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The Empire Tactica for the Age of Sigmar rule-set, so you can follow your god into the next world!

Why play The Empire?[edit]

Because you love gryphons that can still fly, manly men who have (and are in love with, apparently) cool mustaches and drowning your enemy a la imperial guard. Aside a few characters, the Empire can be played in many aspects like you'd play an IG army: your basic troops (going by the SDK system) are cheap-and see their utility enhanced by being deployed en masse- and so are most of your heroes (who buff your army to great extent). In the meanwhile you pack up some nasty guns like the Steamtank. Wanna drown the enemy in corpses but don't want to play vampire counts in fear of being accused of cheesemonger and sparkly faggot? Want to be a MAN? Want to pack some seriously big guns? Then serve the mighty God-Empero of Mankind KARL FRANZ!!



  • Battlemage on Pegasus:
  • Huntmarshal: Super archer with Monster Hunter (+1 to hit against Monsters), D6 damage against Monsters, and can make a unit of Archers Wulhart's Hunters, giving them a permanent +1 to hit. And you don't have to be close to them to grant the bonus, meaning you can use a big horde of 30+ improved Archers, use their free initial move, then alpha strike something with 30 shots with re-rollable 3+ to hit. Very good with said combo, or if your army has a problem with big Monsters, or even as a Hero sniper.
  • Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed: Awful. Almost as bad as the unmounted guy at melee and exactly as good at range, and incredibly unreliable movement.


  • Knights of Order: These guys are not much better than regular knights but the riders do hit on a 3+ rather than a 4+. On the charge their lances inflict 2 wounds and they get a `+1 to those rolls. They will destroy anything with poor saves. Sigmarines though, may tank a bit of their damage.


  • Greatcannon: If 3 Crewmen are within 1" of the Cannon, this thing fires 2 shots that do D6 wounds. If you're incredibly lucky, you just dealt 12 wounds. With a Human Engineer within 1" you re-roll hits, also it can grapeshoot a close unit, which has the potential of making them mincemeat: a mortal wound on a roll of 6 for each model within 10", and because you fire two shots, that means one third of the number of models in the unit of mortal wounds, nice. As always, an excellent unit, and the basis of lots of armies.
  • Field Mortar Like a very powerful catapult, he can shoot things it can't see. Very accurate, and long range with a close Master Engineer. Also, it's very very powerful against great hordes (of 20+ models, it deals 2D6 Damage to them). Great choice against hordes, but has 10" minimum range and only one shoot, overall the Cannon and the Helstorm Rocket Battery are probably better options.

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