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As of General's handbook 2020 all matched play games are required to take place in one of the mortal realms. Players roll off and the winner picks the Mortal Realm for the battle. This gives both players access to a realm specific command ability and spell as well as gives each terrain in the game (including faction terrain!) an additional scenery rule. If you decide that your army is from a specific mortal realm and wish to make one of your artifacts of power a realm artefact, you must pick the realm artefact from your chosen realm instead of using an artifact from Malign Sorcery

Aqshy: Realm of Fire[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Fireball: CV 5, target unit 18" Range, 1 Mortal Wound vs 1 model, d3 vs 2-9 models, d6 vs 10+ models
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Burning Lands: Terrain has Volcanic in addition to other scenery rules. At the end of each hero phase each unit within 1" of any terrain rolls a die. On a 6 that unit takes d3 Mortal wounds.
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Incandescent Rageblade: 1 of the bearers melee weapons scores 2 hits instead of 1 on an unmodified 6 to hit.
  • REALM COMMAND: Blazing Fervor: At the start of your hero phase, pick 1 friendly unit within 12" of a friendly Hero. Add 1 to run and charge rolls made for that unit until your next hero phase. The same unit cannot benefit from this command ability more than once per phase.

This is a great Counterpick for hoard armies and armies that rely on terrain features. If you are against Sylvaneth pick this and watch them burn to death in their own Wyldwoods.

Chamon: Realm of Metal[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Metamorphic Warding: CV 7, pick a friendly unit wholly within 12" and add 1 to their save rolls. Old mystic shield, give your softer units a little more staying power, make your tougher ones better.
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Transmutive Lands: Terrain has Entangling in addition to other scenery rules. Subtract 2 from run and charge rolls for units within 1" of terrain.
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Plate of Perfect Protection: Negates Rend -1.
  • REALM COMMAND: Living Blades: In the combat phase, pick 1 friendly unit wholly within 12" of a friendly Hero. Add 1 to hit rolls of that unit if it charged that same turn.

Average all-around. Not good or bad this is basically if you want to fight on neutral ground. The entangling can be trouble for armies that are focused on alpha strikes and can turn those "Gauranteed" charges into a sitting duck.

Ghur: Realm of Beasts[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Wildform: CV 5. Select 1 friendly unit within 12" and add 2 to their run and charge rolls until the start of your next hero phase.
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Savage Lands: Terrain features are deadly in addition to any other rules. Roll a die if a unit finishes a normal or charge move within 1", on a 1 they take d3 mortal wounds.
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Predator's Torc: Re-roll charge rolls.
  • REALM COMMAND: Feral Roar: In your hero phase, pick 1 friendly Monster wholly within 12" of a friendly Hero. Until the end of the battle round that Monster is treated as if it has suffered 0 wounds.

The command ability is about the only good thing about this realm, and it is REALLY good. Any monster-heavy army needs to be fighting here. Period. Sons of Behemat should always pick this realm.

Ghyran: Realm of Life[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Shield of Thorns: CV 5, pick a friendly unit within 18", until your next hero phase any enemy unit that charges them takes d3 Mortal Wounds.
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Verdant Lands: Terrain features have the Healing rule in addition to other rules. At the start of the hero phase, roll a die for each friendly unit within 1". On a 6 they can heal d3 wounds.
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Everspring Diadem: Heal 1 wound on each of your hero phases
  • REALM COMMAND: Command the Land: At the end of your hero phase, 1 friendly Hero can attempt to cast Shield of Thorns even if they aren't a wizard and even if it has already attempted to be cast. If they're already a wizard this doesn't count for the spells they cast this round.

The true benefit of fighting here is the buff to Emerald Lifeswarm. Going from bringing back d3 wounds to models to d6 wounds worth is huge for any army.

Hysh: Realm of Light[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Purity of Defense: CV 5, pick 1 friendly unit wholly within 12" of the caster. you can re-roll save rolls of 1 for attacks that target that unit until the start of your next hero phase. A second shorter range, easier to cast, mystic shield. Pretty underwhelming.
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Dazzling Lands: Terrain features have Mystical rule in addition to any other scenery rules. 6+ FNP for models within 1".
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Syari Trueblade: Re-Roll hit rolls of 1.
  • REALM COMMAND: All-Seeing Enlightenment: In your hero phase, pick 1 friendly unit wholly within 12" of a friendly Hero. Do not apply cover modifier for save rolls for attacks made by that unit until your next hero phase.

This is the exact opposite of Aqshy. If you are a hoard army and dependent on your terrain, you want to be fighting here.

Shyish: Realm of Death[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Ripples of the Necroquake: CV7: If successfully cast, until the end of the next hero phase add 1 to casting rolls made to cast endless spells
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Terminal Lands:Terrain features have the Nullification scenery rule in addition to any other scenery rules. Heroes within 1" of terrain can unbind 1 additional spell in the enemy hero phase. Dispel any endless spells that move within 1" of any Nullification terrain.
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Gravesand Brooch: You can re-roll save rolls of 1
  • REALM COMMAND: Amethist Aura: In your hero phase, pick 1 friendly unit wholly within 12" of a friendly Hero. Until the end of that battle round, roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to that unit. On a 6 that wound or mortal wound is negated. Would be nice if it lasted until your next Hero Phase.

Khorne should have set up shop here. with careful placement of terrain this can be really annoying for caster-heavy factions like, say, Legions of Nagash.

Ulgu: Realm of Shadow[edit]

  • REALMSPHERE MAGIC: Judgement of Shadow: CV 7. Pick 1 enemy unit within 12" and roll 7 dice. for each roll less than the unit's unmodified save, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound. If their unmodified save is '-' it suffers a mortal wound for each 2+ instead
  • REALMSCAPE FEATURE: Penumbral Lands: Terrain features have the Overgrown rule in addition to any other scenery rules the have. Models are not visible to each other if an imaginary straight 1mm wide line drawn between the two closest points of the two models over more than 1" of any Overgrown terrain features. this does not count if either model can fly.
  • REALM ARTEFACT: Trickster's Foil: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 for attacks made with a melee weapon.
  • REALM COMMAND: On Me!: once per battle at the end of your movement phase, pick 1 friendly unit wholly within 18" of a friendly Hero. Remove that unit from the battlefield and set it up again wholly within 6" of that friendly Hero and more than 9" of any enemy units.

All around good realm to fight in for the slow and heavily armored. Any army lacking for movement tricks should be fighting here. Decent counterpick against shooty armies. Realm Command ability is a huge movement boost for elite footsloggers. Skaven shouldn't be here.

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