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These are the rules prior to the release of the Skaven Battletome, and as such are no longer matched play valid.

Why Play Clan Moulder[edit]


  • Hoards of not-Rat people and other rat-based Horrors
  • With a Packmaster, some units can have very high bravery.


  • Without a Packmaster, your units have average or below average Leadership


There isn't currently a Battletome for Clan Moulder.

  • The Grand Alliance Chaos book has all the Warscrolls.
  • This should be supplemented with the Grand Alliance Chaos Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.
  • No Allegiance Abilities and no match play valid Battalions.
  • Matched play points are in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Alternatively up to date Warscrolls can be found in the WH AoS app.


The common keywords of these Warscrolls are: Chaos & Moulder


  • Packmaster: like the Black Ark Fleetmaster, the Packmaster is an important unit in a Moulder army as your swarming units have bad bravery, but the Packmaster doubles their bravery if they are within 6" while providing some additional buffs. Unlike the Fleetmaster, Packmasters can use their ability during the Hero phase to give a Moulder Unit within 6" a +1 to Run, Charge and Hit Rolls without spending any Command Points.
    • At the moment, their buff abilities can be stacked. Until this is inevitably nerfed, it's recommended that you bring as many Packmasters as you can.


  • Giant Rats: A cheap, fast and armorless hoard of the namesake. they are not as good in small numbers but get scarier in bigger numbers, first gaining 1 to hit for units of 10 and ending with a unit of 30 rats each 3 attacks and practically hitting on 2+. Beware that they will die fast and more will flee with their pitiful bravery, so keep a Packmaster nearby to Give Inspiring Presences.
    • Giant Rats lack the Skaven Keyword so it can't Synergyse with other Skaven like Warp-Grinders or the Masterclan.
  • Rat Ogors: Frankenstein's Skaven, occasionally with a gun arm. They hit hard and make extra attacks on wound rolls of 6+.


  • Brood Horror: (ForgeWord) a big rat with that can inflict a lot of damage and can regenerate
  • Hell Pit Abomination: A Giant, Frankenstein-esque Rat with random movement and D3 regeneration. It can also subtract 1 from Casting Rolls of non-Chaos Wizards and has a 1/3 chance to either explode or Resurrect when slain.
  • Rat Swarms: A Unit type similar to Nurglings; a swarm of weak creatures that form together into one model to become annoying. They're cheap, each one has 4 wounds with no save, many weak attacks and can add a new model each turn. It's recommended that you take them in large numbers and keep them away from anti-hoard units as they would evaporate even with a save. Could work well against other hoards.
  • Skaven Wolf Rats: (ForgeWord) The Warhounds of the Skaven. They have a 12" movement, are able to re-roll Wound Rolls of 1 in the Fight Phase if they charged that turn and are fearless while in combat. Pretty good at running up the field to grab objectives or to tie down units.
  • Stormfiends: Want to win games? Give 3 of them Warpfire Projectors, any unit in the range of 8" will suffer a MINIMUM of 6 mortal wounds, with no hit, no wound; a straight up Hero killer. This unit has a ton of different pieces of equipment to choose from. The melee weapon options include the Doomflayer Gauntlets (hitting on a 2+ in the turn they've charged), Shock Gauntlets (every attack becomes d6 attacks if you rolled a 6 to hit) and Grinderfists (basically they're their own Warpgrinders), and the former two also come with an extra wound for each model. Missile weapons instead offer stuff like Ratling Cannons, Windlaunchers (same +1 to hit and "can shoot at units they can't see" as Globadiers) or Warpfire Gauntlets (take a guess). Powerful and versatile, think deeply about what role you want them to play in your army.


  • Clan Eshin: Have an Assassin hide in a Squad of Stormfiends or a squad of Rat Ogors, just because you can.
  • Clan Pestilence: Plague Priests make great allies for the +1 to wound roll prayer and the once per game re-roll wound ability. 40 Giant rats with 3 attacks hitting on a 2+ and wounding on a 4+ re-rolling fails will absolutely wreck shit.
  • Clan Skryre: Wizards with guns, something most of the Skaven lack.
  • Clan Verminus: These guys form the core of most Skaven armies, due to them having the only universally Skaven Battleline unit.
  • Masterclan: Wizards, Verminlords, Thanquol and Boneripper.