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Grand Alliance Destruction

Sons of Behemat

Kraken-eater.jpg Big and friendly these giants are not...

General Tactics

Three new, MASSIVE THICC BOIS, the biggest plastic GW kit so far, able to stare Archaon in the eye while he's on Dorghar; plus some regular gargants; are ready stomp on your face.

Why Play Sons Of Behemat?[edit]

  • 'Cuz they are fucken GIANTS. Chicks dig drunken giants.
  • Ultra elite army. In 2000pts min six models, max ten.
  • No need to bother with that other faff other factions have to think about: No allies, no wizards (unless you take an item from the Takers Tribe), no endless spells, no battalions, no faction scenery, no special dice.
  • In 40k your favorite army are Imperial Knights.
  • You watched Attack on Titan and sympathized more with the naked monsters than the humans (can’t say I blame you).


  • Getting your army built and painted will be really quick, despite the initial impression. Given they are basically oversized fa/tg/uys, they are ripe for customization too.
  • Rending attacks everywhere.
  • Decent shooting attacks (including Drogg's halitosis).
  • Single model units are immune to bravery checks. Nagash's boney boys aren't the only faction to ignore bravery anymore by technicallity.
  • If you thought Nurgle was EXTRA THICC...
  • Unspeakably beefy. All your giants have a bunch of wounds, with your mega-gargants having more wounds than the oversized HQs of other factions while being immune to instant death.
  • Your faction acronym is SoB.
  • A shit-ton of spare parts to share with your gaming group; shields, bones, debri, even dead animal bits! This all makes for fantastic scenery and all kinds of kitbashes.
  • A single, specific Mega can join any other Allegiance. This is flavorful, considering how many factions could contract a Giant back in The Old World.


  • You're the AoS equivalent of Knights player, except for the pretty static poses (unless you’re creative with modifications), and nowhere near to be as magnet-friendly as Knights. The poses are workable, but transportation is a bit of a chore.
  • Just two plastic kits. (Okay, one of those is amazing, and the other is ok). Bonegrinder is also part of this faction, but he's from FW.
  • Everyone is a MONSTER, so good luck surviving specialist monster hunters. Other Destruction factions, especially Bonesplitterz Warclans and Beastclaw Raiders Mawtribes, will be your bane.
  • Max one spell unbind makes you vulnerable to debuff spells and unable to stop your opponent buffing their troops. Not to mention said unbinding is limited to a single artifact for the Taker Tribe.
  • Being ultra elite, you’re almost always bringing single digit models.
  • No battalions means no one drop options and limited artifacts.
  • +4 Save is by no way bad... when you are an elite unit from a conventional army. But that's all you have to defend yourself without taking the FnP artifact (keyword: Artifact). So don't think you can sponge MW all day long: you have lots of wounds but you'd expect they would have much thicker hides.
  • Playing them at 1K points against newbies just to win is a total dick move.
  • You will probably never get a Start Collecting box and if you do it's going to be like, half a kit
  • Your faction acronym is SoB. Could have been a lot worse...


Faction rules and abilities: Battletome Sons of Behemat

Latest Matched play points: Battletome Sons of Behemat or Generals Handbook 2020

Core rules: here

Matched play rules, battleplans and expansions: Generals Handbook 2020, plus the battleplans from the Core Book and Endless Spell rules from Malign Sorcery.

Supplement all the above with any Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.

Allegiance Abilities[edit]

  • Mightier Makes Rightier: For objectives,one MEGA-GARGANT model counts as 20 models, and each MANCRUSHER GARGANT count as 10.
  • Chuck Rocks: During your Shooting phase, your MEGA-GARGANT Warlord can command one mancrusher gargant unit wholly within 18" unit to chuck rocks (18" d3 attacks 4+/3+/-1/D3)
    • Quite effective in with units of 3. Will soften lots of enemies.


Each SoB army belongs to a tribe, dependant on your choice of general.

Stomper Tribes[edit]

General: Warstomper

  • Getting Stuck In: All MANCRUSHER GARGANTs attacks get +1 damage against units of 10+ models, or +2 against 20+
  • Bawling Bellowing Lunks

Command Abilities that affect all MANCRUSHER GARGANTs within 18" of your general (they can't use other Command Abilities).

  1. Get a Move On, You Slackers!: At the start of the movement phase, only one MANCRUSHER GARGANT unit Runs 6" instead of rolling.
  2. Grab Those Rocks and Chuck 'em at Somethin'!: At the start of the shooting phase, All MANCRUSHER GARGANT units in range chuck rocks
  3. Oi You, Yes! Charge!: At the start of the charge phase, a unit Rerolls charge rolls for all MANCRUSHER GARGANTs in range.
  4. Stop Muckin' About and Hit 'em!: At the start of the combat phase, Reroll hits of 1 for all MANCRUSHER GARGANTs in range.
  5. Watch Your Backs You Gormless Lot!: At the start of the combat phase, Reroll saves of 1 for all MANCRUSHER GARGANTs in range.
  6. Where Do You Think You're Going!: At the start of the battleshock phase, Don't take battleshock for all MANCRUSHER GARGANTs in range.

Command Traits - Veterans of One-Sided Battle

  1. Monstrously Tough: You have 40 wounds instead of 35. Harder to kill, but degrades just as easily.
  2. Old and Gnarly: Re-roll save rolls of 1. An alternative to the above CT, but no protection from Armor save ignore attacks and MWs.
  3. Louder than Words: Add 1 to your attacks for the club. Your maximum number of attacks is still 10 but you need one less model in range to be most combat effective.
  4. Inescapable Grip: Re-roll the dice roll for Hurled Body ability. Greatly increases the likelihood of picking up that 3 to 4 wound model and then dealing that much MW to another unit.
  5. Very Shouty: D3 extra CP's at the start of the first battle round. The Stompers use Command Abilities to milk a lot out of Mancrushers, so this is always useful.
  6. Eager for a Fight: Roll 3D6" for your charge and you can charge 18". Gets the big guy into combat as fast as possible.

Artefacts of Power - Trappings of the Titan Warstomper Only.

  1. Ironweld Cestus: Reroll failed Saves and deal a mortal wound on an unmodified save roll of 6 if the reroll was a 6 only. 4+ is Already a good save, and then milking even more DPS.
  2. Club of the First Oak: In your hero phase, heal 1 wound. In addition, if the bearer is slain roll a dice on a 4+ the wound is negated as well as any unallocated ones, it doesn't break so you can keep using this. 1 wound doesn’t seem to matter initially, but remember that 1 wound can potentially potentially keep you on the higher end of the damage chart.
  3. Mantle of the Destroyer: Friendly gargant units within 12" have a bravery characteristic of 10 and they can re-roll charges. Save you spending CP and that 10 bravery can protect you from some particular save-or-die(or be hampered) abilities.

Breaker Tribe[edit]

General: Gatebreaker

  • Fierce Loathings: All Gatebreaker Mega-Gargants and Mancrusher Gargants get +1 to all hits against one of the following unit types.
    • Bossy Pants and Clever Clogs: HERO or WIZARD.
    • Idiots with Flags: TOTEM or any unit with command models.
    • Shiny 'Uns: Save characteristic better than 5+ that aren't a HERO or monster.
    • Crowds: Units with 20 or more models.
    • Wannabes: monster or war machine.
    • Piggybackers: Units with a mount that are not a monster.
  • Breaking Down The Houses: Mancrusher Gargants gain the Gatebreaker’a Smash Down ability (+1 Damage on attacks against enemies on terrain or Garrisoned and ability to destroy terrain). Greatly boosts their attack power especially on boards that force the enemy to move onto the terrain.

Command Traits - Unstoppable Besiegers

  1. Monstrously Tough: 40 wounds instead of 35. Just as easy to degrade, but more difficult to put down for good.
  2. Old and Gnarly: Re-roll save rolls of 1. An alternative to the above CT, but no protection from Armor save ignore attacks and MWs.
  3. Louder than Words: +2 to flail attacks. At full health, a Gatebreaker gets 12, Rend-3, 3 damage attacks, so definitely consider this.
  4. Extremely Bitter: Pick an additional Fierce Loathing, but only applies to the General. Situational, unless you want that extra oomph against enemy characters and Monsters.
  5. Smasher: Re-roll Smash-Down ability. You’re very likely to get the roll anyway and only have a problem at low health. Hard pass.
  6. Sees Red: When within 9" of a terrain that can have a garrison, attack as if it hasn't suffered any wounds. A very situational trait.

Artefacts of Power - Legacy of Demolition Gatebreaker only.

  1. Enchanted Portcullis: 6+ FNP.
  2. The Great Wrecka: Unmodified hit rolls of 6 with Fortcrusha Flail does a MW and +1 to Smash Down ability.
  3. Kingslaughter Cowl: Reroll wound rolls of 1 that target a Hero (or all failed wound rolls for the enemy General).

Taker Tribe[edit]

General: Kraken-eater

  • Get Rid of 'Em!: For objectives, MEGA-GARGANTS count as 30 models, MANCRUSHER GARGANTS count as 15. If you're having trouble with the objectives game, then maybe this is for you. Center a Mega on a 6" objective, and it's going to be tricky for your opponent to get 31 models into that circle.
  • More Stuff For Me Collection: Roll a triumph every time you kill an enemy wielding an artefact. You're going trigger this once, maybe twice per battle, so not the best. However, if your opponent really doesn't want you to gain these, then it's going to force them to play defensively with their artefact wielders (or even cause them to bring non-optimal lists).

Command Traits - Irascible Old Bullies

  1. Monstrously Tough: You have 40 wounds instead of 35. Just as easy to degrade, but more difficult to put down for good.
  2. Old and Gnarly: Re-roll save rolls of 1. An alternative to the above CT, but no protection from Armor save ignore attacks and MWs.
  3. Louder than Words: Add 1 to your attacks for the club. Helps to offset the Kraken-Eater’s more objective based gameplay.
  4. Strong Right Foot: “Get Orf Me Land!” now allows you to roll 3d6 instead of 2d6 when determining how far you kick the objective.
  5. Very Acquisitive: You get 2 artefacts instead of 1 and your general can carry 2 artefacts. Double up on your general or spread the power to a second Kraken-eater.
  6. Extremely Intimidating: -1 to hit rolls for every enemy model within 3". More durability is always good, just be cautious of any ranged units.

Artefacts of Power - Trophies Taken By Force Kraken-eater only.

  1. Jaws of Mogaladon: Once per phase, re-roll one save, hit, or wound roll. You do have a lot of big damage attacks, so this saves on CP, especially to get off that Death Grip attack.
  2. Walloping Tentacles: At the start of the combat phase, pick an enemy hero within 3". Roll a dice and on a 4+ it takes 1 MW and you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 with all your attacks. More situational than the Jar of Burning Grog, especially if your opponent uses back campers or has big bubble-wraps of chaff.
  3. Jar of Burning Grog: Once per battle at the start of the combat phase, pick 1 enemy unit within 3" of the bearer, on a 2+ it takes D3 MW's and re-roll wounds for gargants that target the unit, on a 1 you take D3 MW's. With all the attacks your Gargants can dish out, mass rerolls are always good.
  4. Net of the Beast-Reaver: Start of the combat phase, on a 4+ roll, for one enemy monster, they get -1 to hit, you get +1 to hit
  5. Glowy Lantern: Your Gargant is now a Wizard. He can cast Mystic Shield or Arcane Bolt in your Hero phase and unbind 1 enemy spell in their phase. There's a little confusion about this, but it seems that this allows you to cast endless spells too - those leftover points are suddenly useful
  6. Krakenskin Sandals: Almighty Stomp has 3 attacks, rend -3 and damage 3.



All Mega-gargants have the following:

  • 35 wounds, with 12 wounds needed to drop from the top entry on warscroll, and even then they don't drop much. These guys are beasts! Sadly that thick leathery skin only gives 4+ save, and they still need protection against some of the biggest damage dealers in the game, which is tricky when you don't have many models for screens.
  • Death Grip: Whilst only a single attack, this is Rend -3 and flat out removes the chance of stopping attacks for anything with a 4+ or worse save. Don't underestimate it. Plus, using Death Grip you can reroll hits of 1 against MONSTERs - GW is hinting about the best way to use it.
  • Almighty Stomp/Jump: Get at least 2 less powerful Death Grip but get a reroll hits of 1 against non-MONSTERs.
  • All our other attacks are at least rend -1 or -2.
  • Son of Behemat: Auto kill abilities and spells instead just deal D6 mortals. Whilst it'd be hilarious to see an SoB fall wiped out this way, it's quite an essential auto-lose preventer.
  • Crushing Charge: After making a charge move, roll a dice for each enemy unit within 1" of this model. On a 2+ they suffer D3 wounds if they're a MONSTER or D6 wounds if they aren't.
  • Terror: Enemies within 3" get -1 bravery. Given the ways to avoid battleshock, this isn't really going to make any difference most of the time.
  • TIMBERRRR!: When it dies, the winner of a roll-off chooses a point 5" away. Every unit within 3", except Mega garagants, gets D3 mortals. Essentially it's a 50% chance of sending a few mortals at the guy that just killed you. If your enemy is fully within 2", then this isn't going to do anything (assume they were stood between his legs). Also potentially deadly for your single unit Mancrushers.
  • Longshanks: Basically, limited flying, or hovering? Let me explain: you can walk over models with up to 10 wounds, terrain, and endless spells (including the not-endless spells exclusive to Fyreslayers, Khorne, and Daughters of Khaine) up to 4" tall.
  • Warstomper Mega-Gargant (480)
    • For those who just want to pummel hordes into the dirt. They are the anti-number Mega-gargant, Getting 4 stomp attack instead of 2, and the number of club attacks is based on how many models are within 3" and his current wounds (Monster count as 5 [because the +4 stacks with the +1 for nearby models], min:1, Max: 10 attacks) (get max attack when near 8 models at first health bracket). they can also roll to instant slay a single model(best against 3 wounds or lower) and then on a 4+ inflict MW on another enemy. A Warstomper's greatest strength is also its biggest weakness - it relies on being caught in deep combat to do its maximum number of attacks. If it can't face a horde, it's probably going to underperform.
  • Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (490)
    • Probably the best all-rounder of the bunch. Definitely the go to option if you hate faction terrain like the OBR Tithe Nexus or the constant sprouting Wyldwoods. Has a lower damage potential than a fully powered up Warstomper, but its damage output is much more reliable. He is most effective at attacking enemies that try to hide in cover for that +1sv, but can easily face foes in the open as well. The extra damage and rend May remove that benefit and his ability to destroy the terrain and turn it into Deadly scenery can make the opponent want to stay away from cover.
    • A single shooting attack with -3 rend. That's 18" on 3/2/-3/4 damage Youch. And it hits on 2s if you're running Breaker Tribe!
  • Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant (490)
    • The most tricky of the chonky lads. Lets you play football with the objectives. The least damaging potential of the Mega-Gargants, outside of a Hurl range attack that will inflict casualties to low armour saves units. Has retained the ability to stuff 'lil 'uns in bags for a chance to instant slay D3 models each combat - and you choose which ones are removed. These may be command models with strong buffs. The ability to move an objective in range 2D6" is a hilarious feature that could be used to great effect for point scoring and denial.


Battleline in Sons of Behemat army and not counted as Behemoth. Maximum sized units count as 3 battleline units.

  • Mancrusher Gargants (180/480, min 1, max 3)
    • Your mandatory troops you need with any list, needing a minimum of 2 for 1000 pt games and 3 costing as much as a lone Mega-Gargant. You can just take a single unit of 3 and fill the rest with Megas. Not as strong as their bosses, but do have their uses, such as providing extra ranged attacks or serving as a meat shield for your Megas. They are susceptible to battleshock if affected by bravery manipulation, so be careful where you send them. They can be objective holders with a unit of 3 counting as 30 models (45 if Taker tribe). Their speed is slower than Mega-Gargants but its unaffected by decreasing wounds and can run and charge when near a Mega, for an 8"+3d6" threat range. Like the big'uns, each model can inflict MW on a charge, as well as roll to selectively kill 1 model, and inflict MW on death but don't affect other Gargants. They deal a lot of damage (one high rend and damage ’Eadbutt and Kick attack plus many weaker club swing that degrading with health), especially when using the Stomper Tribe’s command abilities to further boost their fightiness.
    • A unit of 3 counts as 3 Battleline units (fulfilling your requirements all the way up to 2000 point games) and has other benefits too. In a trio of Mancrushers, only one of them will take damage. That one gargant can tank all the hits while the others remain at their top bracket. However, they will only be able to attack multiple units if the enemy is clumped together. Also, they will only be able to capture and hold 1 objective - but they'll do a great job at it, thanks to Mightier is Rightier.


  • Bonegrinder Mega-Gargant: (500pts)
    • Forgeworld exclusive that's a strange watered down amalgam of the other Mega-Gargants and probably a few points overpriced. Well rounded with the stomp being more unreliable with his only other good trait being able to selectively slay a model(kill most squishy wizards on a 6+).
    • No death grip, but gets the Gatebreaker's shooting attack.
    • No mortal wounds on charge.
    • Not a hero but doesn't matter too much since they don't get any hero benefits from the tribe and does let them avoid some situational enemy abilities.


None. We don't need them, but it does bring the some restrictions:

  • With 4 or 6 drops for 2000pts, that's going to be higher than opponents trying to minimise their drops using battalions, and lower than anyone who isn't. Plan assuming you're not getting the first turn choice.
  • No extra artefact, which means you're stuck with just the one (two with a Taker Tribe if you choose the right Command Trait), which has to be from your tribe. No realm artefacts for you. (<cue “Ummm Actually“ guy> Nothing prevents you from taking the new watered down Artefacts, but like most books; you would prefer your own Artefacts rather than generic ones in most circumstances.)


None. But the Mega Gargants can join other armies using the Mercenary rules (Including if you so wish; Mega-Gargants Mercs in your own Behemat army.)


Mercenaries allow you to take a special named Sons of Behemat hero in a army for the cost of one CP on top of its standard points. One mercenary per list, with no other allies and restrictions depending on your allegiance - only Destruction get a choice. Remember you're not getting any of those juicy SoB alliance abilities or tribe bonuses, just a bit scary centerpiece monster.

  • Bundo Whalebiter Order or Destruction

A Kraken-eater mercenary. You can choose at the start of the Combat phase for him to fight at the end of the phase, in exchange for re-rolling failed hit rolls.

  • One-Eyed Grunnok Chaos or Destruction

A Warstomper mercenary. Reroll jump attacks of 1, plus enemies within 6" get -1 to hit if the giant used his jump attacks earlier in the combat phase.

  • Big Drogg Fort-Kicka Death or Destruction

A Gatebreaker mercenary. He has a breath attack that attacks one unit within 3" at the end of the combat phase; roll a dice for each model in the unit and deal 1MW on a 6+.

  • Brawlsmasha: Destruction

A Bonegrinder mercenary from Forgeworld. Gives friendly Orruk wholly within 12" +1 Bravery. Nope. This guy is an overpriced weaker Mega-Gargant whose ability is limited to only Orruks and it’s not even that good to begin with. Just ignore him.


Tribe Playstyle[edit]

With so few units, most of Sons of Behemat army building is affected by what Tribe you take.


  • Has a preference for multiple Mancrusher Gargants units. Revolving around the Warstmper general, the Mancrushers effectively have their damage doubled when hitting 10+ size units and you Can spend lots of CP to improve their Speed, damage, and durability. Also a line of fire seeing that with one CP all off them can launch stuff.
  • The goal is keeping groups of Mancrushers always wholly within 18" of the general so they can go on a killing spree.
  • Has a good range game as you can usually command 2 units of 3 to hurl boulders.


  • Not as much damage potential as Stomper but are more free in list building as they affect Mancrushers and Gatebreakers about as evenly.
  • Breaker Tribes are extra effective selective parts of an army (decide what to focus on at the start of each game) and counter lists that are reliant on their special terrain or on terrain heavy boards with good effects.


  • Takers are the objective claimers. Gargants count as 1.5 more models paired with Kraken-Eaters’ ability to yeet objectives to a more favorable position, the Takers are geared to claim and hold objectives over the increased damage enjoyed by the other tribes.
  • Being more about holding the line and have so few models, you should also consider giving your General a defensive CT.
  • There is also a side aspect of hero hunting as you gain can Triumphs.

List Building[edit]

With SoB allignment you don't have much choice

2000 points[edit]

  • Exactly 4 choices to make (one for each 500 point "slot")
  • Min 6 models; max 10 models.
  • Realistically, 4 or 6 drops - although you can get more.
  • Realistically min 1920 points (or 1970 if you buy a CP) - although you can get down to 1860; max 2000 points.

Possible lists:

# Slot1 Slot2 Slot3 Slot4 #Points #Models (with MMR) #Drops #Wounds Buy CP?
1 3x 1 Mancrusher Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant 1980, 1990, or 2000 6 (90) 6 141
2 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant 1920, 1930, 1940, or 1950 6 (90) 4 141 Y
3 3x 1 Mancrusher 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant 1980, 1990, or 2000 8 (100) 6 142
4 3 Mancrushers 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant 1920, 1930 or 1940 8 (100) 4 142 Y
5 3x 1 Mancrusher 3 Mancrushers 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant 1980 or 1990 10 (110) 6 143
6 3 Mancrushers 3 Mancrushers 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant 1920 or 1930 10 (110) 4 143 Y
7 5x 1 Mancrusher Mega-Gargant Mega-Gargant 1860, 1870 or 1880 7 (90) 7 130 Y
8 5x 1 Mancrusher 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant 1860 or 1870 9 (100) 7 131 Y
9 8x 1 Mancrusher Mega-Gargant 1920 or 1930 9 (100) 9 131 Y
  • Mancrushers: One set of three can be split however you like, but due to needing the group discount, the rest must be taken in threes.
    • Alternatively, if you really want all your Mancrushers to be solo you could drop one. Generally not worth it, but might be feasible with 8, as that might give you some extra board control. With 5 you've got a lot of wasted points left over. Also, you're maximising number of drops.

1000 points[edit]

For 1000 points you just have two slots, and a very limited choice. And, unless you really want to drop a mancrusher to get that extra CP, realistically you're limited to a single load out.

# Slot1 Slot2 #Points #Models (with MMR) #Drops #Wounds Buy CP?
1 3 Mancrushers Mega-Gargant 960 or 970 4 (50) 2 71
2 2x 1 Mancrusher Mega-Gargant 840 or 850 3 (40) 3 59 Y

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