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These rules have been succeeded by the Cities of Sigmar Battletome.

Literally every single Warmachine from Dwarfs and Empire model range folded into one army. You could play as Ironweld Arsenal, but given their lack of other units outside 2 relatively fragile Heroes, it's clear that this is to be combined with other armies like the Freeguild to 90% reform pre-Grand Alliance Empire or Dispossessed for Dwarfs.


There isn't currently a Battletome for Ironweld Arsenal.

  • The Grand Alliance Order book has all the Warscrolls and Battalions.
  • This should be supplemented with the Grand Alliance Order Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.
  • Allegiance Abilities are in the General's Handbook 2018.
  • Matched play points are in the General's Handbook 2018.
  • Alternatively up to date Warscrolls can be found in the WH AoS app.

As with all factions you'll want:

  • The core rules are either downloadable or in the Core Book.
  • Games taking place in a Realm need the Realm of Battle rules from the Core Book.
  • In you want to take advantage of realm specific artefacts you'll need the Artefacts Of The Realms section from the Malign Sorcery book.
  • Matched play battleplans are split across the Core Book and General's handbook 2018.
  • All books should be supplemented with any updates from the FAQs.



  • Cogsmith: Dwarf/Duardin Engineer. Comes with a Dwardin Pistol and a Grudge Raker (D3 -1 rend attacks). Can repair a single warmachine within 4" for 1 wound.
  • Gunmaster: Human Engineer. Has more decent ranged options than the guy above with all of his ranged weapons being rend -1 and he hits on 3+, but is utterly pathetic in close combat. Speaking of his ranged options, if no enemy units are within 3" of him, and he didn't move, he re-rolls 1s to hit on his weapons.


  • Cannon: Ah, the famous cannon. If 2 or 3 Crewmen are within 1" of the Cannon, this thing fires 2 shots that do D6 wounds. If you're incredibly lucky, you just dealt 12 wounds. As always, an excellent unit.
  • Helstorm Rocket Battery Fun to use and scary as hell when you realize how much damage it can potentially do with D6 damage with a full crew. Uses Ork mentality of MORE SHOTS IS BETTAH BOSS as they hit on 5+ unless you focus all of your rocket salvos onto a single target for a 4+ so i would recommend taking 2-3 of them if you want to (outside of matched play) and stick a Gunmaster in the middle of 3 guns to use his funny but unreliable rule that lets all missed shots hit another unit of your choice (within 10") on a on a D6 roll of a 6.
  • Helblaster Volleygun: The gambling gun. Normally, it does D6 shots that hit on 5s, 4s, or 3s depending on how many crewmen are next to it (5s for 1, 4s for 2, 3s for 3). But you can choose to fire 2d6 or 3d6 shots instead. Any multiples you roll (eg. Two 3s and a 5 or Three 6s) jams the gun and no shots are made but slapping in a Gunmaster allows you to re-roll all the dice if that were to happen. If the dice god loves you, you can deal up to 15 shots on 2s if you get close enough and -1 rend. Heroes and monsters with poor saves will be reduced to swiss cheese.
    • Always choose to roll 2d6 for shots unless for some reason you have to have 3d6 shots. This is because mathematically 1d6 shots means 6/6d6 shots, 2d6 shots means 10/6d6 shots and 3d6 shots means 9/6d6 shots.
  • Organ Gun: The gambling gun, Dwarf edition. Its profile is at first underwhelming, being D6 Irondrake shots, but the trick is that you can decide to shoot it up to 4 times. Then, you roll a D6 and if you roll under the number of times you fired it (so, 1-3 if you shoot four times), it jams and you don't fire at all. At peek efficiency, it fires 4D6 Iron Drake shots, up to 24 and still 14 on average, but that gives it a 50% chance of not firing at all. In an Engineer is closeby, you can reroll this jamming test, giving you a 75% chance of it working at peek efficiency and an 88% chance of working with 3 barrels. Yeah, Engineers are awesome.
  • Steam Tank Seems too random and weak for its reputation at first, until you realize that with his ability you re-roll ALL of his random values, which makes it very threathening both at range and in close combat, specially against units with 10+ models. Get one or two Mages with the Lore of Life close to this thing, heal it each turn so its performance doesn't decay, and you won't fear anything. After all, who needs monsters when you have TANKS?
  • Gyrocopters: Well, the Gyrocopter is supposed to be a mobile gun platform and it is. It's mobile, it's pretty tough, only they sort of forgot to give it a good gun. It's Brimstone Gun pours out three Irondrake shots (woohoo). It's Steam Gun is potentially hilarious. You pick an enemy unit and get one shot for every model in range, though that range is 6", so you'll get at best one salvo before you get stuck in melee. However, three of them stuck in melee can erase entire units with their Steam Guns. They're also some of the most overpriced models GW has ever made, so have fun getting those three. Once per game, they can also drop their bombs, which will, on average, result in one mortal wound per Gyrocopter. Yeah. If you have 3 with Steam Guns, they're hilarious, resulting on average in one wound for every model in range, but otherwise, skip, dorfs have way better war machines than this.
  • Gyrobombers: A tougher Gyrocopter who forgot to put a good gun on it because it was too busy fitting bombs to its hull. Its gun is pretty much four Thunderer-shots. It can also drop bombs every turn and they're better than what the Copter has, dealing D3 mortal wounds instead of the two individual rolls. However, since they only hit on 4+, you'll need at least two to have any sort of reliability for your bombs. The biggest shortcoming of the Gyrobomber is its 12" movement, which while fast for Dwarfs, isn't too great, especially since you must be able to completely fly over the enemy unit and clear it by 3" to be allowed to move over it. Sure you could run, but what about your awesome gun? Also, the way the bomber works usually leaves it stranded way off from your main force, far away from any buff your dorfs rely on for survivability.


  • Artillery Detachment: Take one of each of the above units (that's right all of them) and for all that you get the following: During your hero phase you select an enemy visible to one of the engineers, then roll a dice for each of your other battalion units. On a 6, they can shoot that at the enemy as if its the shooting phase. The total cost is 1280. If all the choices were superstars, then this might be ok. But as is, it's a lot to sink into an army for such a random buff.

Allied Armies[edit]

  • Freeguild: Arguably the fluffiest and best choice. It's already defensive and ranged, and this just gives it more horde-killing and monster-killing options.
  • Steamhead Duardin: See above.
  • Stormcast Eternal: Lord-Ordinator as your General provides many benefits to your Artillery.