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For your Dwarfs, so you can play your midget-bearded-scotsmen

Dwarfs Summary[edit]

You want fucking Dorfs? Here're your fucking Dorfs. Seriously though, Dwarfs play differently than any other army in the game, being very defensive minded, very slow and very tough. They also rely heavily on internal synergy, so don't expect to win by simply setting up the best units in the army and rolling some dice. Oh, and you have an unusually high number of joke rules.



Warden King on Throne of Power: Great melee damage (before saves, an average of 5.3 damage at rend 2, plus 1.5 damage with no rend) and survavility (8W, 4+ rerollable save). Lets you reroll all wound rolls against any enemy unit you choose, or three of them if you lost against his commander before. Combined with the Dwarf war machines, you can almost always kill the most troublesome enemy monster or hero before it even gets close, so it's pretty great. His Command Ability lets all Dispossesed units within 8" of the king make 1 more attack with their melee weapons. That can be awesome, but his big base size and his low Move (4" like every other Dwarf, but he doesn't get a Musician to always run 4") makes difficult to use its ability where it's most needed. Overall a good Hero, but a little underwhelming for someone who gets carried to combat in a throne lifted by four guys.

Runelord On Anvil Of Doom: When a runelord makes babies with piece of dorf artillary, the anvil of doom is born. Thoreks stats apply both to himself and all generic Anvils of doom now. Its basically a magical weapons platform similar to the empires lunermark. Thorek has suped upabilties of a regular runelord, able to unbind 2 spells as opposed to 1 (with a 2+ modifier to unbind rolls. Is able to strike 2 runes intead of 1 if he is within 4" of his favorite whipping boy Kraggi, who can also unbind a spell (Without the 2+ modifier mind you) and re roll if your (Joke rule incoming!) younger than your opponent. Thorek has three runes at his dispossal, Hearth and home: which means a selected unit does not take battleshock. Oath and steel (Exactly the same as Mystic shield) and Wrath and ruin(Exactly the same as Arcane bolt). on the face of it that might seem a little dissapointing but bear in mind that Thoreks runes all have a 24" casting range (4" more than the average archer) AND runes cannot be unbound like spells AND he and his guards arent all that bad in combat. So basically youve got yourself a spell blocking, self defending, Piece of artillary that can deal out D3 unblockable wounds with no more effort than two rolls of above 1. Not Bad. the only problem is the damn thing can only move 1" and cant charge. So make sure you have a good think about where you set it up.

Apprentice Runesmith: Buffs the Runelord On Anvil Of Doom & can unbind a spell. nuff said.

Far-Ranger: Still brewin' the best stuff. 5 wounds, 4+ save, 4 3+/3+/-1/1 attacks, 3+/4+ crossbow, so not bad but not great as a combat hero. Pretty useful, because he lets you place himself and up to 1 unit of Quarrellers (his famous Rangers) anywhere more than 9" from the enemy, spending their move, any turn after the first. Given that Quarrellers range is 20", take 30 of them (to lose some and still get double shooting) and fire 61 bolts to whatever you want. That's some 16 wounds before saves, so you can wipe out war machines and lightly armored units, or put the hurt on monsters and heroes. If you positioned the drunkards outside charge range, you'll force your opponent to change his plans to deal with them, or face rains of bolts each turn. He also heals D3 wounds to himself or a Dispossessed Hero within 4" each turn (not so good, he'll be far from them, and he's not that important after the ambush), and adds +1 to his Bravery and that of all Dispossessed units within 4" (but only if you are holding a drink, so he also gives you an excuse to booze).

Thane with Battle Standard: This guy's weird. Like any other BSB, he can plant his standard and grant effects to your guys. This one makes all Dorfs within 18" immune to Battleshock, which is pretty neat, and also lowers casting rolls for enemy Wizards by 2.


Miners: Miners are amazing, simply put. They can add a mining cart to the unit, which has its ups and downs. On the one hand, it's four wounds that can't really attack. On the other hand, it grants all other Miners a shooting weapon that while short-ranged is basically their melee profile but with better Rend on top of their melee weapons. If they have the cart, they can also shoot its harpoon if they did not move, but given their otherwise very lacking ranged ability, you will only ever use this harpoon when you're already stuck in melee. Aside from the cart, Miners are Dorf Warriors with great weapons who can suddenly appear on the field so long as they keep 9" from the enemy. Their champion can also take a different weapon which has D3 damage and a Rend of -3 aka the "fuck your Sigmarines" Rend.

Slayers: Take all the bad about Dragon Slayers away and you get normal Slayers. Since you can have big units of them, they aren't all that fragile and they can distract the opponent very well. They can deal Mortal Wounds when they are killed in melee, they swing twice with a bonus to Wound when fighting something with more than 1 Wound and they don't need to take Battleshock if you can draw line of sight to an enemy monster (though their Bravery is 10 already). If you like them, run them at shit they like to hurt and the worst they'll do is force the opponent to waste shots to down them.

War Machines[edit]

Duardin Bolt Thrower: Great, especially if there's an Engineer around. On a Wound roll of 6+, the Bolt Thrower has Rend -3 and doubles its D3 damage. The Engineer grants a flat +1 To Wound, which means the former ability activates on 5+. Nice.

Flame Cannon: The best Dorf gun, some say the best War Machine in the game. Gee, that can't have anything to do with being one of the most expensive War Machines in the GW range, can it? Either way, the cannon simply inflicts D3 mortal wounds. After that, you roll a D6 and on 4+ they take another D3. If an Engineer is next to it, you inflict D6 mortal wounds both times. So no hassle with hitting, wounding, saving. You pick a unit, they melt. Very nice.

Grudge Thrower: Also a nice choice. It can fire indirectly and Hits and Wounds on 3+, with good Rend and constant damage 3. If an Engineer is closeby, you can also fire it twice. The real meat however is its rule Settling a Grudge. Before the game starts, you pick one enemy unit and then your Grudge Thrower can reroll Hit and Wound rolls against it, ensuring that the one unit you need dead will die.

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