Alessio Cavatore

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Alessio Cavatore was an employee for Games Workshop. Moving to Nottingham from Italy, he wrote several supplements for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and helped design Mordheim before being one of the leads on The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, even getting a cameo in the film alongside the Perry Twins who sculpted most of the miniatures. He gained more and more responsibility within the design department, eventually heading up most of the rules writing in the 2000's.

He left GW early enough to avoid the hatred certain other writers achieved, moving on to work with Warlord Games alongside other ex-GW writers. And founding his own company which made a Labyrinth game and is currently making a My Little Pony Roleplay game. Truly a man after the hearts of a certain segment of fa/tg/uys.

He also helped write the games Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte, Black Powder, Bolt Action, Konflict 47 and Beyond the Gates of Antares for the company Warlord Games with Rick Priestley. He is well involved with the communities of these games, often attending even the smaller local events.