Agency of the Emperor

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Agency of the Emperor
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Dragons
Domains Air, Chaos, Earth, Evil, Fire, Healing, Good, Law, War, Water
Worshippers Inhabitants of Dragon Lands
Favoured Weapon Dragon blade

Agency of the Emperor is the faith followed by the inhabitants of the Dragon Lands in Scarn.

Dragon & Ancestor Worship[edit]

The people of the Dragon Lands believe that the draconic shape is the mark of an august spirit, lifting dragons above other mortals, and the only being above them is the emperor, also a dragon, who is the embodiment of an august spirit. When a person dies, they go to the August Court of the Highest Heavens, a paradise ruled over by the Unseen Emperors, the spirits of the former emperors, but only if they have followed the societal standards, and prayed and supplicated their ancestors dwelling in the Court of the Unseen Emperors.


The followers of the Agency obey the dragons and seek to emulate them, so that they can become spiritually august as well. The clerics of the faith act the earthly representatives of the Unseen Emperors and serve the emperor directly. What domains the cleric has access to depends on what dragon clan/society they are a part of/vassals to, and their duty within it.

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