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Grand Alliance Destruction

Sons of Behemat

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General Tactics

Three new, MASSIVE THICC BOIS, the biggest plastic GW kit so far, able to stare Archaon in the eye while he's on Dorghar; plus some regular gargants; are ready stomp on your face.

Why do you want to play them[edit]

'Cuz they are fucken GIANTS. Chicks dig drunken giants.


  • Ultra elite army. Min six models, max ten.
  • Painting them should be no problem in short time, plus, you can customize them as you want. Seriously, given how they are basically oversized fa/tg/uys, you can paint them and put bits from other kits on them.
  • Rending attacks everywhere.
  • They can be Allies with any faction, no matter the Alliance (but you can't ally anything into SoB)
  • Single model units are immune to bravery checks.
  • No allies, no wizards, no endless spells, no battalions, no faction scenery.
  • If you thought Nurgle was EXTRA THICC...


  • Everyone is a MONSTER, so good luck surviving specialist monster hunters. Other Destruction factions, specially Bonesplitterz and Beastclaw Raiders, will be your bane.
  • No allies, no wizards, no endless spells, no battalions, no faction scenery.
  • Despite being ultra elite, there's no one drop option. You'll always have at least four drops.
  • Hope you weren't planning on playing objectives.



  • Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (490)
  • Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant (490)
  • Warstomper Mega-Gargant (480)


Battleline in Sons of Behemat army and not counted as Behemoth. Maximum sized units count as 3 battleline units.

  • Mancrusher Gargants (180/480, min 1, max 3)


  • Bonegrinder Gargant (? We aren't even sure if this is included in the army as of now)






List Building[edit]

With SoB alliance you don't have much choice

2000 points[edit]

  • Exactly 4 choices to make (one for each 500 point "slot")
  • Min 6 models, max 10 models.
  • Min 1920 points (or 1970 if you buy a CP), max 2000 points.
  • Possible lists:
    • 3 Mancrushers, 3 Mega-Gargants
    • 6 Mancrushers, 2 Mega-Gargants
    • 9 Mancrushers, 1 Mega-Gargant
  • Mancrushers: One set of three can be split however you like, the rest must be taken in threes.

1000 points[edit]

  • Possible lists:
    • 1 Mega-Gargant, 3 Mancrushers
    • 1 Mega-Gargant, 2 Mancrushers, 1 CP

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