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In space, no one hear your dice rolling.

Free League Publishing has developed an RPG based on those films you might like. The system uses just d6s (if you don't have those I don't know what you've been doing on this site.) Only a 6 is a success, but you can reroll your rolls at the cost of stress. Stress is represented by extra dice that you can succeed with, but a 1 on stress dice forces a roll on a panic table, which may cause you to scream, pee yourself, faint, you get the idea. Attributes and skills affect the number of dice you get base before Stress dice. Modifiers remove the a few 6s you need more for harder tasks. Careers include Marines, Scientists, Pilots, Officers, Roughnecks, Company Reps, Colony Marshalls, and playing as a kid. Free League has provided a traditional campaign play and pre-generated Cinematic mode to enjoy in single-sessions and designed for maximum carnage as far as RPGs go.

More to come.