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  • Exalted Hero with Battle Standard: Useless. He's bad in melee. Not quite Sorcerer-bad, but bad. His banner also grants +2 to Bravery, because WoC have such a problem with awful Bravery </sarcasm> and rerolls to charge rolls.
    • Alternate opinion: No, give this poor lad another chance. His real selling point is his ability to re-roll charge distances: this and similar abilites get underestimated a lot, but in fact are very useful. Getting two or three more inches (on average) to your charges can make you reach combat a turn faster, which can be vital for a melee-centric army like this one. Not only that, it also reduces the randomness of your plays, making them more consistent, and to fail a charge you thought guaranteed is, in many games, the difference between victory and defeat. Play some games with him and you'll see what I mean; the ability of this guy is subtle, but very good in its own way.
  • Troggoth King: Take everything awesome about Trolls and turn it up a few notches. Throgg's vomit is more damaging than that of a normal Troll, he hits slightly harder in melee, he automatically regenerates instead of on 2+ and he grants rerolls of 1s To Hit to Chaos Monsters, Chaos Ogres and Chaos Trolls. Oh yeah, and his Command Ability lets those three types use his high Bravery of 8. You want an army of monsters, Trolls and Ogres? He makes it happen.


  • Chaos Familiars: Familiars are awful. Really awful. They Hit on 6+ and Wound on 5+ and have 1 attack each. But you don't take them for that. No, they aren't a tarpit, either. They do, however, add 1 to all casting and unbinding rolls for Chaos Wizards within 6" and can have "any number of models". So just have one or two of them tag along with your important casters. Vilitch for example loves these guys to pieces. Arcane Meddlings: Subtract 1 from casting and unbinding rolls for enemy Wizards while they are within 6" of any units of Chaos Familiars. They are awful alright.
  • Chaos Ogres: Nothing to see here, move along. No, seriously, their attacks are worse than Chaos Trolls, they don't have a ranged weapon either and their special rules are worse. They have better Bravery, but that's not even a small blessing. If you don't have Trolls on hand, however, Ogres aren't half bad, with pretty devastating attacks, the chance to heal lost wounds whenever they kill stuff and four Wounds apiece.
  • Chaos Troggoths: YES. Do you remember the awful days of just last month when you had to decide between letting your Trolls barf on the enemy or smacking them to bits? No longer! Now you can do both. The barfing is a ranged weapon (albeit at 6") with the impressive profile of 3+/3+/-2/D3. In combat, they are almost the same as Ogres, except they have -1 Rend on their strikes. They also get to make extra attacks in combat for every To Hit roll of 6 and they heal D3 Wounds in each of your Hero Phases on a 2+. Weak Bravery of 5, yes, but that's why you have Inspiring Presence, right? Right.
  • Forsaken: These guys actually profit from the changes Age of Sigmar brought. They get D3 attacks apiece, so on average the same as Warriors but with a chance to go lower or higher though only at 4+ To Hit. To compensate, they get a randomly generated special rule on their attacks every turn, which can range from better rend to higher damage. They also come in minimum squad sizes of 5 and have a higher Bravery than normal Warriors. Probably still best to stick with Warriors, but not nearly as awful as they used to be.


  • Chaos Dragon
  • Great Taurus: Same low Wound count as the Cockatrice, but with a much worse shooting attack, a better save and okay attacks. Oddly, when charging, the Taurus is actually worse than the Cockatrice.
  • Lammasu: Even worse than the Taurus in combat and without a missile weapon, there is not much that speaks for the Lammasu. However, it has a high Move and can Fly, which can bring its -1 to casting rolls for enemy wizards-aura quickly to where it's useful and it is also a Wizard. It does not have any unique spells, but a Chaos Wizard in general has more spells to choose from than he can count. The Lammasu also holds the distinction of being one of the few Wizards who is not a Hero.


  • Hellcannon: One of the better guns around, but not as reliable as what some other Factions get. You can fire on the move no problem, but you gain a +1 To Hit if you stay still. This, combined with the fact that the Hellcannon has a 12" minimum range explains why you still don't want it to roll towards the enemy so it can hit them with its teeth. If you get it to stay still, however, you have a pretty reliable gun that hits on 3+, inflicts D6 Mortal Wounds on a hit and can fire twice so long as at least 2 Dorfs survive. And yes, the fact that it fires off Mortal Wounds instantly makes it better than all the other Cannons out there. In fact, thanks to its enormous Range, and indirect fire capabilities, you can even use it as a very effective Hero assasin. They can't run, and they can't hide!

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