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Your High Elves for the Age of Sigmar rules, so you can be an arrogant, snotty bastard on the battlefield while still championing good Order.

If you like the idea of being an elegant but powerful elder race with light shining out of your every orifice (or spending years in Slaanesh's gut before being spit out like Boba Fett) this is the army for you. Or if red, white, and blue with fire is appealing.



Seawarden on Foot


Highborn Spearmen decidedly average. have a slight resistance to ranged attacks and can be bumped up a little when being taken in 20+ units. Other than that though they are simple rank and file units that can easily be outclassed. If you have the option your better off with Lothern seaguard.

Highborn Silver Helms Your typical mid weight cavalry there 4+ hit and wound rolls can quite easlily be brought down to 3+ when charging in large groups. These guys also benefit from an improved saving re roll when up against ranged attacks meaning that against archers and artillary the number 3 is the only one you really dont want. Throw a mystic shield on them and they should be able to get into the thick of the fighting with minimal casualties.Not an overly powerful unit but a large group of these guys is certainly a solid choice.

Highborn Archers Proberbly the weakest of all the elven archer units but still not bad when compared to other races. These guys also have the one off Storm of Arrows ability (NOT to be confused with the similar but far more powerful bretonnian Arrowstorm ability) which doubles the ammount of attacks the unit gets. The strategy is simple. field in a large unit and keep them well out of harms way. Also buffing them with heros such as a Lothern Sea helm can go a long way to improving this units offensive power.

Great Eagles Very fragile, but very very fast, and makes 6 attacks on the charge. At end of the combat phase, if it survives, it can retreat with a three-dice move, so it can charge every turn. That last ability makes them good assasins in units of 3 or more: attack some isolated model and with some luck kill it, retreat, then next turn assassinate another thing. They're more useful if you have more fast things your oppponent has to shoot, otherwise the Eagles will probably be shooted dead before they even get close.

War Machines[edit]

Repeater Bolt Thrower Useful in every army. 36" range is nothing to scoff at, and one of the few ranged options with rend. At full crew, shots either 2 3+/3+/-2/d3 shots, or 12 4+/3+/-1/1 shots, so it lets you kill both Monsters/Heroes or massed units, very flexible.

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