Albionic animals and abominations

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This is a page concerning the animals and abominations of the Albionic Isles. And some of the plants.

The List[edit]


Ireland's National Animal. Known for it's plate hide and magnetism. They hibernate during the warmest of summer and coldest of winter. Do not awake it. STR: 5t10+18/46

SIZE: 5t10+18/46

CON: 5t10+18/46

AGI: 2t6+3/10

INT: 2t6/7

WIL: 2t6/7

CHA: 2t6/7

Amount: 1

HP: 92

TT: 46

Armour: Plate hide 2t6 ABS


Movement 16m/sr

Abilities Initiativ % Dmg/effect

Claws 10 STYx1,5/69 1t8

Magnetism 10 VILx7/49 Attracts/repels magnetic objects to itself

Hibernate 20 FYSx2/92 Hibernates


Lindmark is home to fearsome Lonehounds known as barghests, canines with burning coal for eyes that vanish in the mists, those bitten by them are doomed to die, or worse. Burgeists are canine beasts with black, sored skin and red eyes. They are infamous for spreading disease, starvation and rust wherever they go. They hunt alone and will only attack if the victim has it's guard down. Folklore has it that even the purest and healthiest of humans will turn into a mutant if they are bitten. What would be considered a head for most creatures is without an openable mouth and eye. Instead, the mouth is at the stomach and the eyes are everywhere.

2t6+6 Str/13

2t6 Size/7

3t6 Physic/11

3t6 Agility/11

Number: Always alone

Bite has STRx5% of hitting. 1t6+1 dmg

Has a 60% of giving each PC 1t3 diseases.

Cyllian Jumbucks[edit]

You have probably noticed them, the Cyllian Jumbucks. They are in short everywhere in our expanding land – and even in states farther away. I have seen them both as law-enforcers in the dashlandian country and as industriously working labourers at manufactures in Paravel. But there is also individuals of this kind who have asserted themselves in the lands finer salons. The most obvious example is the cyllian madam Duttur Dinkel, one of the more active members in the Mejntaunian Peckwick club. But it is not in the central parts of the Soern States that their origin is. They come from, as the name implies, the Cyllmauntens. More precisely is unsure, but the historians I have asked talk about the mysterious Aris, an anicent paradise that all jumbucks might come from. Maybe this kingdom was in the regions close to Lambeder, an anicent jumbuck village I have visited several times.

According to Ditrich Gruff, jumbuck psionic and local shaman, rose the first Cyllian jumbucks Eyd'm och Eywh out of the dark water in the Bala Svamp. I am not sure whether it is right or just legend, but the when I was there an eerie experience occured to me. I qoute directly from my journal: Fifth August, year 244 d.t. Cloud-free, evening sun. My dear uncle and I have now been three days in Brouse. Now that all villagers are reassured that we do not eat meat (some lies are necessary), a certain trust has been etablished. It showed when we yesterday were allowed to follow to Bala Svamp, which is an holy plaace for most jumbucks. After having marched in a slow, bleating procession, we arrived at the steaming and stinking swamp. The shaman Gruff lifted solemnely his arms agaisnt the villagers and mumbled with closed eyes some kind of magical chants. Gruff slowly lifted from the ground and soon was he levitating a couple of men's heights above the stinking svamps surface. After a little while a new group of shamans stepped forward, every one of them dressed in overlapped, orange costumes from anicent times. They read new spells with their eyes closed and soon an anicent vehicles wreck lifted out of the svamp. This was, we later understood, The Proton Ark, a powerful vehicle capable of flight that once, by a certain Captian Walters leadership brought the jumbucks from the sky to earth. The mighty vehicle sank back into the svamp after a few minutes. The villagers bleated ecstatically in strange voices. They all seemed to be in trance.

This basic report tells a little about both the jumbucks possible origin and their peculiar culture. They shun, as I've implied before, carnivorous eating - and often carnivores. It is certainly not the same unreasonable hatred which one finds in the rubbits, but the villagers of Brouse avoid as far as possible all contact with carnivores, and especially the neighboring people, the Lardlander mutants. Uncle Zander and I got to hear several histories about this blood-thirsty people, whom we just had visited. But do not think the Cylli Jumbucks for that matter is but harmless farmers - on the contrary. Some of them are as earlier mentioned gifted with powerful psionic abilities. Sometimes they have powers of the more deadly variety. Add to that a very fiery temper and a certian bullheadedness. Far too many have witnessed the uncontrollable anger the Cyllian Jumbucks often expressess. We got to see Jumbuckfajts in Brouse several times, a sort of ritual fights where two champions settle a dispute with only their horns as weapons. These fights can be about anything between who should pay for the drinks to who is going to rule the village. The fighting usually ends after first blood, but sometimes it gets out of control and someone dies.

Knowledge about the Cyllian Jumbucks: Wilderness experience: The cyllain jumbucks usually live in the Cyllimauntens. They are usually friendly, but preferably avoid strangers, especially carnivores. They have fiery tempers when it comes to conflicts and easily get violent. However, most are peaceful if they aren't provoked fredliga and are usually interested in bartering. A few of the jumbucks are powerful psionics. The cyllian jumbuck as a player character: The jumbucks are dotted. In the Cyllimauntens, where they are most common, they are usually peasants or artisans. Further east, they have gotten other jobs, mostly laborers, but also soldiers, thieves, cops and merchants are common. A jumbuck from the west might have gotten their village pillaged by the lardlander mutants and wanders around because of that, maybe with vengeance in their mind. Another alternative is that they have left the tough life as badly paid labour somewhere in western Dashland and instead is searching for adventure, treasures and death. Jumbucks prefer to be with their own kind, but there is individuals who has established themselves far from their own circles, for example among scarred zonewanderers. Rules: 90% of the jumbucks are physically mutated sheep, the other 10% have psionic mutations and function as shamans and/or healers. Some usual psi-mutations: Animal master, Death snap, Levitate, Healing hands and Weathercontrol.

str: 2t6+7/14

con: 2t6+6/13

siz: 3t6/11

agi: 3t6/11

int: 3t6/11

wil: 2t6+6/13

per: 3t6/11

hp: 24

tt: 13

dmgbonus: +1

move: 22 m/sr

Amount: Varies. Seldom more than ten outside the Cyllimauntens. Rarely less than three in their villages.

Armour: 0

Abilities: In addition to the mutations Berserker and Natural weapon: horn, 50% of them have 1T2 of the following mutations: 1. Lighting reflexes 2. Herbivore 3. Jump ability 4. Sprinter 5. Tough 6. Acidic spit

Skill: Cp which isn't used on mutations are used on skills from professions like Peasant, Artisan and Labourer.

Slaughter Tree[edit]

The Slaughter Tree is a horrifying reality for zone travellers. The sanguinary plant has a cunning which can overthrow the most experienced adventurer. The mothertree's immobility is compensated with the seed's mobility - in the Cyllmauntens called "lil". On the outside they look like almost perfect copies of earlier victims and they can be in the shape of both humans, mutants and animals. However, they are pure reflections of the mothertree's will in mind. The Slaughter Tree uses lils to gather food, both through force and guile. All reports indicate that the Slaughter Tree prefers to root in dark and dank spaces, like caves, ravines and olden buildings. It is usual that uncatious zone looters falls victim to the Mothertree itself, and experienced adventurers being on their guard when they meet old "friends" in the zone. The area around the tree is always patrolled by lils: partly guards who protect the tree from monster, partly hunters who gather food and search after places for new Slaughter trees to root in.

The mothertree is usually described as robust, naked and disgusting. It is four to six meters tall and a whole bear's heigt wide. The treetrunk is covered by a thick grey-green bark and lacks branches. The crown of the tree is made up of dozen long tentacles which always turns in snake-like movements. In the middle of the tentacle bush is the mouth: a wet grey-brown opening, full-blown with sharp teeth and always surronded with a thick cloud of coffin flies.

Rules: The victim-cloning is the Slaughter tree's absolutely terrifying weapon. The tree can hatch a new lil with the victims outer attributes 3t10 hours after ingestion, and the lil is usually very hard to separate from the original. However, there is a 25% chance that the seed has tiny cosmetic mistakes - anything from the wrong hair colour to skin resembling bark or tentacles. Further, some lils tend to have grey-green "whites of the eyes". A lil does not inherit memories or mental attributes from the victim. They are, however, skilled at reading reactions and thus identifies the victims friends without problem. A lil can learn to communicate in albionic dialects, but they have a limited vocabulary and is usually laconic while moving alongside potential prey.

Knowledge about Slaughter Trees: Zoneknowledge: A successful roll means you recognize a Slaughter tree, the remnants of lilcapsules and the like. Zoneknowledge can replace Observation to notice a lils eventual defects, and then see the lils for what they really are. Even if a creature notices the defects with Observation, Zoneknowledge is required to identify the carriers as lils.

Size: 4d6+20/34 Int: 3d6/11 Agi: 2d6/7 Wil: 3d6/11 2d4 Tentacles

Hp: 68 for the trunk, 7 for each tentacle dmgb: +3t6

Tt: 34 for the trunk, 7 for each tentacle move: Nothing

Amount: 1 + lil, look below.

Armour: The trunk's bark absorbs 6 points. The tentacles lacks bark.

Skills: Observation int x 5/55%

Abilities Init % Dmg

Bite 7 sizeX3/102% 3t6

Tentacles 11 sizeX1/34% Paralyzing poison tox 2

Lil Regler Lils egenskaper och färdigheter är identiska med det klonade offrets. De socialt svaga lilerna får dock en per motsvarande 2/3 av offrets värde. sty: 3t6/11 fys: 3t6/11 sto: Spec./11 smi: 3t6/11 int: 2t6/7 vil: 1t6+3/7 per: 2t6/7 kp: 22 tt: 11 sb: 0 ff: 4,5 m/sr Antal: 6t6 per dråparträd, påträffas oftast i grupper om 1t6 lil. Pansar: Ingen, kan bära rustning. Färdigheter: Iakttagelseförmåga int x 3/33%, Smyga/Gömma sig smi x 7/77%. Attacker Init % Skada 1 Närstridsvapen 11 + vapen sty x 4/44% Varierar 1 Avståndsvapen 11 + vapen smi x 4/44% Varierar


The rubbits are by some viewed as one of the largest threats to the dawning societies. They can be found on, or more appropriately, under, all of the islands. And most of their kingdoms have started to become aggresively expanding.

There has been two majr conflicts against them by the surface-dwelling civilisations. The Albions have, however, been in at least five against them and two with them. And it is probably just a matter of time before a new one starts.

Rules: Rubbits above the surface always have weapons. Normal soldiers usually wear rubbit-made blunderbusses, while officers and special units are equiped with Hi-tekh weapons.

Knowledge about rubbits: Education: The PC knows about at least war against the rubbits. For people not living in cities, the problem is usually more blatant.

Wilderness Experience/Zone Knowledge: Rubbits that aren't directly in war can traded with. They can even forget that the opposite part is a carnivore if the goods are good enough.

They like Hi-tekh and gladly trade with information

str: 1d6+1/5

con: 3d6/11

size: 1d6+1/5

int: 2d6+1/8

agi: 4d6+6/20

wil: 2d6+6/13

cha: 3d6

Hp: 16

tt: 8

dmgbonus: -1t6

Lake Nikkel Monster[edit]

There is no doubting that the lakes water is filled with ancient scraps and flavourful fishes of monstrous proportions. But best known of all is still the giant beast known as the Lake Nikkel-Beast. Some argue of course that the monster in question is a yarn and legend. But they rarely live in the vicinity of the lake. Stories are talking about huge arms clad in armor and curving seaweed which shot up from the waves, and easily torn down the whole ship into the deep, in just a few moments. Remaining on the site is nothing but the splinters and bodies that float to the surface when the beast has eaten its fill. The low number of onset suggests that there is a single beast. While it is not uncommon to hear that it happened long ago, indicating that there is a whole family of ravenous Beasts. It has become a ritual to push out a wooden boat each month to appease the beast. If it gets eaten, the following month will be safe.

Many a keen to hear knowledgists are eager to find out what is truth and trivia on the island's most famous monster. There are even those who have done studies of the monster to their life's work. For their expeditions the knowledgists require capable crews - people who are willing to put their lives on the line for knowledgisms sake. And a reasonable pay, of course.

The Lake Nikkel Monster is actually a fully automated logging machine from before the disaster, which strayed into the Lake. The reason it goes to attack against sailing ships is simply due to it´s bored automatic brain longing for wood to cut, split and splinter. Its four telescopic arms can be stretched to more than fifteen meters in length. And they are certainly strong enough to first punch a hole in the hull and then pull down the boat to the bottom. Here there awaits a whole arsenal of saw blades laser cutters and hydraulic branch pliers - all impossible to escape with life intact for the poor sod stuck in one of the machines ten shorter gripping arms. The beast's only weakness is that it needs all its four telescopic arms to sink a ship. Should one of these break, the big fellow will flee to repair the damage. But even if one falls into water the race is far from over. The shorter gripping arms are not particularly accurate in their maneuvers against moving targets and if you have gotten up to the surface, the Beast is going to ingore you.

STR: 150

CON: 150

SIZE: 150

AGI: 8

INT: 8

WIL: 8

SB: +15T6

KP: 300

TT: 150*

IB: 8