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As of January 2019, these guys have been moved into Gloomspite Gitz. This page is for prior to then.

Why play Spiderfang[edit]


  • You have one of the best mortal wounds engine on the whole of the DESTRUCTION army.
  • A highly mobile army, with the Wall-Crawler ability and all your models moving at least 8".
  • You have the Arachnarok spider, a huge Beautiful 280pts model, making your army look rad on the table. Magnetize her legs for extra fun.
  • FUCKING SPIDERS make a very compeling aesthetic to work with.
  • The Arachnarok spider with Shamman is maybe the strongest wizard in the destruction army and a heavy support for anything with at least 5 legs, with the Spider God Blessing and casting two spells per turn. A bit less useful with the rule of 1 built into the magic rules of 2.0.(this is compensated if you get a bunch of permanent spells)
  • High synergy between all your models will never make you think you have redundant or useless models.


  • Your army is very squishy for a frontline. Even the gigant spider is far more squishy than one would desire.
  • The low model count gets worsened by the poor quality of 2/3 of them. The Big Boss on Gigantic spider comes in a poor resin kit from which he falls off and the Riders are basically 2 pieces of plastic glued together, absolutly monopose.
  • Piss poor ranged attacks. Not as horrible when you remember you are DESTRUCTION
  • The high reliance on synergy means your heroes must keep from the frontline sometimes.


Common keywords in these warscrolls are DESTRUCTION and SPIDERFANG. Except for the standalone Arachnarok Spider, they also have the GROT keyword.

Every model in the faction has these abilities:

  • Wall-crawler: Can move through scenery.
  • Spider Venom: If you roll a 6 to hit with the spider mounts' Fang attacks, a 6 to hit deals as many mortal wounds as the attack would normally do normal damage.


Grot Big Boss on Gigantic Spider 
The guy himself is okay. Pretty tough with 6 Wounds and rerollable 4+ saves, okay in melee thanks to his spider making 4 attacks with Spider Venom and his command ability makes the Spider Venom ability of every SPIDERFANG unit within 8" trigger on a 5+, which is incredible.
Spiderfang Grot Shaman on Arachnarok Spider 
Glorious, simply glorious. You get all the awesome of the Arachnarok, a couple Grots with bows and spears and one of the few non-special-characters who can cast two spells a turn. And its unique spell, which doubles the Mortal Wounds caused by Spider Venom for one unit is so, so good.



Grot Spider Riders 
These guys are loaded to the gills with gear, carrying bows, spears and shields that flat increase your save so long as the unit size is big enough. Icon Bearer and Bone Drummer, as usual, give the unit respectively +2 Bravery as long as there are no enemies within 3" and +2 to runs. Other than that, they shoot, they have the unpleasant spider bites and meh spears, they move well and fast and they're pretty tough with 2 Wounds and a 5+ save so long as the shields hold. They're your bread and butter. Buff them with magic and Command and watch them tear anything in the game a new asshole.


Arachnarok Spider 
Wound-to-damage, the Arachnarok is comparatively harmless. Though that is a very relative term, as its fangs are a Vampire Lord worth of attacks that can spontaneously morph into fuck-your-armor Mortal Wounds and up to 8 pokes with its legs, which are only 1 damage each, but with good Hit and Wound rolls and Rend. And if your opponent underestimates it because of this comparatively low damage output, keep in mind that 14 Wounds with a 4+ Save is still hardy enough to weather the retaliation.
Arachnarok Spider with Spiderfang Grots 
Now we're talkin'! As said before with the Shaman variant, it gets a bunch of Grots giving him some shooting attacks and some extra melee attacks, and it can even get the Flinger to get one extra, slightly bigger shooting attack. Don't think this makes your Arachnarok into a gun platform though. It still feels more at home literally eating peoples' hearts out, especially since nothing stops you from shooting on the move.


  • Venom Mob

1 Chieftain, 3 Units of Riders, 3 Arachnarok (no specification, so presumably any type)

The spiders' attacks get +1 to wound and all Venom Mob units within 6" of any Venom Mob Arachnarok automatically pass battleshock tests. Sadly no longer tournament legal because the names have changed.


Army Building[edit]

A Venom Clan box is a good start and perfects if you play them as Allies. Add a Chieftain for synergy with the Shaman, two more Venom Clan boxes if you want to play the Battalion, and a box or two of Riders to give your existing units more staying power.


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