Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Warscrolls Compendium

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Want to play with all the old WHFB miniatures that haven't made their way across to AOS? The Warscrolls Compendiums exist for exactly this.

As more AOS battletomes are released the size of the Compendiums have gradually shrunk - many old models can be simply used as replacements for newer AOS models, whilst many models (including most named Leaders) have been squatted forever, leaving some books with just a small handful of warscrolls.

The upcoming Cities of Sigmar battletome is expected to squat even more stuff from the Empire / Dwarfs / Elves books.

Points are now in the GHB as of the 2019 release, which means you can now use anything here in matched play (assuming your opponent / tourney organiser isn't being excessively mean).

Be careful of keywords when building armies, for the most part they can't be used in the standard factions (or even taken as allies) due to lack of keywords. (for example, Lizardmen do not have the Seraphon keyword). As a rule, you'll have to take a Grand Alliance in order to choose anything here.

Note both the Skaven Compendium and the Daemons Of Chaos Compendiums exist for download from the GW AOS rules page. However, the Skaven units were removed from the GHB 2019 via an FAQ and all the Daemons units are now fully part of the various Chaos armies. Both books should be considered invalid. The Orks And Goblins book still exists for download from GW if you know the old link, but again all the units have been subsumed elsewhere and so should be ignored.

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