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Heroes of the Old World[edit]

Greasus Goldtooth: The old barrel of fat returns again, slower than even molasses with only 3" and charges only adding 1d6". While his weapon's pretty decent since it wounds on 2+ with -3 Rend and d3 Damage, this slowness means that you really shouldn't be counting on it. Instead, count on his other effects. His crown gives all enemies within 12" a -1 to Bravery, while his command ability gives friendly Ogre Kingdoms units within 18" a +1 to hit in melee. His chief power is his bags of gold, which he can use 6 of each match - shooters and choppers take -1 to hit, chargers take take -2 to their rolls, or you could deal a -1 to Battleshock tests. The bribes can make some nice twists if spent correctly, but he himself remains as useless a hero as ever.

Skrag the Slaughterer: Remains quite strong, though now he's demoted to Priest rather than Wizard. He's pretty nasty on the charge with 6 meh attacks that all re-roll 1s to hit, deal d3 MWs if they score a 6 to wound, and a chance for another MW. In addition, each model killed that turn feeds his pot (+1 to prayers, then heal d3 wounds, then +1 to hit, then +1 to wound). As for his prayers: Disregard the Bonecrusher (1 MW on a unit? SERIOUSLY?) prayer, keep that Trollguts prayer to heal your Ogre Kingdoms units.

Bragg the Gutsman: Something of a champion for Ogrekind. His statline's passable, but he adds +1 to hit against other Heroes and if he rolls a 6 to wound, he deals 6 Damage.

Golgfag Maneater: Each game he gets a random ability, which might be bothersome (Hand weapons with -1 Rend, a 3+ save, or a gun with 24" range and 3 Damage). Unfortunately, he doesn't offer much else beyond the Ogre Charge, putting a hamper on his value.

Generic Heroes[edit]

Bruiser Standard Bearer: Strong in combat, but he doesn't do a good job as a Standard Bearer. He lets you re-roll Battleshock for units within 6" of him, but before that they suffer D3 mortal wounds, so you could end up worse than before! Only use this if the Battleshock roll was truly disastrous anyway. Also, if you don't move him, Ogors within 18" made an additional mortal wound on wound rolls of 6+. Because it's only on wound and not hit rolls, and the low (but powerful) number of attacks Ogor units deal, this is a pretty mediocre ability. Overall, a disappointg Hero.

Overtyrant: All by himself, he's as powerful as a minor Monster. You can give him a low-range(12") missile weapon, a normal "re-roll 1s to hit" weapon, or a two-handed weapon with 2" range and -2 Rend. At the start of the game he becomes either stronger, tougher, faster, or better against Monsters; if you roll 6, you choose, nice ability, but too random. With his Command Ability you deal D3 mortal wounds to a Ogor unit within 6", and they don't take Battleshock anymore while the Tyrant is alive. That's a great ability in this army, but it has short range, and won't make your guys killier, only tougher. Remember that sometimes Inspiring Presence is just better. Use this Hero to support your Ogres while still bashing heads, but don't expose him too much, you lose his bonus if he dies, all after having hurt your own troops. Also remember that this targets Gutbusters, not just Ogres. No, that's not the same thing. It means you can target Gnoblars with this, take D3 of them off the board and never have to worry about their piss-poor Bravery again.

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