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Age of Slam is an epic basketball tournament across time and space.

Though he is traditionally worshipped through the sacred art of Blood Bowl, Nuffle has evolved to face the Age of Sigmar and became the God of Hoops. Slambo is a possible commentator, as are demigod versions of Jim and Bob and Zodiacal monsters. There's a rumor about Jim and Bob being powerful Godbeasts.

Proposed 2nd edition rules involve new crowd mechanics beyond mere violence, and the obviously-forgot-to-be-included +1 experience point for scoring or dunking.

The beginning[edit]

Lord Tyrion and Malerion were leading their armies of Aelfs against Slaanesh in a war for their race’s very souls. The two Aelf gods managed to hit Slaanesh hard enough that he vomited up the imprisoned Druchii. These exiled ones proposed a challenge, a game they had invented during their imprisonment inside Slaanesh’s stomach after having visions of another world. Instead of war, the Aelfs would play a match of this ball game in Slaanesh’s Dark Court, facing off against the chaos god's daemons and Daemonettes for their existential freedom. In this way the world was brought into the Age of Slam. This game, "basketball" obtained great success in all the nine realms. The Realmgate Wars have been forgotten and all that matters is winning the current slam-ball tournament to be crowned the champions of the Age of Slam.

Welcome to this new age, where centaurs can play basketball and Sigmar is a hooligan.


To play Age of Slam you need two books. The Age of Slam campaign mission and the Warpheim creative engine:

Age of Slam Rules (UPDATED: 11/08/2015)



Although players may draft any race in the game, each team has a specific sponsor which makes players from their home Realm cheaper to recruit. Furthermore, teams may select one specific benefit available only to their team type.

Stormcast Eternals

  • Thunderstruck: Stormcast players recieving damage can attempt to inflict damage back at a -1 penalty.
  • Forgesworn: Can recruit Duardin without a cross-team expense.
  • Reforged: At 1.5x the cost of initial recruitment, players may be resurrected from death.
  • The God Emperor Reclaims: Can recruit Humans without a cross-team expense.

Sigmar Lakers

Azyr Rockets

Sigmaron Thunders

Sigmaron Storm (Women's team)


  • Grand Maraz: Can recruit Stormcast Eternals without a cross-team expense.
  • Mighty Squats: Can recruit Duardin without a cross-team expense.
  • I'm Tellin' My Big Brother: Can recruit Aelfs without a cross-team expense.
  • The Lady's Court: On a Cheerleader roll result of '6', the Cheerleader does not count as exhausted.
  • Kislev Bloc: Own Hoop has T9.
  • Herrbud: First level of Upkeep on one player is free.

Frank Furters

Minipolis Tinywolves


Aqshy Beards

Chamon Kings


  • Court of Pleasure: Can recruit Slaaneshi Daemons without a cross-team expense.
  • Bloody-handed Dribble: Opponents trying to steal the ball suffer 1 Wound.
  • Promotional Leaflets: Can recruit Sylvaneth without a cross-team expense.
  • Jerseys Of The World Dragon: Magic-based attacks have a -2 penalty against Aelf players.

Malerion Nightmares (Malerion liked the old Naggaroth Nightmares and created this new team to honour them)

Ulgulands Nuggets

New Yvresse Asur

Ulgu Revelers (Women's team)

SSA symbol (Seraphon Slam Association)

Skink'sinatti Hawksnakes

Sel Froto Suns (Amazon team)

The following hymn was written by a glorious anon: Yo.


Lizards toss the rock like big cock shock jocks. A blizzard of free throws and dope flows are all you've got in store as we drop you on the floor like Be'lakor.

Bustin' through hoops with newly spawned troops like "hey bitch it's on!" taking rude poops on groups cause y'all can't handle the song of the Seraphon.


Oak of Slams Past

Flourishing Hippies

Chestnuts of Ghyran


Khorne Grizzlies

Aqshy Wildcats

Ghyran Reavers

Slaanesh Bullets

Slaanesh 69ers

Intestina Fevers (Women's team)

Skryre Pissants

Smoke Bears (Chaos Duardin)

Orruks & Grots

Bashem Crushets


Bob's Baskets And Crew

Hooper's Wings (Women's team)


Cracking Hoops

Dribbling Corpse Corps.

Shysh Busters

Black Cardinals

Star Slammers[edit]


Archaon the Everslammer
A sketch of Archaon the Everslammer

Rumors say that Archaon has slammed an entire planet in the past using the ancient CHAOS DUNK. Archaon did not confirm it, but his skill on the field lends plausibility to this tale. Recently he defeated Nagash in a 1-on-1 match. In that moment, the Great Necroslammer swore revenge.


Nagash, the Great Necroslammer

King Slamm-Ra

Formerly known as Settra the Imperishable, after Nagash the Necroslammer defeated him in a game of slam-ball and took his entire kingdom, Sett-Ra vowed that he would not rest until he had returned the favor. He delved into the secrets of Hoops, uncovering ancient baller arts unknown to mortal minds, transforming himself into the mighty Slamm-Ra.

Slamming in the Silver Tower[edit]

Yes, you can slam in the Silver Tower. There's a library with a pink horror surveilling it? Who cares, throw your ball in his face and kill him! Now the library has become a new slamball field and you also have portals.

The Great Slam Gallery[edit]