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This is the page for the Age of Sigmar Skirmish, based on the White Dwarf articles in Jan 2019 and Feb 2019 magazines.

What is Skirmish?[edit]

Skirmish is an extension of the AoS core rules and pitched battle profiles. It's designed for an entry-level taster of AoS for people who haven't played AoS, haven't built a large enough army yet, or who just want a quick game.

Why should I play this?[edit]

  • You're new to AoS and want to get to grips with the basic core rules
  • You only have a few models and want to get going straight away
  • Your mates have talked you into having a game and are going to lend you some of their models
  • You want a short game that's fun and doesn't require hours of planning or setup
  • You want to play fantasy Kill Team

How to play[edit]

You'll need a copy of the core rules which are either downloadable or in the Core Book. Skirmish has some minor changes to the core rules (as described later) but basics such as moving, shooting and melee remain much the same.

Choosing your warband[edit]

First of all you're going to need a warband. A warband is a bunch of warriors from one of the four Grand Alliances (Chaos, Death, Destruction, Order) fighting under a single leader (your general).


This is the amount of points that you are allowed to take for your skirmish battle. It is suggested that 250 renown is a good starting point, but anything upto 1000 renown would still make an interesting match.

The points for each unit are based on the matched play points from the Generals Handbook 2018 or latest battletome for that model.

For your general simply take the points cost from the relevant book.

For your units, you will need to divide the cost of the unit by the minimum size of the unit to get the points value of each individual model (rounding down any decimals)

e.g. a unit of 20 Skaven Clanrats are 120pts for 20. This works out as 6pts per model

Unit champions cost an additional half of their normal cost rounding down. (e.g a Clanrat champion would be 9pts.)

Special Weapons that are only allowed in limited amounts, such as a Blood Warrior's Goreglaive or Stormcast Retributor's Starsoul Mace, cost an additional 5 points on the model. (This is added after multiplying the cost of a champion.)


Your general should be chosen from the list of leaders for your chosen alliance. You may only choose one leader for your warband and they can be equipped with a single command trait and artefact taken from the lists below. (Note: these are common across all the alliances and are the only ones available in Skirmish)


Each indivdual model acts as its own unit in Skirmish. You no longer have to adhere to the 1" separation rule from the core rules.


Command Traits[edit]

1. Impetuous Crusader: You can re-roll charge rolls for this general while the general is within 6" of another friendly model.

2. Ambitious Fighter: Add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made by the general while it is within 6" of another friendly model.

3. Inspirational: Add 2 to the Bravery characteristics of the general when taking battleshock tests while it is within 6" of another friendly model.

4. Indomitable Will: This general can attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase as if it were as WIZARD while it is within 6" of another friendly model.

5. Gifted Commander: If this general is within 6" of another friendly model at the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 5+, you receive 1 command point.

6. Ruthless Conquerer: At the start of each combat phase you can choose to sacrifice another model to give this model an advantage. If you do, choose one other friendly model within 3" of both this general and 1 or more enemy models. That friendly model suffers D3 mortal wounds but you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 and wound rolls of 1 for attacks made by this general until the end of that combat phase.


1. Blessed Amulet: Add 1 to the wounds characteristic of the bearer.

2. Cursed Tome: Add 1 to the casting rolls made for the bearer. In addition, if the casting roll is a double 1, this model suffers 1 mortal wound after the effects of the spell have beeen resolved. If this general is not a WIZARD, then the bearer can attempt to cast 1 spell in your hero phase as if they were a WIZARD instead. They know Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt.

3. Masque of Horror: Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made with melee weapons that target the bearer.

4. Armourbane: Pick one of the bearer's melee weapons. Improve the Rend characteristic of the weapon by 1.

5. Oblivion Charm: If the bearer is slain, roll a dice for each model within 3" of them before froming them from the battlefield; on a 4+ the model being rolled for suffers 1 mortal wound.

6. Zephyr Shield: Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks with missile weapons that target the bearer.

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