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Want to play with all the old WHFB miniatures that haven't made their way across to AOS or ones that have and then have since been removed? Legends exist for exactly this. They exist in two formats - AOS style and WHFB style.

Be careful of keywords when building armies, for the most part they can't be used in the standard factions (or even taken as allies) due to lack of keywords. (for example, Lizardmen do not have the Seraphon keyword). As a rule, you'll have to take a Grand Alliance in order to choose anything here.

Warhammer Legends: Age Of Sigmar[edit] AOS rules and names for all the old WHFB models that never existed in AOS (Tomb Kings, Bretonnia etc) or have since been dropped (Gitmob Grots, Tamurkhan's Horde etc). Everything here uses the AOS style naming (so, Duardin, Aelf and heroes are mostly un-named).

Points are all in Generals Handbook 2020. Most of them have rules in the Warscrolls Compendiums, but they haven't been updated since 2017 - so anything that has been squatted since is missing.

Warscrolls Compendium[edit]

Grand Allegiance[edit]

As of AOS 3, Grand Alliances are no longer in the main rules.


Everything in GHB2020 Legends section that doesn't yet have a Warscrolls Compendium book. Until that happens, you'll have to be creative where you get your rules from.

Warhammer Legends: WHFB[edit] For recreating WHFB in AOS - everything goes by WHFB names, so that's Elves and Dwarfs etc, plus lots of named heroes. Many of the units here have since been repurposed as new units in AOS with different names.

It's not clear where the points for these warscrolls are meant to come from. (There's nothing in the pdfs or any of the GHBs). At the very least the books here are newer (2019) than the Compendium ones.

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