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Grand Alliance Order

Stormcast Eternals

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General Tactics

Lo and behold the might of the Stormcast Eternals!

If you want to always have multiple wounds and fight for Sigmar, the Stormcast Eternals are for you! Stormcast Eternals all have at least a 4+ save and 2 wounds per model making them a tough force to take down in hand to hand combat. At the moment they seem more focused on having X models and ensuring those X models survive until the end of the game through various hero abilities (immune to Battleshock, regain wounds, increase their already durable (for AoS at least) 4+ save and bonuses to hit). At the same time, your guys don't punch all that hard, though your Paladins (read: Elite) more than make up for that. Thanks to their hardiness and comparatively low damage output, they are the epitome of "easy to learn, hard to master," much like their 40k cousins. They recently got an update as of February 2017 and another in 2018, tactical page in the process of being updated.

The new book in 2017 included the vanguard wing auxiliary chamber, rules for using specific Stormhosts and new battalions. Also included are new warlord traits, relics, prayers for your priests (read Lord-Relictor and Lord Veritant), and mount traits to make that Stardrake an even bigger threat.

The book released in 2018 introduced the Sacrosanct Chamber. Mostly comprised of warrior wizards but also contained the Stormcast's first dedicated artillery piece and accompanying engineer style hero to go with it. Stormhost rules were overhauled, two new faction-specific lores were added in addition to three faction-specific endless spells.

Why play Stormcast Eternals?[edit]


  • Fairly tough, well-armored Troops.
  • Newbie friendly, very forgiving of mistakes.
  • You have a constant supply of new models. Seriously, you've had one big release per year every year since the game launched. The Lord Sigmar saw his legions in 2019 and said it was good enough for the moment.
  • Lots of options in both Heroes and Units to pick from, making it possible to fill out a wide variety of battle strategies.
  • Have many abilities to restore Wounds.
  • If you're into metal music, there's plenty of thematic songs to choose from.
  • They are Space Marines in Fantasy.


  • Expect to throw out your previous Battletome every year with all the new models coming out.
  • Your Bravery Scores are relatively low.
  • When you bring 5 guys, almost everybody else brings 10. So if your opponent is on an objective you need to smash him in the knee caps to do it.
  • No real way to stop Mortal Wounds and with your high saves and elite units they can really sting. Between this and your low bravery, Nighthaunt will hurt you bad.
  • They are Space Marines in Fantasy.
  • You aren't quite the favorite child Space Marines are in Fantasy, so unlike them you don't get new models and rules every week (Much to the joy of literally every other faction in the game)
  • Currently the most played army and basically have all the same issues that Space Marines do in 40k. Foremost among them is that just about everyone you will ever face will have some kind of plan or optimization to counter your Sigmarines.


Faction rules and abilities: Battletome Stormcast Eternals (2018)

Latest Matched play points: Stormcast Eternals Errata

Core rules: here

Matched play rules, battleplans and expansions: Generals Handbook 2020, plus the battleplans from the Core Book and Endless Spell rules from Malign Sorcery.

Supplement all the above with any Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.

Don't use the original Stormcast Eternals Battletome or the Stormcast Extremis Battletome.

Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

If your army has a STORMCAST ETERNALS allegiance and chose to take the STORMCAST ETERNALS allegiance abilities, it has the following rule:

Scions of The Storm: 40K Deep Strike. You may hold up to half of your units (rounding down) in reserve instead of deploying, and at the end of each movement phase, decided if you want to set up one or more reserve units on the battlefield. Each unit not set up this way before round 4 is slain. Setting up anywhere more than 9" away from any enemy models. Very useful, especially for an otherwise relatively slow army. It does let your heavy-hitters get across the board really fast as well as set up your ranged units in prime firing positions.

Shock And Awe: Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target friendly STORMCAST ETERNAL units that were set up on the battlefield during the same turn. A nice little bonus that makes your Sigmarines just a little bit harder to kill as they rush into combat from deepstrike. Keep in mind that this battle trait only affects units that arrived "that turn", meaning on yours, when you dropped them. The effects are no longer in effect when your turn ends.

Celestial Sentinel[edit]

Introduced in Broken Realms: Morathi, a STORMCAST ETERNALS army can choose to be stationed in a Stormkeep instead of blasting down from the heavens. When making your army, you can say that it is from a Stormkeep and use the following Battle Traits instead of the ones from the Battletome:

Shield of Civilization: LIBERATORS grant +1 bravery to STORMCAST ETERNALS units wholly within 12". In addition, at the end of your movement phase, any LIBERATOR units that weren't set up and didn't move that phase gain +1 to hit and saves.

Mortal Auxillaries: 1 in 4 units in your army can be CITIES OF SIGMAR units. They also benefit from the liberators' new bravery aura and can be targeted by command abilities as if they were STORMCAST ETERNALS.


If your army is a Stormcast Eternals army, you can give it a Stormhost Keyword. ALL Stormcast Eternal units in your army gain that keyword, if they already have a Stormhost, like Vandus or Neave (Side note, all named characters, save for the Celestant-Prime are part of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost.), it does not replace it, but it also doesn't prevent other units in your army for having a different Stormhost keyword. Furthermore, it's worth noting that unlike 40K Chapter Tactics, picking one of these forces your General to take a unique Command Trait, and "the first hero to receive an Artifact of Power" (so probably your General again) is forced to take a specific unique Artifact that only that specific Stormhost has access to. In other words, while you gain a new special rule and a unique Command Ability, you are forcibly locked in for some important decisions. It's up to you if you want to be more freeform and have more choice with your Command Traits and Artifacts, or play with a specific Stormhost.

Hallowed Knights[edit]

The Black Templars of Stormcast. Ignore magic and charge into the fray.

  • Only the Faithful: The anti-spell-caster Sigmarines, if a friendly Hallowed Knights unit is affected by a spell or endless spell, on a roll of a 6+, they ignore the effects of the spell for a turn.
    • Sadly this counts for your own spells too. Very nice for dealing with those pesky Nighthaunt armies who basically chain cast as many spells as they please with a silly amount of bonuses to cast.
  • Command Ability: Holy Crusaders: A Hallowed Knights Wholly within 9" of a Hallowed Knights Hero (18' if it is your General) it gains +1 to run and charge rolls and can do both during the same turn
  • Command Trait: Martyr's Strength: During the Combat phase when your general is slain. On a roll of 2+, your general Musters the Strength to Pile-in and attack with all its Melee weapons.
  • Artifact: Parchment of Purity: Heal a wound each hero phase.
Celestial Vindicators[edit]

Vicious Hatefilled melee combatants. This is one of the more melee/charge heavy Stormhosts.

  • Driven by Vengeance: they get to reroll hit rolls of 1 for attacks made by friendly Celestial Vindicators units if they made a charge roll this turn.
    • A nice addition if you're split up and charging multiple different units at once. But, again, our Prayers and spells can imitate this fairly well, so don't feel strong-armed into it.
  • Command Ability: Righteous Hatred: Gives a unit within 9" of one of your Heroes (or 18" if your General is using it) an extra Melee attack.
  • Command Trait: Single-Minded Fury: which gives any of his unmodified hit rolls of six to cause an extra point of damage.
  • Artifact: Stormrage Blade: which upgrades one of your Melee Weapons with the ability to (if you choose to use the ability) gain +2 attacks, in exchange for lowering his Armour Save by one.
Hammers of Sigmar[edit]

GW's special golden boys got treated pretty well. They have many names and they don't die easy.

  • First to be Forged: +1 to the bravery of friendly Hammers of Sigmar units,
    • isn't the most exciting but it's rarely a buff you won't appreciate, though like all the others it's more useful in certain matchups (Legions of Nagash in particular).
  • Command Ability: Soul of the Stormhost: When a friendly HAMMERS OF SIGMAR REDEEMER unit (Liberators, Sequitors and Steelheart's Champions) is destroyed, roll a dice; on a 5+ you may return it to the battlefield 9" away from enemy models.
    • It's hardly reliable but for 1CP the chance to put a 20 man Sequitor unit back on the battlefield is worth it just for the look on your opponents face if nothing else.
  • Command Trait: We Cannot Fail: which grants him a 9" entirely within bubble of a 6+ save on mortal wounds and wounds allocated. Yeah we can bring back units and get Deathless
  • Artifact: God-Forged Blade: which upgrades one of the Hero's Melee Weapons to let his Hit rolls of 6+ have +1 damage. This is alright I guess.
  • Special Characters: In short? All of them(with official models) (except the Celestant Prime which we can still take).
    • Vandus Hammerhand is really good with a battleshock immunity bubble and one of the best command Abilities in the army.
    • Gavriel Sureheart's Command ability is amazing with the army Allegiance ability as it's confirmed to stack meaning for 2CP you can deep strike Paladins 9" away and charge them in with a +6" to range all but guaranteeing the charge.
Anvils of the Heldenhammer[edit]

Shyish Heros Resurrected. Shyish flavored and lets a Deathstar swing twice.

  • No True Death: These guys got stuck with the old Stormcast army wide rules, allowing you to reroll failed battleshock tests for all Anvils Of The Heldenhammer units.
    • Considering the relatively low bravery for most of our units, this might come in handy, but, is overshadowed by someone like Vandus, who just ignores battleshock for all units within 24" of him from the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost. Overall not bad, but there are ways to do this better.
  • Command Ability: Heroes of Another Age: Allows a unit within 9" of the Hero using it (or 18" if it's your General) to either attack with all the Missile Weapons the unit has, or make a Pile-In move and attack with all the Melee Weapons they're carrying, a unit can only benefit from this ability once per phase.
  • Command Trait: Deathly Aura: which lowers enemy Bravery by -1 within 6" of him
  • Artifact: Soulthief: which upgrades one of the Hero's Melee Weapons to let it deal a Mortal Wound on a 3+ to any enemy models it wounded but failed to kill.
Knights Excelsior[edit]

Annihilators of all Chaos. Getting Rerolls for attacks.

  • Storm of Annihilation:An interesting Stomhost to be sure, though it requires a bit of bookkeeping, especially in higher point value games against hordes of units. If a Knights Excelsior unit makes an attack that destroys an enemy unit, you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks made by that Knights Excelsior unit for the rest of the battle.
    • The thing to note is that it does not specify in melee, so, perhaps a good use for your Knight-Venator, or your Celestial Ballistae, for potential character sniping abilities.
  • Command Ability: No Mercy: a Knight Excelsior unit or hero within 9" of the Hero using it (or 18" if it's your General) to re-roll Wound rolls of 1 until the end of the turn.
  • Command Trait: Divine Executioner: add 1 Damage to all Melee weapons if the General targets a hero.
  • Artifact: Chains of celestial Lightning: Once per Battle, Select an Enemy Hero or Monster within 3". Roll 3d6 of against your opponent (your opponent rolls 2d6 if the target isn't a monster), if you win the target halves(Rounding up) its movement, Run and charge rolls, and Melee Weapon Attacks until the next Hero Phase.
Celestial Warbringers[edit]

Prophets and Wizard specialists.

  • Fearless Foresight: These guys are pretty tricky, as their ability is that at the start of the first battleround, after determining who goes first, but before the first turn begins, you can set up D3 friendly Celestial Warbingers units and set them up again.
    • It could be very interesting, especially in combination with the ability to deep-strike again. You could potentially bait some enemy firepower with a juicy target, only to set it up in deep strike instead.
  • Command Ability: Astral Conjunction: Gives a Warbringers wizard wholly 9" (or 18" if done by the General) +1 to Casting Rolls.
  • Command Trait: Portents and Omens: Once per turn, the general can re-roll one of his failed Hit, Wound or Save roll of 1.
  • Artifact: Hammers of Augury: At the end of the combat phase, an enemy within 3" takes a Mortal wound on a 3+ and then another one on a 4+.
Tempest Lords[edit]

Warrior Tacticians, Generating CP.

  • Grand Strategists: At the start of your Hero phase, roll a dice, on a 4+ you receive 1 extra command point.
    • Relatively boring, but, for armies that are command point hungry, this could be a lifesaver. Also, innately very powerful even if you're not super command point hungry.
  • Command Ability: Rousing Oratory: Allows a TEMPEST LORDS unit or hero within 9" of the Hero using it (or 18" if it's your General) to re-roll Wound rolls of 1 until your next Hero Phase.
  • Command Trait: Bonds of Noble Duty: which adds 1 to any wound rolls with Melee Weapons if he is within 6" of another TEMPEST LORDS Unit.
  • Artifact: Patrician's Helm: which allows you to get a Command Point on a roll of a 5+ every time you use a Command Point. Combined with the ability you gain when you pick the Tempest Lords, enjoy endlessly shitting CP all over the place!
Astral Templars[edit]

The Storm Wolfeves, Specalizing in Monster and Hero hunting.

  • Beast Stalkers: Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by Astral Templars units that target a monster.
    • Unless you're fighting a whole ton of monsters in your particular Meta, I don't think this will be getting much use. Especially with Lay Low the Tyrant. Situationally useful, probably not worth the Stormhost.
  • Command Ability: Cut off the Head: Allows an Astral Templars unit or hero within 9" of the Hero using it (or 18" if it's your General) to add 1 to Wound rolls that target Heros.
  • Command Trait: Dauntless hunter: an improved version of Cunning Strategist. After set-up is done, all Astral Templars units wholly within 12" move up to 6".
  • Artifact: Godbeast Plate: -1 to wound rolls made by Monsters that target the Bearer.

Command Traits[edit]

A STORMCAST ETERNALS General of an army with a STORMCAST ETERNALS allegiance and has chosen to take the STORMCAST ETERNALS allegiance abilities can choose one of the following Command Traits:

  1. Shielded by Faith: A 5+ save for your general for mortal wounds.
  2. Consummate Commander: While your general is on the battlefield roll a D6 at the start of your hero phase, on a 4+ you also receive +1 command point
    • necessary in a CP centric build.
  3. Cunning Strategist: D3 STORMCAST ETERNALS get a 5" move before the first battle round begins.
  4. Zealous Crusader: Your general can re-roll charge distances.
  5. Staunch Defender: Your general and every STORMCAST ETERNALS unit wholly within 9" add 1 to saves if they have not charged this turn.
    • By far our best command trait, it's the primary reason you don't really see Stormhosts being taken outside of Sureheart shenanigans lists.
  6. Champion of the Realms: +1 attack for a weapon on your general.

Artefacts of Power[edit]

One HERO in your army (+1 per additional Warscroll Battalion) may take a relic from the following tables:

  • Storm-Forged Weapons: Pick a weapon that is not used by a mount for one of the following bonuses
  1. Strife-ender: +1 attack for a melee weapon (+2 against a CHAOS unit).
  2. Blade of Heroes: re-roll failed to hit rolls made with a melee weapon against HEROES or MONSTERS.
  3. Hammer of Might: wound rolls of 6+ cause double damage for a melee weapon.
  4. Fang of Dracothian: re-roll wound rolls of 1 for a melee weapon.
  5. Obsidian Blade: improve the rend characteristic of a melee weapon by 1.
  6. Gift of the Six Smiths: pick a melee weapon, each turn you may re-roll one hit, wound or damage roll for an attack made with this weapon.
  • Heaven-Wrought Armour:
  1. Armour of Destiny: A 6+ save after the save for an unsaved wound or mortal wound.
  2. Armour of Silvered Sigmarite: -1 to hit for melee weapons directed at the HERO
  3. Drakenscale Armour: Re-roll failed saves for this HERO against weapons with a Damage characteristic greater than 1.
  4. Mirrorshield: -2 to hit for missile weapons directed at this HERO.
  5. Spellshield: This HERO may unbind a single spell in each enemy hero phase as if it were a WIZARD and if the HERO is a WIZARD it may unbind 1 additional spell
  6. Featherfoe Torc: Units which can fly must re-roll successful hit rolls for attacks directed against this HERO.
  • Artefacts Of The Tempest:
  1. Talisman of Endurance: +1 wounds.
  2. Obsidian Amulet: negate a spell used on this hero on a 4+, other units are affected as normal.
  3. Luckstone: Once per battle you can change the results of one hit, wound, damage or save roll for this HERO to the result of your choice.
  4. Seed of Rebirth: On a 4+ in each hero phase you heal 1 wound.
  5. Sigmarite Pendant: When this hero is slain, cause D6 mortal wounds to the unit that slew them on a 4+.
  6. Quicksilver Draught: Once per battle this HERO may pile in and attack in the combat phase before any other units, even if it is your opponent's turn.
  • Treasured Standards: For heroes with the TOTEM keyword, AKA Knight-Vexillor
  1. Hurricane Banner: This HERO and any friendly STORMCAST ETERNALS units within 12" can re-roll all rolls when running and charging.
  2. Lichbone Standard: Friendly STORMCAST ETERNALS units wholly within 9" of this HERO heal one wound in each of their hero phases.
  3. Pennant of Sigmaron: If a friendly STORMCAST ETERNALS unit within 24" of this HERO fails a battleshock test, on a 2+ only one model flees from that unit.
  • Mystic Lights: For any hero with a lantern - Lord-Castellant, Lord-Veritant or Knight-Azyros
  1. Shriving Light: -1 to enemy bravery (-2 for CHAOS) within 6" of this hero.
  2. Fury Brand: In the hero phase, give +1 to attacks for one weapon on a HERO within 6".
  3. Lantern of the Tempest: Enemy units that direct missile attacks against friendly STORMCAST ETERNALS units wholly within 12" of the bearer must re-roll hit rolls of 6+.
  • Celestial Staves: For Lord-Arcanum or Knight-Incantor only
  1. Staff of Focus: Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer can add 1 to casting rolls for the bearer until the end of the phase. In addition, if the barer casts a spell that inflicts any mortal wounds during that phase, add 1 to the number of mortal wounds inflicted on each unit that the spell effects.
  2. Mindlock Staff: Once per battle, at the start of the enemy hero phase, you can pick an enemy Wizard within 12" of the bearer. That Wizard Cannot cast any spells that phase.
  3. Staff of Azyr: In your hero phase, if the bearer successfully casts any spells that are not unbound, subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target the bearer until your next hero phase
  • Scrolls Of Power: For Lord-Arcanum or Knight-Incantor only
  1. Scroll of Unraveling: Once per battle, at the start of the enemy hero phase, the bearer can use this artifact. If they do so, in that hero phase, enemy casting rolls that are equal to the spell's casting value are unsuccessful, and the caster suffers d3 mortal wounds.
  2. Scroll of Condemnation: Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer can use this Artefact. If they do so, pick an enemy Hero within 12" of the bearer. Until the end of that turn add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made by friendly Stormcast Eternals that target that model.
  3. Storm Scroll: Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer can use this artifact. If they do so, pick up to 6 different enemy units on the battlefield, and give them each a different number from 1 to 6. Then, roll a dice. If the number is the same as the roll, that units suffer D6 mortal wounds.

Prayers of the Stormhosts[edit]

Every PRIEST in a STORMCAST ETERNALS army gains an additional prayer to a which can be used in addition to their other abilities in the hero phase, in the same vein as spells for other armies mages.

  1. Divine Light: 3+ to cast, choose a unit wholly within 18". If it is an enemy, you may re-roll 1's to hit when attacking that unit until your next hero phase. If you choose a friendly unit, enemy units re-roll unmodified hit rolls of 6 when attacking that unit until your next hero phase.
  2. Bless Weapons: 4+ to cast, a friendly unit wholly within 18" gains an additional hit for every unmodified hit roll of 6 until your next hero phase.
  3. Bolster Faith: 3+ to cast, friendly units within 9" do not have to take battleshock tests until your next hero phase. It does not require the unit you cast this on to be wholly within. So use this on units with lots of models.
  4. Abjuration: 3+ to cast, pick an enemy WIZARD within 12" from the priest. If successful the priest can attempt to unbind a 1 spell by that WIZARD in that hero phase.
  5. God-King's Aspect: 3+ to cast, subtract 1 from bravery for units that are within 6" from this priest until your next hero phase.
  6. Translocation: 3+ to cast, remove a friendly STORMCAST ETERNAL unit wholly within 9" of this priest from the battlefield and set them up again anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from enemy units. It may not move in the subsequent movement phase.

Steeds of the Celestial Realms[edit]

One mount in your army (+1 per additional Warscroll Battalion) may be "exceptional" and take a trait from the relevant tables.

  • Generic Traits:
  1. Lithe-Limbed: +1 to move characteristic.
  2. Savage Loyalty: If this HERO is slain in the combat phase, on a 4+ the unit that slew them takes D3 mortal wounds.
  3. Keen-Clawed: Any wound rolls of 6+ in the combat phase for this HERO's mount are resolved with a rend of -3.
  • Dracoth Traits:
  1. Drake-Kin: If this HERO suffers damage from an attack with a damage characteristic greater than 1, on a 5+ the HERO only suffers 1 Damage from the attack.
  2. Thunder Caller: The HERO's Dracoth's Storm Breath ability has a range of 16" rather than 12".
  3. Pack Hunter: +2 to Attacks of the HERO's Dracoth's Claws and Fangs if another friendly model is riding a Dracoth within 6".
  • Stardrake Traits:
  1. Storm-Winged: After this model has moved you can pick 1 enemy unit that has any models that this model passed across. On a 2+ the unit takes D3 mortal wounds. This was reworded in the latest book so its no longer limited to the movement phase.
  2. Thunderlord: Roiling Thunderhead ability has a range of 24" rather than 18".
  3. Star-Branded: When referring to the Damage table of this HERO, treat it as having suffered one fewer wounds than it actually has.
  • Gryph-Charger Traits:
  1. Wind Runner: When this HERO rides the Winds Aetheric, roll an extra dice on the distance they can move.
  2. Aethereal Stalker: When this HERO is set up, choose an enemy HERO. This HERO can re-roll all failed hit and wound rolls made for its Gryph-charger's Razor Beak and Claws attacks that are directed against the chosen HERO.
  3. Indefatigable: re-roll the distance when this HERO runs.
  • Dracoline Traits:
  1. Bounding Leap: This model is eligible to fight in the combat phase if it is within 6" of an enemy unit instead of 3", and it can move an extra 3" when it piles in
  2. Pride Leader: Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by friendly Dracoline units while they are wholly within 9" of this model.
  3. Ear-bursting Roar: At the start of the combat phase, you can pick an enemy within 3" of this model and roll a dice. On a 4+ subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made by that unit until the end of the phase.
  • Tauralon Traits:
  1. Swiftwing: You can re-roll run rolls for this model
  2. Lashing Tail: At the end of the combat phase, you can pick an enemy unit within 3" of this model and roll a d6, on a 4+ it causes 1 mortal wound.
  3. Steel Pinions: Roll a d6 every time this model suffer a regular or mortal wound, on a 6+ the wound is negated.


Your wizards May take one spell either the Lore of Invigoration or Storm

Lore of Invigoration[edit]

  1. Terrifying Aspect: Cast 5, a visible Stormcast unit wholly within 18" gain a 3" aura of -1 Bravery to enemies until the next Hero Phase.
  2. Celestial Blades: Cast 5, a visible Stormcast unit wholly within 18" adds 1 to Melee wounds rolls until the next Hero Phase.
  3. Speed of Lighting: Cast 5, visible Stormcast units wholly within 9" can Re-roll Charges until the next Hero Phase

Lore of the Storm[edit]

  1. Lightning Blast: Cast 5, a closest Visible unit is dealt d3 Mortal wounds. Like 40k Smite but with an infinite range.
  2. Starfall: Cast 5, pick a visible point within 12". On a roll of 4+ for each enemy within 3" of that Point they take a Mortal Wound
  3. Thundershock: Cast 6, roll a dice for each enemy within 6". on a 4+ the unit takes a Mortal Wound. In addition, subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made by that unit until your next hero phase.
  4. Azyrite halo: Cast 5, Pick a visible Stormcast unit wholly within 12", until the next hero phase whenever the unit makes an unmodified save roll of 6, the attacker takes a Mortal Wound. Remember that you still make a save roll even if out-Rended.
  5. Chain Lightning: Cast 7, a visible enemy unit within 24" suffers D3 Mortal Wounds, then each other enemy unit within 3" of the first take a mortal wound on a 4+.
  6. Stormcaller: Cast 7, For each enemy unit on the battlefield, on a roll of 6+ inflict D3 Mortal wounds on the unit.

Endless Spells[edit]

These can only be cast by STORMCAST ETERNAL WIZARDS.

  • Everblaze Comet: (100pts) Comet of Casandora, Stormcasts edition. When it comes down, it hits everything within 10" for a bunch of Mortal Wounds determined by a D3 roll - on a 1, the unit takes a single Mortal Wound. On a 2, the Unit takes a further D3 Mortal Wounds, and on a 3, the Unit takes 3 Mortal Wounds! On top of this, the Comet remains in play and spits out Mortal Wounds at the start of each battle round at any Units within 5", though this time on a 1-3 it only does one Mortal Wound, while on a 4+ it does D3 Mortal Wounds. Also, all Wizards must subtract 1 from their casting rolls while they are 5 inches or closer to the comet. This spell has the potential to dish out an obscene amount of Mortal Wounds, but a word of caution: even though the spell continues to damage units and bother Wizards after it has been cast, the Comet cannot be moved once it has been placed in the table (but you can dispel it in a later turn and then cast it again) This, combined with the fact that it costs 100 points, forces you to be extremely cautious about where and when to put it.
  • Celestian Vortex (40pts) (AKA the HAMMERNADO): It's a Hurricane of Hammers that dispenses Mortal Wounds (12 dice on 6+) and gives any Unit within 6" of it -1 to hit with Missile Weapons. Additionally, it wounds on a 5+ against Chaos units instead. Thanks to its 8 inch movement and the fact that it can move after being set up, the Hammernado proves to be a cheap (Only 40 points!!!) and effective way to damage Chaos forces and screw ranged units (If you manage to cast it against a Tzeentch or Skaven army, they are in for a bad time).
  • Dais Arcanum: (30pts) This is what is known as a STORMCAST ETERNAL WIZARD that has ascended past a STORMCAST ETERNAL WIZARD. A big disk for your Wizard to ride on: it grants them Fly, 12-inch movement, +1 to their Save and an additional Unbind. For just 30 points, you can hop in a Knight-Incantor or a Lord Exorcist, and make them go even further beyond. Your opponents are going to love it, trust me...


Common keywords in these warscrolls are ORDER, CELESTIAL, HUMAN and STORMCAST ETERNAL.

  • Stormkeeps: 1 in 4 units in a Free City army may be a Stormcast, so think about that when reading these entries.

Named Leaders[edit]

The majority of these characters tied to the Hammers of Sigmar. Note that named characters cannot be given command abilities or relics. Named characters CAN however take Mount Traits, regardless of if their mount is named or not.

  • Astreia Solbright: (200pts) A named HAMMERS OF SIGMAR LORD-ARCANUM on DRACOLINE. Her Unique spell is a 360 degree Storm Lance and her Command Ability is the same as the LORD-ARCANUM Gryph-Charger.
  • Aventis Firestrike: (300pts) Named Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon for the Hammers of Sigmar. Regenerates a wound each hero phase and dishes out a mortal wound on a 5+ each time he's hurt by melee. Trades out Lightning Orb for a 1mm line of FIRE-LIGHTNING, inflicting D3 mortal wounds - less range potential, but more reliable since it always hits.
  • Averon Stormsire: (260pts) Only usable with Stormsire's Cursebreakers. A buffed Knight-Incantor with a buffed spell, adding d3 wounds to enemies within 6".
  • Celestant-Prime: (300pts) Only one can be included in a Pitched Battle army. While not exactly named, this here is, bar Vandus Hammerhand, your unique character to hold you over while we wait for the rules for Sigmar that'll probably also come whenever FW decides to make rules for that bastard. The 'first' Stormcast Eternal, this is one bad dude. Prime has a very powerful shooting attack, dramatically one-upping the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth by tossing a comet onto the battlefield. His close combat potential seems to have potential, having 3 attacks base. That said, add 2 to the attacks characteristic of Ghal Maraz until the end of the battle (game). Also, whenever he deploys, all enemies within 12" of him suffer -2 Bravery until his next Hero Phase. Let's put it this way: Nagash will kick his ass. The Glottkin will kick his ass. Archaon... will probably think twice, as might the Mortarchs. The point is, this guy only looks like a combat monster, but he's your artillery equivalent, except for really big games, where you can afford to leave him off the table for two or three turns.
    • Alternatively if you build your army to be hyper defensive with a bunch of shielded Liberators with a Castallant's lantern, you could very easily just set up on the extreme far edge of the board and camp there to force your opponent to spend ages trekking over to you, while you take turns lasting only a couple of seconds (Use a Command Ability, use the Lantern, maybe a quick snipe with the Knight-Venator, turn done.) This way you'll be in Turn 3 by the time you reach combat and will be able to last a few more turns after that due to your high defense. By the point, you need to bust out the Celestant-Prime to counter-attack, so many turns will have passed that he'll dominate anything he gets into combat with.
    • In fact, the Prime is a lot better than it would seem at first glance. With his "Orrery of Celestial Fates," once per turn, you can CHANGE one of his rolls to any result you want. Meaning, each turn you can either: almost guarantee 3 Damage in combat if you change the Hit dice (Ghal Maraz wounds on 2+ and has -3 Rend), or almost guarantee that 9" charge the turn he enters play, or avoid one non-mortal wound to him if you change the Save roll (even against -3 Rend opponents!), or make his meteor attack work in a 12" bubble (that will also give you perfect control to avoid hitting your own guys!). This last option is the best one: usually, you'll hit at least 3 units, meaning an average 6 mortal wounds, and Battleshock tests for 3 units, at -2 Bravery if they're at 12" or less! If you make him appear in the right spot, and when many enemy units are at combat with your guys, you'll force A LOT of Battleshock test at -2 Bravery. Your second turn is ideal for this: most of your units will be engaged, and with 5 Ghal Maraz attacks, if you change the hit dice, the Prime deals each turn something like 9 wounds in combat (except against a handful of super-protected units, like Stonehorns or Phoenix Guard), which is MIGHTY. But in your turn, it's probably better to change the radius roll for the comet and deal myriads of mortal wounds. This guy requires a lot of skill to play, but if you do it right, his 340 points cost will be repaid in no time.
  • Vandus Hammerhand: (260pts) Dracoth-borne Lord-Celestant of the Hammerhands, the first chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar. He's Sigmar's favorite Stormcast, and it shows. On the tabletop he has a brutal command ability, granting all Hammers of Sigmar units within 12 inches an extra attack. His tempestos hammer, Heldensen, deals 3 wounds rather than D3 and his dracoth Calanax has 4 attacks rather than 3. He automatically grants battleshock immunity to all Hammers of Sigmar units within 24 inches.
  • Neave Blacktalon: (110pts) The Stormcast Eternals Hero Hunter. 7 Attacks, 8 on the charge. Her axes and pistol go from Damage 1 to Damage 2 if you target an enemy HERO. She can run and shoot in the same turn. Her best ability is "Windrider" - When a friendly Stormcast Eternal unit within 9" uses their Ride the Winds Aetheric ability, Neave Blacktalon can follow in their wake; she can immediately move in the same manner up to the distance moved by the unit she is following, provided that she ends this move within 9" of them and more than 3" from any enemy models. If she moves in this way, Neave Blacktalon may not run or charge in that turn. Neave Blacktalon is taken from the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost and always wears their colors in battle.
  • Gavriel Sureheart: (120pts) Lord-Celestant and yet another member of the Hammers of Sigmar. Despite this, he can be used with any Stormhost, but his +3 to charge rolls within 9" of him applies to ONLY Hammers of Sigmar units. He trades the Lord Celestant's regular weapons with 2 damage -1 rend sword with 3 attacks (which gets +1 attack when he charges) and a Thundershield.
  • Lynus Ghalmorian: (240pts) Named Lord Arcanum on Gryph-Charger for the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, found in the August 2019 White Dwarf. Almost identical to the base one, but makes every friendly Anvils of the Heldenhammer unit within 12" reroll save rolls of 1 against missile weapons, replaces the healing spell with one that is cast on a 6+ and deals D3 mortal wounds to a unit within 12" while also giving it -1 to hit rolls until your next hero phase and haves a command ability that gives every friendly Anvils of the Heldenhammer unit within 12" +1 to their hit rolls. 240 points.

  • Gardus Steel Soul: Named Lord-Celestant of the Hallowed Knights who has been the main character of a few novels.



  • Lord-Celestant:(100pts) A strong hero on foot that can do an average of 1.75 mortal wounds in the shooting phase and 1,77 damage at -1 rend + 0,66 damages in the melee phase (more if he charges). when he is within 3" of an enemy he can use command ability to give nearby Stormcast Eternals units(including himself) a +1 to hit during the combat phase. At first, he seems to lose out to his brother on the Dracoth, but in the end, you're exchanging personal killing power against the powerful support that might end up being worth more than the hilariously unreliable breath attack of the Dracoth. Make sure you surround him with lots of melee units and keep him alive. He's harder to use than the mounted version, but with careful positioning, he'll be more effective while taking up fewer Wounds.
  • Lord-Celestant on Dracoth: (200pts) A guy in pompous golden armor and a big cloak who can be equipped with a Dracothian Guard weapon and rides a dragon on lightning. Couldn't be more Power Metal if he tried. He's very killy in close combat and his CA grants a huge bubble in which Stormcast Eternals don't have to take Battleshock. His ranged attack is potentially devastating, but only if the enemy was stupid enough to bunch up all his important stuff and you get very lucky. With a 50% chance to deal damage, it's nice to have, but you shouldn't rely on it. Due to being mounted, he moves at a fast pace and has 7 wounds as opposed to the "general" hero base of 5. This guy is hard-hitting, fast and durable meaning you want him up in the front line where he can lead the charge and give everyone the benefit of his aura.
    • the Celestant Weapon choice:
      • A glaive that deals more damage on charges,
      • A Hammer that deals Mortal Wounds and stops enemy Pile-ins on hit rolls of 6.
      • another Hammer that deals more attacks on charges with the best to wound roll and highest damage potential per hit of all the options
      • An Axe that that makes more attacks for each Nearby Stormcast unit cheering you on.
  • Lord-Celestant on Stardrake:(500pts, Behemoth) aka Rage Made Manifest Hoo boy. Recently received a cost reduction from 600 points down to 500. Looking at the stat-wheel, this guy compares quite well to Nagash, with sixteen wounds at a 3+ save and a high flying Move. Melee-wise, the Drake looks lacking at first, having just about the same profile as a Vampire Lord, with four attacks at 3+/3+/-1/D3, which is a good profile, but not stellar for such a huge model. The Celestant on top adds to the beastie by wielding either the same Hammer you're used to from the starter set Celestant or a Sword with much worse To Wound rolls (4+ instead of 2+) but which makes 3 To Wound rolls instead of 1 if you rolled a 6+ To Hit, making him nice and blendy and as usual, both profiles get more attacks if you charge. He also bears a Shield, which does the same thing you're used to and can cause Mortal Wounds on the guys who punch your Celestant. And then you see why the Drake looks so lacking in melee: At range, he can either barf lightning, which works like a Grey Seer's unique spell, rolling as many D6 as the enemy unit has models and every 6 deals a Mortal Wound or he can instead shoot comets, which have infinite range and hit D6 units for D3 Mortal Wounds on 4+, then before combat, he can just flat-out eat up to 3 enemy models, with higher chances to succeed if their Wound-stat is low and after combat, he swings his tail, which deals Mortal Wounds and is more accurate against larger units. His command ability grants all Drakes and Dracoths in your army reroll To Wound with their Claws, Jaws et cetera, including the Celestant's mount. And he can also adjust casting rolls for all Wizards around him by +/-1. Simply put, this guy is not an auto-win button, and his Command Ability is somewhat lackluster, but he raises holy hell by having a huge threat bubble and crapping out an enormous amount of Mortal Wounds all over the field.


All variants in the GHB 2019 received a 20 point decrease but is canceled out by the increase in Sequitors if you take 10 or more of them. Only really beneficial to lists using an Arcanum for spawning endless spells and no Sequitors (Even then, Incantor is still usually the better option).

  • Lord-Arcanum: (150pts) A wizard and Leader of the Sacrosanct Chamber and has many abilities. Ok in a fight. When surrounded he can Break Spirit Flasks to deal Mortal wounds to everyone around him including himself. Once per turn, he can heal a recently slain Stormcast model (that is not himself) back to 1 wound allowing him to hold the line longer or crawl back to the nearest Cleric. For spells, he can upgrade his Arcane Bolt back to its original d3 Mortal wounds and d6 on casting of 10+. His Unique Spell while on foot is Thunderclap which subtracts 1 from hit rolls of a single enemy unit's attacks.
  • Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger: (200pts) Comes from the Soul Wars box. The medic of the Arcanum. Like other Gryph-Charger, his movement increased to 12", Gaining 3/+3/+3/-2/D1 Beak & Claws attack that inflicts a Mortal wound on a natural hit 6. It also gains the ability to Ride the winds Aetheric which lets it make a 6D6" As if it could fly but it can't charge that turn. It has a different Unique spell that Heals D3 wounds on a Stormcast Model and D6 instead on a cast of +8, this spell can make him good friends with Dracoths. His Command Ability allows a Sacrosanct Evocators to Auto-Cast Empower or allows Castigators and Sequitors to use both options of their Aetheric Channelling
  • Lord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline: (210pts) Mounted for offense and would lead Evocators on Dracolines. Similar to the Gryph-Charger stats but has one less in rend, but makes up for it by increasing its Claws damage to d3 on Charges. Dracolines also subtract 1 from enemy Bravery. Its unique spell creates a 12" line that inflicts a Mortal wound to an enemy unit on a 5+ for each of its models that falls under the line. its unique Command Ability Gives +1 attack to the Claw weapons of nearby Evocators mounted on Dracoline.
  • Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon: (MONSTER, 280pts) A Lord-Arcanum Riding a flying Ram that has a similar weapons profile to the Dracoline but with +1 Damage. The Tauralon gives a +1 to hit for Stormcast shooting attacks against an enemy it passes over and deals a single mortal wound on a charge. His Unique spell deals d3 mortal wounds to on a 4+ to enemies within 3" of a point you pick. Give a Sacrosanct unit wholly within 18" +2 to run rolls. You will see him flying ahead, hepping Judicators line up their shots and crush that unbubblewrapped wizard.

Other Wizards[edit]

  • Lord Exorcist: (90pts) A Wizard that Specializes in Close Quarters Exorcising. He has the same stats and weapon Profile as the Lord-Arcanum. During the Shooting Phase, he deals a mortal wound to all Daemon and Nighthaunt units within 6" on a 4+. His Unique spell Rolls a dice for each enemy unit within 6". If (d6 + enemy's unit's Bravery < 10 ) than that unit takes d3 Mortal wounds and if that said unit was a Daemon or Nighthaunt, their affective Bravery is Halved (rounded up) for the purposes of this spell. Received a 20 point decrease in the GHB 2019.
  • Knight-Incantor: (120pts) The on-foot wizard from Soul Wars. Nothing to write home about in melee, and not a particularly impressive caster with only 1 each cast and deny with no bonus. The Knight Incantor does, on the other hand, come with a Voidstorm Scroll, a once-per-game ability that can be used before rolling to make an Unbinding roll automatically succeed. This can deny your opponent a critical spell, breaking a combo or saving one of your units. Also equipped with Spirit Flasks - once per game at the beginning of a combat phase, the Knight Incantor can choose to shatter up to three spirit flasks. For each one broken, each unit(friendly or enemy, including the Knight Incantor herself) suffers 1 mortal wound, or d3 if there are 10 or more models in the unit. Finally, Her unique spell creates a Storm that inflicts a mortal wound and gives -1 to Charge and Run of all enemies within 18". The Knight Incantor is a decent all-around wizard who doesn't stand out in any one area, but can also do almost any task you ask of her. Also a solid ally to any Order faction that doesn't have wizards of their own.


  • Lord-Relictor: (100pts) Your foot-slogging cleric with a wicked skull helm. He can control the storms, meaning he can choose to either heal a friendly model for D3 wounds (best used on other Heroes), or to lose what is basically Arcane Bolt without a casting roll on an enemy, with an excellent bonus that anyone hit also takes a -1 To Hit-penalty in the following turn. You will also choose 1 of the 6 prayers (which can be cast each turn in addition to one of the 2 just described). While no slouch in combat, he's nowhere near as good as a Lord-Celestant; of course, this isn't why you take him. The best use for him is in the "secondary" line, using his healing buff to keep your men in fighting shape and lending a hand with the lightning storm anywhere they're struggling. Heroes and paladins of all types will find him a very good "best bud." The comparison between him and the Lord-Celestant is easily explained: the Celestant is the fighter of the party while the Relictor is the chaplain cleric. Remember that the healing storm can't actually bring things back to life, it only heals stuff that's still alive. Frankly, the guy is awesome. The advent of Prayers gives him two options to influence the game in the Hero Phase, neither of which can be unbound. Favorite combo - "the FUCK YOU button": Give him the prayer Divine Light and then use his Lightning in enemy mode. With luck you'll have a unit that's taken D3 wounds, is -1 to hit, and your whole army gets to re-roll ones against them. All for the cost of two Gryph-hounds! Bargain!
  • Lord-Veritant: (110pts) Another Priest, Has an extra wound compared to standard heroes just like the Castellant, and gets a pretty good melee profile (4 attacks at 3/3/-1, 2 damage each). Again, like the Castellant, he gets a Free pet gryph-hound (see Fast Movers below). This guy is a wizard killer. He can unbind one spell in the same way as a wizard, and has a 50/50 chance of doing D3 mortal wounds to an enemy wizard within 7". Which isn't a spell so there is no way for the enemy to stop it. Also if the gryph-hound is within 6" of the enemy wizard, you get +3 to your unbinding roll. The gryph-hound is no slouch in combat either, doubling its attacks as long as the enemy is within 3" of the Veritant. Last but not least he is a priest, so don't forget to throw some extra prayers on him. His role is more of an assassin than the Relictors more support role, choose accordingly for him when deciding on prayers.


  • Drakesworn Templar: (MONSTER, Behemoth, 420pts) If you like your Drake better without a meh Command Ability. Like Paladins, Dracoths and Dracoth Celestants, the Templar gets the obligatory choice of your three favorite weapons, and again all of them do different things: The Axe gets 6 swings at 1 damage and has a chance of drastically worsening enemy Pile-in moves, great to keep your Templar safe from small gribbles. The Hammer is more or less a Retributor's hammer but with damage 3, but with the extra goodness of 6+s To Hit making 2 To Wound rolls instead of 1. This can ruin a monster's day all on its own. Be wary that the Hammer does only get 2 swings, so debuffs will cripple you. The Lance also gets you a nice effect: If you roll a 6+ To Hit against a monster with it, you instantly deal D6 Mortal Wounds. Be aware that D6 Mortal Wounds can potentially be worse than your normal damage of 2, though. Again, the Hammer is the more balanced choice, right between Monster killer and tarpit cleaner, but it's not as specialized as the other two; pick the one you think is most appropriate, the Drake will probably do most of the work on its own anyway. He gives a +/- of 1 to Nearby Wizards. He also has a bow which pretty much lights the enemy up with phosphorus, granting +1 To Hit for your Dracothian Guards against that unit until end of turn. Use this with Concussors for the best effect.
  • Lord-Aquilor: (170pts) The post given to the leader of the Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers, aka the Stormcast Eternal Rangers. He's got decent combat stats and some ranged capability, and also comes with both the "flanking" ability of Vanguard-Hunters and the "jump" of the Vanguard-Palladors (not both at the same time, though). Nice and all, but his real meat comes with his Command Ability: it's the same flanking thing of the Vanguard-Hunters, but for him AND a unit of either Vanguard-Hunters, Vanguard-Palladors, Vanguard-Raptors or Aetherwings that are within 24" of him. The possibilities are endless: set up an alpha strike with Vanguard-Palladors, save a unit in peril, grab TWO objectives, make Vanguard-Raptors infuriatingly immortal, controlling the flow of the battle, or mess with your opponents' plans (and head). But most of all, he's loads of fun: teleporting every turn lets you do some strange things and have some strange battles, what with being unpredictable and keeping your opponent guessing. Particularly good if you're going for a hit-and-run-and-shoot-you-to-death Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber army or if playing an Anvilstrike list (9 Longstrikes in an Anvils of Heldenhammer Stormhost) to keep the Longstrikes out of combat.
  • Lord-Castellant: (120pts) 1 wound more than the standard hero on foot, this hero is slightly better than Lord-Celestant in the combat phase (2,66 damages at -1 rend and 2" range). His lantern's ability inflicts 1 mortal wound to a Chaos unit or an average of 2 mortal wounds to a Chaos Daemon unit. If there aren't any such foes around, it can make Stormcast Eternals units more resistant and occasionally heal them. As above, the Celestant may be the fighter, the Relictor is probably the cleric and the Castellant is definitely the paladin. He's at home upfront where the Celestant could be (though the Castellant lacks any command ability of his own), but equally at home in the secondary line warding your Eternals with his lantern (wording means that you can gain and lose wounds at the same time while your units will have a majority 3+ save thanks to him) or even as a beastmaster if he fights with a bunch of gryph hounds in close proximity. His lantern's other ability is very nice if a little circumstantial, auto sniping a Chaos Marauder equivalent or letting him damage daemons something fierce without even trying. Finishing off a Chaos hero who's down to his last wound is fun. All in all, he's a flexible choice. He's good at buffing up units that are going to be taking some saves ensuring you've got enough men to hold on that little bit longer. Extra rage points when all your opponents attack simply heal a wound back on your Liberator squad.
    • Comes with a free Gryph-hound when he is set-up.
    • Received a 20 point nerf in GHB 2019, but is still worth it for his buff.
  • Lord-Ordinator: (140pts) A mustachioed non-Engineer that buffs Warmachines. Add 1 to hit rolls to War Machines wholly within 6". This pairs very well with the Celestar Ballista which turns every successful hit into d6 hits. Has a Command ability to let a War Machine fire twice. Was replaced with the ability to give Stormcast whole within 18" of him immunity to Battleshock for the turn. He will find himself in lists with Stormcast Eternals or Free City Warmacines.
  • Knight-Azyros: (100pts) Your flying support Hero. Has the same average melee profile as the Relictor, but gets 2 special rules to make up for it. The first lets any unit re-roll 1s To Hit against enemies if their target is close to the Azyros. He can also deal a bunch of Mortal Wounds to all enemy units within 8" once per game. If you find a situation where this is useful, go for it. Otherwise, the guy isn't a powerhouse, but he doesn't want to be. If you want him, simply tweak your army a bit to accommodate him. Prosecutors with Javelins profit a lot from his buff. Keep in mind that Judicators already reroll 1s to hit against Chaos, so he's better for supporting Prosecutors in general or Judicators against any other army.
  • Knight-Venator:(110pts) Your flying shooty Hero. Has a whole bunch of good shots at a ridiculously high 30" range, but is by far the worst Stormcast Hero in melee. He can also shoot a special arrow once per game that can either hurt a Monster real bad or murder the face off of a normal Hero with D6+3 Damage IF they fail their saving throw. Thanks to Look Out Sir, the Venator is a whole lot less reliable since its hitting and wounding on a 3+. Hence take the Luckstone and/or an Azyros for maximum benefit.
  • Knight-Heraldor: (100pts) Your only Hero with a 4+ save. In melee, his profile is slightly worse than the Relictor and the Azyros. Why do you use him? Because he's got a big, honking Trumpet. With it, he allows a Stormcast unit to Retreat, Run and Charge during the same turn, AND cause damage to opponents huddled up in a terrain piece. Pick a Chaos Dreadhold and cackle maniacally righteously. Feel free to blow that trumpet wherever you please as your opponent tries to understand how falling rocks only hit his boys!
  • Knight-Vexillor: (110pts) Your Standard Bearer. In melee, he's a Hammer-Liberator with twice the attacks, and he can have a pick of two banners. No matter which you pick, Stormcast Eternals around him get to reroll charge rolls. Also, the banners have these effects: The Meteoric Standard grants you a one-shot version of the Prime's Cometstrike Scepter, which means a big boom. The Pennant of the Stormbringer, on the other hand, lets you pick up a Stormcast unit and then redeploy it anywhere so long as you stay 9" away from enemies, sadly no longer guaranteeing a charge or dropping mortal wounds on nearby enemies. No Longer the go-to option it was, but still potentially very useful. This guy is the polar opposite of the Lord-Castellant; he's slow and hard to use, but the potential payout is far greater if you find creative ways to employ him.
  • Knight-Questor: (100pts) Well IF you want to field him, be our guest. The Questor is very self-sufficient, meaning he's not dependent on any buffs but doesn't dish any out either. He tries to be a duelist, but in the end, his mediocre combat potential holds him back. On the other hand, he never ever dies thanks to his re-rollable 3+ Save. He's five Wounds that will always pull their weight but will never bring you in more than you paid for him.
  • Errant-Questor: (140pts) Warhammer World exclusive, so expect to pay inflated eBay prices if you can't get there yourself or ask a friend. Similar profile to the Knight-Questor except instead of a rerollable save, he ignores Rend. This might be preferable when facing armies that pile it on. At setup he can take one of three oaths; the first one lets him take wounds for a nominated Stormcast Hero as long as he's within 3", like an automatic Look Out Sir. The second lets you name a Hero in the enemy army, which gives the Errant free rerolls to hit and to wound versus that guy. The final and arguably best oath gets you an extra attack, cumulatively, for every 10 wounds you inflict - and with a base of three attacks at 3+/3+/-1 doing D3 damage each, that isn't too hard. He also rerolls all failed charge rolls, no catch. All in all a pretty strong character; team him up with a Celestant on foot and Castellant for your own little Stormcast Adventuring Party.
  • Knight-Zephyros:* (100pts) 6 Attacks, 7 on the charge. She can run and shoot in the same turn. Her best ability is "Windrider" - When a friendly Stormcast Eternal unit within 9" uses their Ride the Winds Aetheric ability, she can follow in their wake; she can immediately move in the same manner up to the distance moved by the unit she is following, provided that she ends this move within 9" of them and more than 3" from any enemy models. If she moves in this way, she may not run or charge in that turn. Unlike Neave Blacktalon, the Knight-Zephyros can benefit from Command Traits, Artifacts, and can be part of other Stormhosts. In short, she's a great skirmisher and is a useful asset to keep in your backline to cut off any pesky throw-away squads gunning for an uncontested objective (looking at you, skinks).

Battleline Units[edit]

All matched play games require 2-4 battleline units as a minimum. Some units are made battleline by your choice of general.

Strike Chamber[edit]

  • Liberators: (Battleline, 90/480pts, Min:5, Max:30) Your basic melee troops, strong with average durability (4+ and 2 wounds). Sigmar tweaked those to be used against the strongest Chaos enemies, so always go for the biggest model on the field. Now let's talk a little about weapon options because you can have four different flavors of Liberators. If you want to arm them with a weapon and shield, it doesn't matter which weapon, as the math is the same (0,66 damage per model and you can reroll save rolls of 1 improving them from 50% to 58%) so long as there are no buffs and other special rules to change the odds. Really though, the differences between Sword and Hammer are so marginal you won't really see them; just remember that your Liberators get a lot better at punching if you heap on the buffs, going from 0,66 Wounds up to 1,29 Wounds per model if you do it juuust right. Also, get a choice to taking paired weapons for doubling hits on 6s or Shields to reroll saves of 1.
    • Always choose to add the special weapon (the same efficiency again between the two, but doubled compared to the normal weapons and with a -1 rend). But even with all this, don't start to believe that your Liberators are powerful melee units, as a lot of stuff will outclass them on a Wound-to-Damage basis. What they can do is outlast most of those. Their job is to break the charge, hold objectives and keep your heroes safe.
      • Regarding the shields. With paired weapons granting additional hits on unmodified rolls of 6 means, there is now a legitimate reason to not want to go with the shields. You will lose the re-rolling 1's for saves but with potential extra damage. With the changes to mystic shield and other buffs from your new mages, it is entirely possible to make them just as survivable (for instance a paired weapon squad with a mystic shield is just as durable as a shield squad but better in combat. Though spells are never guaranteed and there is only a chance at additional hits as you need 6's unmodified. Though with a big enough squad you can increase your chances of 6 with enough attacks. If you are taking smaller squads it's probably better to stick with the shields, but in larger groups, the paired weapons may see more viability, especially with a mystic shield on them.
      • Alternative take: As an earlier anon said, Liberators aren't your killing machines, they're there to bear the impact of your opponent's attacks and survive long enough for Retributors and their other large-and-in-charge cousins to get smacking things. Are exploding sixes useful? Damn, right they are. Are your Liberators there to rain attacks down on your enemies when there are probably other units that can do the job much better? That depends on your personal strategies. But it's a choice between trading out the equivalent of a permanent, no-cast-required mystic shield on your unit that is built to endure vs. improving the offensive bottom line of a unit that arguably isn't build to be offensive. The choice is yours.
  • Judicators: (Stormcast Battleline, 140pts , Min:5, Max:20) Battleline if you're running a Stormcast Eternals army. Your basic ranged troops, same stats as the Liberators. They can reroll hit rolls of 1 against Chaos in the shooting phase. If you arm them with Skybolt Bow, you can do 0,44 damage per model with -1 rend at 24". With a Boltstorm Crossbow, you can do 0,66 damage per model with at 12" and if you don't move this number goes up to 0,99 damage per model. As with Liberators, always add the special weapon (1,54 damages per model with -1 rend at 24" for the Shockbolt Bow, 2 mortal wounds with the Thunderbolt Crossbow if it hits; the larger the target unit, the better your chances. It has a 1 in 3 chance of hitting a lone monster, so it isn't quite impossible to land a hit if there aren't any blobs of infantry around to blow up). In melee you do an average of 0,33 damage, the bare minimum to reply in combat, which is where these guys don't want to be. When it comes to weapon choice, different tactics apply. Bows will see you getting a better payoff in the long run; let them hang back and pincushion the enemy's units and they'll do fine. However, if you manage to set up the triple shots for the crossbows, you're going to darken the sky with bolts and chortle heartily at all the saves your opponent is forced to take. Spread your Liberators wide, so they act as a net to trap the enemy, then put Judicators behind them to tear up anyone foolish enough to attack you. This way your crossbowmen will start where they're most needed, and you needn't go to any extra effort to set them up.

Sacrosanct Chamber[edit]

  • Sequitors: (Conditional Battline: Lord Arcanum General, 120pts, Min:5, Max:20) Battleline if LORD-ARCANUM is your General. All in all, Sequitors are upgraded Liberators: firstly, Sequitors' mauls have a To Hit value of 3+ against all targets, while the Liberators' hammers only have said advantage against beefy enemies. In addition, they can also take a sword instead that only wounds on 4's, but they get three attacks each; These upgrades already sound sweet, but wait until you hear the second one: at the beginning of every combat phase, the unit can choose to be more offensive, rerolling all failed To Hit rolls, or more defensive, rerolling all failed Save rolls. Combining the upgraded shields with a Lord-Castellant or with your trusty Staunch Defender makes them one of the toughest battlelines in the game, both stronger and tankier than regular Liberators. 2 in 5 models in the unit can take a Stormsmite Greatmace, in addition to that the Sequitor-Prime can have a Greatmace too. This makes 3 Greatmaces (3+/3+/-1/2) per Unit. You'll have to give up the mortal wound on 4+ in combat, which the Prime is able to dish out with his redemption cache when he is not holding that big hammer. In addition, Greatmaces score d3 hits to Daemons or Nighthaunts on a Hit roll of 6+. These upgrades are not free, as Sequitors are slightly more expensive than Liberators, and on another note, you can't take Sequitors in as big a squad as Liberators (max 20 in comparison to the Liberators 30), but this is more than compensated by the Sequitors inherent effectiveness. They are a great option as a battleline alternative, and a fundamental one in a magic-focused Stormcast Eternals army.
    • Sequitors vs Liberators: This is going to be a tough one going forward as both units have uses to bring. Liberators have gotten some upgrades to their bravery and weapon options that ups their game in comparison to Sequitors a bit, though Sequitors are still obviously better per model. The Sequitors are more effective in combat and on the defense than Liberators, but are more expensive and come in smaller unit sizes. And since you can fit more models into Liberator squads with the potential of their new paired-weapons to generate more attacks they can potentially put out a lot more attacks, but less effective ones. A good option could be to use both. Use Liberators more defensively, using their greater numbers and reasonable combat abilities as objective grabbers and charge breakers, while deepstriking in the Sequitor units into the enemy lines as assault units. Really both have their uses and it is up to the player on what they want to do with both. Against other elite order armies you're taking these guys to dunk on Saurus Guard, Hearthguard Beserkers, Sisters of Slaughter,and Lumineth stone hats.

Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber[edit]

  • Vanguard-Hunters: (Conditional Battline: Lord Aquilar General, 100pts, Min:5, Max:15) Battleline if LORD-AQUILOR is your General. They are armed with either a sabre or handaxe (which, stat-wise, have the same relationship as the hammer vs. sword on your Liberators) and all carry a Run & Shoot Boltstorm Pistol 9"/2/3+/4+/-/1, making them an odd Jack-Of-All-Trades unit. Further, they have an 'Astral Compass', which affords an ability similar to 40k's outflank (but better!). Rather than deploying normally with Scions of The Storm, on the first turn during your movement phases, you can just walk them on from any table edge - so long as you are within 6" of that edge, and more than 7" from enemy models. Meaning it's more probable than not you can make a charge against the thing you just shoot, making them pretty good at alpha strike/beheading first turn offensives.
    • Coming in at more than Liberators and without the option to take that all-important Sigmarite shield, Vanguard-Hunters are notably more squishy than their brethren. Their lack of 'special' weapon makes them the only battleline choice that doesn't have something a little more choppy to fall back on (but between ranged and melee attacks they make 4 each, while Liberators make only 2). That being said, the application of a well-timed Astral Compass can really swing things in your favor.

Slow Units[edit]

Strike Chamber[edit]

All the Paladins have the same basic profile, swapping an inch of movement for an extra wound and point of bravery for their Liberator brethren. 2 in every 5 models of all Paladin units can take a Starsoul Mace that automatically inflicts D3 mortal wounds.

  • Retributors: (190pts, Min:5, Max:20) It's Hammertime! Retributors are the jack of all trades when it comes to Paladins. With each of them getting 2/3+/3+/-1/D2, they'll pile on the saves your opponent has to take, your opponent will sorely regret every save he fails. While their special ability isn't as gimmicky as the others', it's the most reliable, with Unmodified 6s to hit inflict 2 MW instead. Probably the best and most consistent all-around choice out of the paladins, there's not much in the game that'll enjoy being in combat with these guys.
  • Decimators: (170pts, Min:5, Max:20) These guys have an ax to grind. They don't like horde infantry, and horde infantry doesn't like them. With a 2" range per guy, you want these men in the thick of the fight, as deep in an enemy unit as possible. Why do you ask? Because each Decimator gets one attack for every enemy model within that 2" and at 3+/3+/-1/1 they'll certainly put a combine harvester to shame. Furthermore, enemies have to subtract 2 from their bravery when within 6" of a Decimator, so even more of your opponent's models will decide to call it a day after seeing their buddies get blenderised. They're far weaker to monsters or characters since they will generally only get 1 attack per guy. You could potentially add a Starsoul Mace to deal with that, but a previous anon covered this merit of this idea quite nicely. You're trading a bucketload of attacks against horde infantry for a few guaranteed knocks against a monster you shouldn't have engaged with Decimators in the first place.
  • Protectors: (170pts, Min:5, Max:20) Protectors come with big glaives and are almost as blendy as the Decimators with a whopping 3 attacks each. And thanks to their 3" reach, they can quite easily fight over the top of any other troops you want to put them with. Provides Shooting protection with -1 to hit them and at another unit within 6 inches of them gain Cover if Protectors are closer targets. Despite these fun abilities, though, they're most at home cutting down monstrous creatures. An Unmodified 6's to hit Deal D6 Damage instead of 1. Potentially cutting down even dragons with ease. It can also reach over a front rank to shank any dickheads who thought they were safe in the back with their 3" weapons. And never ever forget that, potentially, even a single Protector can murder the Glottkin at full wounds. Sure, the chances are about as high as winning the lottery, but the fact that it's even possible puts them head and shoulders over a lot of your other choices.
  • The table below is based on a unit of 5 with no rerolls.
Paladin MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
Retributors 4.4 1.8 5.9 3.0 7.4 4.4 8.9 5.7
Protectors 3.3 1.7 4.4 2.7 5.6 3.7 6.7 4.7
  • It is hard to apply MathHammer to Decimators because of their variable number of attacks but when each Decimator is in reach of 3 models each they have the same output as Protectors. When they are within reach of 4 models each they have the same damage output as Retributors although with greater reliability.

Sacrosanct Chamber[edit]

  • Castigators: (70pts, Min:3, Max:18) cheaper Judicators with a smaller unit size and a Skybolt Bow with less range. Like the Sequitors, Castigators have an ability that allows you to choose between 2 different upgrades: during the shooting phase, you can choose to Re-roll 1s to hit or increase their rend by 1. You could also benefit from both by having a Lord-Arcanum use its command ability. Also has d3 exploding hits on 6+ against Daemons and Nighthaunts.
  • Celestar Ballista: (110pts, Artillary) Did someone want Quad Heavy Bolters in AOS? Well here you go- The Mustash man now doesn't have to import his guns. The Ballista has 2 firing modes, a 36" shot that hit on 3+ or 4 18" shots that hit on 5+. the best thing about the Ballista is that each successful hit turns into d6 hits with -2 rend. Hordes and single wound elites beware.
  • Evocators: (210pts, Min:5, Max:20) A cabal of Magical Paladins (No Paladin Keyword). Each Evocator model can choose between Tempest Blade and Stormstave or Grandstave - the paired weapons get 4 attacks at 3+/3+/-1/1 with 1" range, the Grandstave gets 3 attacks at 3+/3+/no rend/2/ with 2" range.
    • The table below is based on a unit of 5 with no rerolls. If the unit Empowers itself, then they do 33% more wounds irrespective of load out.
Evocator MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
Tempest Blade and Stormstave 4.4 2.6 5.9 3.9 7.4 5.2 8.9 6.7
Grandstave 4.4 1.7 6.7 3.4 8.9 5.4 11.1 7.4
  • Based on the MathHammer above, there isn't much in it. A whole unit of Evocators with Grandstaves will on average do two more wounds against hordes but about the same against more heavily armoured foes. Grandstaves will have the advantage against ethereal foes (not to mention the reach making it more likely they will get in). The Blade and Stave will be much better against units with rerolls however as the rend will have a much greater impact. All in all it is probably better to have a mix although large units will want to lean on the Grandstave more heavily due to the extra reach.
  • Unlike true PALADINS, Evocators only have a 4+ save, but on the other hand, they're still Move of 5. A unit of Evocators counts as a single Wizard so long as it has at least 2 models, and it has access to the Empower spell and the Lore of Invigoration(thanks to an errata) but they cannot cast Arcane Bolt or Mystic Shield. Where Evocators really shine, though, is their ability Celestial Lightning Arc. First, it allows the unit to re-roll save rolls of 1 in the shooting phase, but second, it allows the Evocator unit to, after attacking, roll 2 dice for each Evocator in the unit, and each 4+ deals a mortal wound to an enemy unit within 3" of the Evocator unit. This works on a unit-by-unit basis instead of model by model, so so long as one Evocator is within 3" of an enemy, you can choose that enemy as the target. On average, you'll do one mortal wound per Evocator. A good way to use this is to select the Evocators as the first unit you activate and pile them in so that one model is within 3" of an important character, resolve all your attacks against another unit, and then deal the mortal wounds from Celestial Lightning Arc to a character, most likely killing the character before they get a chance to attack and denying your opponent critical support abilities. As you can tell, Evocators are very very good right now. Unless you have a compelling argument otherwise, you should be running them.
  • Stormsire's Cursebreakers: Only usable alongside Averon Stormsire. A pair of Evocators with 1 extra attack each and rerolling 1s against Death and Chaos.

Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber[edit]

  • Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows: (170pts, Min:3, Max:12) Snipers with magical giant crossbows that shoot thunders. They have 24" range, or 30" if they don't move; their weapons are very powerful but only shoot once each turn, but with a 6 to hit they instead deal 2 mortal wounds. These are the guys you want for killing commanders/wizards/support heroes/war machines or just elite units that are highly armored and powerful but not very numerous. Just find them some cover and/or high ground and start head shooting; some screening units, particularly Aetherwings, are also welcome. They can also hold pretty well if some fast melee unit catches to them, because they've got the basic Liberator stat line (but only 1 melee attack and Bravery 7), but don't expect them to survive for very long and send them some support asap. Using a Lord Aquilor to teleport them every time the enemy is gonna catch them will give your opponent repeated rage episodes and/or seizures, which are always fun things to see.
  • Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows: (140pts, Min:3, Max:12)"These magical lightning-shooting crossbows my guys have are nice and all", thought Sigmar one day, "but I can do even better". Then he gave them magical lightning-shooting machine guns. So, now they only have 18" range, but make 6 attacks, or fucking 9 if they don't move. Also -1 for enemies charging within 12". Support them with some Aetherwings or something that can tarpit the enemy well (like Liberators), and even saints will start flipping tables: if all goes well, they'll never be in melee, while still peppering thing with lots of shots. Use terrain to your advantage, too. They're excellent against hordes with low saves, slow units, or units with good saves but low numbers (with enough paper cuts, even the mightiest armor will be breached). Be aware of units with both decent numbers and armor, though, as they will survive, reach you and kick your sorry ass. If you're still not convinced, because of their low range and the high cost and all, use a Lord Aquilor to just go, *Poof*, whenever the enemy is going to reach you. Guaranteed to break even the strongest, years-long, "you-saved-my-life-and-married-my-sister" friendships.

Fast Units[edit]

Strike Chamber[edit]

  • Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers:(90pts, Min:3, Max:12) With the ability to fly 12", these guys are basically assault marines. The hammers shoot 18" at 4+/4+. This goes up to a 3+/3+ when you close to face-smashing range, which won't be hard considering that they can charge 3D6. Never forget the increased charge range, especially when you are setting them up via Lightning Strike, as it grants them a significantly better chance of making that 10" charge. These guys will lend your army some much-needed mobility. Soften up a big enemy unit for a charge, pick off wizards and war machines, or zoom on to a much-needed objective. For every one in three, one can take a special weapon: Either the Grandblade or Grandhammer you were already used to, or 1" range version of the Decimators' greataxe.
  • Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins: (90pts, Min:3, Max:12) Get a completely exclusive Warscroll for some arbitrary reason. Increased in cost from 80 to 100 for three winged, armored spartans with Spear and Shields. Surprisingly poor in melee but pretty damn good at range, they get only 1 attack at 4+/4+/-/1 in melee, but also an 18" shot at 3+/3+/-/1, which goes up to 2 damage at ranges over 9". One in three can instead get a Stormsurge Trident so you can also rock freaking Poseidon while you're at it. The Trident is pretty much what you're used to from the Stormcasts, gaining -1 Rend and 2 damage both in melee and shooting. Their Prime also shoots twice, so stick (hehe) him with the Trident. And to top it off, they get some nice Sigmarite Shields for rerolls of 1s on saves. Never let these guys anywhere NEAR the enemy. Because their damage goes up to 2 outside of 9", they're going to do roughly 3.4 wounds per turn whether you stay back for the bonus or charge in to shoot and stab at the same time. One of those options keeps them almost entirely out of harm's way, so it shouldn't be a difficult decision. If you need some burst damage, throw your javelins at 10" and then use your 3D6" to make that charge.
  • Gryph-hounds: (120pts, Min:6, Max:18) Your war hounds. 3 wounds and claws of 2/3+/4+/-/D1 that increases to 4 attacks if near a Castellant or Veritant but no Armour saves. They will be found near archer because of Warning Cry let them shoot enemies that think they can deep strike you. If the enemy doesn't deepstrike, They will be put on chaff duty, Using their attack & retreat ability to annoy heavy hitters by tieing them down and then running away before they can smack them back.

Sacrosanct Chamber[edit]

  • Evocators on Celestial Dracolines: (260pts, Min:3, Max:12) Evocators riding Dracolines granting them 2 more wounds and a 12" movement. The Dracolines acquit themselves well with similar attack profile to the Tempest Blade and Stormstave, namely 3/3+/3+/-1/D1. In addition to its Evocator ability, the Dracolines give -1 Bravery to nearby enemies and increase their claw damage to d3s on a charge. All of this culminates in something that can kill a lot of people and Skeletons.
    • The table below is based on a units all armed with Tempest Blades and Stormstaves with no rerolls.
Evocators vs Evocators on Celestial Dracolines MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
5 Evocators 4.4 2.6 5.9 3.9 7.4 5.2 8.9 6.7
3 Evocators on Celestial Dracolines 4.7 2.0 6.2 3.3 7.8 4.7 9.3 6.1
3 Evocators on Celestial Dracolines (charging) 6.7 2.7 8.9 4.6 11.1 6.5 13.3 8.6
  • The difference between the two units from a purely MathHammer approach is a bit of a toss up. The EoCD are 36% more expensive than normal Evocators but do 50% more damage on the charge. When charged the difference between the two is minimal. The bravery debuff is largely irrelevant (and probably largely forgotten) so it comes down to your preferred play-style. The normal Evocators are better for buffing Sequitors (especially as part of a Cleansing Phalanx battalion). The EoCD are better for roving around the board bullying small units and taking objectives as they can buff themselves fairly easily.

Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber[edit]

  • Aetherwings: (40pts, Min:3, Max:12) Attack birds Defense birds. Lovely plumage. At about 8 pts per wound for 4+/4+/-/1, it's a waste to use them to attack anything. They will kill nothing and promptly die due to "-" armor. Now look at their ability: if they are hanging out close to their masters Vanguard-Raptors, they can move in response to opponent declaring a charge on Raptors. These are designed to be cheap chaff to protect your Vanguard-Raptors with their atrocious melee and can use their 12" movement to swoop about and control objectives when necessary.
  • Vanguard-Palladors: (170pts, Min:3, Max:12) Gryph riders - your new fast cavalry with either javelins or axes. Their mounts are surprisingly powerful for skinny demi-gryphs, having 5 Wounds and a 4+ Save, and -2 Rend mortal-wound-causing attacks, meaning they eat other armies' heavy cavalry for breakfast. So do not think of them as cheap cavalry, in fact, they're pretty expensive and elite, use gryph hounds/aetherwings for that. They got a good 12" Move, but most of the time you'll just use their "jump" ability: instead of both moving and running/charging, you can make them move 6D6 inches (so an average 21 inches) as if they could fly. And you can shoot that turn, too! Remember you cannot charge that turn, so this is only for positioning them in strategic places or make them reach things faster. Fast and all-purpose, they're a simple but excellent unit.

Extremis Chamber[edit]

Your elite Dragon Riders. In Pitched Battles, they come in units of at least 2 and cost more than 200 points. All Dracothian Guard units have the same profile - 10" move, 3+ save which re-rolls 1s, 5 wounds per model, and bravery 7. In addition, they all have the same attacks for their mounts - Claws and Fangs(3+/3+/-1/1 weapon which up their damage to d6 on natural Wound rolls of 6s) and Storm Breath (shooting attack, hits on 4+, deals d3 mortal wounds, 12" range) - the primary difference comes from their weapons and a few special abilities. Note that the kit comes with the parts to make all of these, and enough spare arms to magnetize at least two weapons for each model, so you don't have to commit while you're building them.

  • Concussors: (220pts, Min:2, Max:12) Retributors +1 on dragons. As with the Retributors, Concussors are the jacks of all trades. Their Lightning Hammers get 3 swings each, at 3+/3+/-1/2, and a 6 to hit both inflicts a mortal wound AND prevents the target unit from piling in later in the phase, which means Concussors can land with only one or two enemy models in attack range, do this, and laugh as the enemy as they can't pile in to attack back. Be sure to activate these guys first, if you're trying for that.
Concussor MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
Lightning Hammer 2.7 0.6 3.6 1.3 4.4 2.1 5.3 2.9
Claws and Fangs 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.7 2.2 1 2.7 1.4
Combined 4 0.9 5.3 2 6.7 3.1 8 4.3
  • Desolators: (190pts, Min:2, Max:12) A "fuck you" to everyone at the table including the guy who bought them. Desolators are at first glance slightly worse than Concussors, with worse To Hit rolls and mostly the same otherwise, then you read their special rule, which increases their attacks the bigger the unit is, going from 3 attacks at 3 or fewer models up to 5 attacks with 6 or more models. Yes, GW expects you to buy four boxes of these just to reliably keep their bonus. Other than that, Desolators are plenty terrifying in small numbers already, but if you don't want to go the extra mile and field 7 or 8 of them, just use Concussors and have done.
Desolator MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
2 Desolators Thunderaxe 2 0.2 2.7 0.6 3.3 1.1 4 1.7
Claws and Fangs 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.7 2.2 1 2.7 1.4
Combined 3.3 0.5 4.4 1.3 5.6 2.2 6.7 3.1
4 Desolators Combined 11.3 4.1 15.1 7 18.9 10.3 22.7 13.6
6 Desolators Combined 25.3 12.2 33.8 19.2 42.2 26.6 50.7 34.4
  • Fulminators: (220pts, Min:2, Max:12) YES. Cavalry with actual charge weapons. No, they're not spears, they're glaives, like the ones the Protectors get, but cooler. Same stats but shorter range, but here's where it gets interesting: They don't give a To Hit penalty to enemy shooters, they give you +1 to your saves against shooters, which stacks with the shields for rerollable 2+ saves against shooting. The glaives also don't get bonus damage against monsters, their damage just climbs from 1 to 3 in the turn they charge. These are your line breakers. They're pointless to shoot at with anything less than War Machines and raise holy hell if they make the charge. However, they are a bit less intimidating than Concussors if they don't charge. Combine these with a Heraldor to make sure you can charge every turn,
Fulminator MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
Not charging Stormstrike Glaive 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.7 2.2 1 2.7 1.4
Claws and Fangs 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.7 2.2 1 2.7 1.4
Combined 2.7 0.6 3.6 1.3 4.4 2.1 5.3 2.9
Charging Stormstrike Glaive 4 0.9 5.3 2 6.7 3.1 8 4.3
Claws and Fangs 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.7 2.2 1 2.7 1.4
Combined 5.3 1.3 7.1 2.6 8.9 4.2 10.7 5.8
  • Tempestors: (190pts, Min:2, Max:12) The odd one out. These guys want to be shooty, with a 4-shot crossbow. -1 to hit for Enemy shooting within 12" of them. Don't expect them to shoot something dead or out-damage the other variants.
Tempestor MathHammer
Weapon 3+ Save 4+ Save 5+ Save 6+ Save
Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D. Mean Mean - 1 S.D.
Warblade 1.2 0.2 1.8 0.6 2.4 1.1 3 1.6
Claws and Fangs 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.7 2.2 1 2.7 1.4
Combined 2.5 0.5 3.6 1.3 4.6 2.1 5.6 3
Volleystorm Crossbow 0.9 0 1.3 0.3 1.8 0.6 2.2 1

Note that none of the MathHammer above includes the chances of getting D6 damage on a 6 to wound with the Dracoths nor the chance to get mortals with the Concussors. Your choice of draco-chonker depends on your playstyle. If you want to go all in (600 points), 6 Desolators will do big damage to a lot of stuff but it is a not particularly durable basket. If you don't make your charge out of deepstrike then you are laying out a big target for your opponent to gobble up. If you only want the one "small" unit, then your choice between Fulminators and Concussors is largely a toss up. The damage of the Concussors is more reliable but the Fulminators are more likely to make it into combat unscathed. There is never a place for Tempestors however, the -1 to hit is so short ranged that it won't come into play often and the damage from the Volleystorm Crossbows is so negligible (2 dead grots on average) that you might as well not bother.


Always weigh the value of the bonus rules, Traits, Command points and artifacts against adding an additional unit to your army. Most battalions now clock in around 150-200 points, which is roughly the average base cost of most Stormcast units.

Single Battalions[edit]

  • Lords of the Storm

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

A Lord Celestant (Either on foot, Dracoth, or on a Stardrake), a Lord-Relictor, an optional Gryph-hound unit, 1-4 Lord-Castellants or -Veritants, and 3-15 Knights-Heraldor, -Vexillor, -Azyros, or -Venator.

130 points. So long as any heroes from the formation remain on the battlefield, at the beginning of your hero phase you roll a die and on a 4+ you get an extra command point.

Between the cost, the conditional effect and the rather specific/steep requirements you are better off not taking this battalion in most cases.

  • Cleansing Phalanx

found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals 2018

2 Evocators or mounted on Dracoline, 2 Sequitors

120 points. When Evocators cast Empower on the Sequitors, the Sequitors can re-roll all hit rolls in addition to wound rolls.

Far and away the best battalion we have in the faction. Sequitors are already insane for their cost just on their own. Between the Sequitors and Evocators Stormcast have some of the strongest combat units in the game for their cost and this battalion just requires you take the best units you were probably already going to take. Just imagine 10 sequitors, now imagine you use the command ability on your Lord Arcanum on Gryph-charger guaranteeing the Empower from your Evocators is successful. Your 10 block of BATTLELINE infantry is re-rolling ALL their hits, their wounds AND their saves!

  • Grand Convocation

found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals 2018

1 unit with the Lord-Arcanum keyword, 1 Lord-Exorcist, 2+ Knight-Incantor

130 Points. If one model is wholly within 9" of 2 other models, add +1 to Casting Rolls.

  • Hailstorm Battery

found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals 2018

1 Lord-Ordinator, 1 Celestar Ballista, 1 Castigators

120 Points. In this Battalion the wounds your Castigators inflict act as markers lights and grant the Ballista a re-roll to hit.

  • Soulstrike Brotherhood

found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals 2018

1 Celestar Ballista, 2 Castigators, 2 Vanguard-hunters

120 Points. If one of the Hunters were on the field at the start of the turn, any Sacrosanct unit in the battalion entering the battlefield gets +1 attack to their missile weapons for the turn. More Dakka for your artillery.

  • Thunderhead Brotherhood

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

Three gangs of Liberators and two gangs of Judicators.

150 points. If a Liberator squad is put in front of a judicator squad when they get shot, the Liberators act as cover (Which will get a lot less usage than it sounds). Judicators must be wholly within 3" of the Liberators to benefit from their shields.

  • Vanguard Wing

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

3 packs of Prosecutors and a pack of Liberators as well as judicators in a rather nice formation.

140 points. If the Liberators or judicators are within 16" of the Prosectors and they roll a 6 to hit, they can even inflict 2 wounds for each hit, making dual-wielding an actually useful option.

  • Hammerstrike Force

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

Two Paladin gangs and a pack of Prosecutors.

120 points. In the hero phase pick ONE of the Paladin units wholly within 9" of the flyboys, they add +1 to wound rolls for the Paladin unit.

  • Devastation Brotherhood

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

One pack of every sort of Paladin assembled together with a pack of Prosecutors and a group of Judicators.

110 Points. If the Paladins all wound an enemy unit in the same Combat Phase, that unit will get even further turbo-rekt by d6 additional mortal wounds. The Prosecutors are there to bog down the enemy so you can hit them; they can force an enemy unit within 9" to take -1 Bravery. If Judicators cause any wounds to a unit in the shooting phase, the enemy unit gets -d6 to movement until your next turn.

  • The Skyborne Slayers

Found on the GW Website Here and for free on the app.

A Lord-Celestant leads 2 squads of Liberators, 2 squads of Judicators, and a squad each of Decimators and Protectors.

180 points. This entire formation can deep-strike absolutely anywhere they like so long as it's 5" from any enemies and within 12" of a point, and they never suffer Battleshock. This rule is separate from the normal deepstrike, and allows for all the units in the battalion to set up in the celestial realm, and they all have to come down at the same time also. LUBE UP, THE STORM'S COMING IN DRY! Only semi-legal in tournament play depending on the organizer (not sure why OP thinks this wouldnt be tournament legal, its and official Battalion from GW, and is included in the 2019 Generals Handbook.)

  • Warrior Brotherhood

Found in the Grand Alliance: Order book.

2 heroes in any combination with 1 unit of prosecutors, 2 units of paladins, 3 units of liberators, and 2 units of judicators.

170 points. Benefits include +1 bravery to any unit within 6" of another, deep lightning strike: can start with any unit in reserve and teleport it in the movement phase at least 9" away from enemies, and a re-roll on wound rolls of 1 for any unit within 8" of two other units from the battalion.

  • Vanguard Angelos Conclave

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017).

1-3 units of Vanguard-Palladors join 3-9 groups of Hunters.

150 points. The Palladors roll 3 extra dice for their Ride the Winds Aetheric ability.

Fucking garbage.

  • Vanguard Justicar Conclave

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017).

3 units of Raptors and 3 units of Aetherwings

120 points. The Raptors re-roll to hits of 1 when shooting something that's within 12" of any Aetherwings from this Conclave.

  • Lightning Echelon

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Extremis and Stormcast Eternals (2017).

Two units each of Fulminators and Tempestors.

120 points. Once per game, all charging units from this battalion cause d3 mortal wounds.

  • Thunderwave Echelon

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Extremis and Stormcast Eternals (2017).

Two units each of Concussors and Desolators

100 points. -1 bravery to units within 3".

  • Drakesworn Temple

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Extremis and Stormcast Eternals (2017).

Three fucking Drakesworn Templars

130 points. Together, they can sparkle so hard they inflict Mortal Wounds on enemies / heal your Stormcasts.

  • Sempiternals Hailstorm Battery

Found in the August 2019 issue of White Dwarf.

A Lord-Ordinator, a Castigators unit and a Celestar Ballista. Everyone must be Anvils of the Heldenhammer.

150 points. Castigators and Ballista can reroll every 1 to wound when shooting if they're within 12" from the Lord-Ordinator.

  • Sempiternals Cleansing Phalanx

Found in the August 2019 issue of White Dwarf.

2 units of Evocators and 2 units of Sequitors. Everyone must be Anvils of the Heldenhammer.

170 points. Like the regular Cleansing Phalanx, but instead of rerolls, the Sequitors get +1 Rend when Empowered by the Evocators.

  • Wardens of the Stormkeep

Broken Realms.

1 Lord-Celestent and 2-5 Stormcast Eternals Heros. Must be a stormkeep and can't include Monsters.

- 140 points. During hero phase roll dice with a +3 for general, on 5+ gain +1 CP.

  • Stormtowner Garrison

Broken Realms.

1 knight-Vexillor and 2-4 Liberators, 1-2 Paladins, 1-2 Judicators. Must be a stormkeep.

- 160 points. Paladins and Judicators wholly within 12" of a Liberators gain the Shield of Civilization trait.

  • Stormkeep Patrol

Broken Realms.

1 Lord-Veritant and 1 Gryph hounds, 2 Redeamers or Justicars. Must be a stormkeep and can't include Monsters.

- 130 points. Before the start of the battle you can setup again the whole battalion everywhere, wholly within 9 of the Veritant and 9 of enemy.

Chamber Battalions[edit]

  • Exemplar Chamber

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

The Lords of the Storm instead join 3 Devastation Brotherhoods.

80 points. They get the same Deep-Strike rule but also gain an extra attack if ever a unit dies. If you piss them off, you better pray you can run from the STORM.

  • Harbinger Chamber

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

The Lords of the Storm grab 3 Vanguard Wings.

100 points. This leads to quite a lot of goons. However, any model can deep-strike wherever and whenever they want and they also gain +1 to-hit. Things that get hit by these boys get wrecked. Especially fun for the Venator and the Prosecutors.

  • Sacrosanct Chamber

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternal 2018

1 Grand Convocation, 3 Cleansing Phalanxes, 3 hailstorm Batteries

70 points. For fielding all these units you gain the ability to let one Lord-Arcanum an extra spell.

  • Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017).

Take 1 Lord-Aquilor, 3-9 Knights Azyros, Zephyros or Venators, a Vanguard Angelos Conclave, and a Justicar Conclave.

140 points. You make 1 additional attack for every shooting weapon for every unit in the chamber except heroes. Vanguard-Raptors with 2 shot longstrike crossbows? Thanks to the point changes in the GHB 2020 you can now fit all this stuff in a 2000 points army (1990 points to be precise).

  • Extremis Chamber

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Extremis and Stormcast Eternals (2017).

One of each of the Lightning Echelon, Thunderwave Echelon and Drakesworn Temple plus a Celestant on Stardrake OR Dracoth

100 points. For the filthy rich ($980-$3680 to buy directly from GW). In addition to the bonuses they each get on their own, this battalion allows you to deep-strike them via comet: You pick a point on the battlefield. Each enemy unit within 18" takes D3 Mortal Wounds on 4+. Then, deploy all the entire Chamber within 24" of that same spot, more than 9" from the enemy. Kablooey, here comes the dragons to eat your ass. After that, guess what, MOAR Dragons are even MOAR terrifying because enemies close to them roll 2D6 for Battleshock and pick the highest.

This battalion costs a minimum of 3950 points and a maximum of 13690 points as of General’s Handbook 2018.

  • Warrior Chamber

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

The Lords of the Storm with 3 Thunderhead Brotherhoods and 3 Hammerstrike Forces.

80 points. They are able to re-roll to wound rolls as long as there are at least 50 models on the table.

  • Sempiternals Sacrosanct Chamber

Found in the August 2019 White Dwarf.

A Sempiternals Grand Convocation, 3 Sempiternals Hailstorm Batteries and 3 Sempiternals Cleansing Phalanxes.

90 points. Lynus Ghalmorian gets +9" to the range of his spells.

Defunct Battalions[edit]

  • Wardens of the Realmgate

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

A Lord-Castellant (with an optional gryph-hound) joins a gang of Protectors and two gangs of Liberators in protecting a Baleful Realmgate.

That gate is set up after the Castellant and any time he's within 6" of it during the Hero Phase, he can roll a d6 and summon a new set of Sigmarines (or a unit that just died) within 6" of it. All the Protectors do is give anyone in this set re-rollable saves if they're within 6". S'yeah, summoning Sigmarines. Not really worth it considering you need to shell out for that terrain.

Like Nagash, this Battalion is practically a scenario in and of itself. It can't move away after being placed, but it can crap enormous numbers of Sigmarines onto your opponent and is nigh indestructible with the Castellant's save bonuses and the rerolls from the Protectors. If you're going to field this, build a narrative around it, because under normal circumstances, its immobility makes it nearly useless for the Stormcasts, even if it's actually very powerful.

  • Aetherstrike Force

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017). Removed in the 2018 update.

Take a Knight-Venator, a Knight-Azyros, 2 blobs of Judicators, 2 units of Raptors, and 2 squads of birds.

If your opponent kills a unit from this (like the birds, or heroes), then you get a free shooting attack from one of your units at whatever killed your unit. On top of that, one unit from the battalion can shoot in the hero phase, as long as they shoot at something that's within 12" of some Aetherwings from this or the Azyros.

  • Celestial Hunting Pack

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017). Removed in the 2018 update.

1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth, 1 Lord-Aquilor, 3 units of DRACOTHIAN GUARD, and 3 units of Vanguard-Palladors.

If a unit from this moves over an enemy while Riding the Winds Aetheric, AND there's a unit with the Storm Breath or Storm Blast (basically your Dracothian Guard) within 12" of that enemy unit, that unit takes a single mortal wound. On top of that, if either hero from this is your general, both heroes can use their Command Abilities as though they were your general.

  • Storm Vortex Garrison

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017). Removed in the 2018 update.

1 Lord-Castellant, 1 Knight-Heraldor, 1 Knight-Vexilllor, and 2 groups each of Liberators, Vanguard-Hunters, and PALADINS (of any kind).

For this, you ignore battleshock for everything in this as long as the unit is within 8" of a HERO from this garrison. And if the Liberators or Paladins die, then they can return from the dead when a unit of Hunters arrive from pursuit. The newly revived unit just has to be 7" away from the enemy, 6" of the table edge, and 6" of the Hunters that led the guys back to the battle. Use with a Lord-Aquilor to keep bringing guys back each turn!

  • Storm Heralds

Found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2017). Removed in the 2018 update.

A Lord-Celestant on Stardrake, 3 groups of Prosecutors and 3 units of Vanguard-Palladors become a living thunderstorm.

You can set up any units from the battalion in the Aetheric Currents when a unit of Palladors Rides the Winds Aetheric, you can set up any of the other units from the battalion within 5" of the Palladors that moved and more than 3" from the enemy. When the Prosecutors show up using that ability, they get to add 1 to the hit and wound rolls in the shooting phase. On top of that, the Stardrake can use his Roiling Thunderhead ability in the Hero phase and the Shooting phase.


  • Sigmars Testudo: 30 Shield Liberators in a Line. 20 Protectors directly behind them so they can hit without getting hit back. 2 Units of 5 Bow Judicators behind them who can snipe whilst not be getting sniped back thanks to the Protectors. Lord Castellant to buff your Saves. Lord Relictor to use Divine Light and Healing Storm. Knight Vexillor with the Pennant of Sigmar relic for Battleshock Resistance. 1980 points, 7 drops. Enjoy losing friends.
    • For 2500 points exactly add another unit of Judicators and 6 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows.
    • This has suddenly become insane now. Run your army as a stormkeep army using the rules in Broken Realms Morathi. Bring the Stormtower garrison battalion, using a units of 5 libs and a unit of 30. Now take those 20 protecters to go with them. For this battaillion you'll also need a unit 5 Judicators to fill out your batteline, and then to finish the battalion you'll need a Knight Vexillor. So far thats 1500 points. Next you'll want the Lord Castellant to buff your saves and if you give him the Staunch Defender Warlord Trait and the Lantern of The Tempest he's going to give some incredibly powerful buffs, next a lord relictor for healing light and translocation, then a Knight Incantor for the Auto-Dispel and the Celestial Blades spell. Now you're looking at four drops, 2,000 points on the nose. If you don't move then you'll be getting 2+ saves from shooting, and your opponent will be re-rolling hit rolls of sixes. In combat though, you'll have liberators with 1+ saves rerolling 1s. Your Liberators will never die and no-one will be able to target your protectors because of their 3" range behind the wall of gold.. If they try to shoot you they wont get any exploding 6s, and shooting just generally doesn't do quite as much damage as melee. What you need to do is: Take turn 1 and do one of two things. 1) Prepare for the enemy to come to you. Get your wall of Liberators backed up and then shred anything that comes close. OR 2) Tricksy opponents will play the objective game, so if you turn one teleport the Protectors(using translocation) and the Liberators (Using the pennant of the Stormbringer) onto an objective. They definitely won't die in one turn even with 3+ saves. On turn 2 translocate your Lord Castellent right in the middle of them and watch your opponent cry.

This list can struggle against clever opponents though, so watch out!

  • The Daylord's Legion: Stormcast have Access to Bravery Debuffs listing first what you have In faction: Heldenhammer Command trait, Mystic Light Shriving Light Artifact, God-King's Aspect Player, Terrifying Aspect Spell, Celestant-Prime When he Deepstrike, A Dracoline unit, Decimator, in addition, other things not inside the faction like Allies, endless spells, Realm artifacts, and Realm Effects. If used all the infection abilities together you have a total debuff of -8 to bravery for a turn. You are unlikely to consistently pull this total off. Beware that you have to kill models to get a battleshock test and the effort may be meaningless if the opponent can negate Battleshock tests. To prevent this by you can Focus down the Support units and Heros with Ranged and deep strikes. You can also purposefully Use Inspiring Presence force your opponent to spend his CP so he doesn't have enough to use his stronger abilities.
  • Skyborne Slayers: With 2x5 Libs, 2x5 Judies, 5 Decimators, 15 Protectors, and 1 Lord Celestant, clocking in at 1530 points, and with their own special Deepstrike Ability, you set these guys up your enemy's face (5"!!) and charge in for the alpha strike. Sure you have to set em all up at the same time and within 12" of a point, but not fully within, so leaving some room on the flanks and behind your line. With the new 2020 points reductions, I think id play them with Celestant Prime, and 1 Incantor and the Everblaze comet. Give the Incantor Staff of Focus. This is a Strong Battalion for Alpha Strike.
  • Vanguard Chamber: With the 2020 Points decreases across the board, this Battalion Looks Viable to me in competitive play. This is a Super battalion, meaning it consists of 2 other battalions and some heroes. You can now run 3x3 Longstrikes, and 3x venators. Everyone shoots and non heroes gets +1 on their missile attack profile. Sending 18 2/3/-2/2, with 2mw on 6s to hit, across the board at 30" range is the main damage. The Venators can open up on enemy heroes or monsters fishing for D6+3 Damage, before helping out with shooting the bulk of the enemy army. Aetherwings as cheap and effective screening units, and are designed to basically lock an enemy into melee in the enemy charge phase, so they cant charge, the bird will most likely die, 2w each with no armor save. Unless your oppenent double turns you, they will guarentee another turn of shooting for the longstrikes. Im excited to build this battalion. And thanks to the sub-battalion, the birds also gift the longstrikes reroll 1 to stuff close by, which means more chances to proc the mortal wounds.
    • You can make building this a lot cheaper if you buy a box of prosecutors and stick some Judicators bows on them and maybe some Aetherwings by their feet, but If not then enjoy three £25 single pose heroes!

Army Building[edit]

There is very little that a Stormcast Eternal army can't do. When you're building your army, probably the first decision you should make should be the units you want to use for your battleline. You've actually got four options here.

  • Liberators: Liberators are your main choice for Battleline, what you'll be doing unless you have a theme going. Liberators aren't going to get a huge amount of killing done, but that's not their job - their job is to stay alive and force the enemy to spend time killing them. With a 4+ save and rerolling 1s thanks to their shields, they're good at this. Put them in cover for a 3+, keep them near an objective, and watch your enemy's frustrations mount. With Broken Realms, you can take the stormkeep battle traits and buff these guys into sequitor levels with a 3+ save if they did not move (rerolls for 1s with shield) AND +1 to hit. Not to mention they get 1+ bravery just for being around each other ( other liberators).
  • Judicators: Your choice for ranged battleline, and only battleline if your allegiance is STORMCAST ETERNALS. Judicators are almost half-again as expensive as Liberators, but have the ability to be involved in the battle more thanks to having ranged weapons. If you give them the bows, they'll be decent at holding an objective and giving your melee units covering fire. Judicators can't re-roll saves and don't have the survivability needed to stand up in melee. Keep another unit around to guard them and help hold the objective.
  • Vanguard-Hunters: Battleline as long as you have a Lord-Aquilor general. Vanguard Hunters are a mixed bag, having some ability to shoot with their boltstorm pistols, an extra inch of move compared to most of your units, and an ability to appear 7" away from the enemy and within 6" of the board edge. For all this, they're 10% more expensive than Liberators, without any real addition in killing power. Being able to shoot their pistols in melee does bring you up to a respectable 4 attacks per hunter, though. Unless you absolutely love the Vanguard chamber aesthetic, probably best skipped.
  • Sequitors: Sequitors are Battleline as long as you have a Lord-Arcanum general. For the same cost as Vanguard-Hunters(10% more than Liberators), Sequitors are almost strictly better than liberators. Their weapons are strictly better - their mauls are more accurate than liberator hammers, their swords get more attacks than liberator warblades, and they have access to a large mace that's 3+/3+/-1/2. Sequitors also have shields that let them re-roll save rolls of 1, and an extremely useful unique ability - at the beginning of the combat phase, the unit chooses whether to upgrade its shields to re-roll all saves, or upgrade their weapons to re-roll all misses. All of this combined makes a very powerful unit - the only real downside is that the Lord Arcanum is an unremarkable wizard and for Sequitors he must be your General.

Allied Armies[edit]

While playing a Seize Ground Matched Play battle, throwing in a Seraphon/Stormcast Eternal army for the first time, I discovered they made an all right combo. Sure, they don't have matching keywords or anything, but then Stormcasts don't really need them anyway. The Seraphon work well with the Stormcasts, as the lizard dudes give a front line of more numerous units - Saurus Warriors, for example - and a cheapish cavalry who can chew at your enemy, before the Paladins can -every and make your opponent cry! What's more, the Seraphon can give the on for main thing the Stormcasts are lacking - wizards. Now, with a Lord-Relictor and say, even a Skink Starpriest, enjoy as your Lightning Prayers and Arcane Bolt make wonders ... depending on the fortune of the dice, of course! Finally - it seems that, due to the strength of individual Stormcast units, you can basically ally them with any faction - some more fitting than others. But Seraphon, Sylvaneth and, maybe, Fyreslayers - I don't know! - perhaps ⠋⠊⠞ best.

  • Bundo Whalebiter: A Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant mercenary available to all Order factions. Taking him uses up your entire ally points allowance and he ignores any Behemoth or Hero limitations. A big terrifying centerpiece who can kick objectives around and instantly kill models by shoving them into his net. You can choose at the start of the Combat phase for him to fight at the end of the phase, in exchange for re-rolling failed hit rolls.

Cities of Sigmar[edit]

Hoo boy, did this open some venues.

As a universal rule, Cities of Sigmar armies can grab a unit of Stormcasts as part of their army for every three normal units they hold. Sure, this will rob them of any Stormhost keywords and traits, but you instead gain the city's keyword and special rules. While we won't go into the full specifics of how these cities and forces work, here are some basic ideas.

  • Hammerhal: Fun note here - Aventis Firestrike grants a free CP on the first turn if he's in a Hammerhal army. In addition, any banners (which you'll lack with exception of the Knight-Vexilor) can grant additional CPs and your entire army ignores battleshock while on their side of the board. You can generally pick anything on this end and not go wrong, but do beware how squishy your humie/stuntie/elfy friends are.
  • Anvilguard: Nothing to really support you here. Stormcast aren't really the sort that hurt easily in Battleshock, and going *BLAM* on one is a terrible idea. Being able to delete units via Vitriolic Spray is good, and only costs around 270 points (320 if you add Emerald Lifeswarm for maximum grief).
  • Tempest's Eye: Very keyed towards alpha-striking. Whether it's getting your Vanguard in place to lay down fire early or helping throw Prosecutors and Paladins right in the enemy's face, you really wanna make that turn 1 speed-boost worth your while. Also, remember that the Kharadron Overlords can also cover shooting since they can also be included.
  • Hallowheart: Sacrosanct Chamber says hello. Each Evocator squad can now cast Empower twice a turn, allowing them to boost even more of their own, while the Lord Arcanum can try their special spell and then fire an amped-up Arcane Bolt.
  • The Living City: While not the same as your normal deep-strike, this does give you some fun venues for sniping flanks. Wanted to make your Dracothain Guard fire and then smack up? Want your Judicators to volley fire and then slip away? This is no better way for it.
  • Greywater Fastness: Don't forget your Lord-Ordinator! While Stormcasts lack much in the way of artillery, your Lord-Ordinator can absolutely bolster what war machines you do pack. His command ability doesn't hurt either, especially if you take some more Stormboys to act as a wall for your war machines.
  • The Phonecium: Kinda hard to work with here. Stormcast are expensive. Sure, you can send packs of chaff to fuel your big boys' strikes, but that's just whack. Aetherwings can make decent enough chaff, tho, and the anti-charge ability can give you some control about when they die. Plus, you can paint them as mini Phoenixes!

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