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Grand Alliance Order


Lizardy.jpeg Aztec dinosaurs riding bigger dinosaurs that shoot lasers and fuck shit up.

General Tactics

Why Play Seraphon[edit]

Because they are Lizardmen in AoS. Motherfucking mesoamerican dinosaur people riding motherfucking dinosaurs, what is not to love?

Want more details?, fine:


  • They are Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs.
  • The Lizardmen Citadel miniatures are truly the End Times survivors (space ship pyramids FTW); only 4 characters are out of printing: Oxyotl, Tenhenhauin, Skink Chief and Jungle Swarms, yet you can find Skink Chief and Jungle Swarm bits on flying cavalry/stegadon and Saurus Knights sprues respectively, and with some simple conversions you can make your own Oxyotl or Tenhenhauin.
  • Since they survived so well the End of Times, they have 27 different units available; more than any other surviving miniatures without splitting into smaller subfactions (at least for Order players, since Slaves to Darkness also survived really well).
  • They are Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs.
  • Having so many miniatures makes room for extreme flexibility: you can go all Saurus, all Cavalry, all Skinks, all dinostomp, with tons of leaders buffing all of them. Simply you have many options available to choose from.
  • They are Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs.
  • Excellent synergy. Your heroes will buff and buff your dudes.
  • They have arguably the two most powerful, non-Monster keyword, wizards in the entire game: Lord Kroak is still around, being able to cast FOUR spells each hero phase, while having extremely aggresive abilities, but the regular Slann got a massive buff on GHB 2017, more of this on Battle Traits and Battle Traits, making your regular froggies even more verstile than Kroak. (there is still a fight worst than the Christian schism of who had the best wizards aga the tzeech army and legion of nagash, even if probably Nagash IS the best wizard of the game, followed by krok)
  • The lowest bravery value of this army is 10. This guys will only run away if they are pounded to the ground.
  • They have a strong community and a really passionate fanbase. It's fun to play a faction that has so much love behind it. There is an entire website dedicated to Seraphon/Lizardmen called Lustria Online.
  • Did I mention that they are Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs?


  • None, they are Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs after all.
  • Well, you could say that having the DAEMON keyword could be troublesome, but the vast majority of anti-daemon abilities are for CHAOS DAEMONS, so the few and spare universal anti-daemon abilities are nothing to lose your sleep. Take this more as a trivia than a Con.
  • Also, all of your heroes keep your units together; individually Seraphon units can pull of a fight but are not nearly as strong without a leader nearby, so expect them to be the prime target of your enemy.
  • In Summoning army lists, your Slann general's safety is critical. If the Slann is killed, there is not much of a backup option to bring additional points to the table.
  • Only 1 unit in the entire army has a Rend characteristic greater than -1. (2 units, the salamander and the stegadon when at good wounds)
  • While Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs are surely dangerous enough, ironically they lack of reliable ways to deal mortal wounds outside their Slann. Not only that, they also lack ways to PREVENT mortal wounds. This is likely for balancing purposes, because they are Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs and otherwise it would be overkill.
  • They don't make for the best ranged army, even considering their binocular theropod vision. Yet again, this Age of Chargmar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of this article was written some time ago. All the rules are more or less up to date, but as of the date of this edit Seraphon are one of the oldest battletomes in the game. With the upcoming Tzeentch v. Kharadron box set and battletome update, they will be THE oldest battletome in the game. Powercreep has hurt the Seraphon badly, and it would not be surprising if they quickly become the worst overall major faction in the game following the next two battletomes. If you are considering playing Seraphon, it may be best to wait and see if a new battletome is released.


The Seraphon Battletome has all the Warscrolls and Battations.

  • This should be supplemented with the Seraphon Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.
  • Allegiance Abilities additional Battations are in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Replace all summoning rules with those in the General's handbook 2018/2019.
  • Matched play points are in the General's handbook 2019.
  • Alternatively up to date warscolls can be found in the WH AoS app. Warscrolls on the GW webstore match those in the Battletome.

As with all factions you'll want:

  • The core rules are either downloadable or in the Core Book.
  • Games taking place in a Realm need the Realm of Battle rules from the Core Book.
  • In you want to take advantage of realm specific artefacts you'll need the Artefacts Of The Realms section from the Malign Sorcery book.
  • Matched play battleplans are split across the Core Book and General's handbook 2018.
  • All books should be supplemented with any updates from the FAQs.

Seraphon Warscrolls[edit]

Forenote: The following section will be arranged with similar units and formations being grouped together for easier reading.

This is by no means a complete guide. Also due to the relatively recent release of Age of Sigmar, most of this is based on theory and bound to be altered as the Battletome is released. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Common rules Every saurus troop unit has the following common rules:

  • Stardrake Icon (reduces bravery of nearby enemies by 1),
  • Wardrum (can move twice as long in the movement phase, but is unable to run or charge after),
  • Stardrake Shields/Star-Bucklers (ignore rend unless is -2 or better).

Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

If your army has a SERAPHON allegiance and chose to take the SERAPHON allegiance abilities, it has the following rule:

Masters of Order: SLANN WIZARDS in a SERAPHON army can attempt to unbind enemy spells and dispel endless spells that are cast anywhere on the battlefield, rather than being limited by the usual 30" range.

Contemplations of the Ancient One: To go with the new spell lore from GHB 2019, at the end of your hero phase, 1 friendly SLANN WIZARD can swap their Seraphon Lore spell with another. Gives you a nice extra level of adaptability to battlefield conditions.

Lords of Space and Time: Once per turn, in your hero phase, you can pick one of your SERAPHON units anywhere on the battlefield to be transported through space and time. If you do so, remove the unit from the battlefield and set up again anywhere more than 9" from any enemy unit (This counts as the unit's movement for the next movement phase). GHB 2019 removed the dice roll, so no more chance for a fun teleport and move. But then again, your lizards won't occasionally spend a turn staring at the stars either. Carnos flanking for days to come and quick escapes for your heavily damaged Slann. Deep striking is kinda what AoS is all about. If you have any experience with it, you know how valuable it is.

Celestial Conjuration New summoning method brought in from GHB 2018. There are three ways to generate Celestial Conjuration points:

  1. If your general has the SLANN keyword (so this can be Kroak if you want), then he can choose to forego one or more of his spellcasting attempts to give you 3 Celestial Conjuration points each time. Note that only the General can do this.
  2. At the end of your hero phase, if your general is a SLANN and is still alive, you receive 1 more Celestial Conjuration point.
  3. Also at the end of your hero phase, you receive d3 more Celestial Conjuration points if you have any Astrolith Bearers alive on the table. Note that you might have several Astroliths but you'll still only get d3 points a turn.

You can spend these points at the end of your movement phase to summon stuff from the following list. The unit has to arrive wholly within 12" of a friendly SLANN or friendly Astrolith Bearer, and more than 9" from all enemy models. Note that you can summon several units per turn if you've saved up enough points. Also note that while the General is the main source of conjuration points, if he dies you can still spend them to bring units in near the Astrolith or a different Slann. Finally, note that you can increase the number of spell cast attempts your Slann gets with the Balewind Vortex or the Chronomantic Cogs (or both), thereby increasing the number of conjuration points you can generate instead of casting spells.

Summoning table Additional reference to Lustria Online The Art of Summoning for commentary on units:

  • Excellent (exceptionally useful, you should always have it at hand)
  • Good (almost always useful, sometime can be a suboptimal choice)
  • Suboptimal (can be useful, but it's situational; usually there are better choices)
  • Poor (bad unit to summon, useful only under exceptional circumstances)

Seraphon unit --- Cost

1 Dread Saurian - 40 (suboptimal)

1 Bastiladon --- 24 (excellent)

1 Saurus Old-Blood on Carnosaur --- 24 (excellent)

1 Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur --- 24 (good)

1 Stegadon --- 24 (excellent)

1 Engine of the Gods --- 18 (good)

3 Kroxigor --- 18 (suboptimal)

1 Saurus Astrolith Banner --- 18 (suboptimal)

20 Saurus Warriors --- 18 (suboptimal)

1 Skink Starseer --- 18 (suboptimal)

1 Troglodon --- 18 (excellent)

5 Chameleon Skinks --- 12 (suboptimal)

3 Ripperdactyls --- 12 (excellent/suboptimal) dependent if you have a Bloat Toad on the field before summoning.

1 Saurus Eternity Warden --- 12 (good)

5 Saurus Guard --- 12 (suboptimal)

5 Saurus Knights --- 12 (suboptimal)

1 Saurus Oldblood --- 12 (suboptimal)

1 Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One --- 12 (suboptimal)

1 Saurus Sunblood --- 12 (suboptimal)

10 Saurus Warriors --- 12 (poor)

1 Skink Priest --- 12 (suboptimal)

1 Skink Starpriest --- 12 (suboptimal)

3 Terradon Riders --- 12 (good)

3 Skink Handlers --- 6 (poor)

10 Skinks --- 6 (good)

1 Razordon --- 6 (excellent)

1 Salamander --- 6 (suboptimal)

Command Traits[edit]

There are nine traits for a SERAPHON General of an army with a SERAPHON allegiance that has chosen to take the SERAPHON allegiance abilities. You can choose one of three depending on which keyword your general has: SLANN, SAURUS or SKINK. (If you roll for picking one; use a 1D3 instead of the regular 1D6).

Slann Command Trait[edit]

All of them are pretty interesting and, while not exactly situational, all of them work better under certain circumstances. because of Celestial Conjuration, these are the first Command Trait you will consider.

  1. Arcane Might: Re-roll one casting and unbinding or dispelling roll each hero phase. A modest trait, and the most "generic" of the three.
  2. Vast Intellect: The general can use the Curse of Fates and Summon Starlight spells from the Skink Starseer and Skink Starpriest warscrolls. This is quite great, honestly, given how unreliable the regular Light of the Heavens is. Casting both of them will let you summon a Mystic Shield or Arcane Bolt and all four of them are arguably way, way better than LotH. Yet, you might want to save some Celestial Points, so pick if you want to.
  3. Great Rememberer: as long as the general is still alive, you can use the Lords of Space and Time battle trait twice in each of your hero phases rather than only once. Teleport, as previously mentioned, is awesome. Doing it twice is just twice as awesome. In doubt, pick this one. There is no way this will disappoint you.

Saurus Command Trait[edit]

Sadly, Saurus generals didn't get that much love from GW this time around. They were slightly improved by the 2018 GHB though.

  1. Disciplined Fury: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks made with the general's melee weapons.
  2. Thickly Scaled Hide: Re-roll saves of 1 for the general.
  3. Mighty War Leader: If your general is on the battlefield at the start of your hero phase, roll a d6. On a roll of 5+ you receive an extra command point. Quite possibly the one you'll want if you play a Saurus General, which will happen very rarely.

Skink Command Trait[edit]

Fortunately, Skinks got more useful Command Traits than their beefier brothers. It's as if GW wants us to buy more Skinks than Saurus...

  1. Master of Star Rituals: If the general is a Skink Priest, they can use Celestial Rites twice. If not, they learn said ability. This is a good ability for a Cloaked Priest, but it has to be properly re-worded for a Priest with Priestling Trappings. While this means a second chance to make a Ritual in case the first one was screwed, does that mean that the Ritual can stack? Probably not, but still... (No. Dice can never be rerolled more than once. It's in da roolz) Remember, your general has to be a SKINK, so this works with Trogs, Stegies and Basties. your general has to be a HERO too which these monsters are not, although the Engine of the gods is. Have fun.
  2. Nimble: Add +1 to the general's Move characteristic. Add +1 to its save if they are not on a mount. This way you wont be that guy who has a 2+ saving Bastiladon. As long as GW don't FAQ the Starseer' Palanquin as a mount, this is a useful trait for survival but not as good for buffing your army.
  3. Cunning: If the general is at 3" of an enemy HERO, on a 4 said enemy hero suffers 1 mortal wound. Unless mounted, you don't want Skinks in melee. Even mounted, it is still meh, unless its you Engine of the Gods.

Artifacts of Power[edit]

One HERO in your army (+1 per additional warscroll battalion) may take a relic from the following tables:

  • Zoetic Dial Roll a d6 at the start of the battle. On the turn that corresponds to the number you rolled, you can reroll your failed saves. If you roll a 6 you can choose which turn to use it. Not bad, but you have better options.
  • Incandescent Rectrices Roll a dice the first time this model is slain. On a roll of 1 or 2, it is slain as normal. On a 3 or more it heals d6 wounds. If the model is not slain then you can move it up to 12", so long as it's more than 3" away from an enemy unit. Yep. 3 FUCKING INCHES! As you can imagine, this is especially hilarious in the combat phase. No more movement since GHB 2018, just healing. Stack Lord Kroak's rerolls on it for added fun! Well no more re-rolls
  • Blade of Realities Adds -1 to the rend of a weapon your hero uses. Pretty good if used with a weapon that already has -1 rend and more than 1 point of damage, such as the Oldblood's Sunstone Spear or the Eternity Warden's mace. Otherwise, it's not worth it. If you want more rend you can do better with the Dimensional Blade or the Rune Blade from Malign Sorcery, either of which set your hero's weapon rend to -3.
  • Light of Dracothion Once per battle, the bearer can automatically unbind a spell used by an enemy spellcaster within 15". Take this only if you expect a wizard heavy opposition. Otherwise, skip it. It's not like you're short on spellcasters anyway.
  • Coronal Shield At the start of the combat phase, roll a d6 for every enemy unit within 3". On a 4 or higher, that unit gets a -1 to hit for the rest of the combat phase. If you're using a Carnosaur Hero as your general and you're facing hordes of low accuracy enemies, this is probably a better choice than the Retrices. Also note that it can be used in either combat phase.
  • Prism of Amyntok Once per battle, at the start of your movement phase, you can target an enemy unit within 12". On a roll of 1 it is struck with 1 mortal wound. A roll of 3-5 inflicts d3 mortal wounds and on a roll of 6 strikes d6 mortal wounds. Great if used in conjunction with Smite Arcane Bolt to kill Heroes. One use only though...

Seraphon Spell Lore[edit]

  1. Celestial Apotheosis: CV5, 1 visible friendly unit wholly within 18", heals 1 wound and gets a 3" aura of -1 Bravery.
  2. Claws of Glory: CV6, 1 visible friendly unit wholly within 18", re-roll hit rolls of 1 until your next hero phase.
  3. Walk Between Realms: CV6, 1 visible friendly unit wholly within 18", that unit fly until your next hero phase.
  4. Meteoric Convocation: CV7, pick 1 visible enemy unit within 24". Roll 8 dice, for each 5+ they take 1 mortal wound.
  5. Mystical Unforging: CV8, pick 1 visible enemy Hero with an artefact of power within 12". They take D3 mortal wounds and on a 5+ their artefact no longer has any effect.
    • this can break a hero Strategy.
  6. Stellar Tempest: CV8, pick 1 visible enemy unit within 24". Roll a dice for every model in the unit, for each 5+ they take 1 mortal wound.



  • Lord Kroak: (Slann; Unique; 430pts) Kroak is still strong despite being nerfed due to errata. For starters, the big guy doesn't have an exact number of wounds. During the Battleshock phase, roll a die and add the amount of wounds he suffered in the turn. If it's higher than his Bravery, he is dead unconscious for the rest of the game. Otherwise, he heals all wounds. This makes him essentially immune to anyone attempting to chip away at his wounds over several turns. In addition, if anything would flat out kill him, he instead takes d6 mortal wounds. He has two unique spells: Celestial Deliverance, which he can cast 3 times per turn, allows him to inflict d3 (3 on Chaos Daemons) mortal wounds on up to three enemy units within 10" on a 2+. It gets more difficult to cast each time, starting at a casting value of 8, then 9, and finally 10. Comet's Call inflicts d3 mortal wounds on d3 (d6 if you rolled 10+ when casting) units of your choice. D3 mortal wounds... on up to any six enemy units. This spell has a global range, and only a small handful of units can shrug off mortal wounds. Do you know what you do on turn 1 with this spell? Start peppering as many enemy heroes as you can with this spell, two good shots and on average that's a kill. The enemy is a Legions of Nagash player with an annoying necromancer who'll summon a bunch of reinforcements? Comet's Call. Does your enemy general have a really devastating Command Ability? Comet's Call. Kroak is basically an assassin who traded his sniper rifle for small meteors and he can be devastating from the first turn if you capitalize on this. In addition, in a game where the average number of spells a wizard can cast is one per turn, Kroak can cast four. FOUR! If he is your general, he can generate 13 Celestial Conjuration Points per turn instead of casting, allowing you to summon up to two units every turn! And if you're thinking that a dead body would make a poor general, think again. His command ability lets Kroak see the freakin' future, granting you a chance at extra command points. This has you roll three dice, for every roll that is a four or higher you get a command point. It's not as good as it used to be, and will net you an extra command point every other turn on average.
    • Kroaknado A popular and absolutely hilarious strategy thanks to the advent of Endless Spells. Set aside the points and put Kroak on top of a Balewind Vortex with Chronomatic Cogs nearby. Kroak now throws a whopping 6 spells per turn with an extra 6" to the range! Just going off of his base spells, that gives him 3 Celestial Deliverances, Comet's Call, Arcane Bolt and an Mystic Shield each turn. But if you're playing with the Realm of Battle rules, this combo jumps from "Dick Move" to "I didn't really want friends anyways"; Throw more mortal wounds around in Aqshy and Chamon. Make Kroak into a total tank in Ghyran. Debuff your enemies something fierce in Ulgu... but for maximum fun, play against Daemons of Chaos in Hysh. Exorcising Beam+Celestial Deliverance+Comet's Call+Arcane Bolt= 1d6+9+1d3+1d3 = up to 21 Mortal Wounds! Ribbit Ribbit mothafuckas! (Or give up the spells, and summon an Engine of the Gods every turn!)
  • Slann Starmaster:(Slann, 260pts) Oh boy, did the Old Ones buff these lovable fat frogmen. They went from "hey, they are pretty good, give 'em a chance" to "you are playing this game wrong if you don't have one". Having two powerful battle traits backed up with a choice of three strong command traits, expect to see this guy everywhere until nerfed to the ground (or get new competition for the spot). Can cast and unbind 3 spells per turn, gives every fellow Seraphon within 10" the ability to fly and reroll saves in the Shooting Phase, can move constellations allowing either rerolls 1 to hit, add 1 to every spell casting attempt or add 1" to run and charge; you can change the constellation before casting spells in your Hero Phase on a 4+, but a 1 on that roll will negate spells for that turn. His exclusive spell makes every Daemon on the field roll their Battleshock tests on 2d6, keeping the highest if it's a Chaos Daemon or the lowest if it's a Celestial Daemon (read: a Seraphon/Lizardman/whatever); pretty unreliable, since it only affects battleshocks for DAEMONs; every single one of them has a natural 10 Bravery, so you will start to have bad battleshocks only with a heavily debuffed unit, and worst of all, Chaos Daemon troops regularly have standards to return more models on rolls of 1, which you can't really guarantee even with this spell. He can also summon any non-Slann unit in the Warscrolls, NEW EDITION COMING, SUMMONING SPELLS IS A BIG NO-NO NOW; GHB2018 WILL HAVE NEW SERAPHON SUMMON RULES and can cast through any Skink hero and Troglodons rather than only through Priests.
  • Scar-Veteran on Cold One: (Saurus, 100pts, 12 Summon points): Leader of the Saurus Cavalry. He can get tons of extra attacks with some rolls (3 attacks, after that on a 4+ you can get 3 more attacks, and 3 more after that on a 6+). His CP allows rerolls on 1 to charge and to hit to every Saurus within 8" and giving an extra attack to Cold One Cavaliers.
  • Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur: (Saurus, Behemoth, 240pts, 24 Summon points): Carnosaur is the big show. The Carnosaur allows any Saurus unit within 15" to get extra attacks for each 6 to hit. The Carnosaur itself is filled with interesting abilities: his bite attacks get +2 to hit if he targets a monster he already hit with both his claw attacks in the same turn. In addition, if his bite attack kills an enemy model he can run and charge in the same turn for the remainder of the game and can make D3 models flee from an enemy unit within 8" in the Battleshock Phase regardless of whether the test is passed or not (you just have to roll over their battleshock roll not counting bonuses)This is a decent ability against most, but send this guy against some kind of elite multi-wound units like brutes, ironguts, or storm fiends, and they will dive over the table trying to kill you after all three of their hyper elite carry units run).
  • Saurus Sunblood: (120pts, 12 Summon points) Living avatars of Dracothion Sotek, the Sunblood is a dedicated combat hero that hits shit with his shield and hits even harder with his club. He's pretty good in combat as he deals a total of 7 attacks before his special ability. If he rolls a 6 to hit, that attack becomes d3 wounds. And then, a 6 to wound deals d3 damage with that single attack. And his shield blocks every Rend up to -2, making him quite the tank. Also, he can make a very fine general too with his awesome Scent of Weakness Command Ability. You can pick one enemy unit within 15" of the Sunblood. He then tells his troops "fuck that unit up," which lets every Saurus unit reroll failed to hit rolls against that unit until your next turn. Great for when you really need to crush a specific enemy unit fast.
  • Saurus Oldblood on Foot: (Saurus, 120pts, 12 Summon points): Has FOUR different weapon options (please refer to his warscroll); he also allows every Saurus within 5" to reroll 1s to wound and his command ability allows every unit within 10" to rearrange themselves. They are Good things to but to throw alongside Scar-Veteran on Cold One with blocks of Saurus.
  • Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur: (Saurus, Behemoth, 240pts, 24 Summon points): Aside the potent Carnosaur abilities, he loses his Stardrake Shield and regular weapons for a Sunbolt Gauntlet (shoots D6 times at 18", kinda regular profile, with -1 Rend and 1 damage, but get +2 To Wound if he targets CHAOS DAEMONS) and a Sunstone Spear (strong weapon, 3 attacks, 3+ to hit and wound, -1 rend and D3 damage). His Command ability can be quite stupid: pick a weapon from ANY all Seraphon Heroes from your army within 20" or less from him (doesn't clarify if it can be its mount if it has one) (CAN target mount attacks, it's a command ability not an item of power). Add 2 attacks to said weapon. Considering how almost EVERY melee Seraphon Hero has already TWO OR EVEN MORE ATTACKS and that THE WORST TO HIT OR TO WOUND ATTRIBUTE IS 4+, you can make a Heroic Wrecking Ball with this. Scar-Veterans on any presentation are your best option to abuse this; on Carnosaur they can get 8 attacks with their Warblades or Spear, on Cold One they can get 5 attacks plus 2 possible extra sets for his ability. They all move at 10". Just use your Oldblood on Carno, fill the Behemoths cap with Scar-Vet on Carnos and then fill the Leader cap with Scar-Vets on Cold Ones. Be ready to be That guy.
  • Saurus Astrolith Bearer: (Saurus, Totem, 160pts, 18 Summon points) A Scar-Veteran with a totem. It allows any Seraphon wholly within 12" to reroll failed to hit and also gives +1 to casting spells and +8" to spell ranges which are all extremely desirably abilities (combine this with a unit of Temple Guard that hit on 3+, and laugh as your formerly I1 get revenge on those pesky elves, HOW DOES IT FEEL BEING HIT WITH REROLLABLE 3+ TO HITS, YOU PONCES!?,). As if that wasn't enough, these guys can also be used as a focal point for celestial summoning. Usually, you have to summon units close to your Slann, but if you have an Astrolith bearer you can also summon units near the Astrolith bearer. So, you can use Lords of Space and Time to teleport your Astrolith wherever you want and then summon out of it, up to and including dropping Carnosaurs 9" behind juicy enemy battleline and other just as planned goodness, and all without risking your invaluable Slann. Have fun.
  • Saurus Eternity Warden: (Saurus, 140pts, 12 Summon points) Saurus Guard-type hero, wields a big fuck-you-stick that is pretty good on its own, but ultimately you're taking him to bodyguard your Slann and buff nearby Saurus Guard. All nearby Guard units gain +1 Attack with their polearms. And yes, this stacks with the battalion to give them D3 damage. Ouch.
  • Skink Starseer: (Skink; Wizard; 160pts; 18 Summon points) The new generic Tetto'eko and CP generator. Mostly useful as a utility-mage, usually generating a CP each of your Herosphases. He also has a cheap and dirty spell to grant you the ability to each phase, increase or decrease a single dice roll by one for a single unit. is Capable of making or Breaking an important roll for a hero.
  • Skink Starpriest: (Skink; Wizard; priest; 80pts; 12 Summon points) When Age of Sigmar was first released, Tetto'Eko was the only non-Slann wizard Seraphon had, but the Battletome gave them this second guy too. His only weapon's unremarkable, but he has two abilities: His staff, which can give any nearby Seraphon that use their bites and roll a 6 to wound to double the damage, and his special spell, which can either reduce any hit rolls made on a fellow Seraphon unit by 1 or reduce the hit rolls of an enemy unit by 1 (And also dealing d3 damage to Daemons as well because fuck'em). They are cheap extra Wizards that will let you cast/dispel another Endless Spell per turn and extend the Slann's range when casting spells.
  • Skink Priest: (Skink; priest; 80pts;12 Summon points) Allows a unit within 8" the ability to reroll charge, run and saves if he rolls a 4+ first. Can either get Priestly Trappings (allowing the aforementioned ability to be used on every unit in the range) or a Cloak of Feathers (+1 save, +6" Move with fly, plus a 3 shot missile weapon with decent rend). Really both can be very effective.
  • Engine of the Gods: (Hero; Priest; Behemoth; 240pts; 18 Summon points) Replaces everything we said about the Priest from above with a fucking Triceratops and a table: you roll a number of d6 that depends on how many wounds he still has (3 usually, 2 if he suffered 5+ wounds, 1 if he has only one wound: a Slann within 10" allows you to throw an extra dice and discard one of them) and you can either damage yourself, heal yourself, damage a single unit, damage many units, summon any unit from the Seraphon Warscrolls, Slann included, and even stop time which forces the opponent to skip a turn (though you must scream ZA WARUDO at the top of your lungs if you ever roll this effect. Not an in-game rule, but still.) It's totally random, but almost all of its effects are deadly as fuck. It's a bunch of skinks on a GIANT DINOSAUR! Why aren't you playing it? EDIT: Rolling an 18 on the table has been updated and no longer grants a second turn, instead it gives all of your units double movement and attacks. Still good, but not quite as cool.
    • NEW EDITION UPDATE: New FAQ updated the result when you roll a 14-17. Now you're forced to choose between 10 Saurus Warriors, 20 Skinks, 3 Terradons or 3 Ripperdactyls. (always pick Ripperdactyls if you roll this on turn 1, as they will bring the Bloat toad with them)


  • Saurus Warriors: (Saurus; Battleline; 90/330pts; Min:10; Max:40; 12 Summon points for a unit of 10, 18 for a unit of 20) Saurus Warriors are one of the best Battleline units of any faction, period. With Bravery 10, 5+ Save that doesn't get affected by -1 Rend, two attacks each, and guaranteed "Run" move of 5", they're rock solid. Get +1 to hit if the unit has 20+ models, and everyone gets an extra attack when they're 30+. Nice. Only the meanest Heros and Monsters will kill them fast; in every other circumstance, you can rely on them to get shit done. Tarpitting things, holding objectives, killing hordes, or anything you want, they will do it, and do it well. Make them the anchor of your army, and you won't be disappointed.
    • Alternate Opinion: While the above may have been true about Saurus Warriors when the battletome was new, Saurus Warriors in the current meta struggle to accomplish... well, anything. Within the Seraphon community they are widely regarded as the most useless unit in the Seraphon faction, and essentially no competitive lists utilize them in any significant way. In fact, this is true of Saurus generally. As of the time of this edit, it is essentially unheard of for "competitive" Seraphon lists to utilize Saurus of any kind in any significant way. Current Seraphon lists center on summoning, smart use of Skink battleline, and monsters. Most lists employ either the Shadowstrike or Thunderquake battalions--neither of which call for any Saurus.
  • Saurus Guards: (Saurus; Seraphon Battleline; 80pts; Min:5; Max:20; 12 Summon points for a unit of 5) Nice to guard any hero, giving the saurus guard +2 Bravery and +1 Save as long as they are within 8". SG hit and wound on 3+ with their halberds, make two attacks apiece, and rend at -1, plus those bite attacks that are can make for one or two extra wounds, they hit very very hard. Unfortunately, they can only be summoned in groups of five, so they make poor reinforcements. Note: These guys last long as shit against anything not designed for mowing down infantry thanks to the above rules. There is even a video in which a single temple guard lasts four rounds with a runeson on magmadroth, the first two rounds completely solo.
    • Sadly, this guy only has one wound per model, and they come in units of multiple of 5, so better give them an anti-magic umbrella if you want them alive, or simply don't bring them if you expect heavy MW opposition.
    • Also, see alternate opinion on Saurus Warriors, above.
  • Saurus Knights: (Saurus; Seraphon Battleline; 80pts; Min:5; Max:20; 12 Summon points for a unit of 5) A bunch of lizards riding lizards, each able to be armed with a bevy of tools. Weirdly, these Movement is akin to Monstrous infantry rather than cavalry(they are as fast as Skinks). If armed with spears, a 6 to wound inflicts a wound + mortal wound (when charging). The Wardrums lets them guarantee run 14". Run a Scar-Vet on Cold One with a Skink Starpriest to Bite enemy devour Peasants in a blink of an Eye.
    • Also, see alternate opinion on Saurus Warriors, above.
  • Skinks: (Skinks; Seraphon Battleline; 70pts; Min:10; Max:20; 6 Summon points for a unit of 10) They get a +1 to hit in Shooting Phase if the unit has 20+ models that becomes a +2 if they're at 30+, and can retreat when charged. They are stupidly fast for infantry and not that squishy because of their shields, unlike the plenty of skirmishers of the game. The hit-and-run tactic should not be overlooked because in AoS, even if you get charged, your enemy can't attack swing with all his units. The must ask: Do they deal damage to your annoying Skinks that will flee, or do they prioritize dealing with your high-value targets? Great for mind games. One of the underrated rockstars.
    • The standard box comes with the pieces to build 24 Skinks, though, with a bit of kitbashing, you can turn those 4 extras into a team of Skink Handlers and a Priest.
    • Alternate Opinion: Along with the Summoning mechanic, Skinks are the heart and soul of any "competitive" Seraphon list in the current meta. They require some mind-gaming to make work, but are absolutely necessary for objective taking, and with a little fanagling, they are capable of truly impressive movement.


  • Chameleon Skinks: (Skinks; 110pts; Min:5; Max:20; 12 Summon points for a unit of 5) They can personally teleport around instead of moving. Also, scenery gives them a 3+ save (doesn't stack with the normal terrain bonus), and attacks in Shooting Phase deal 2 wounds (3 on Chaos Daemons) if you scored a 6 to hit.
  • Terradon Riders: (Skinks; 120pts; Min:3; Max:12; 12 Summon points for a unit of 3) First flying cavalry. Once per game they drop mortal wound-causing boulders on units they passed through in Movement Phase, Sunleech Bolas make every scored hit into d6 wounds, they can reroll hit and wound in close combat and the champion can get a sword that rerolls failed hits against flying units. Used as Flying Harassing Shooting and Objective Grabbing with its 14" of movement.
  • Ripperdactyl Riders: (Skinks; 140pts; Min:3; Max:12; 12 Summon points for a unit of 3) The other vicious one. They have the same gliding ability as Terradons but lose the rocks and the bolas. In exchange, they can make allot of beak attacks, making 3 attacks if a Blot Toad token has wandered near and each attack becomes d3 hits per hits. Six of these guys make for 18 beak attacks. Nasty. Wizards don't stand a chance.
    • Does anyone know how the toad works if the unit is summoned since you are supposed to place them in the first hero phase for every unit of these guys you have. If you summon them later do you place it then? --no, summoned units will not have an accompanying Blot Toad.--Yes, BUT ONLY if they are summoned with the EOTG in the first round only... otherwise no.
    • errata: they automatically re-roll ALL hits and wounds on their turn, with no worries about measuring from base vs model
  • Skink Handlers: (Skinks; 40pts; Min:3; Max:12; 6 Summon points for a unit of 3) Weak as heck lil' guys with goads that automatically wound on a to hit roll of 6. However, they synergize well with some of the monsters, which will be discussed below.
  • Salamanders: (Artillery; 50/120pts; Min:1; Max:3; 6 Summon points) Fucking hell, these guys are deadly. They only make a single shooting attack now rather than using a template, but that shot hits and wounds on 3+ and does D6 DAMAGE! A unit of these guys can really mess up an enemy monster or character. In addition, any hit unit rolls a die at the end of the shooting phase, on a 4+ they take d3 ADDITIONAL MORTAL WOUNDS. Did I mention it has rending -2? Yeah, -2. Because fuck your enemies. When within 3" of a Skink handler, their fire breath goes from 8" to 12".
  • Razordons: (Artillery; 50/120pts; Min: 1; Max:3; 6 Summon points) Another ranged unit, Razordons make 2d6 attacks at 12" which gain rending -1 within 6". In addition, on a roll of 4+ they can OVERWATCH CHARGING UNITS. If a Skink handler is within 3", they reroll 1s to hit, which means they only miss on 2s. Nice. Might make a nice wall to march in front of your other units.
    • Alternate Opinion: Razordons are, pound for pound, the best unit in the Seraphon faction, bar none. These are basically the only units I have that my regular opponents are actually afraid of. In practice, their stat line makes them capable of some truly punishing fire. They are terrifying to charge, both because of instinctive defense overwatch shots and, well, being in melee with them means you are a captive target for their positively punishing shooting attacks (plus rending). They aren't great in melee per se, but they aren't helpless either. Same goes for their durability. They aren't really tanky by any stretch of the imagination, but just survivable enough that they can hold something up for at least a turn or two. Also, smart use of Lords of Space and Time teleportation in conjunction with razordon shooting is often referred to as the "Razorbomb" tactic, and is an absolute joy to play. Razordons rule. Razordons for president.
  • Kroxigor: (150pts; Min: 3; Max:12; 18 Summon points for a unit of 3) Melee beatsticks that have 4 hammer attacks. 1 in 3 can take a moonhammer(4+/3+/-1/2D), instead of gaining attacks equal to all enemies within its 2" range. If their bite successfully wounds an enemy they have a chance to latch on. You roll off with your opponent. If they win, nothing happens but if you win you cause mortal wounds equal to the difference in the roll (meaning your opponent technically wins ties). If any Skink unit is within 3" of the Krox, they can reroll failed to wound results of 1. Wrap them up with a Skink Cohort and let the Kroxigor hammer.


  • Stegadon: (Behemoth; 200pts; 24 Summon points) A monster that buffs skinks and isn't too shabby in combat itself. Unlike the carnosaur, the stegadon seems more fit for range combat with all the ranged attacks it gets. Unlike the next monster, however, it can defend itself in combat a decent amount. Either take a Giant bow (25"/3A/4+/3+/-1/D3d) or What stands out most is its Sunfire Throwers. Remember those giant blowpipes? Yeah well, we replaced the darts with FIYAAAA! Basically they're now flamethrowers, and they make a single attack for every enemy within range. Against Ogres? Not so good. Against a massive horde of zombies? Fuck me, that's a lot of attacks. And really, what's more metal than a giant war-dinosaur piloted by smaller dinosaurs with fucking flamethrowers? Nothing.
  • Bastiladon: (Behemoth; 280pts; 24 Summon points) A crazy tanky monster that ignores rend and can even ignore mortal wounds. It has a GIANT CRYSTAL POWERED LASER on its back or can send out snakes in an AoE for point defense. However, this is a ranged beast. 20" range, 2d6 attacks with -1 rend that do 2 damage? Yes please! Oh and by the by, the Bastiladon is a true monster of a tank. Seriously, have a wizard mystic shield for re-rolls on armour saves of 1 or have a skink priest give it rerolls to all failed armour+* saves. A rerollable 3+ armour save that cannot be reduced by ANYTHING (Not entirely true. Bastiladons ignore rend, they do not ignore modifiers to their save rolls from other sources - for example, Festus the Leechlord has a spell that straight up gives you -1 to your save rolls for the rest of the battle). And they are one of the few monsters that don't have a damage table, so none of its attributes get worst the more damage they get. Fuck.
  • Troglodon: (Behemoth; 140pts; 18 Summon points) No longer the loser it was in WFB. Has the ability to use both range and melee decently. Its skink oracle rider can even unbind magic! It can be hilariously fast since its ranged attack gives it a +3 to charge distance if it charges a unit it wounded. It gets a bunch of decent attacks in melee and causes enemies within 8" to subtract 1 from their bravery. Cool sculpt, jack of all trades, master of none tho, it might have used here and there, but you sadly will find someone who does the job better. Thankfully it is the cheapest of the dinos available, so it could make up a nice filler piece. What you can't take away from him is being somewhat tanky Slann range extender that won't mind being in melee.

  • Dread Saurian (Forge World) (Behemoth; 420pts; 40 Summon points): so you have more gold than an entire Starhost and want to show it? fine, do it. What do you get from 420 points and 3 kilograms of resin you ask? well, at max healtH... 10" move 16 wounds and save +3, Gargantuan Jaws (2"/3x/3+/3+/-2/FUCKING 6, NO D6, STRAIGHT 6), Raking Claws (2"/10/3+/3+/-1/1) and Armoured Tail (1"/1/4+/3+/-1/D6). NOW DAT'S A LOTTA DAMIDGE. Seriously, the killing power of this thing makes Khorne angrier with envy and gives him a whyboner. You could eat 3 fucking heroes on foot with this guy (assuming your enemy is stupid enough to allow him to do that). Re-roll 1s to hit and wound monsters, heal D3, -1 Bravery at 12" aura, and a nice little buff to Skinks, making them not to take battleshock if they are at 24" of this baby-boy. Like if you need one of those with default +10 Bravery. You could fuck Archaon up and be the new Everchosen as well. Take it with Kroaknado because who needs friends anyway. Target it with the Skink Starpriest's Staff ability and make those jaws do 12 damage on 6's to wound, and throw its spell on him so he's -1 to be hit cuz why not? the only problem is his base is MASSIVE!!! 280mm x 210 mm (that's 11" x 8.25" or the size of a standard piece of printer paper with the corners rounded off for us American types)


From Battletome Seraphon[edit]

Sunclaw Starhost: (130pts; Min:520pt; Max:1240pts) 1 Sunblood + 3 Saurus Warriors

  • They all get an extra attack on their bite and their weapons gain -1 rending and 2 damage against daemons. Meh. Least it's easy to build.
    • Alternate opinion, while this Battalion is mediocre, not only will you almost certain already have the units for it, extra attacks are always useful, but the most important bit is it's the base for much better Fangs of Sotek Battalion, so build it so it's always on hand!

Eternal Starhost: (150pts; Min:530pt; Max: 1250) 1 Eternity Warden + 3 packs of Saurus Guard.

  • All Guard gain +1 to their save when near the Warden and if they don't move, their polearms get d3 damage. This benefit still works even if your Saurus Guards pile in this Combat Phase. Since the Guards already have 4+ saves, when they get close enough to the Warden they increase it to 3+, and then, the battalion increases it again to 2+. Keep in mind, however, that they still die quite fast to Mortal Wounds.

Firelance Starhost: (150pts; Min: 490pts; Max: 1350pts) A Scar-Vet on a Carnosaur or Cold One leads 3 packs of Knights'

  • Any Knights near the Hero add +3 to their charges and if they roll a 6 to wound with their Celestite weapons following that charge, it becomes Mortal, which also stacks onto the rules for spears. This can be scary.

Shadowstrike Starhost: (180pts; Min:520pt. Max: 1700pts) A Skink Starpriest or a Skink Priest takes two units of the following list: Skinks or Chameleon Skinks; as well as one unit of either Terradon Riders or Ripperdactyl Riders.

  • You get three abilities: Stealthy Advance: You roll 2D6 for every unit in this battalion after setup and move it up to at most these inches. The Trap is Sprung: Your Priest picks a visible enemy unit and marks it in your hero phase. All units in this battalion reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 against that unit until your next hero phase. Strike from the Skies: Instead of setting up your Terradon or Ripperdactyl Riders, you can hold them in reserve and set them up in any of your movement phases at least 3" away from any enemy. The unit will add 1 to their wound rolls in the following combat phase. It might be a good idea to pick Ripperdactyl Riders instead of Terradon Riders for their superior melee stat and the toad rage ability (since they can swoop down right next to the toad).

Thunderquake Starhost: (120pts; Min: 750pt; Max:1520pts) Troglodon or Engine of the Gods + two of any combo of either Stegadons or Bastilodons + either Kroxigor or a Salamander/Razordon with Handlers.

  • this one's got a lot of variety for a formation. The biggest Unit (Troglodon/EotG) and anyone nearby can either gain re-rolls to hit/charge or re-rolls to wound/save. To make this even more insane, everyone here heals a wound in the Hero phase, upping to d3 wounds when next to a Slann.


From Battletome Seraphon[edit]

  • Starbeast Constellation: (230pts; 3570pt. min.) An Oldblood (On foot or Carnosaur) and a Starseer add in every other Starhost, making a massive Strike Force Ultra. Aside from every other bonus here, the Oldblood also gets the ability to use his Command Ability at all times while also enabling anyone within 20" to use theirs as well. New edition rules change introduce command points to use command abilities, so the Battalion's ability now gives you D3+1 command points at the beginning of the battle

From General's Handbook 2017[edit]

  • Fangs of Sotek: (320pts; 1090pt. min.) Consists of an Oldblood on Carnosaur (lets face it, you already have a load from the Start Collecting sets) a Slaan Starmaster, and a Sunclaw Starhost, this gives every unit but the Slaan +3 move on the first turn.. You can also take up to FOUR other Battalions (choose from Sunclaw, Firelance, Eternal and Thunderquake Starhosts) with this (as well as any other Seraphon unit) and, gain 1 extra command point at the beginning of the battle if the oldblood is around. If he's around and you started the game with the max battalions in this you get D3 instead.
  • Dracothion's Tail: (230pts; 830pt. min.) A Slann alongside a Firelance Starhost and up to 4 other Battalions chosen between Sunclaw, Firelance, Eternal and Shadowstrike Starhosts plus whatever you want, gain an extra command point on a 4+ every hero phase as long as the Slann is around. If the battalion started with the maximum number of battalions contained in it, gain one on a 2+ instead. Half of everything in the Battalion can go in the reserves and deepstrike within 18" from the Slann. You can deepstrike more than one unit per turn, but not two units of the same kind. Deep strike that Dread Saurian. You know you want to.

Army Building[edit]

(Note: WE NEED TO UPDATE THIS LISTS. THEY ARE 4 YEARS OLD BY NOW Working on updates and linkages. The point here is to share, rape, pillage, and steal collaborate ideas to build an army on shape, but you should think about playing what you like the most (as always, fun is first, as long as you don't act like That Guy). Also, we'll try to suggest you easy ways to get a strong force while trying to save the most money possible, which shouldn't be that hard, since GW have been releasing bundles with decent saving on a constant basis WHAT KIND OF HERESY IS THIS?). Keep in mind that with all the different special rules, opponents may get a bit tired of hearing Seraphon ignore that (e.g. Slann wizards can dispell or unbind spells anywhere on the battlefield). Sucks to be them.

The Art of Summoning[edit]

Credit due to Lustria Online forums. Basic build information:

  • Slann--Main frog. Forgo all spell casting, generates 9 CCP/turn (generates 10 CCP/turn if Slann is your General). Best to take with Great Rememberer for double LoSaT.
  • Lord Kroak--THE MAIN frog. Could easily generate 13 CCP/turn (4 spells instead of 3 for Slann). Typically want to use him for his specific spell casting (especially with difference of +190 points versus vanilla Slann) instead of CCP.
  • Astrolith Bearer--Gives 1d3 CCP/turn. Gives the variable for getting over the 24 CCP at beginning of turn 2 with Slann + Astolith Bearer combo.
  • Endless Spell Balewind Vortex--One additional spell translates to 3 additional CCP.
  • Endless Spell Chronomantic Cogs--One additional spell translates to 3 additional CCP. Also can flip to the +2 move/charge to help get that Carnosaur you are going to summon engaged.
  • Engine of the Gods--While not contributing to the CCP, does have independent summoning abilities. If you are going to create a summoning list, might as well go all in.

The basic summoning list would include a Slann and an AB. No casting and by Turn 2 you get 20 + 2d3 CCPs (66% chance to summon your big dinos (Carnosaur, Stegadon, Bastiladon)

Aside from the EotG, a heavy summoning list includes Slann, AB, Vortex, Starpriest, and a Cogs (casted by the Starpriest and used by the Slann). By Turn 2, if you totally forego casting, you can collect up to 29 + 2d3 CCP.

Matched Play GHB2019 List[edit]

Credit again to Lustria Online Matched Play GHB2019 and all the contributors. Below are highlights. Use the link for details, as they are updated in the forums.

2000 Point Lists:

  • Dracothion's Tail/Shadowstrike Starhost--Single drop army with Slann, Oldblood on a Carnosaur, Scar Vet on a Cold one, and Starpriest. Add Rippers, Skinks, Knights, and Razors to round out. Alpha strike list with summoning.
  • Shadowstrike Starhost--Slann, AB, couple EotG, and Starpriest. Add Rippers, Skinks, and Razors. More summoning focused.
  • Thunderquake Starhost--Slann, AB, EotG, and Starpriest. Razors, Skinks, and couple Bastiladons (with friggin LAZORS!!!)
  • Kroak+Slann Mortal Wound Spam--Because one frog just ain't enough. Slann, Kroak, AB, Scar Vet on a Cold One, Starpriest, Knight-Incantor. Add Knights and Razors. Move of a casting list to rain down magical goodness on the enemy. Also is 2-drop.
  • Fangs of Sotek
  • Kroaknado--Kroak, EotG xFOUR, and AB. Add Skinks and Razors. Summon from the EoTG and cast from the frog.
  • Shooting--Slann, AB, and Starpriest. Add 3 units of Razor X3, Skinks, and Bastiladons x3 (with friggin LAZORS!!!)
  • Eternal Starhost
  • Eternal Starhost & Shadowstrike Starhost
  • Dracothion's Tail
  • Triple Carnosaur
  • Dread Saurian w/Dracothion's Tail

1500 Point Lists:

Dracothion's Tail (@Lizerd's list)

Shadowstrike Starhost

1000 Point Lists:

Shadowstrike Starhost


Sunclaw Starhost

Eternal Starhost

Meeting Engagement:

Eternal Starhost

Shadowstrike Starhost

Double Carnosaur

Shadowstrike Starhost w/Ripperdactyls

Dread Saurian

Purple Sun

Start Collecting Buildup[edit]

Arguably the best way to start your army, is get two Start Collecting! boxes.

Really, that easy. 2 Saurus Warriors units, 3 Saurus Knights units and an extra Knight that can be converted to a Scar-Veteran on Cold One, and two Carnos/Trog as you want, and 4 extra Warriors that can be used as summoning fodder or conversion material. Also if you're willing to field some cheeky conversions, there's a useful post at Lustria Online that details how to really pimp this kit far beyond GW ever intended, squeezing out a solid 800+ points per box.

From there, you can take many different choices, thanks to how wide is the Seraphon range.

You could simply buy more Start Collecting! boxes, maybe another 3. This is because one box comes with 12 Warriors (because is a relatively old sprue and the regular box has 20 Warriors), so you can have 60 Warriors between the 5 boxes. You will also get another 24 Knights, but they are a pretty viable unit (unlike Oldhammer latests editions), and you will never, ever, will have extra Carnosaurs. They are just beautiful models, worth every cent.

The Thunderbeast Host bundle from GW is also a good way to save around 15% worth in the big boys of the faction: 2 Stegadons, another Carno and one flying unit.

An honorable mention to the Arcane Heroes bundle for Silver Tower: it has a Skink Starpriest, and if you have a friend who could use the other heroes of the kits, or you yourself have another army or small force, its a good purchase.

So, yeah, you have quite few options to get some Seraphon miniatures in easy to get blocks. -Hold on, hold on, are you sure this is GW?

Matched points[edit]

Fortunately, Seraphon have a wide array of units, and everyone is viable.

From a single Start Collecting! you get:

  • 100 points from 10 Saurus Warriors.
  • 90 points from 5 Saurus Knights. **points updated!**
  • 160 points from a Troglodon OR 240 from a Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur OR 260 from a Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur. **points updated!**
  • Total: 420 points using a Troglodon OR 480 points using a Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur OR 540 points using an Oldblood on Carnosaur.

Not counting the possible extra models you can use: 100 for a Knight converted or counting as a Scar-Vet on Cold One (damn, you could simply use the 3 extra Knights as Scar-Vets too), 100 from using the free Saurus Oldblood on foot if you buildt a Troglodon and 100 from getting creative to use your Skink Oracle as a Skink Priest or Starpriest, and you could even use Jungle Swarms from the Cold Ones bits if you are allowed.

NOTE AND UPDATE: with general's handbook 2017, every Seraphon unit received an huge discount (Balanced by the fact that their awesome warscroll battalion now cost a lot more). This mean you now can field both a Trog and and Oldblood on Carnosaurus using units in two Start Collecting boxes. Exactly, both. Have fun supporting and attacking with Oldblood and Troglodon while receiving the screening from Warriors and Knights, have fun! A lot!!

1000 pt.[edit]

Here the core tax is 1 Leader and 2 Battleline units, you can have up to 4 Leaders, 2 Artilleries and 2 Behemoths. Your minimum tax is 220 points; 2 10-units Skins and a Skink Priest or Starpriest.

Two Start Collecting! kits gives you a quick and easy to get force, as well as a multi-task list, with some spared models to use in larger games.

  • 20 Saurus Warriors (Battleline).
  • 10 Saurus Knights (Battleline).
  • Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (Leader/Behemoth).
  • Saurus Oldblood on Foot (Leader).
  • Troglodon (Behemoth).

This uses exactly 1000 points.

This is a heavy focused melee list.

Depending on what you are facing, the Scar-Veteran and the Saurus Oldblood are good generals; excellent weapons and stats. The Saurus Oldblood is more defensive, favouring a stead approach, and the Scar-Vet is generally more offensive.

Use your Warriors in one or two blocks as you wish; you get a +1 To Hit if you have at least 20 on the same unit, but this will last just one turn or even less. Bring them along your Saurus Oldblood on foot if you are using him as your general.

Use two units of Knights, using the weapons you find the most useful. They are quite slow for regular cavalry tho, at 7". Use them as flankers and alongside your Scar-Vet if he is your general.

The Troglodon is a great addition here, since its a jack of all trades. D3 ranged attack with good profile and damage (and the only ranged unit on this list), and get 3" extra if it can charge succesfully and damaged with his poison, which can be quite effective since it has 7 attacks at +4 hit (with enough luck and not having taked so much damage, it can be able to deal 15 wounds on melee), it has its own roar that substracts 1 from enemy Bravery and, most importantly, can unbind one spell just like if it was a wizard (something this list lacks).

Not a specialist, but it gets shit done. However, never expose it to get 8 or more wounds. Its ranged attack has 18", gets worst if by 3" each time it suffers 2 or more wounds, it gets 1" for each two wounds and its bite starts at +2 to wound, reduces to +3 the next for wounds and get worst by one each time it suffers two additional wounds.

It biggest flaw is that it fills lots of roles. Expect to see some heavy focus upon it.

2000 pt.[edit]

Here the core tax is 1 Leader and 3 Battleline units, you can have up to 6 Leaders, 4 Artilleries and 4 Behemoths. Your minimum tax is 260 points; 3 10-units of Skinks (60 points per 10) and one of the following leaders: Saurus Oldblood, Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One, Skink Priest (80 points) or Skink Starpriest.

Keep using 2 Start Collecting! kits, now you can deploy all the models included:

  • 20 Saurus Warriors (Battleline).
  • 15 Saurus Knights (Battleline).
  • Scar-Veteran on Cold One (Leader).
  • A Firelance Starhost (using the Cold One Scar-Veteran)
  • Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (Leader/Behemoth).
  • Saurus Oldblood on Foot (Leader)
  • Troglodon (Behemoth).

This alone costs 1340 points. But if you can replace the Oldblood on foot or count it as, you can pick a Saurus Sunblood for 20 additional points.

Now, lets assume you also got a Thunderbeast Host kit, now add:

  • An Engine of the Gods (Leader/Behemoth).
  • 1 Stegadon (Behemoth).
  • 3 Terradon/Ripperdactyls Riders.

This will costs 1980 points, or 2000 if you play a Sunblood instead the Oldblood on foot.

Other option is use a Skink Priest or Starpriest instead the Oldblood on foot: you will have one spare Priest from building a Stegadon anyway, and with some convertion you could use your spare Oracle as one of those two. You can get a Starpriest if you wish, its a nice little sculpt.

This list features more ranged options.

Having 16 Cold One Knights, you can easily convert one into a Scar-Vet and make a Firelance. The Scar-Vet on Cold One is a good choice for a general because his command ability synergizes strongly with the Knights: re-rolling hits and charges is important, more considering how the Blazing Lances stacks with Blazing Cohort (yet another mortal wound), and the Cold Ones gain an additional attack. This battalion can easily snowball if left unchecked.

While lacking the Stardrake Shield, the Oldblood on Carno might be a little more killy than the Scar-Veteran by virtue of his sunbolt beams, while his spear is still as good as the regular. His command ability is strong for heroic wrecking balls.

The Thunderbeast models are great supportive options: the Engine of the Gods speaks for itself and the Stegadon can deal a good amount of AoE or single target damage. Both of them should be keeping distances when not overly necessary, but can be dangerous when charging towards the enemy. The flying cavalry is quite useful. Terradons should be prefered by virtue of their ranged attacks, while the Ripperdactlys can dish out important damage for evasive but fragile enemy units.

The Oldblood on foot is a strong support for your Saurus, even without its command ability. The Sunblood is a big, bulky, scary lizard, able to soak decent amounts of damage and dealing it back. The Skink Star/Priest are reliable support options; the Priest can be a strong buff machine, while the Starpriest is a cheap wizard that can help your units with magic.

As a bonus, deploying this whole army should be a sight to behold!

2500 pt.[edit]

Here the core tax is 1 Leader and 4 Battleline units, you can have up to 8 Leaders, 5 Artilleries and 5 Behemoths. Your minimum tax is 320 points ; 4 10-units Skins and one of the following leaders: Saurus Oldblood, Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One, Skink Priest or Skink Starpriest.

From the previous example list, not much more to add here.

If you picked a Sunblood, you could get third Warriors unit and upgrade them to a Sunclaw Starhost. Add a Slann Starmaster is a fantastic idea; 3 spells/unbinds, can cast through skink heroes and Troglodons at 15" away and buff your whole army.

This costs 2440 points. If your place allows older scrolls, you could pick a Skink Chief to close at 2500.

Allied Armies[edit]

Stormcast Eternals, that's all these guys get

Mercenary Companies[edit]

With the inclusion of Mercenary Companies in GHB2019, These guys now have slightly more allied unit options.

  • Blacksmoke Battery: With these guys, your Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs become Aztec lizardmen riding dinosaurs with guns and a chopper
  • Greyfyrd: The Fyreslayers ally you never had, essentially.
  • Grugg Brothers:
  • Gutstuffers:
  • Nimyard’s Rough-Riders:
  • Order of the Blood-Drenched Rose: Excellent calvary unit to go with your already excellent cavalry units.
  • Rampagers:
  • Skroug’s Menagerie:
  • Sons of the Lichemaster:
  • Tenebrous Court:

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