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A screenshot from Alien Assault.

Alien Assault is a free, downloadable game by Swedish indie developer TearDown. Originally developed to be a remake of the popular, much adored (and long out-of-print) game Space Hulk, the company ran into legal issues and were forced to remove links to download the game while they entered negotiations with THQ. Evidently, the negotiations went nowhere and THQ released their own version of Space Hulk (for mobile phones of all fucking things) and TearDown remade their game into Alien Assault.

Of course, this didn't stop everyone from just modding the game into being Space Hulk again, something TearDown seems pretty willing to encourage. Since then, fans of the game have heavily modified the game, even going so far as to include voice clips from the old, old game Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels.

How to convert the game into Space Hulk[edit]

Viola, you now have Space Hulk.

*The right and proper graphics, as well as a couple chapters, can be found from here Sorry this download has been taken down by real life commissars

  • Some more chapters can be found here.

This is the language file. It is important because otherwise the game will not recognize some things. Replace every other language file in the game with this.

And finally, here are the mission packs: Start with Sin of Damnation, Spawn of Execration, and Harbringer of Despair: they're the important main bits and relatively easy for beginners. Next, pick up everything that says it's from some official source, which tend to be slightly trickier (the screenshot is from Genestealer Invasion), and then if you like you can still take all the fan packs.


Chapters go in the Squads folder and their files should be renamed to the next highest number (so if I wanted to add in the Flesh Tearers, and the squads folder currently contains folders labled 0-8, I should name the new folder 9)

Campaigns go in the Missions folder and follow the same name scheme. And so you don't waste hours getting a headache from figuring out why certain campaigns don't pop-up, Alien Assault only picks up mission folders from 0 to 29, with 29 being the stand-alone missions. So what you can do is remove all of the missions, copy back over folder 0 (tutorial) and 29, and then just look for whatever campaign you want. Take that folder over to the main missions folder, and then renumber it from 1 to 28, and just do that for any other mod you install. BADDA BING BABY.

The voice pack contains a folder called "vo". The "vo" folder should be copied and pasted into each of the aforementioned squad folders.

/tg/ Mods[edit]

/tg/ has also joined in with the modding and began creating a few custom chapters, all of which will be linked here to download.

This is a txt pack that will replace the briefing text for training missions, so they are a bit more in line with the Space Marines. They are supposed to replace the text files in alien assault/missions/0/ . It's still a work in progress but the newest version can be found here: (updated 25.06.2011; Now dead)

Talisman of Blood[edit]

Prior to the cease and desist order, Teardown was working on a Chaos expansion called 'Talisman of Blood'. This expansion would include a new campaign, as well as options for playing as the Thousand Sons, World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, and Black Legion. Unfortunately it was never released, and unlike the rest of the Space Hulk files seems to have never surfaced. Well, now they have! You can find the assets here, courtesy of a beta tester: