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Malign Sorcery is an optional expansion for Age Of Sigmar which introduces Endless Spells - persistent spells with models that can be used by wizards in any army.

Other rules introduced, such as realm specific spells and additional play types and battleplans have been replaced as of GHB2020. If you still want to use them, then they're here

If Malign Sorcery is being used for the current game/campaign then all armies must adhere to the additional rules.

Endless Spells[edit]

These are a variety of Endless Spells that are available to all armies. Many battletomes have their own faction only endless spells, so be sure to look at their respective tactica pages.

Non-realm Specific[edit]

  • Balewind Vortex: (40 pts, Casting Value 6) Remember those little tornado-platforms that wizards could grab back in Storm of Magic and gave them a couple neat perks? Yeah, that's back. It's also only available to squishy solo wizards with less than 9 wounds (Though if you think it's ever possible for Nagash or Archaon to even sit on that with their fat asses, we'd love to see it work). Unfortunately, it can't move, but considering your wizard gets a free spell, a range increase of +6" to all their spells, and a +1 to all saves, they'd be hard-pressed to find a reason not to use this for a caster-heavy wizard....or a summon specific build for Seraphon!
  • Aethervoid Pendulum: (50pts, Casting Value 6) This is something you set up if you want a disposable weapon to kill. It doesn't even attack in the traditional sense, it just moves in a direction and anything it passes just eats d6 mortal wounds as do those near it after it stops. The one issue it has is that it's mobility is locked in straight lines (and has been clarified not to run backward like a real pendulum would) so you have to prioritize your targets. Of course, compared to other Endless Spells that are liable to turn against you, this is more of a bonus than it is a downside.


  • Chronomantic Cogs: (80 pts, Casting Value 7) This is a setpiece for any wizard. It can't move, but it allows any wizard on the caster's side within 9" to either speed up time (adding +2" to movement and adding +2 to charge rolls for the entire board) or slow down time (allowing the wizard to cast another spell and re-roll saves) during the Hero phase. One has very limited applications that require a frontline caster, the other pretty much relies on one side capitalizing on the speed boost.


  • The Burning Head: (30 pts, Casting Value 7) This spell works as part attack-pet, part support. Sure, it deals d3 mortal wounds to anyone it passes or approaches (Adding +1 when in the Realm of Fire), but it also offers nearby units a re-roll on any attack rolls of 1.


  • Quicksilver Swords: (30 pts, Casting Value 6) This particular spell is pretty much made to drown enemies with mortal wounds. Once it moves, you select a single unit within 6". You then roll 12 die (15 in the Realm of Metal) and for every 6+ (Or 5+ on Chaos units), that's a Mortal Wound. This is pretty much here to dispose of any mob of elites or monsters, stopping short of felling the really big guys.


  • Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws: (30 pts, Casting Value 8) This is another pure-offense spell, remarkable for it's big move range of 12" (Adding 1d6 in the Realm of Beasts). Moving it across only deals d3 Mortal Wounds to any models it crosses and -1 Bravery per model that got torn up.


  • Emerald Lifeswarm: (50 pts, Casting Value 6) This particular spell is worth it if you lack any healers or ways to resurrect dead models. What it does is heal d3 (d6 in the Realm of Life) wounds or resurrect a number of models with wounds equal to that roll. In the cities of sigmar armies you HAD to include it, giving a d6 models back.


  • Prismatic Palisade: (30 pts, Casting Value 5) A big old magic wall you can slap between you and those scary looking cannons/catapults/shooty bois and it completely denies line of sight. not without downsides though, if youre within 6", roll a die and on a 5+ (4+ in Hysh) you subtract 1 from your hit rolls for that unit.
  • Geminids of Uhl-Gysh: (60 pts, Casting Value 7) Casting this sets up two different models: one of light, and one of darkness. The dark piece deals d3 mortal wounds to all models it passes over and subtracts 1 from the attack value of their melee weapons. The light piece deals d3 mortal wounds to any models it passes over and deals -1 to all hit rolls. When in the Realm of Light, the light piece gets a re-roll on the wounds it deals.


  • Suffocating Gravetide: (20 pts, Casting Value 6) You can certainly use it to just kill stuff, throwing d3 wounds and -1 bravery to any units it flies over, but it also acts as a cover for any missiles attacking those nearby the tide. Using the Realm of Death just makes sure it can do this role better by making it move 12" rather than 8".
  • Soulsnare Shackles: (40 pts, Casting Value 5) By summoning this triad of towers, you get to make a rather big zone of unsafe terrain to discourage any direct charges. Anyone within 6" of one of these has to roll a d6, halving movement on a 3+ and taking d3 mortal wounds on a 6. If you set up this spell in the Realm of Death, you can make that denial zone even bigger as the coherency range for each of these is 9" compared to the standard 6", but then you risk people sliding through the cracks which is good as it reduces the 6" of overlap to 3" which gives you a larger area to work with.
  • Purple Sun of Shyish: (50 pts, Casting Value 8) BEHOLD, FOR THE PURPLE SUN OF XEREUS RETURNS TO RUIN SHIT! This giant purple ball of fun isn't quite as broken as before, as it can only instakill models if the sun passes over them and they roll a 6, and if the model has over 6 wounds (read: most named heroes and monsters), they just take 2d6 wounds. Of course, it also helps that the sun deals -1 to any unit's Bravery when they're within 6". As an added bonus, placing this spell within the Realm of Death gives the sun a 12" move rather than it's standard 9".
  • Malevolent Maelstrom: (10 pts, Casting Value 7) Here is a giant whirlpool of death and destruction, useful only if you point it away from your side. It'll suck up any spells cast around it and steal the souls of any destroyed units and gain points, with an additional point for every turn when you're in the Realm of Death. After every round of fighting, you then roll a d6, add your points to the result and if you get a 7+, it blows up and deals d3 mortal wounds to everyone within 3d6".
  • Horrorghast: (60 pts, Casting Value 6) a predatory spell that lowers unit bravary by 1 within 12 or by 2 if witing 6"
  • Soulscream Bridge: (100 pts, Casting Value 6) set up half wholly within 6" and the other within 12" of the other. A unit wholly within 6" of one can use it to teleport to the other for their movement. to Bypass impassable terrain or give a unit about a 12" move.
  • Shards Of Valagharr: (40 pts, Casting Value 5) create a tripwire between the two Shards that halves their movement and -1 to hit those that move between them. The winner of the turn roll-off can move one Shard anywhere wholly within 12" of the other
  • Lauchon The Soulseeker: (60 pts, Casting Value 6) a Predatory Transport. before it moves, the controlling player can have a unit huddled around it board it and then disembark after it moves, but one model gets slain.


  • Umbral Spellportal:(70 pts, Casting Value 5) You get two doors that connect to each other (The doors have a range of 18", but the Realm of Shadow pretty much makes the range unlimited). You can cast a spell from one to have it shoot out the other side and endless spells just jump through the doors.
    • Note that as per an Errata, only one spell a turn can go through.
  • Geminids of Uhl-Gysh: (60 pts, Casting Value 7) Casting this sets up two different models: one of light, and one of darkness. The dark piece deals d3 mortal wounds to all models it passes over and subtracts 1 from the attack value of their melee weapons. The light piece deals d3 mortal wounds to any models it passes over and deals -1 to all hit rolls. When in the Realm of Shadow, the dark piece gets a re-roll on the wounds it deals.

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