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Your bloodsucking megalomaniacs who have come to show those pussies how to be a real vampire.



Vampire Lord On Nightmare: Unfortunately, your Vampire Lord isn't the unit-shredding dragon-outdamaging monster he used to be. Fortunately, he's still very decent. While most armies must choose between fighter and caster, your Vampire Lord does both. He's got a great melee profile, can cast a spell a turn and has a powerful Command Ability. And since he can heal wounds by killing stuff, you want him in the thick of it. Can also have wings or a nightmare to increase his movement, with the wings letting you fly while the nightmare grants you another melee weapon. Since the command ability grants an additional attack with each weapon of the affected unit, it's best to use this on models with few strong attacks or better yet on models with more than one weapon profile. If you want to be a real jerk, use the Lord's buff on a Necrosphinx, which turns into an absolute machine thanks to this.

Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror: The biggest, baddest mount you can take without being considered a monster. Unfortunately, for the cool mount, you exchange the Vampire Lord's great command ability for a mediocre one and the meh spell for another meh spell. The sword and the lance are pretty similar, the lance being more consistent, though outside of charges usually only consistently worse. However, that's the price you pay for 3 more wounds, 6 more attacks and a better save. A better way to explain this guy is this: He's got pretty much the exact same melee profile and stat wheel as a winged Daemon Prince that's marked as both Nurgle and Tzeentch, with very minor differences. Seen in this light, the meh spell and command ability aren't that big of an issue, since the Prince gets neither. And funniest of all, your Lord on Terror gets to do all this without being considered a monster, so in any balancing system that puts caps on monsters, he doesn't count against it.

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