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For a brief history of helicopters, check the Lynx page.

Distinct from the USA and USSR, the British chose a doctrine of having only airborne and airmobile troops in their arsenal. This is represented in Team Yankee as the 6th Airmobile Brigade, or more specifically First Battalion; Gordon Highlanders. Unlike the Air Assault units of the USSR and USA like the 101st and VDV which were trained to land in hot landing zones under the cover of artillery and friendly aircraft, the British kept a FAR more traditional doctrine of helicopters serving as either gunships or transports. The difference in armament also reflects doctrinal differences: the British would employ the Highlanders as a mobile, frontline unit whereas the 101st and VDV Air Assault Regiments would be deployed behind enemy lines to prevent reinforcement as a blocking force. The inability to deploy into hot landing zones meant that a company of airmobile troops would be dropped 5km or further to avoid SAMs, then they would march to the mission area. While the same practice is still done against conventional foes with anti-helicopter armament even by air-assault capable units, the ability to land directly on top of an unprotected artillery battery would be invaluable to any military planner's toolbox.

In Team Yankee[edit]

The Stat Card

The Airmobile platoon is composed of 3 or 4 rifle sections, with 1 fireteam/base equipped with a GPMG/66mm AT and an accompanying mortar or Milan team. 5 points gets you 3 GPMG fireteams, 2 Milan teams and a mortar team with 2 Lynxes, while 7 points gets you an additional GPMG, Milan and Lynx. This combination makes the airmobile company an interesting army to play. On one hand, you may choose to start dismounted and use the Milans to pick off enemy armour as they close in, before closing in with 66mms and butter knives. Conversely, playing the airmobile company with a hasty attack plan allows you to employ the maneuverability of your lynxes to strike your opponent's weak points.

Like the mechanized coy, airmobile platoons may purchase a SF GPMG with the same profile of 6 stationary, 2 moving shots at AT2 FP 6+. However, the long-range role of the airmobile coy makes the GPMG far more situational, depending on your army build and how much anti-infantry you have.

Either way, the airmobile company provides a distinct flavor to the British Army, with opportunities to model as a company of Paratroopers (with the whole anti-tank platoon). Ironically, most of the Parachute Regiment are expected to deploy as airmobile infantry, rather than airborne paratroopers. Both options are historically accurate, with the absence of Lynxes being explained as the paras airdropping behind enemy lines.

In Real Life[edit]

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While it was indeed true that the 6th Brigade was given an exceptionally large amount of Milan missiles, it is important to remember WHY they are the exception. The Milan is a notoriously heavy bit of kit, with the accompanying set of fresh missiles taking up even more weight that the soldiers would have to carry. While Iron Maiden suggests that the platoon would employ shoot and scoot tactics; it would have been foolhardy to suggest that such tactics could actually be employed. While concealment of a Milan team would be viable, the ability to perfectly camouflage a 5-tonne helicopter is questionable. Divisional artillery or bombers covering the Soviet advance would turn the lightly equipped highlanders into haggis while destroying their fragile little helicopters. Ultimately, it is best to take these tactics with a handful of salt; and remember that this specific composition is no longer seen in the British Army or any other heliborne infantry unit.

British Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Chieftain - Challenger 1
Transports: Spartan Transport - FV432 Transport - FV510 Warrior - Lynx Transport
Infantry: Mechanized Company - Milan Section (Mechanized) - Airmobile Company - Milan Platoon (Airmobile) - Support Troop
Artillery: Abbot Field Battery - M109 Field Battery - FV432 Mortar Carrier -M270 MLRS
Anti-Aircraft: Spartan Blowpipe - Tracked Rapier - Chieftain Marksman
Tank Hunters: Striker - Spartan MCT - Swingfire
Recon: FV432 FOO - Scorpion - Scimitar -FV721 Fox
Aircraft: Harrier Jump Jet - Lynx HELARM