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Grand Alliance Destruction

Orruk Warclans

Gordrakk.jpeg Waaaaaaaaaagh!!

General Tactics

The Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz and Kruleboyz are together for a big WAAAAAAGH! soup party.

Why Play Orruk Warclans[edit]

Combines the old Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz with the new Kruleboyz together under one battletome.


  • Mix-and-match Army Building with three factions and the Big Waaagh.
  • Orruk Warclans are a very fast army: it's not hard to run across the table and start clapping cheeks on turn 1.
  • Simple to learn but awesome anyway: Orruks don't have too much in the way of complicated strategies or weird synergies, just slap a command ability or two around and go to town with great base stats.
  • The All-In faction: Orruks hate holding back and playing safe, and all their abilities are designed to help them push forward and be as aggressive as possible. You'll rarely have a situation that can't be solved by just drowning it in angry green morons.
  • Even with all the nerfs, Bonesplitterz still has fantastic shooting. Dropping 20 Arrowboyz in your list for the easy 60 shots doesn't break the bank and can hold down objectives great.
  • Penalties to Hit aren't shit to Ironjawz, who mostly hit on 3's as it is. With how easy it is to get to a 2+ to hit you'll be unconcerned about what is normally a pretty crippling debuff.
  • Decent ways to generate extra command points to use all those tasty, tasty command abilities.
  • Tough as old boots. Your enemies will struggle to take your tough orruks off the board, even Bonesplitterz have plenty of ways to avoid death.
  • Each type specialize in fighting different things: Ironjawz love fighting elites, Bonesplitterz are the game's best monster hunters, with a side talent for chopping up hordes, and Kruleboyz are your sneaky types who can shoot worth a damn.
  • Everything in your arsenal is ready to be anvil, hammer, Can opener or whatever the hell you want. Almost everything hits equally hard.


  • DATZ A LOT OF GREEN PAINTS YA GOT DERE BOSS (though made a lot easier with Ork Flesh and other green contrast paints)
  • The generic Greenskinz are now effectively snuffed with the new battletome.
  • Your units don't tend to have much rend. Brutes are better at this now, but Ardboyz lost all their rend. Bonesplitterz have nearly no rend (but their new spell Glowy Green Tusks gives their boar riders -2, sweet!). Kruleboyz aren't as concerned with rend as long as you can roll 6s.
  • If you are playing Ironjawz you are likely to have a low model count. It's an elite army and you are prone to being outnumbered, making it hard to secure objectives. This is made doubly worse by Reinforcement Points, as you can't get bigger than 15-strong squads of Ardboyz (or Brutes, but that's both expensive AND inefficient) and you're stuck with 5-man squads most of the time.
  • If you are playing Bonesplitterz or using a couple Kruleboyz units, a lot of your synergies and abilities are based around the opponent having Monsters. If you're fighting an army that isn't bringing any (such as many variants of Cities of Sigmar, Kharadron Overlords, Daughters of Khaine, any chaos faction that didn't bring their Greater Daemons or Daemon Princes, and so on) you'll feel like you're only using 70% of your kit, and you're entirely correct about that nevermind, almost everything that used to give Bonesplitterz a monster hunters niche has been instead given to the new boyz in de swamp (look at that bloody Killbow) while not even giving them a niche (Kruleboyz don't need specific targets, they just bloody delete what they see).
  • If you are playing Kruleboyz, your forces focus more on being subversive and ganging up on the enemy. They lack the typical boosts to fight up-front. Your only unconditional battleline is a little squishy and a little overpriced for what they do, and if you're Big Yellers, your other battleline option is impossibly squishier. Play like a bastard and sneak out victories, because as soon as you're fighting on a level playing field, you're donezo.
  • If you're playing Great Waaagh!, the three chunks of the army don't really play too nice. While all three factions can carry some abilities over, they lose out on quite a bit just by being mashed together. Not to mention, your allegiance has absolutely no effect whatsoever until you start getting some Waaagh points.
  • Not having dedicated hammer and anvil can make this faction challenging for experienced players, as not even your cavalry hits harder than your normal dudes, its just faster and hurts a little on the charge.
  • LOTSA DICEZ! Playing as a bonesplitterz only army means that you have something on the line of 3 attacks for model in horde units, with always the possibility to generate some more. Expect to play with almost the double amount of dices than your adversary.
    • While the new reinforcements rule limits just how many you roll, it also means that you're going to have to live with a lot of units only being at the minimal size.


Faction rules and abilities: Battletome Orruk Warclans (2021)

Latest Matched play points: Battletome Orruk Warclans (2021)

Core rules: here

Matched play rules, battleplans and expansions: General's Handbook 2021, plus the battleplans from the Core Book.

Supplement all the above with any Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.

Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

Smashing and Bashing 
If an Ironjawz unit completely destroys an enemy unit in the combat phase then choose another Ironjawz unit that has not fought yet in this combat phase can pile in and attack instead of waiting till later in the phase. This adds a lot of finesse to an Ironjawz army as the order of activation of each unit becomes extremely important.
Mighty Destroyers
For 1 command point, in your hero phase pick a friendly Ironjawz unit wholly within 12" of your hero, or 18" if the unit is your general. If there are no enemy models within 12" then you must make a normal move. If they are between 3" and 12" away from any enemies then you can make a charge. If they are within 3" then you must make a pile-in move. A unit cannot benefit from this command ability more than once per hero phase.
Ironjawz Waaagh!
You can use this command ability once per battle at the start of your charge phase if your army has a Ironjawz general until the end of that turn add 1 to all charge rolls for friendly Ironjawz units and improve the rend for all melee weapons of Ironjawz units by 1.

Command Traits[edit]

Your general gets to choose one of:

Megaboss only

  1. Hulking Brute: After your general made a charge move, pick an enemy unit within 1" and on a 2+ that unit takes D3 MW's.
  2. Mega Bossy: Can issue Mighty Destroyers Command Ability even if it has already been issued. Very good for moving slow bois!
  3. Mighty Waaagh! Leader: If you use Ironjawz Waaagh! can reroll charges for friendly Ironjawz units with 12".

Weirdnob Shaman only

  1. Master of the Weird: Pick 1 extra spell from Lore of the Weird.
  2. Touched by the Waaagh!: before casting take D3 Mortal Wounds but add MWs taken to the casting. Actually really good!

Artefacts Of Power[edit]

One hero, plus one per battalion, gets to pick one of:

Da Boss's Hoard

Megaboss only

  1. Armour of Gork: 6+ ward save, add +1 to hit for melee weapons, lose 2" to your move most likely won't take this over Amulet of Destiny. Might be good on having a 2nd Mawkrusha in your army.
  2. Destroyer: Pick a melee weapon, once per battle at the start of combat phase, add +3 to the damage of that weapon until the end of that phase.
  3. The Boss Skewer: Add 1 to bravery for friendly units wholly within 18" of the bearer, subtract 1 from enemy units within 12".

Warchanter Beats[edit]

Every Warchanter in your army knows a warbeat. Pick one from the table below, you can only use the ability once per turn. Note that this DOESN'T count as an Enhancement, since they're all on the Warchanter's battlescroll.

  1. Get 'Em Beat: At the start of charge phase, roll a dice, on a 3+ pick a friendly unit wholly within 12", that unit can charge with 3D6 dice and can attempt a charge from 18".
  2. Fixin' Beat: In the hero phase, pick a friendly model within 12" and on a 3+ you heal it for D3 wounds.
  3. Killa Beat: At the start of the combat phase, pick 1 enemy unit within 12", on a 3+ your units get +1 to hit when attacking that target.

Spell Lore[edit]

Each wizard can pick one spell from:

Lore of the Weird

  1. Foot of Gork: On a 10+, pick 1 Enemy unit within 18" that unit suffers D6 MWs, then roll a dice on a 4+ they suffer another D6 MWs. Keep rolling until you roll a 1-3. Crazy potential but gimmicky and very hard to cast on a 10+. Doable with Touched by the Waaagh! Command Trait with Weirdnob as your General.
  2. Mighty 'Eadbutt: On a 5+, pick 1 enemy hero within 18" and visible, it suffers 1 MW, if it's a Wizard then it suffers D3 MW's instead.
  3. Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork: On a 7+, pick a friendly ironjawz unit wholly within 24" and more than 3" from enemy units, pick it up and set it up more then 9" away from enemy models, it can't move in the movement phase.
  4. Bash 'Em Lads: On a 8+, add 1 to wound rolls for friendly ironjawz units wholly within 16" of the caster.


Like most recent battletomes, when you pick the Ironjawz allegiance you may say they are from a certain clan and get their bonuses.

Ironsunz The posterboy choice. It provides good bonuses everywhere save when it comes to the Command trait, but there are ways to dance around it if you're willing to pay the price. Also has access to exclusive White Dwarf battalions.

Command Ability - Alright, Get 'Em!
A friendly unit can immediately charge a unit within 12", making for a prompt but effective ambush.

Bloodtoofs They wear red armor, so you should know by now what their playstyle is about.

Trait - Hunt and Crush
At the end of the combat phase, your Gore-Gruntas can pile in while within 3" of an enemy unit. Otherwise, they can walk or charge.

Da Choppas Da weird 'uns. Their bonuses, though gimmicky, are solid. The Warchanter's reliability and Shaman's Megaboss keyword allow for listbuilding tweaks.

Trait - Rabble Rouserss
Your Warchanter's Violent Fury can target up to three Brutes or Ardboyz. This alone makes Warchanters way more useful in buffing your forces.

Bonesplitterz Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Tireless Trackers: After armies are set up, but before the first battle round begins, half the Bonesplitterz units in a Bonesplitterz army (rounding up) can move up to 5". If both players can move units before the first battle round begins, they must roll-off, and the winner chooses who moves their units first.

Warpaint: Your Bonesplitterz gain a Ward of 6+.

Spirit of Gorkamorka: If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with a melee weapon by Bonesplitterz unit that has 5 or more models is a 6 the attack inclicts 2 hits instead of 1.

Bonesplitterz Waagh!: Once per battle at the start of the combat phase, you can pick one frienly Bonesplitterz general to call a waaagh. All Bonesplitterz on the table get a 4+ ward save until the end of the phase.

Command Traits[edit]

Your general gets to choose one of:

Herald of the Great Green God

Wurrgog Prophet or Savage Big Boss only

  1. Killa Instinkt: Attacks with an unmodified 6 wound roll do 1 MW in addition to normal damage.
  2. Waaagh!-monger: If your general is alive, roll a dice at the start of the hero phase, on a 4+ you get 1 CP.
  3. Great Hunter: When using the Tireless Trackers trait, move up to 8" instead of 5.
  4. Power of the Beast: +2 wounds for the general.
  5. Voice of da Gods: +2 bravery for friendly units wholly within 18"
  6. Monster Killa: If the general has fought for the first time in the combat phase and is within 3" of an enemy Monster, it can attack for a second time. -Clarification needed, immediately or again later?

Shamanistic Quirks

Bonesplitterz Wizards only

  1. Dead Kunnin': At the start of the game, get D3 CP's.
  2. Master of the Weird: +1 to casting, unbinding and dispelling.
  3. Fuelled by the Spirits: Pick 1 extra spell from the spell lore and this wizard can cast 1 additional spell."

Artefacts Of Power[edit]

One hero, plus one per battalion, gets to pick one of:

Boss Bones and Other Gubbins

Bonesplitterz hero only

  1. Dokk Juice: Heal D6 wounds in your hero phase once per battle.
  2. Savage Trophy:+1 bravery for friendly units wholly within 18".
  3. Lucky Bone: Once per phase, re-roll a hit, wound or save roll for the bearer.
  4. Glowin' Tattooz: Hero gets a 4+ save instead of a 6+ tattoo save. Becomes 2+ in a Bonesplitters Waaagh!
  5. Greatdrake Toof: Pick a melee weapon, unmodded 6's to wound do double damage.
  6. Weepwood Big Shiv: Pick a melee weapon, give it +1 attack.

Reservoirs of Waaagh! Energy

Bonesplitterz wizard only

  1. Big Wurrgog Mask: Pick an enemy unit within 12" in the hero phase and roll up to 3 dice, each 2+ inflicts D3 MW's on the unit, each 1 means you take D3 MW's.
  2. Mork's Boney Bitz: +1 to casting, or +2 if there are 2 or more enemy monsters within 24".
  3. Mystic Waagh! Paint: At the start of your hero phase roll a dice on the spell lore table, this wizard can attempt to cast it for free, if it already knows the spell rolled it gets to attempt to cast the same spell twice.

Spell Lore[edit]

Each wizard can pick one spell from:

Lore of the Savage Beast

  1. Squiggly Curse: On a 6+ pick an enemy hero within 3" of the caster and it suffers D3 MW's, if you rolled a double to cast it suffers D6 MW's. If the enemy hero died from this spell you get +1 to cast for the rest of the game.
  2. Glowy Green Tusks: On a 5+ pick 1 friendly BONESPLITTERZ unit wholly within 18" that has a mount, that unit improves the rend characteristic for all mount attacks by 2. .
  3. Gorkamorka's War cry: On a 7+ pick 1 enemy unit wholly within 12" and visible to caster, that unit has to fight last in the following combat phase.
  4. Power of the were-bore: On a 6+ pick 1 BONESPLITTERZ unit within 24", until your next hero phase, add 1 to run rolls and charge rolls, and add 1 to hit rolls made by that unit. However the unit can no longer shoot.


Just like all the latest battletomes, when you pick the Bonesplitterz faction you may say that they hail from a certain clan.

Bonegrinz Aggressive choice, able to force enemies to engage and stay in that fight you despite them not wanting to

Trait - Barrage of Arrows
Savage Orruk Arrowboys add 1 to the attacks characteristic of their missle weapons.

Icebone able to pierce armour, and synergies with boars

Trait - Freezing Strike
Unmodified wound rolls of 6 cause mortal wounds equal to their damage characteristic

Drakkfoot The clan of I don't care about you spooky ghosts and artefacts, and feel no pain? wozzat!

Trait - Strength of Purpose
Ward saves cannot not be made for wounds and mortal wounds caused by Drakkfoot units.

Kruleboyz Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Right now, all we know are some things in the Dominion Box, and a few reveals from Warhammercommunity.

Battle Traits[edit]

  • Venom-Encrusted Weapons - If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made by a Kruleboyz Orruk model is 6, that attack causes a number of mortal wounds to the target equal to the weapon's Damage characteristic and the attack sequence ends (do not make a wound or save roll). This ability has no effect on attacks made by a mount.
  • Kruleboyz Waaagh! - The Kruleboyz are unique in that their Waaagh! has a direct effect on their general and isn't army-wide. Instead, the general has to pick two friendly units of Kruleboyz within 18" and these three units can act one after the other. The issue here is that this requires the three units to actually be able to do something, so it might result in getting hamstrung by circumstances. If you just plan on charging one thing though, that's fine.
  • Dirty Tricks: Because these are the Morkier of the orruks, these guys can pick a special turn 1 condition that only works when you're in a pure Kruleboyz army.
    • Noisy Racket: The enemy takes a -1 penalty to wound for the first turn - a pretty potent issue since it's universally effective.
    • Lethal Surprise: Roll 3d6. For each 4+, you can mark one piece of terrain or objective outside of the enemy's territory and rig it with a trap. When they walk next to this spot, they'll suffer d6 mortal wounds on a 2+.
    • Disappearin' Act: Roll 3d6. For each 4+, you can pick one enemy unit - if this roll exceeds the Wounds characteristic in the unit's battlescroll, you can throw this unit into reserves.
      • "But why would you do this? Doesn't this give the enemy an advantage?" You ask. Well, when this unit shows up next turn, they need to arrive inside their end of the table and over 9" away from your guys, meaning you can seriously cripple a frontline by making those slow-ass Annihilators start even slower to arrive or force chaff units to only show up after you're hitting the real meat of the enemy's forces.
    • Covered in Mud: Roll 3d6 (noticing a pattern?). For each 4+ select one of your non-Hero and non-Monster units, and for the rest of the game, if they're in cover, the enemy cannot see them. Now you truly can have camouflaged snipers by simply placing your biggest unit of Man-Skewer Boltboyz in a forest, and the enemy can't pick them for spells or ranged attacks. They can still be charged and attacked in melee, however!

Command Traits[edit]

Kunnin' Warlords

Killaboss, Snatchaboss or Breaka-boss only

  1. Slippery Skumbag: Your general can fall back and charge at the same turn.
  2. Supa Sneaky: If your general's on the field before the first turn, you can re-deploy one of your Kruleboyz units.
  3. Egomaniak: Whenever your general's attacked, you can use a nearby friendly unit to be a meatshield on a 4+.

Artefacts of Power[edit]

Krule Artefacts

KRuleboyz Hero only

  1. Eye-Biter Ash: Pocket Sand as a relic. Once per battle during the fight phase, you can toss this in an enemy unit's eyes. On a 3+, the enemy suffers a -1 to hit for the turn, but a lucky 5+ makes that penalty PERMANENT.
  2. Mork's Eye Pebble: Triggered during the enemy shooting phase for a 12" bubble of 5+ wards for the phase. Kharadron, Lumineth Realm Lords, other Kruleboyz, Cities of Sigmar, and so on absolutely hate this.
  3. Beastkilla Slop: Target one enemy Monster the bearer fights during the fight phase. Roll a d6 - on a 2+, the monster takes d6 mortal wounds, but a lucky 6 makes that 2d6 mortal wounds.
  4. Spiker Seeds: Triggered once per game when an enemy charges within 6" of the bearer. Roll a d6 for each model in that unit; every 5+ deals a mortal wound. Charged by a big ass horde of zombies/skeletons/moonclan grots/clanrats? Reduce their numbers by roughly a third.

Spell Lore[edit]

Lore of the Swamp

  1. Da Black Pit: CV 7+. Pick one enemy unit within 12" of the wizard and roll a d6 for each model in this unit. For each 6/roll equal or greater than the enemy's save, the unit takes a mortal wound. Truth be told, this is a big confusing, as most of the mobs have trash saves but the high-save models like Stormcasts tend to have enough wounds that you'll be only removing a model at best.
  2. Choking Mist: CV 7+. Pick a spot within 24" of the wizard. All units within 6" of that spot can't run and take -1 to attacks with any weapons. As this can affect your guys as well, this is going to be the spot where you throw boltboys and killbows.
  3. Sneaky Misasma: CV 6+. One friendly Kruleboyz monster within 18" can move out of turn - Which can be vital to set them up for the big charge.
  4. Nasty Hex: CV 7+. An enemy unit within 12" loses their ward saves for the turn. Plenty nasty, and worse for some units.


Grinnin' Blades

Trait - Out of the Mists
For the first turn, your units aren't considered visible unless they're within 12" of the enemy. Perfect for protecting your guys until the first turn.

Big Yellers

Trait - Only Da Best
Your Orruks add +3" to the range of your missile weapons, a decent perk to your bows. On the first turn, your units also get to re-roll one hit roll per unit. You can also take Boltboyz as battleline, and have a unit of nine models too.


Trait - Crawly Swarm
When an enemy unit fights and is nearby one of your units, roll a d6 (+2 if near a monster). On a 6+, the enemy suffers a -1 to hit for the phase.

Big WAAAGH Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

The Power of the WAAAGH

Now this is where it gets funky. The Big Waagh! allows you to take any Orruk unit in the army. Build your dream Orruk army with Ardboy frontlines, Boarboy cavalry on the flanks, Beast-skewer artillery, and everything else in between.

If you choose to take the Big Waaaagh! allegiance you get access to the Waaaagh ability table as displayed below.

All these effects are cumulative and will strengthen the Waaagh the longer a battle goes on.

You can never have more than 30 Waaaagh! points and any waagh points that go over this limit are lost.

Waagh ability table

  • 8 Points - Zog 'Em - Passive ability - Your Orruk units add +1 to run moves.
  • 10 Points - Get 'Em - Passive Ability - Add 1 to charge rolls for any Orruk units.
  • 12 Points - Zap 'Em - Passive ability - Your wizards add +1 to casting, dispelling and unbinding rolls.
  • 16 Points - Smash 'Em - Passive Ability - Add 1 to hit rolls for melee attacks made by orruk units.
  • 20 Points - Bash 'Em - Passive Ability - Add 1 to wound rolls for melee attacks made by orruk units.
  • 24 Points - Waaaagh! - Active ability - General can use Da Big Waaaagh! ability at the start of combat phase. You can add 1 to the attack characteristics to all Orruk units in the army, but you'll lose all your accumulated points at the end of the phase.

Waagh Points table

  • D6 points if you general is alive at the start of your hero phase, 6 if your general is Gordrakk.
  • 2 points for any Warchanter at the start of your hero phase.
  • 1 point for any Bonesplittaz Wizard at the start of your hero phase.
  • 1 point in your charge phase for each orruk unit that made a charge move.
  • 1 point at the start of your combat phase for each orruk hero within 3" of an enemy unit.

Kunnin', Brutal and Savage

Your army cannot use any of the factions' Battle Traits except for Venom-Encrusted Weapons, Mighty Destroyers, and Warpaint. Clans are straight out.

'Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go!

A unique heroic action available to your heroes. Roll a d6; if the roll exceeds the current turn number, you gain a number of Waaagh points equal to what turn it is. A pretty nifty pick when you want to amp up the big table of powers early to mid-game.

Other Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Command Traits, Artefacts Of Power or Spell Lore can be chosen from the Ironjawz, Kruleboyz and Bonesplitterz allegiance abilities accordingly.

Mount Traits[edit]

While listed here, any mounted heroes from any of the three factions can pick from this list - even if you're going all-in on one of the factions.

  1. Tough 'Un: Monster only. This hero's stats won't degrade any until they lose over half their wounds, which is a mighty promising buff.
  2. Fast 'Un: Once per battle your hero can move in the hero phase.
  3. Mean 'Un': Monster only. Whenever this hero uses the Stomp monstrous rampage, the target suffers d6 MWs on a 2+ rather than d3.
  4. Loud 'Un: Monster only. Whenever this hero uses the Roar monstrous rampage, it affects ALL units within 3" rather than just one of them.
  5. Smelly 'Un: If this hero has not charged on this turn, then all melee attacks against them take a -1 to hit. It's at least a minor perk when dealing with prolonged combats.




  • Gordrakk, Fist of Gork: (560pts, unique): AKA The Big Green Cheek Clapper. The biggest meanest Orruk in town riding the biggest cabbage around that'll stab you, stomp you, chop you and bite you, Orky style!
    • Rather considerable price-tag both in green dough and points. It sure does want to make up for it though, being an unsurprising brute force in melee. This amazing centrepiece is a juicy pick for any Waaagh!
    • He wields his two weapons, Smasha and Kunnin': They have similar profiles and different abilities. Smasha deals 2 mortal wounds against any non-Wizard HERO on a 4+ to wound, while Kunnin' does the same against any WIZARD. (Potentially a slight buff to this in new Orruk Warclans book more reliable damage 2 Mortal Wounds instead of D3)
    • His Maw-krusha (named Bigteef) has a shooting bellow attack and a melee tail.
    • Counts as a Behemoth and flies.
    • When using the Stomp Monstrous Rampage, he deals additional damage to whoever he charged. If he manages to wipe out an entire unit with this Rampage, he can then mode d6" and pull it off again and brutalize another unit. Unlike with the generic version, he'll always deal extra damage, even at his lowest health bracket.
    • If he kills any models in the combat phase, Smasha and Kunnin' get an extra attack and he gets an addition wound. Only once per turn, but stacks across turns and even works in your opponents turn.
    • He can issue commands to three units at the cost of only one command.
  • Megaboss on Maw-krusha: (480pts) Generic Boss on Giant Cabbage
    • Slightly cheaper, slightly neutered version of Gordrakk. Still a complete beast though, and nothing stopping you taking multiple into battle.
    • Counts as a Behemoth and flies.
    • Can choose between using a Gore-hacka and Choppa or a Choppa and a Rip-toof Fist, Rip-toof fist provides +1 to save characteristic with fewer attacks but with save stacking this is probably the obvious choice.
    • Maw-krusha has the same attack profile as Gordrakk, but deals fewer attacks (the bellow is D3, down from 6, and the tail deals 1 fewer).
    • Similarly to Gordrakk, can deal more mortal wounds after it uses the Stomp Monstrous Rampage.
    • Like Gordrakk, he can issue commands to three units at the cost of one, only Ironjawz tho.
    • As with Gordrakk, each turn he kills any models in melee, the rider's weapon gets an extra attack and he gets an additional wound.
  • Orruk Megaboss: (140pts) Big boss on foot
    • Like the Maw-krusha version, but without the Maw-krusha abilities (no tail attack, no charging ability, no flying, not a behemoth)
    • Forced to take the Choppa and Rip-tooth Fist as his weapon, which still deals the mortals on a save.
    • Also gets the +1 attack and +1 wound after killing.
    • Can issue a command to two Ironjawz units.
    • He's the cheapest IJ source for Waaagh CA.
    • Really only worth it at 1k points. If you play at more points, go for his cabbage riding brother.
  • Orruk Warchanter: (115pts) Orky Drummer that's missing the drum, so it just slams his sticks together!
    • This guy got a huge buff in the book: He gives +1 damage to every melee attack to that unit as a normal ability - so no command point required! This does NOT stack with itself...
    • Chants are kinda like Prayers in 40k. Each turn on a 3+ you can either heal d3 wounds from a friendly unit within 12", let a friendly unit charge an enemy within 18" by rolling 3d6, or mark an enemy unit within 12" to get +1 to hit for your units.
    • Not too shabby in combat either: 6 attacks with d3 damage.
  • Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (90pts) Your Ironjawz wizard. You know him, you better love him!
    • His spell, Green Puke (CV6) draws a line 2D6 long which deals D3 mortals to each unit it touches.
    • If he's near at least 10 other Ironjawz models he can attempt to cast Green Puke in addition to another spell, even if another wizard has already attempted it.
    • Remember, he also knows one of the spells from the allegiance lore.
    • Interestingly has 3 base Attacks at damage D3, rend -1, making him not completely useless in melee.


Battleline in Ironjawz or Big Waaagh! army

  • Orruk Ardboys: (85pts, 5) Only counts as Battleline when taken in a unit of 10 or more.

The Ironjawz version of ~100 points, 10 wounds infantry, but boy is that description selling them short. Two attacks (Unit boss gets +2 attacks) at 3+/3+/-1/1 is a great attack profile and they make great use of your buffs. They have a 4+ save and two out of every five models may carry a shield for a 6+ ward against wounds AND mortal wounds. One in five models can carry a battle standard and you get two choices, so at ten models you can field both. The banner gives +2 bravery and the glyph gives a -1 to bravery to any unit within 3" of your unit. Their 4" move is pretty bad, but the musician gives your boys +2" to charge rolls, which is pretty sweet.

Ardboys are the backbone of your Ironjawz army. They're a great anvil that will hold objectives without issue. And with +1 damage from the warchanter and the Megaboss' Waaagh (and optionally the +1 to hit) command ability they become crazy strong hammers as well. Several units of 10 boys will be a great front line. In the Ironjawz Allegiance they are crazy fast, with their total +3" charge range they will make the charge more often than not. A 10" charge difficult? Not for your boys. Load them up with buffs and send them in. Gives them a good chance to trigger "Smashing and Bashing" and snowball the combat phase in your favor.

In the Big Waaagh Allegiance these guys are borderline broken. At max Waaagh points and with a Warchanter to buff them they have 2+/2+/-1/2 with a 6+ ward on top of your normal saves and shield saves. Bringing 40 of these lads is a good way to lose your friends quickly.

Counterpoint: Ardboys require a lot of support to be useful against any opponent with more then 2 neurons. The reality of the situation is that they will crawl across the board and get tied in combat for 3 turns unable to kill anything which isn't chaff. Brutes are more reliable and their small unit size makes them flexible and more annoying to deal with. They are situational at best

Brutes are your Hero, elite infantry and cavalry killers. For 130 points you get 15 wounds worth of angry green muscle that gets +1 to hit if they target a unit with a Wounds characteristic of 4 or more. Their weapons are 3+/3+/-1/1. With the choice of 4 attacks at 1" or 3 attacks at 2". The unit boss gets to pick between two different weapons. Three attacks at 3+/3+/-1/2 or four attacks 4+/3+/-1/2. One in five models can take a massive Gore-choppa. Which is a free 2" 4+/3+/-1/2 weapon making three attacks.

Brutes excel in killing units with multiple wound models. Which sounds great in theory, but there's a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you run them. They don't have a banner or a musician, so they're stuck at 6 bravery and no bonus to movement, so their 4" move will mean they will lag behind the rest of your battleline options. So they will take a while to get into combat. And when they get there the low bravery means there's a chance they won't stick around. But when you get them in combat and they attack their intended targets first, they will absolutely destroy.

The 1" weapons are great when running MSU and the 2" weapons are great for when you want to put them behind a line of ardboys. That's a charge your opponent will regret. The boss is best equipped with the 4 attacks claw, as it performs slightly better. If you want to have your brutes running up the table to kill Heroes, consider bringing a warchanter with the Get’Em beat (3D6 charge). It only works on a 4+, but is very much worth it if it means your Brutes get to attack first. Alternatively, you can leave your brutes on your home objectives. Your opponent will most likely want to come and grab them with cavalry or fast elite units. Most of these have 4 or more wounds. Exactly the kind of units Brutes like to smash. Keep these things in mind when fielding them. They require some work and thinking but are great at what they're supposed to do.

You Messin'? NEGATES contesting points to ANY 1 WOUND POINTS units. Gits got gut, just like pretty much every horde army.

Heavy cavalry, Ork style. For 160 points you get three piggies with 9" movement and five wounds. Oink oink, motherfucker. The riders have the same attack profile as brutes: 3+/3+/-1/1. With the choice of 4 attacks at 1" or 3 attacks at 2". The piggies get four attacks at 4+/4+/-/1. If the unit charged the same turn, the piggies and the 2" spears get +1 to hit and wound. You also roll a D6 for every enemy unit that has a pig end the charge within 1" of it. On a 4+ that unit gets a mortal wound.

Your fastest battleline unit is a very flexible anvil. They make for great screens for the Maw-krusha due to their speed. The 1" Choppas are great at dealing with enemy hordes. A MSU of the 2" Spears are a surprisingly great scalpel, good for targeting enemy 6 wound heroes and elite infantry. If you charge an enemy 6 wound support hero, they will delete it in the combat phase.

Remember these guys are battleline and you can feasibly spam these for an alpha-strike list with the gorefist battalion. You'll need plenty of command points for mighty destroyer moves though so you'll need to either look at buying some or using the Brutish Cunning warlord trait, though that means giving up the clan bonus.

Other Units[edit]

  • Ironskull's Boyz: (80pts, unique) The quartet of Ardboys from Shadespire. They’ve gained the Ironsunz keyword interestingly, so they can benefit from the buffs of that tribe. Otherwise they play like a slightly undermanned Ardboys unit. Their main gimmick is negating wounds on a 6 (5+ for the boss Ironskull), and that’s about it. Consider bringing them as bodyguards for your more important heroes. Other than that, you can just ignore ‘em.
    • The main benefit to Ironskull's Boyz is being in a unique 80pt position. If you can't get an extra 20pts for another 5 Arboyz, Ironskull's can make an excellent filler if you didn't want to take an endless spell or two(you might be better of just buying a command point and then getting a triumph)
    • Their Pair of Ardboyz Choppas has the same profile as Ardboy Choppas for normal Ardboyz but the warscroll does say that Pairs of Ardboyz Choppas get +1 to hit. So, they hit on 2+ !!!
    • With the points increase to Ardboyz, these guyz look alot more appealing as an msu objective holding unit.
  • Morgok's Krushas: (90 pts, unique). Ironjawz. At long last a unit drawn from a specialist game that doesn't suck balls. These guys are slightly souped up brutes. While regular Brutes are 28 PPM, those are at 30 PPM, so you don't pay that much of a premium. Morgok,the leader does not have access to the traditionnal brute leader weapons, but makes one extra attack with his Krushas. So instead of 3 attacks at 2W, you get 5 at 1. While you lose here, you still get the special 2W weapon for another member of the squad that normally only one of every 5 Brutes can take, despite behing only 3.
    • The special knack of this unit is that once they finish a monster for the first time in a battle, they get +1 to wound permanently(thus wounding on 2+) which seriously boosts up they attack power, and these guys have 12 attacks!
    • To help them in this endeavour, they still get the Brutes' bonus of +1 to hit against models with 4 wounds or more, meaning they can be efficient minor heroes hunter too, and by that I mean if they can make contact with any ~100 pts hero they will turn him/her into a bloody pulp. They are also good monsters FINISHERS, as they lack the number to take them down by their own.
    • They have 9HP with a 4+ save, which makes them reasonnably tanky for a unit this size, at A LOT more survivable than a lot of other overpriced specialist units with 1W per model.



  • Wurrgog Prophet: (160pts) A wizard who can cast and unbind 2 spells and is pretty good in a scrap for a caster. His scary mask means he's always got a -1 to be hit in melee, and he can generate more command points in-game. His Fists of Gork spell has a good 24" range and rolls as many dice as models in the unit, doing mortal wounds on 6's unless you cast on a 10+, in which case it does the damage on 4+!
  • Savage Big Boss: (90pts) A melee force multiplier. Decent melee fighter with an ability allowing another Boneplitterz unit nearby to fight immediately after he does. His command ability allows a friendly unit to get two hits rather than 1 on unmodified 6's in melee. This command ability no longer affects ranged attacks! Still good anyway, you just have a harder time drowning your opponent in shots specific command abilities per hero are slowly getting erradicated from the game.
  • Wardokk: (80pts) Cheap caster with no unique spell but the ability to do buff friendly units with his dances on a 3+. He can heal, increase save rolls or give a wizard +1 to cast/unbind/dispel. Although the buffs don't stack, you can heal a unit more than once with a couple of these guys. Never leave home without two.
  • Maniak Weirdnob: (140pts) A nutter on a piggy, another wizard with surprisingly good melee abilities (if you are lucky), a reroll to cast/unbind/dispel once a turn due to his squig and a spell that grants the same double hit shenanigans as the Big Boss's command ability. This spell works on both melee and ranged attacks, though.


All of these units can have banners and musicians that give them +2" charge and +1 Bravery

Battleline in Bonesplitterz or Big Waaagh! army

  • Savage Orruks: (Battleline, 120/300pts, min 10, max 30) At two wounds a pop minimum, there are no truly cheap units in the army, but these guys are the closest. Armed with chompas (blades) or stikkas (spears), they each get 2 attacks with the stikkas having one worse to wound roll but a greater range. With shields giving them +1 save in melee, combine with the Kunnin' Beast Spirits' spell to make them surprisingly hard to shift considering they're only armored in a loincloth. In bigger units stikkas are best, 32mm bases will make attacking in two ranks with chompas difficult.

Battleline in Bonegrinz army

  • Savage Orruk Arrowboys: (120pts, min 10, max 30) How the mighty 'ave fallen. Lost a third of the shots allowed, from which they lost the special conter-Monster rules. Even in Bonergrinz they are barely any better.
  • Savage Boarboys: (130pts, min 5, max 15) Basically the Savage Orruk onna pig. Extra wound, extra attack with their melee weapons but both the stikkas and the boars get + 1 to hit and wound on the charge.

Battleline in Bonesplitterz army

  • Savage Boarboy Maniaks: (140pts, min 5, max 15) Maniaks lose the shield save and stikka option, but their chompas get another attack (so they're twice as damaging unbuffed as a Savage Orruk on foot). If there's 5 or more of them they get another attack with their chompas too. They're also a little braver than the non-maniak boarboys.
  • Savage Orruk Morboys: (120pts, min 10, max 30) In a similar vein to the Maniaks, Morboys are Savage Orruks with one extra attack, no shield, and a bit more bravery. They do also get a permanent +1 to hit if any enemy Monsters have been killed, however.

Other Units[edit]

  • Savage Big Stabbas: (100pts, min 2, max 8) A couple of Orruks lugging around a massive spear, each big stabba hits as hard as some melee heroes, do extra damage against monsters and can run and charge too. If they're killed in the melee, they may also do D3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit within 3" - so expect them to get shot down early.



  • Gobsprakk, Voice of Mork: (300 points, unique) Kragnos's personal wrangler. 14 inch flyer with a 14 wound base with a 5+ armor and 6+ ward. Also a 2 spell caster that beats the shit out of wizards he manages to dispell, doubly so if he does it on a 10+. Once per game, he can dispell on 3d6, too, so you can nearly guarantee some free "fuck you" damage on top of your dispell. As a final bonus, he enhances the command abilities he uses, allowing you to reroll the movement from Redeploy, and removing the hit penalty from Unleash Hell. Just a crazy wizard bastard who'll fly around annoying the shit out of opponents until he gets shot down.
  • Swampboss Skumdrekk: (320 points, unique) A Grinnin' Bladez tribe hero, basically just a little better version of the Snatchaboss in several ways. Over the Snatchaboss, he gets an extra attack with his Grappling Hook, his Sludgeraker's bite does one extra damage, he's got an extra wound, and his abilities are slightly different. First, he gets Expert Snatch and Grab, instead of regular Snatch and Grab, allowing you to eat your target if you beat OR EQUAL their wounds characteristic on the roll. Second, you get a betting ability if you've also got a unit of Hobgrots in your army. You pick a Hobgrots unit, and another unit in your army. If the second unit you picked is killed off first of your whole army, then you get a free triumph for your Hobgrots. All this for 5 points more than your standard Snatchaboss. The only real downside is that he can't take the Amulet of Destiny.
  • Killaboss on Corpse-rippa Vulcha: (240 points) A big-based flyer with 14 wounds, a 4+ save, and a 14" move. Has a handful of decent attacks, and the Vulcha benefits from Venom-Encrusted Weapons! Nice! Has a unique ability to re-use command abilities if someone else has already used them previously in the phase, as long as you don't pick the same target.
  • Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker beast: (315 points) Your big buffing beastie boss. This slow idiot only moves 8" but has 14 wounds on a 4+ save. A handful of decent attacks, but most importantly, the Sludgraker mount benefits from Venom-Encrusted Weapons! Nice! Gives off an aura that enhances all Venom-Encrusted Weapons wholly within 12" by boosting the damage of natural 6s by 1 (important note, this explicitly only enhances natural 6s, not shaman-buffed rolls of 5 too). Put this dingus behind 12-18 Boltboyz and watch the competition vanish. Also has a once-per-game ability called Snatch and Grab, where he targets single model within 3" and with 7 or fewer wounds, and rolls 2d6. If you beat the target's wounds characteristic, that model is removed from the game without saves.
  • Breaka-Boss on Mirebrute Troggoth: (180 points) A big stupid idiot and the Troggoth ain't all that bright either. Has no command potential beyond being a hero. Has regeneration like a Gloomspite Troggoth (Roll a die every hero phase, on a 4+ you regain d3 wounds). More interestingly, at the start of the combat phase, the rider can yank on the reins painfully, inflicting d3 wounds to himself, but pissing off the Troggoth. For every mortal wound suffered, add 2 attacks to the Mirebrute's club attacks this phase. Considering the profile is 4 attacks, 3+/3+/-2/3 damage, a potential 10 swings is pretty scary. The Mirebrute doesn't get poisoned weapons, sadly, and is a bit slow at 5". Does have 12 wounds, but is somehow not a monster. Slowly clump across the board and swing your hardest, and hope the opponent can't kill you before you get stuck in.
  • Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof: (170 points) Now reduced in price 30 points from the Dominion box, the Killaboss on Big Dog remains the same. 10 wounds with a 10" move and a 3+ save. 8 decent attacks, the Great Gnashtoof's 4 getting +1 to hit on the charge. Sadly, the dog doesn't get poisoned weapons. Has the ability "All Part of Da Plan" that makes only 1 model maximum flee from any unit that fails battleshock wholly within 12" of him. Remains an unkillable cockroach to everything except dedicated mortal wounds, and is now cheaper to boot.
  • Killaboss with Stab-grot: (110 points) Now reduced in price 30 points from the Dominion box, the Killaboss with Mini-Me remains the same. Can choose either a flail or a shield, the flail granting 2 attacks 3+/3+/-1/1 damage, the shield changing the Killaboss's armor save to a 3+. Has the same "All Part of Da Plan" ability as the mounted Killaboss. Can kick his little stab-grot minion in front of a scary attack, rolling a dice: on a 1-5 the poor little bastard dies, and you lose access to his little stab attacks, on a 6 the crazy little bastard survives unscathed.
  • Murknob with Belcha-banna: (95 points) Now reduced in price 20 points from the Dominion box, the Stinky Burp Flag Boy remains the same. Has 6 wounds on a 4+ save. Has 3 alright attacks. This hero is cheap and shitty and you're not taking him for his combat potential. His banner, however, channels the power of Kragnos in two different ways. First, he provides a belching aura that extends out 12", any friendly unit wholly inside it has a 5+ chance to ignore the effects of enemy spells and endless spells. Second, at the start of the combat phase you roll a die for every enemy unit within 3". On a 1 nothing happens, on a 2-5 they take 1 mortal wound, and on a 6 they take d3 mortal wounds.
  • Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot: (105 points) Now reduced in price 20 points from the Dominion box, the Soup Wizard and his Soup Midget Apprentice remain the same. A 1 spell caster, they can also choose to distribute Poisons or Elixers in the hero phase instead of casting a spell. If they dole out poison, pick a friendly Kruleboyz Orruk unit wholly within 12", their Poison-Encrusted Weapons now trigger on either a 5 or 6 until your next hero phase. If they give out elixir, select a friendly unit within 12" and until your next hero phase they get +1 save. All Swampcallas (including Gobsprakk) know the Summon Boggy Mist spell, which casts on a 7 and affects the whole battlefield, granting Kruleboyz +1 to charge and enemies -1 to charge. Probably the single most important hero the the Kruleboyz, they can either massively enhance your mortal wound potential, or toughen you up, and you don't even have to worry about being dispelled.


  • Gutrippaz: (180 points, min 10, max 30) Your only unconditional Battleline. These unethical assholes love to hold the line and deal out some poisoned whacks. 2 wounds, 5+ save, and a 5" move make them rather slow and vulnerable. However, those potential mortal wounds from the Poison-Encrusted Weapons makes them surprisingly scary in melee to heavily armored targets. Can pick from either a stikka (for a 2 inch reach), or a hacka (for wounding on 3s). Either way, they have 2 attacks. They can take a banner that grants +1 bravery, bringing you to bravery 6. They can take musician, which gives them +1 to charge. Lastly, they have an ability called Scare Taktiks: at the start of the charge phase if they are not in melee, they can pick an enemy within 12" of them and roll 2d6, adding +1 to the roll for every full 5 models in your Gutrippa unit. If they match or beat the target's bravery, that target has -1 to hit the Gutrippaz unit until your next hero phase.


  • Man-skewer Boltboyz: (120 points, min 3, max 6, or 9 as conditional Battleline in Big Yellers) The Kruleboyz answer to the question, "where are all the orc snipers?" These crowbowmen can pick from one of two profiles, an aimed shot or hasty shot. They take aimed shots if they don't move and aren't in melee, with 1 shot hitting on 2s at a 24 inch range (take them in the Big Yellers Warclan for 27 inch range), and wounding on 3s, with a -1 rend and 2 flat damage. If they move or are in melee they get 2 shots, but hit on 4s at a 12 inch range instead. The leader gets an extra shot with either profile. These little snipers can devastate entire armies if protected, and if buffed by your Swampcalla Shaman or Snatchaboss, the enemy will be shitting their pants.
  • Hobgrot Slittaz: (80 points, min 10, max 20) Now reduced in price 15 points from the Dominion box, the Chaos Dwarf Refugees remain the same. The hobgoblins are back for all 6 people who missed them! Weirdly enough the Hobgrots aren't Battleline anywhere, and are slow, nearly defenseless, and have mediocre, un-poisoned attacks. They can throw some surprisingly decent grenades at an 8 inch range, but you're not taking them to kill stuff. They're there to provide a buffer between your Boltboyz and your enemies. A banner lets them reroll battleshock tests, and a musician lets them run and still shoot.
  • Beast-Skewer Killbow: (130 points) The king of anti-monster artillery, this beastly ballista hits on 2s at a 24inch range as long as no one's in melee with it and it doesn't move. It skewers its target, rolling a number of dice equal to the victim's target's wounds characteristic. For each 5+, increase the damage by 1, plus the base 2 of the bow. The damage caps at 12. Yes, the Killbow can benefit from Poison Encrusted Weapons.
  • Marshcrawla Sloggoth: (150 points) A funky wrinkly creep. 12 wounds and Troggoth Regeneration makes this model surprisingly decent survivability. Has a handful of alright attacks, and at the end of the combat phase you can pick an enemy model within 3", and roll a die. If you roll above it, they have defeated the elder god. More relevantly, all FRIENDLY units within 18" gain a +1 to hit in melee. Somehow, not a monster. Also does not have a subfaction aligned to it on it's Warscroll so would presume this can be taken in any Orruk Warclan Subfaction without counting as an Ally. More importantly can also be taken in any Destruction army that can Ally with Orruk Warclans. Actually nuts for 150 pts.


Greenskinz are allowed in a Big Waagh faction as the keyword requirement for these units is orruk, which all greenskinz possess. However, they are no longer on sale and have been relegated to Legends as of GHB2020. Feel free to use them if your opponent allows and you really want an uphill challenge. Tactics can be found in the Legends section.


  • Kragnos, The End of Empires: (720 pts) Despite being in this battletome, he's ultimately getting jack and shit from the rest of the army (or any Destruction army for that matter). Thankfully, he doesn't throw any allegiance perks out the window. He's very much a beatstick leader, as he is always considered General and adds +1 to the Bravery of any friendly Destruction units within 12" of him. His melee weapons are all quite deadly, with the Dread Mace being the standout champ with -3 Rend and 4 Damage on an extended range. Charging is especially powerful for him, as he deals mortal wounds to whoever he charges (and this can be potentially heinous to enemy monsters) while being able to re-roll charges against Stardrake, Draconith, Dracoth or Dracoline units - incidentally all used by Sigmar's golden gits. His only defenses aside from his meaty 2+ save is a shield that can ignore spells when rolling 3d6 and beating the CV of the spell and a roar that deals mortal wounds each time he's wounded AND does it more easily the more he's wounded.

  • Rogue Idol: (430pts) Your resin FW beast. Now with Orruk, Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, Kruleboyz, and Greenskinz keywords so that you can field him as you see fit. A Fighting monster and a minor buffer to any Orruk or army. In addition to its combat powers, it also adds one to Orruk and Grot casting rolls and Bravery. Make sure that your units don't get too close to it as rocks will fall off it and harm units. Also good to note, it can be buffed from both factions spells. So Bonesplitterz can send out a Rogue Idol with a 2+ save!


Due to how Battalions are now universal, expect see the whole lot of this on the trash bin outside of narrative games. Bonus rules, traits and doodads are going to be likely added to the faction rules as default.

Ironjawz Battalions[edit]

Ardfist (120pts) 1 Orruk Warchanter, 3-5 Orruk Ardboyz

The Warchanter of this battalion learns the Drawn to the Waaagh! command ability, use this command ability when a unit from this battalion is destroyed. Roll a dice, on a 4+ a new identical Orruk Ardboyz unit appears, set it up wholly within 6" of the table edge and more then 9" from enemy units. Amusingly, this new unit is added to the battalion, so its destruction can trigger another roll, and on and on.

Brutefist (120pts) 3-5 Orruk Brutes

1 Orruk Brute boss has 5 wounds instead of 3.
Whenever a model from this battalion makes a charge move, pick 1 enemy unit within 1" of that model and roll a dice, on a 4+ it takes 1 MW.

Gorefist (130pts) 3-5 Orruk Gore-Gruntas

1 Gore-Grunta boss has 7 wounds instead of 5.
In your first hero phase, each unit wholly within 18" of the battalion boss can make a normal move but cannot run.

Ironfist (160pts) 3-5 Orruk Brutes, Orruk Gore-Gruntas or Orruk Ardboyz

1 Brute Boss or Gore-Grunta boss gets +2 to its wounds.
Once in each of your hero phases you can use the Mighty Destroyers command ability from the Ironjawz Allegiance for free, using the battalion boss as if it were a Megaboss.

Weirdfist (140pts) 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman, 3-5 Orruk Brutes or Orruk Ardboyz

If the Weirdnob Shaman of this battalion is wholly within 18" of 2 or more units from this battalion, it can use it's Brutal Power ability to attempt to cast Green Puke twice, in addition to other spells it can cast.

Brawl (Superbattalion) (140pts) 1 Orruk Megaboss, 1 Orruk Warchanter, 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman, 3-5 Brutefist, Gorefist, Ardfist, Weirdfist or Ironfist warscroll battalions

Once per battle if your general is alive, another Orruk hero from this battalion can use the Ironjawz Waaagh! command ability. This does not stop you from using the regular Ironjawz Waaagh! command ability but you may not use the command ability more than once in the same combat phase.
Here's a fun thought - an Ironfist costs 160 points apiece, and you need at least a squad of Brutes to make it useful, but can otherwise fill it with Ardboyz. Two min units of Ardboyz and a min unit of Brutes is 320 points, plus the 160 points of the battalion makes 480. Three of these would be 1440 points, plus 110 apiece for Warchanter and Weirdnob, 150 for the Megaboss and 140 for the Brawl itself - 1950 points in total, just enough for an extra command point if you so desire (or swap out one or two of the Brute squads for a min squad of Gore-Gruntas). So, at 1950-2000 points, you can have a Superbattalion.

Ironsunz Battalions[edit]

To take the ones below, you need to be part of the Ironsunz Warclan. You can only at most take one Da Bossfist and one Moggorz's Rekrootin' Krew in an army.

Da Bossfist (220pts) 1 Megaboss on Mawkrusha (Dakkbad Grotkicker), 0-2 Megaboss on Mawkrusha, 2-3 Megabosses on foot, 2-3 Orruk Brutes

Dakkbad must be the general and have the Right Fist of Dakkbad Command Trait. In addition, at the start of each hero phase, if Dakkbad is on the field, roll a d6. On a 4+, get a CP. Also, all units in this battalion gain +1 to the attack characteristic for all their melee weapons, including mounts.

Moggorz's Rekrootin' Krew (150pts) 1 Orruk Megaboss (Moggorz), 1 Orruk Brutes (Da Rekrootin' Krew), 1-5 Orruk Brutes or Orruk Ardboyz (Aspirants)

Aspirants don't benefit from Ironsunz Kunnin'. Instead, they ignore Battleshock while wholly within 18" of either Moggorz or Da Rekrootin' Krew.

Dakkbad's Brawl (120pts) 1 Orruk Warchanter, 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman, 1 Da Bossfist battalion, 1 Moggorz's Rekrootin' Krew battalion, 1-3 Brutefist, Gorefist, Ardfist, Weirdfist or Ironfist warscroll battalions

Once per battle if your Dakkbad is alive, another Orruk hero from this battalion can use the Ironjawz Waaagh! command ability. This does not stop Dakkbad from using the regular Ironjawz Waaagh! command ability but you may not use the command ability more than once in the same combat phase.

Bonesplitterz Battalions[edit]

Brutal Rukk (140pts) 1 Savage Big Boss, 2-5 Savage Orruks or Savage Boarboyz.

Battalion units that are wholly within 12" of the Big Boss at the start of the charge phase can run and charge.

Kop Rukk (140pts) 2-5 Wardokks, 2-5 Savage Orruk Morboyz

One of the Wardokks that is wholly within 18" of 2+ units with 10+ models from this battalion can attempt to cast the Fists of Gork spell from the Wurrgog Prophet warscroll in addition to any other spells it can cast.

Kunnin' Rukk (140pts) 1 Savage Big Boss, 2-5 Savage Orruks or Savage Orruk Arrowboys

In your hero phase, pick 1 unit from this battalion that is wholly within 12" of the Savage Big Boss. That unit can make a normal move or shoot, units in this battalion cannot have more then 20 models.

Snaga Rukk (120pts) 1 Maniak Weirdnob, 2-5 Savage Boarboy Maniaks

You can re-roll charge rolls for units wholly within 12" of the Maniak Weirdnob.

Teef Rukk (140pts) 1 Savage Big Boss, 2-5 Savage Big Stabbas.

+1 to the attacks made by units that are wholly within 12" of the Savage Big Boss.

Big Rukk (Superbattalion) (80pts) 1 Wurrgog Prophet, 3-5 Brutal Rukk, Kop Rukk, Kunnin' RUkk, Snaga Rukk or Teef Rukk warscroll battalions.

You can re-roll the dice to determine if you negate wounds with your warpaint ability.


Gordrak and Warchanters

Take Big Waagh allegiance. Field Gordrak and two to three Warchanters. You will now get a guaranteed 10-12 Waaagh points per turn. Fill the rest up as you see fit with Ardboys/Gruntas/Brutes. Enjoy you 2+/2+ on all units, with the additional damage from Warchanter (and for instance healing beats on Gordrak). Waaagh every 2 turns at the very least, while if you get a double turn, you hardly even have repercussions from yelling your favorite word, even when you lose every waaagh point. 3 Warchanters even without Gordrakk garantie 6 points a turn, plus d6 (about 3) gets you around 9 points per turn, so Big waaagh with warchanters, ardboyz, Brutes and Moarboys will wash over your enemy like a green tide should.

Big Waaagh with Gordrak and just 2 warchanters is also great. If you field units of 10 or more models (10-20 ardboy blocks for battleline is what I've had great success with) you'll start with 10 per turn and get enough extra Waaagh points from charging and being in combat that you're fully amped for a Big Waaagh on turn 2, and if you let your opponent go first in round 1, you might even be taking a double turn when you unleash the Big Waaagh (and if not you might be heading into a double turn after your Big Waaagh, either way consider letting your opponent go first in round 1)

Fun with Megabosses and Brutes

You gotta try Da Boss Fist battalion. Brutes and megabosses on foot are less efficient than ardboys, but giving them all an extra atk all the time really helps! Ironsuns isn't too much of a downside either since the battalion gives you kind of a second command trait (4+ gain CP in your herophase). You don't really miss the free mighty destroyers from ironfist or brutish cunning since you have a "free waaagh" all the time, and some extra CP generation to do mighty destroyers anyway.

And speaking of Ironsuns: Have you ever wanted your mawkrusha to fight 3 times by the end of your first turn? Well you can! My opponent went first, hit some brutes with mortal wounds so I got to move that squad forward d6". My opponent then flew some plague drones over and charged my forward brutes. I used the ironsuns command ability to charge my mawkrusha in to the plague drones. We fought in my opponents turn, and all my stuff was -1 to hit because of the ironsuns trait. Things went poorly for my opponent, and then it was my turn. Mighty destroyers on mawkrusha, fight and kill the last plague drones in my hero phase. Move, charge, fight with mawkrusha for the 3rd time that game, in my first combat phase, still -1 to hit.

Allied Armies[edit]

Ironjawz armies can have Bonesplitterz as allies, whilst Bonesplitterz can have Ironjawz as allies. Enough said.

  • Gloomspite Gitz: Reunite the old Orcs and Goblins faction by bringing some grots and troggoths.
    • Stabbas or Shootas are an obvious pick to get some hordes onto the table, allowing you to fit 60 of the little guys into your 400 point limit. Sadly you won't have a loonshrine, so no regeneration, which is going to make them a little expensive. Gordrakk's Voice of Gork stacks nicely on them too. If you take a full set of 60 they are just slightly too expensive to fit in a Loonboss which would have made the grots deal mortals on wound rolls of 6, or Sneaky Snufflers to increase the number of attacks the grots give.
    • Fungoid Cave Shaman: You want more CPs? Take two of these.
    • Squigs might be worth a look if you don't mind their randomness.
    • Bring back the good ole Giant with the Aleguzzler Gargant. A bit on the frail side but a decent monster for any list.
  • Sons of Behemat: Thanks to their mercenary mechanic, you can recruit one of four named Mega-Gargants with unique abilities.
    • Bundo Whalebiter: A Kraken-eater mercenary. You can choose at the start of the Combat phase for him to fight at the end of the phase, in exchange for re-rolling failed hit rolls.
    • One-Eyed Grunnok: A Warstomper mercenary. Reroll jump attacks of 1, plus enemies within 6" get -1 to hit if the giant used his jump attacks earlier in the combat phase.
    • Big Drogg Fort-Kicka: A Gatebreaker mercenary. He has a breath attack that attacks one unit within 3" at the end of the combat phase; roll a dice for each model in the unit and deal 1MW on a 6+.
    • Brawlsmasha: A Bonegrinder mercenary from Forgeworld. Gives friendly Orruk wholly within 12" +1 Bravery. The Bravery buff is not enough to justify its high pts value and lackluster attack profile.

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