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Remaining non-squatted old world Lizards that never made it into the Seraphon battletome.

These do not have Seraphon keyword so cannot be taken in a Seraphon army, and have nothing to allow them to be allied in.



  • Chameleon Skink Stalker
  • Skink Chief
  • Skink Prophet


  • Celestial Swarm

Legacy / Unsupported[edit]

  • Kroq-Gar/Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur: Remember how Kroq's gauntlet was a bound spell and could just be dispelled easily, it wasn't really that effective and just ate up power dice that could be used elsewhere. Well now instead of a magic spell, his gauntlet is a missile weapon, so now it's as dispellable as an arrow to the face, which is to say not at all. Now he makes D6 shots that hit on 3+ and wound on 4+, a nice little addition that lets him soften up enemy targets before he charges. He wounds on 2+ against Chaos Daemons, however, making his gauntlet actually pretty dangerous against a Greater Daemon or Daemon Prince. In addition, it rends at -1! However what you really want Kroq-Gar for is Grymloq. See that enemy monster over there? Well, if Grymloq hits with both of his Clawed Forelimbs attacks (3+ to hit at full wounds and he doesn't need to wound,) then Grymloq pins the monster to the ground and his Massive Jaws attacks hit on 2+ rather than the normal 4+. Oh, and those Massive Jaws have five attacks, rend and cause 3 damage each rather than the D3 that regular Carnosaurs cause. That's a maximum of 15 wounds from the bites alone, and it's easily feasible to have all of the bite attacks hit with a pin. To make him more deadly against those big-wounds monsters, literally every attack except for those shooting attacks can have more than 1 damage and all but the Clawed Forelimbs rend. Kroq's spear does D3 damage, the Forelimbs do 2 damage, and all attacks but the Forelimbs rend at -1. Bang. In addition once they cause a wound, Grymloq enters Blood Frenzy which lets him run and charge, helping you hunt down those monsters even easier, chase down puny enemy heroes, or even just smash into enemy lines to give support. Unfortunately against normal enemies, Grymloq has a harder time hitting with his Massive Jaws compared to the regular Carnosaur, hitting on 4+ rather than the normal 3+, though he still retains the superior damage stat so it's all cool. In addition, he comes with the Bloodroar ability. If your opponent passes their Battleshock test withing 8" of Kroq-Gar, you roll your own dice. If you roll higher than what they rolled, that unit immediately fails the Battleshock test by D3. This is an okay rule normally, but against enemies like Morghast or Ogres, it can be devastating to watch up to three multi-wound juggernauts just runa way because you managed to kill just one of them. And for bonus points, this works even if your opponent cannot possibly pass their Battleshock test. You kill one of their guys and they have a bravery of 10? Doesn't matter, they still have to take the test and that means that you can hit them with a Bloodroar. Ouch. Unfortunately his Command Ability is rather limited, as it only gives two extra attacks to a second Saurus hero within 20", which is not as effective as it may seem as heroes often lead from the back in AoS now. Make somebody else your general, Kroq-Gar works better as a flank attacker and monster hunter anyway.
  • Chakax/Saurus Eternity Warden: Chakax is now an absolutely fantastic support character. For starters, he grants nearby Temple Guard an extra attack, which can really make a difference seeing as how Temple Guard are now something of a glass cannon, so buffing their offense is a great help. But what you really want him for is his Selfless Protector rule, if he's within 2" of a Slann when they take an unsaved wound, Chakax can intervene and take the wound himself, suffering a mortal wound while his master remains safe. Chakax has seven wounds, which allows him to take seven bullets before dying. But the really effective thing about this is that Chakax, like any other non-Slann, can be summoned by a Slann. So if your Slann's meat-shield is killed, you can just summon him back at full wounds with no trouble. Easy.
  • Gor-Rok/Saurus Sunblood: Gor-Rok is basically the only on-foot Saurus Hero worth taking. He's pretty good in combat as he deals a total of 7 attacks before his special ability. If he rolls a 6 to hit, that attack becomes d3 wounds. And then, a 6 to wound deals d3 damage with that single attack. And his shield blocks every Rend up to -2, making him quite the tank, especially if buffed with an Arcane Shield. Also he can make a very fine general too with his awesome Scent of Weakness Command Ability. You can pick one enemy unit within 15" of Gor-Rok. Gor-Rok then tells his troops "fuck that unit up," which lets every Saurus unit reroll failed to hit rolls against that unit until your next turn. Great for when you really need to crush a specific enemy unit fast.
  • Tehenhauin: His snakes make 6s to hit an automatic mortal wound. His command ability allows every Skink within 18" to reroll any 1 to hit in the cmbat phase, but this is rather useless as Skinks are still pretty squishy and, with a few exceptions, should not even be in close combat in the first place. They even have a special ability that lets them bamf out of combat faster than Tretch Craventail instead of attacking, making this Commabnd Ability useless. He also has the Priestly Rites ability from regular Skink Priests, but this too is not as effective as it looks as the regular Skink Priest's Priestly Rites can effect all units within 8" rather than one, making it stronger than Tehenhauin's. These priestly rites are something that Tetto'Eko amusingly lacks. However, unlike Tetto, the Prophet of Sotek is no longer a wizard, exchanging magic for them Priestly Rites, so I guess it all works out in the end.
  • Tetto'Eko/Skink Starseer: His unique spell allows him to give either +1 or -1 to single dice roll made by a nearby unit in each phase, nothing to sneeze at if carefully use. His other, more important ability has both players choose a number between 1 and 6: if the players chose different numbers you get a number of rerolls equal to the number you chose, but if you and your opponent chose the same number he gets the rerolls. This makes for a rather fun mini-game with your opponent, essentially "guess the number I'm thinking," but it is also a very powerful ability as those rerolls can make or break a whole turn, especially if combines with the rerolls from Kroak. Shame he can't spam meteors anymore though.
  • Oxyotl: If he does nothing in the movement phase (afters 1st turn AND he was already on the board), he wounds on a 2+ in the subsequent shooting phase. But the real deal is that now Chameleon Skinks, instead of moving regularly, can just vanish during the Hero Phase and reappear anywhere you want during Movement Phase. This is on top of the ability the chameleons have to get a 3+ save as long as they occupy terrain instead of the normal terrain benefits (so no 2+ save). Basically your Chameleons can teleport in and out of the battle and appear literally anywhere they want. Nice.

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