general at the start of the movement phase can move an extra 1" when they make a normal move during that phase.
  • Command Ability - Dig Deep Your Heels: You can use this command ability at the start of any phase. If you do so pick 1 friendly BOULDERHEAD HERO that has a mount. Until the end of the turn use the top row on that unit's damage table, regardless of how many wounds are allocated to that model.
  • Artefact of Power - Brand of the Svard: If the bearer has a mount, add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with that mount's melee weapons.

Thunderbellies Mawtribe
The Mournfang choice.

  • Battle Traits - Swift Outflank: Friendly THUNDERBELLIES MOURNFANG PACK units wholly within 12" of the edge of the battlefield at the start of your charge phase can charge in that charge phase even if they ran in the same turn.
  • Prayer Bonus - Riders of the Hurricane: Add 1 to prayer rolls for Keening gale when a THUNDERBELLIES PRIEST is chanting that prayer.
  • Command Trait - Storm Chaser: Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly THUNDERBELLIES units while they are wholly within 18" of this general.
  • Command Ability - Rip and Tear: You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick 1 enemy unit with 1 or more wounds allocated to it that is within 6" of a THUNDERBELLIES HERO. Until the end of the phase, you can re-roll wound rolls for attacks made by friendly THUNDERBELLIES MOURNFANG PACK units that target that enemy unit.
  • Artefact of Power - Shatterstone: Enemy units treat terrain features within 12" of the bearer as having the Deadly scenery rule in addition to any other scenery rules they may have.

Winterbite Mawtribe
The Hunter/Priest + Frost Sabres/Yhetees Choice.

  • Battle Traits - Ghosts in the Blizzard: Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made with missile weapons that target friendly WINTERBITE units that are wholly within your territory.
  • Prayer Bonus - Call of the Endless White: Add 1 to prayer rolls for Call of the Blizzard when a WINTERBITE PRIEST is chanting that prayer.
  • Command Trait - Wintertouched: Add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made with melee weapons by friendly WINTERBITE FROST SABRES units and WINTERBITE ICEFALL YEHTEES units while they are wholly within 12" of this general.
  • Command Ability - Howl of the Wild: You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly WINTERBITE HERO, WINTERBITE FROST SABRES units and WINTERBITE ICEFALL YEHTEES units wholly within 12" of that WINTERBITE HERO can fight at the start of the combat phase. These units cannot fight again in that combat phase unless on ability or a spell allows them to fight more than once.
  • Artefact of Power - Frostfang: Pick 1 of the bearer's melee weapons. At the start of each battle round roll a dice. On a 5+ add 1 to the damage inflicted for attacks made with that weapon for the rest of the battle. this effect is cumulative.




  • Tyrant: (160pts) The ogor foot lord with armed to the teeth with dual pistols that act like hand cannons, a glaive for slaying, and a mace for smashing. They can take a Big Name to better fit their function. His Command Ability causes D3 mortal wounds to a friendly unit but they are forever immune to Battleshock and those wounds are negligible and healable for ogors. Though arguably the best unit to use these on are Gnoblar hordes, which helps them be a better tar pit for enemies.
    • Big Names: Each Tyrant you bring can have a big name. These are essentially mini-warlord traits, but are not limited and they stack with other traits. Each Tyrant gets one, and multiple Tyrants can share the same Big Name.
  1. Deathcheater: +1 wound on your Tyrant. Not as good as Prodigious Girth, but when used together pumps your Tyrant up to 11 wounds.
  2. Brawlerguts: +1 on wound rolls for attacks if you charged.
  3. Fateseeker: The Tyrant's save goes from 4+ to a 3+, this makes a Meatfist Tyrant with a Gutplate of Ghur and its reroll saves of 1 backed by a Butcher hilariously tanky.
  4. Longstrider: Tyrant's base move becomes 8", meaning a hungry Tyrant moves 10".
  5. Giantbreaker: +1 to the damage of weapons when fighting monsters. Yes, plural, and not limited to melee weapons. Including the Ogor Pistols, that's 7 potential damage extra.
  6. Wallcrusher Reroll 1 would roll for 1 attack with 1 melee weapon. It also lets you reroll all melee wound roll made against units that are garrisoned, so if you ever find an opponent that uses the garrison rules, you've got a counter. Might work nicely against the new Kharadron Overlords.
    • While he is easIly comparable to a small monster, he doesn’t have that many synergies with other units. The most you’ll get will come from the Mawtribe you pick and their CA, if you choose one at all. He’s a decent beatstick if you don’t wanna fork over the points for a Frostlord but that’s about it. At least his new model is sick.
  • Butcher: (140pts) Your big fat wizard who's actually decent in a fight. He’s got two weapon choices, one that has better rend and another with better damage. His unique spell, however, is very useful against horde armies like Skaven. The more successful spells he casts, the more he heals, though he does have a 1/6 chance of doing the opposite and inflicting a mortal wound on himself. Don't feel weird about taking more than one of these guys; they're one of the better wizards in the game when you consider the spells they can take.
  • Slaughtermaster: (140pts) The old Skrag the Slaughterer model is a +1 Butcher who uses his cauldron to provide a variety of boosts for your Ogors and debuffs/damage to enemies. While he doesn't do as much melee damage as the other guy (this can be offset making his stumps inflict more damage), it helps solidify his role as a support piece than a raw damage dealer. Also, despite lugging around that giant cooking pot, he still has the same 6’’ movement as most Ogors. So you could have him running alongside friendly units, though that will definitely make him an easy target. Generally considered the Ogor best suited to sit at the Mawpot.
  • Firebelly: (120pts) A fire wizard with breath attack and his spell wreathes himself in a protective fire. Exists outside the subfactions with lack of Gutbuster and/or Beastclaw Raiders keyword. All three of the Sun-Eater spells are very good, so he's far worth adding to your army if you have the points spare.

Battleline/Optional Battleline[edit]

  • Ogor Gluttons: (Battleline, 120/400pts, min 3, max 12) The common Ogor. A mean bag of 4 wounds, move 8" when hungry, Bravery 8 when eating, 3/3+/3+/-/D2 attacks + a bite attack(1/3+/3+/-/D1). Having a banner lets them ignore missile attacks on 6s. No rend means that they rely on their charge roll (which they can re-roll) and sheer number of attacks to deal meaningful damage. This usually picks the paired weapons as the better weapon option which cause your hit rolls of 6 to cause another hit, compared to the more defensive Ironfists which bounce back a mortal wound on save rolls of 6. Usually the idea is to pick Ironfists for units below 12 Ogors, and paired weapons otherwise. Their musician decreased bravery within 6" of the model itself, so it might be good to double up on your bellowers. Also good to note that they're the most buffable unit in the book, and a unit of Gluttons with Blood Feast and attacking a Greasy enemy or one debuffed with Ribcracker will usually cause a LOT of damage.
  • Ironguts: (Conditional Battleline: Gutbusters General, 220pts, min 4, max 12) Elite Gluttons. With +1 rend, +1 weapon damage, a 4+ armour save, and additional bravery. They maintain the same musician as regular Ogors, the bellower, and their special banner has a chance to ignore Spell effects on a 6+ and makes more enemies flee from battleshock. They become even more terrifying for a round if another ogor unit had earlier failed Battleshock, with them rerolling hit, wound, and saves of 1 for the round. All of the Gutbuster battalions require at least one unit of these, and even 4 of them can cause a hell of an issue for your opponent.
    • You can kitbash new Ironguts using the Gluttons and spare weapons from the Mournfang Packs. Just slap on some gut plates on the shoulder to give them a more armored appearance and you’re good to go.
  • Leadbelchers: (Conditional Battleline: Gutbusters General, 80pts, min 2 (4 if used as Battleline), max 12) Gluttons with less attacks in melee, but with -1 rend and far less utility options. They hold ship cannons as makeshift ranged weapons which change from D3 shots to D6 shots if they don't move in the movement phase. Largely regarded as worse than Gluttons, theyre best used in small units to pepper units from range and to hold objectives. They're still Ogors, mind you, so they're much better in melee than they are at range, so don't hesitate to get them stuck in when you can make a good charge. Also required for half of the Gutbuster battalions, so you might as well take a small unit.


  • Gnoblars: (100/270pts, min 20, max 60) Your chaff wall; they die fast and put out a lot of weak attack dice. Combos perfectly with a Tyrant’s ability to make them immune to battleshock. Best used as a roadblock, though, as even without a save they can be 60 wounds that your opponent has to chew through. Most lists will want at least a minimum sized unit of 20 just to soak up alpha strikes, even if the models themselves look like ass. Don't forget that you might be able to cobble together a unit from spare gnoblars found on all of the other Ogor sprues, as long as you don’t mind hordes of mono-posing guys.
    • A good place to get better looking Gnoblars would be the Blood Bowl Ogres set. It comes with 12 of them so you’ll either need to buy multiples or just supplement them for other models. And as a plus the bloodbowl gnoblars are far superior sculpts and are very tiny making your ogors look that much bigger!
  • Gorgers: (80pts, min 1, max 3) A big, mutated Ogor that's even hungrier than normal Ogors, if you believe it. They are a Distraction Carnifex that will buy you time as the rest of the army moves in. Don't forget that they are Ogors and get all the benefits that Ogors get. They can re-roll their charge rolls for free, so they're best used sacrificially. Make sure to target a unit that the Gorger actually has a chance of killing such as a support hero, or to take an early game objective, as they only have a 6+ save and fairly average attacks. If you deepstrike them, they have to arrive on the board during your first turn, too, which limits their ambushing capabilities.
  • Maneaters: (180pts, min 3, max 12) Sort of an upgraded Glutton, with another attack and -1 rend with semi-decent shooting to boot. Exists outside the subfactions with lack of Gutbuster and/or Beastclaw Raiders keyword. Before the first battle round they can pick an ability to better fit how you want to use them. Often you will just pick the reroll 1's or let them run and charge, Battleshock immunity will rarely come up. Really good as a sort of skirmishing unit that can move around easier than the other big lads, though fairly expensive considering their 5+ save.
  • Ironblaster: (120pts, Artillery) Put a cannon on a pretty nasty ox-thing and call it artillery. This thing has the potential to be a beast, both in ranged and in melee. Has two firing modes: a single shot at 24" hitting on 4+ with -2 rend and D6 damage, and a scattershot with 6 shots hitting on 3+ with -1 rend and 1 damage. Also surprisingly fast, benefiting from the hungry trait all Ogors have, and very decent in melee. They're more like an Ogre chariot than something that wants to sit back and shoot, more often than not. Can also be buffed by Blubbergrub Stench to cause even more damage on the charge. The Underguts Mawtribe will definitely want to take a few of these.
  • Gnoblar Scraplauncher: (120pts, Artillery) Sort of like the Ironblaster, but with a much different role. Has the same melee profile and base stats as the Ironblaster, trading out the Ogor's attacks for a bunch of angry gnoblar slaps. Its ranged attack is also much different. It has a minimum range of 6", so it's something you actually want to keep in the back unlike the Ironblaster. It's also only really useful versus weak hordes, getting +1 to hit and changing to D6 damage when targeting a unit of 10 or more models. Pretty decent at its job, but falls rather short at anything close range.

Beastclaw Raiders[edit]

Behemoth Mounts: to avoid repeating info, here is the difference between the Frostlord, Huskard, and Beastriders. Remember they're monsters ridden by ogors so they move 2 more inches, their Trampling Charge hits on 4+, and they count as 10 models for securing objectives. Enemies around them get buffeted with MW when near any Beastclaw Raiders.

  • Thundertusk: Your big mammoths, the ranged option with -1 to hit in melee, and firing a Dirty Snowball that throws lots of dice at a unit that turn into mortal wounds against hoards.
  • Stonehorn: The embodiment of Ogor kind: Big, Bulky, Fast, and hits like a truck. They deal a lot of damage on a charge and ignore wounds and mortal wounds on 5+. If you have to choose between ‘Tusk or ‘Horn, typically Stonehorn is the better choice.


  • Frostlord on Stonehorn: (400pts, Behemoth) Melee + Melee is a great combo. They are the first thing you think of to Put CC Command traits and artifacts on (Nomadic Raider or Skilled Rider or Touched by the Everwinter + Alvagr Rune-tokens or Blade of All-Frost)
  • Frostlord on Thundertusk: (350pts, Behemoth) takes a gun and then put a lance on it. If you're taking a Frostlord and have another Thundertusk, then look below. Both Frostlords are the only ogors with a 3+ save and have the aura command ability to let Beastclaw Raiders reroll their charges
  • Huskard on Stonehorn: (320pts, Behemoth) The Second-in-command and the cheapest mounted hero. The Huskard can be equipped with either a Harpoon Laucher (20 inch range with D3 damage), Chaintrap (12 inch range with 3 damage) or send a Vulture to slowly peck a hero to death. On a Stonehorn his CA lets one Mournfang Pack gain a bigger charge bonus. Will see play in smaller games or riding alongside a wing of Mournfangs.
  • Huskard on Thundertusk: (300pts, Behemoth) Put a Priest on a gun. They will spend time in the back shooting people down and reciting prayers. By default, they can either pray to heal a raider d3 or give them +1 to wound in melee.
  • Icebrow Hunter: (120pts) A foot ogor that now Dual wields a Crossbow and Throwing spear, able to trade those range attacks to deal mortal wounds to bypass normal attack rolls. He has a Synergy with Frost Sabres, letting them deepstrike with him and his Command ability gives a pack +1 attack.
  • Hrothgorn:(160pts). The Underworlds Icebrow Hunter part of the Winterbite Mawtribe. Must be taken with Hrothgorn's Mantrappers. Lacks the harpoon of the standard hunter, and can only deepstrike with one sabre tusk. He come's with his Mantrappers, a trio of Gnoblars who have pretty fun terrain rules and help buff his shooting, so definitely keep them close to the boss man.

Battleline/Optional Battleline[edit]

  • Mournfang Pack: (Conditional Battleline: General is a Beastclaw Raiders, 140pts, min 2, max 12) The Super Cavalry hitting harder than the famed Khorne Bloodcrushers. These are the big cavalry unit. Can choose between a dealing more attacks and get an Iron fist to inflict some Mortal wounds, or go two-handed for that rend. The unit leader can also have an Ironlock Pistol. Mournfangs move 11" when hungry and on charges, and they deal a lot of damage. Remember, no one wants to be charged by a Mournfang.
  • Icefall Yhetees: (Conditional Battleline: General on Thundertusk, 110pts, min 3, max 12) Fast not-ogors Hitting harder then Gluttons.(not anymore, but they have rend) They pair well with a Thundertusk, having the same Frost aura ability (-1 to hit), and being around one lets them run and charge. They also can do keep away shenanigans by being able to participate in fights with their 6" piles-in, letting them safely swing after your opponent.
  • Frost Sabres: (Conditional Battleline: General is an Icebrow Hunter, 40pts, min 2, max 12) the cheap ogor hounds cats. Despite being 40pts for 2, they will deal a lot of attacks, move fast, and function a cheap way to spread Grasp of the Everwinter. They synergize great with an Icebrow Hunter, gaining +3 to charges, +2 bravery, a unit can Deepstrike with him.


Essentially a Huskard but ridden by 2 regular ogors, automatically equipped with the Harpoon Launcher. Only field them when you run out of leader slots, to fill out a Battleline or Battalion requirment, or only have 300pts allowance to spend on a monster.

  • Stonehorn Beastriders: (Conditional Battleline: General is a Beastclaw Raiders, 300pts, Behemoth) Big monster that rushes and is mounted by ogors with guns. Not anything else new to say. The cheapest way to field a Stonehorn.
  • Thundertusk Beastriders: (Conditional Battleline: General is a Beastclaw Raiders, 270pts, Behemoth) Monster + Guns. If you're not taking multiple Rhinoxes, a Thundertusk is a single entity alternative. The cheapest way to field a Thundertusk.


  • Great Mawpot: A giant cauldron of delicious grub to feed your hungry, fat men. It grants +1 to casting or dispelling rolls to friendly wizards within 1 inch of it. But that’s not the main feature: once per battle, at the start of your Hero phase, you can choose to ring the dinner bell for your army so long as there in a Hero within 6 inches on the pot. Upon doing so, EVERY OGOR UNIT WITHIN 36 INCHES HEALS D3 WOUNDS (rolling seperately for each unit). While it is a single use thing and your Gnoblar units don’t get shit from it, this is very useful for making your army a near immovable wall of meat and muscle.
    • The healing ability can be used when the Mawpot is “Full”, once it is “Empty”, you can refill it by killing an enemy MODEL (yes, model) within 6”.


Due to how Battalions are now universal, expect see the whole lot of this on the trash bin outside of narrative games. Bonus rules, traits and doodads are going to be likely added to the faction rules as default.

Gutbusters Battalions[edit]

Gutbuster Warglutt (80pts; Min: 2410; Max: 11,420): 1 Tyrant's Gutguard, 1 Gourmand, 1 Butcher's Band, 1 Junkmob.

  • At the start of your hero phase in the first round, each friendly unit in the battalion can move D6. Roll separately for each unit.

Tyrant's Gutguard (120pts; Min: 500; Max: 2720): 1 Tyrant, 1-3 Ironguts, 0-2 Ironblasters:

  • Each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to a friendly Tyrant from this battalion while it is within 3" of a friendly IRONGUTS unit from this battalion, on a 4+ the wound is negated. That IRONGUTS unit suffers 1 mortal wound.
    • A cheap battalion with easy requirements (Since Tyrants, Ironguts, and Ironblasters are all excellent), the downside is that the effect is kinda... bad. You're looking to protect the Tyrant, who's already crazy tough, by foisting the damage he could easily soak into his Ironguts, which are squishier and too expensive to fill a simple bodyguard role. That being said, if protecting your Tyrant is your goal, this is how you do it. If you could somehow give the Ironguts a Feel No Pain save, this would be hilariously good, as you'd get the defense of the tyrant, plus the FnP of the Ironguts at the end for even more defense.

Goremand (140pts; Min: 700; Max: 3580): 1 Slaughtermaster, 1-3 Gluttons, 1-3 Leadbelchers, 1 unit of Ironguts:

  • The Slaughtermaster from this battalion can use the Great Cauldron ability twice each of your hero phases instead of once.
    • Initially this seems redundant, but remember that the Mawtribes, in general, is a bit CP starved and has a lot of good artefacts. Plus you were taking all of these units anyway.

Butcher's Band (140pts; Min: 700; Max: 3580): 1 Butcher, 1-3 Gluttons, 1-3 Leadbelchers, 1 Ironguts:

  • At the start of your hero phase, you can heal 1 wound allocated to each friendly unit from this battalion that is wholly within 12" of the Butcher.
    • Holy crap this thing's nuts. Your healing is already off the charts, and now it's even better since you get FREE healing as long as your butcher's around. Centered around the Great Mawpot, the opponent will HAVE to kill a model to guarantee it's going to actually die, otherwise, you'll heal it to full every turn without any real trouble.

Junkmob (100pts; Min: 320; Max: 1460): 1-3 Gnoblars, 1-2 Scraplaunchers:

  • Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of "Piles of Old Scrap" used by Scraplaunchers within 3" of any Gnoblar units from this battalion that have 20 or more units.
    • This is a must-have if you’re running any Gnoblar centric list. Transforms hordes into rubble with the sheer number of Scraplauncher shots you're taking.
    • Defensive lists might wanna consider taking this and having it bubble wrap your Butcher/Slaughtermaster and the Mawpot.

Kin-Eater’s Bully Boys (120pts; Min:600pts; Max:1280pts): 1 Tyrant, 1 Glutton, 1 Leadbelcher, and 1 Ironblaster:

  • Found in the Feast of Bones set. Reroll Charges while wholly within 18 of the Tyrant.
    • This is stuff you're probably already bringing if you're running Gutbusters at all, so why not grab this for a cheap price and net yourself the benefits of a Battalion?
      • Just keep in mind that the Gluttons can already re-roll charges via their banner so this is only useful for grabbing another artifact and CP, really.

Beastclaw Raider Battalions[edit]

Alfrostun (80pts; min:3800; Max: 14860): 1 Frostlord on Stonehorn or Thundertusk, 1 Jorlbad, 1 Eurlbad, 1 Torrbad, 1 Skal

  • The Mega Battalion. When using Grasp of the Everwinter trait, subtract 1 from the roll.

Jorlbad (120pts; Min:1020pts; Max:4700pts): 1 Huskard on Stonehorn, 1-3 Stonehorn Beastriders, 2-4 Mournfang Packs

  • At the start of your hero phase in the first round, each friendly unit in the battalion can move D6. Roll separately for each unit.

Eurlbad (140pts; Min: 1040pts; Max: 4720pts): 1 Huskard on Stonehorn, 1-3 Stonehorn Beastriders, 2-4 Mournfang Packs

  • Unmodified hit rolls of 6 for units in this battalion do 1 mortal wound in addition to any normal damage.

Torrbad (120pts; Min:1360pts; Max: 3580pts): 1 Huskard on Thundertusk, 3-9 Thundertusk Beastriders, 0-3 Icefall Yhetees

  • At the start of your hero phase, roll 1 die for each enemy unit within 3" of any units in the battalion. On a 2+, they take 1 mortal wound.

Skal (100pts; Min: 300pts; Max: 3100pts): 1-6 Icebrow Hunters, 2-10 Frost Sabres:

  • Add 1 to charge rolls for units form this battalion while they are wholly within 12" of another unit from this battalion.

Loshar's Frost Guard (Open/Narrative Only 0pts; Min: 540pts; Max: 1240pts): 1 Frostlord on Stonehorn, 1 Mournfang Pack:

  • At the end of either player's hero phase, if the Frostlord is within 3" of any enemy units, the Mournfangs can attempt to charge one of those units.

Army Building[edit]

Ogors, in general, are a simple and comparatively cheap army to build thanks to their low model count. Though, as it stands, the BCR are the easiest of the two sides to collect, with the Start Collecting box having practically every unit (except the Hunter, Sabres, and Yhetees), and with some magnetizing, you can have every behemoth unit with just one box. As for the Gutbusters, your best bet is to get the Feast of Bones box set, which will give you 6 Gluttons, 2 Leadbelchers, an Ironblaster/Scraplauncher, and a Tyrant. The Butcher, Slaughtermaster, and Maneaters are all still in Finecast currently, though the basic Ogors box set is perfect for conversions. So just dig through your bits box or whatever until you got whatever you need. The Warcry cultists all have Realm specific parts so those can be perfect for creating Maneater units. If you want a straight out of the box alternative for Maneaters, you can use the Blood Bowl Ogres, add some propa’ weapons, and boom!

Also very important to remember that the leadbelchers come with a full set of 4 cannons if your are considering going heavy into them

The Great Mawtribes[edit]

Meatfist Mawtribe

  • This is the perfect mawtribe for big ass blocks of Gluttons, with nothing really super fancy otherwise. Want to relive the glory days of Ogre Kingdoms, without any of the fancy Age of Sigmar shit getting in the way? Pull out the square bases and play this tribe.

Bloodgullet Mawtribe

  • Ogor Mawtribes isn't really the best army for a pure-magic list, as your wizards are a touch on the pricey side in terms of magical potential. That being said, Bloodgullet makes up for that hard. You'll have a more centralized playstyle trying to keep all your expensive wizards near your Great Mawpot, but you'll want enemies to come to you, to fill that tasty Mawpot. You'll have a stupid number of buffs and spells to fling out, and any Endless Spells that work off-model count are worth considering. This Mawtribe also pairs well with a mix of Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders as you give the Beastclaw Raiders the Bloodgullet keyword, meaning they benefit from the Splatter-Cleaver's healing and the Command Trait's extra pile-in move. So in a strange twist, this makes it a great all rounder choice for most situations.
  • Alternate opinion: The Splatter-Cleaver is one of the only ways (other than a Huskard or the Great Mawpot) to heal Beastclaw Raider units. Give it to a Frostlord who's leading some now Battleline Mournfangs into battle, grab at least one Slaughtermaster and Butcher and the Mawpot and you've got a really mean army. The wizards can buff your units with extra damage and attacks with the right spells and your spearhead of Raiders will wreck the enemy and stay there. The Frostlord will keep himself and nearby units healed, you can use the Mawpot to get even more healing and every turn the enemy spends in combat with you they risk taking Mortal Wounds from Grasp of the Everwinter. I'd actually argue this is a better Mawtribe to pick than Boulderhead.
  • Also worth noting that this Mawtribe allows for some truly insane Yhetee shenanigans. For example, if you take a Huskard on Thundertusk with a the Carvalox Flank (will need to fit a battalion into your army somewhere to do so) you then have Yhetees that move 11", can run and still charge, and when combined with the 'Nice Drop of the Red Stuff' Command Trait have a total pile in move of 9"...easily the largest pile in move IN THE GAME and will undoubtedly catch many an opponent off guard when your pile in move is large enough to pull that support character 6" away from your target unit into combat. The only real downside to Yhetees being hitting on 4's (though mildly offset with the Winter's Strength prayer which makes them wound on 2's)

Underguts Mawtribe

  • Don't be fooled by this Mawtribe's Leadbelcher buff. This doesn't magically make them better than Gluttons or Ironguts, it just makes them much better at their job of holding objectives and harassment with a threat range of 24" with a hungry move. What the real meat and potatoes of this Mawtribe is the buff to Ironblasters' attacks. Taking 3-4 of these and sliding extra attacks to your cannons will all but guarantee you will be melting your opponent's big monsters and important heroes with its nasty -2 rend and D6 damage. A popular combination is doing this while a Tyrant has the Gruesome Trophy Rack artifact, giving +1 to hit versus said monsters and heroes, improving the Ironblasters lackluster hit roll of 4+ to a healthy 3+ or just negating Look Out Sir.

Boulderhead Mawtribe

  • Beastclaw Raiders +1. Toss out nice little buffs to every hero in your list, everyone moves faster, and your general is a fucking demonic nightmare who's mount will routinely hit on 2s. Bring a Frostlord General on Stonehorn, give it the Black Clatterhorn trait and it's hitting on 2s with it's horns, and you'll be killing everything shy of Archaon on the charge.

Thunderbellies Mawtribe

  • The perfect tribe for a Frostlord on Thundertusk, Huskard on Thundertusk, and a shitload of Mournfangs beside. Your strategy will likely involve running up the sides of the board to flank the opponent while scaring them away from being aggressive to your already insanely tanky general thanks to the Shatterstone, and the general can turn a Mournfang Pack into a targeted deletion machine by picking a target with Rip and Tear, then boosting the Mournfang's charge rolls for more guaranteed charges and better Trampling Charges rolls. (Edit: The Trampling Charge is determined by unmodified charges. Increasing the charge roll does not net more trampling charge dice.)

Winterbite Mawtribe

  • The weird one. This Mawtribe's all about those ancient models from the 90s, the Sabertusks, the Yhetees, the Icebrow Hunters. Some surprisingly interesting abilities, but overall unless you have tons and tons of Yhetee and Frost Sabre models lying around (and if you do, why?), this probably offers little to no benefit for your gameplay.

Actually the winterbites ability to receive cover in there own territory can be a huge benefit to a footslogging gutbuster focused army to help u endure a turn or two of ranged fire before fully engaging the enemy


Distraction Kitties[edit]

With how fast ogors are now, using Gnoblars as a screen to take charges will hamper your advance significantly unless you spend CPs to maximize their runs. Instead you can take a page from old WHFB tactics and have small units of Sabretusks as your charge screens while leaving the backline for Gnoblars (bonus points for taking their battalion and making a horde of the little shits immune to battleshock with your Tyrant). If the enemy doesn't go for the obvious Kitty bait, you can circle them around enemy formations to wreak havoc in their backlines and go for juicy targets like war machines or support heroes. They probably won't do too much damage, but they will divert attention from the units that really matter, like the massive blob of Ironguts charging in to wreck anything in their way.

Murder Kitties[edit]

Note that the hunter ability is stackable. Take a Skal with 1 max unit of Frost Sabre. Use the extra artifact to take the Kattanak Browplate. Hideout turn 1 and pop out t2 anywhere on the board, charge with +4 inches (and a reroll if needed), and let each 8 attack kitten go do the Lord's dirty work (go farther by making the master a Winterbite Mawtribe general). Consistent? Very! Competitive? Unclear given its 620 points and all your CP's. Hillarious and annoying? Definitely.

Keep Your Bellies Full[edit]

Ogors have a lot of Wounds to burn through, but they can be burned. Have Butchers and the Pot near to always top off the Surviving Ogors.

Build a Wall and have the Gnoblars Pay for It[edit]

A good 40-60 sized swarm of Gnoblars that’s been “buffed” by the Tyrant’s command ability is a surprisingly durable line of defense against most melee-centric enemies. Plop then in from of your cannons or other important models and watch as foes try to hack their way through a fearless horde of muppet faced little shits. Get a Scraplauncher and turn it into a Junkmob battalion if you wanna go all the way.

No Underguts, No Glory[edit]

Also know as "Fuck you Keepers of Secrets". You take a Tyrant's Gutguard (1 Tyrant, 4 Ironguts, 2 Ironblasters) which lets the Tyrant take the Gruesome Trophy Rack (dump the Underguts Artefact on someone else). You now take 3/4 Ironblasters and use Thunderous Salvo (Underguts Command ability) to give all Ironblasters wholly within 12" of a hero you picked an extra attack. Now if you also gave that hero the Trophy Rack, those Ironblasters also get to get +1 to hit vs Monsters and Heros. Best part about the Trophy Rack and Thunderous Salvo is that they are auras, so all your Ironblasters get them if you positioned them right. Of course, when you shoot down one Keeper there will be another one summoned right after to tentacle rape you. But save a cp for your next turn and you can do it all over again.

Underguts also lends itself nicely to Leadbelcher spam. And you'll probably need those Leadbelchers to finish off units when you keep rolling 1's for the Ironblaster D6 damage. 10 Leadbelchers is good enough, 20 might be great. But they might be hard to come by in larger numbers.


Back in the glory days of WHFB 8th ed there was a really mean deathstar style build called the Gutstar. This was a max unit of Ironguts with character support that was pretty much unstoppable and had a relatively small footprint for its killing power. And now, it's back! You'll need 8+ Ironguts, a Butcher and/or Slaughtermaster and a Tyrant won't hurt either. Cast Blood Feast with one of your wizards on the Ironguts for that sweet +1 attack. CV7 is tough, but the Mawpot helps if it's nearby. Now, use Ribcracker on the enemy unit you absolutely want to annihilate. If you also brought a Tyrant, use his Bully of the First Degree command ability to make your unit immune to battleshock for the price of some Mortal Wounds. Now it's time to pray to Gorkamorka and RNGesus! Roll for the Great Cauldron on your Slaughtermaster and hope it's either a 3 or 4. The other results aren't bad (well, except a 1) but what you really want is Spinemarrow: +1 To Hit on your 'Guts. If you get a 2, you might heal the Tyrant's damage back at least. Your unit is now (hopefully) buffed all the way to high heaven. Use your Hungry movement of 8" to set up for a charge. I recommend that you have at least 2-3 CP set aside for peak efficiency. Use one of those CP to re-roll the charge if you need to. If you make combat, your unit of 8+ dudes will now deal damage with their Trampling Charge on 4's! Before you get to swingin', pop All-out Attack for re-rolling 1's To Hit. If you're not sure whether you'll kill what you charged, don't be afraid to use All-out Defense too. Now, if you have the Gulping God's favour your 'Guts are now hitting 98% of the time thanks to Spinemarrow! 8 'Guts with Blood Feast, Spinemarrow and All-out Attack will have 21.344 successful To Wound rolls. That's 64 dead Grots. Or 42 damage against Stormcasts who have 4+ save. Or 32 damage against anything that starts with a 3+ save. Hell, even against a Petrifex Nagash you're dealing 21.13 damage before he rolls his shrugs. Of course, this is all in a vacuum - penalties To Hit will really mess with your effectiveness and the above numbers require all of the models in the unit to attack. Also, you need the perfect storm of getting ALL your buffs to become this devastating. Keep in mind that you can expand the 'Guts to 12 models however, which means you can take some casualties before reaching combat and still be super effective. Additional models can also be helpful to be within range of heroes for command abilities and such. If terrain allows for it, you can also just get more attacks with your extra dudes. A well-supported Gutstar will crush pretty much anything in the game.

Allied Armies[edit]

  • Aleguzzler Gargants: Relive the time the old world ogres royally fucked up and enslaved the giant race. Can give a cheap behemoth choice that is only 20 points more than a hunter.
  • Troggoths: Provide regenerating alternatives to yhetees, the Hag can also do magic. Her spell gives an enemy unit within 12" -1 to hit and -1 to save. Since we have these effects in our spell lores as well there is a chance to double down hard on debuffs. Dankhold Trogbosses and Troggoths and units of Rockgut Troggoths bring some useful Rend -2 attacks too.
  • Sons of Behemat: Thanks to their mercenary mechanic, you can recruit one of four named Mega-Gargants with unique abilities.
    • Bundo Whalebiter: A Kraken-eater mercenary. You can choose at the start of the Combat phase for him to fight at the end of the phase, in exchange for re-rolling failed hit rolls.
    • One-Eyed Grunnok: A Warstomper mercenary. Reroll jump attacks of 1, plus enemies within 6" get -1 to hit if the giant used his jump attacks earlier in the combat phase.
    • Big Drogg Fort-Kicka: A Gatebreaker mercenary. He has a breath attack that attacks one unit within 3" at the end of the combat phase; roll a dice for each model in the unit and deal 1MW on a 6+.
    • Brawlsmasha: A Bonegrinder mercenary from Forgeworld. Gives friendly Orruk wholly within 12" +1 Bravery. Outclassed by the other three in points and abilities. Basically useless here.

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