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"Fear the shadow, fear my name, ALITH. ANAR."

Dylan Sprouse Alith Anar
No running in my Nargarythe.

Alith Anar is a High Elf lord and the last of the Nargarythe noble bloodline in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Also known as The Shadow King, he is the representative for the High Elf kingdom of Shadowlands, formerly known as Nargarythe, a Kingdom known for being: the former home to Malekith, the place housing Aenarion's bloody pimp mansion and Khaine's sword shrine, being the birth place of the Dark Elves and the only wasteland on Ulthuan. (AKA. a really nice place to spend your vacation.) As the last and only ruler of Shadowlands, Alith Anar is restless, ever seeking vengeance against Malekith and his Dark Elves for what they did to his homeland, to the point he had his agents and what remains of his people torture and murder any Dark Elves they could find. He excels in guerrilla warfare to the point that even Eshin Skavens have hard time fighting him as well as having shooting skills that would make Way Watchers drool over. Said shooting skill is boosted by a godly bow offered by the godness Lileath, which it is powerful enough to be considered a bolt thrower.


An only child of the Anar family, Alith and his family were once the greatest supporters of Malekith, to the point of being willing to fight Morathi to help him retake Anlec. During this time Alith was betrothed to the daughter of another noble family named Ashniel, until they threw their lot in with Morathi and the Pleasure Cults (Alith later figured out that she'd never loved him... kinda obvious since the gestures of affection were one-sided. Oh! and Ashniel and her two other agents instigated the War of the Beard then got themselves captured by Nagash and were killed in a duel after they taught him dark magic...Seriously, the amount of bad weaves the Druchii has caused to these world...). Alith first showed his cleverness and skill by disguising himself as a yuppie from Chrace and infiltrating the servants of the Phoenix King's court to sceretly petition him face-to-face on behalf of the Anars (though getting this close involved help from the head chef's daughter, who Alith had a thing with). After Bel-Shannar's death and the massacre at Asuryan's shrine, Alith headed back home to consolidate with his family, but none of them knew Malekith was the instigator of both and conspiring with Morathi. Things got worse as every pro-Phoenix King Elven citizen on Nargarythe became the first to suffer Malekith's violent cry fest.

At the Battle of Dark Fen, many Nargarythe people loyal to the Phoenix King stood against a host of Dark Elves. Although they were outnumbered, Eothlir - Alith Anar's father, was a tactical genius, such that he outmaneuvered and killed as many Dark Elves as he could with his little forces. Yet they were merely stalling for time against their inevitable defeat, where Eothlir was torn to shreds by a Black Dragon and the loyal Elves were slaughtered with few survivors (Eoloran - Alith's grandfather and Eothlir's father - was captured and imprisoned in Anlec, with Morathi threatening to let daemons feast on the souls of other captives if he left his cell). After Alith Anar led what remained of the survivors back to their homes, they found their homes in ruins with many innocents dead; a sight that upset them to the point they started to rip and tear any Dark Elves they could find (though before this Alith considered suicide before remembering anger was more useful than despair). Alith Anar led his Shadow Warriors in many ambushes against Malekith's, and he was so effective at it that Caledor the Conqueror thanked Alith Anar in person after that one battle where they destroy many of the Dark Elves' reaper bolt throwers from behind.

After the Sundering turned Nargarythe into a Skaven vacation hot spot with Malekith, Morathi and the remaining Dark Elves fleeing to Naggaroth, many surviving loyalist pleaded for Alith Anar to become their king, and swore a blood oath that they would not rest until Malekith and his Dark Elves were dead.

End Times[edit]

The End Times must've done his head in. Initially he did his anti Dark-Elf thing, but was really caught off guard by Caledor's leaders siding with them. In response, he declared Nagarythe was team Switzerland and sent away any messengers from Tyrion or Malekith (the latter by shooting them), limiting his forces to looking after High Elf refugees fleeing the war. Alith did make one major mistake, though; at the battle where Tyrion drew the Sword of Khaine, Alith crippled Malekith's dragon with a bowshot, which unintentionally gave Tyrion the opening he used to get the sword. To be fair Alith had no idea what was happening, and probably figured Malekith was trying to get the sword. His response to finding out Malekith became Phoenix King wasn't shown, but it's pretty easy to guess. Alith Anar tried to finish Malekith after Tyrion wounded him, but Teclis used his magic to shift the arrow so it hit Tyrion and knocked him back so the former could escape.

When Tyrion drew the Sword of Khaine, Alith noticed Tyrion was becoming less a noble hero and more like Malekith which made him doubt his neutrality, but Malekith was still on his kill list. During the final battle at the Vortex, Alith showed up again and, convinced that Tyrion was evil, killed the latter before he could strike down Malekith… which he promptly followed up by tea-bagging the dying Malekith shooting Malekith to make sure he died too... which would've worked if not for Teclis making him the Incarnate of Shadow. Later, Alith came face-to-face with Malekith for the first time in millennia in Athel Loren. Alith told Malekith that since killing him is now off the table with Chaos wrecking the world, the pain from the arrowhead in Malekith's chest will be his new punishment for all he's done... adding that if Malekith goes back to being a tyrant, he'll be right back on Alith's kill list.

Dark Elves trolling[edit]

Ever since the sundering, Alith Anar and his warriors have done nothing but fucking with Dark Elves, killing trespassers and being total loners among High Elves. One could say it is thanks to him that Dark Elves' are having trouble invading after the embarrassing atrocity that is the war of the beard or whatever vengeance those hairy short footer like to call it which gravely weakened the High Elves military to the point every Elf had to join a militia group to make it up. What's important is how Alith Anar is so good at trolling the Dark Elves that it made Loec, the trickster god, watch the ever living shit out of his every actions. Here's a list of things every High Elves should learn from him:

  • Repeatedly disguising their warriors as Dark Elves to terrorize their armies and already chaotic capital city without giving a shit about its assassins, witch elves, monsters and sorcerers.
  • Disguise himself to infiltrate one of Malekith's orgy parties, where he danced with Morathi (without her recognizing him) and stole both the Stone of Midnight (Aenarion's wedding gift to Morathi) and the High Prince's crown of Nagarythe (that Malekith took with him and was later renamed the Shadow Crown).
  • When he found out Malekith was the bad guy, he essentially spat in his face and used the crown's time-stop ability (more on that below) to escape.
  • Tricked the Witch Elves pursuing him into killing themselves by mixing poison into their berserker potions.
  • After the Battle of Griffon Pass, he captured seven hundred Dark Elves and had them nailed high upon the white cliffs overlooking the narrow valley, where they hung until they died, and then their corpses hung for years afterwards until their flesh rotted and their bones tumbled into piles beside the road.
  • Make other Dark Elves so afraid of uttering his name that not even Malekith is safe from this.

His broken wargear[edit]

  • Stone of Midnight - The aforementioned jewel Aenarion gifted to Morathi, it cloaks its user in shadow.
  • Shadow Crown - The aforementioned Nargarythe crown. It allows the user to stop time by utter "NARGARYTHE" (albeit very temporarily).
  • Moon Bow - The aforementioned bow gifted by Lileath that could act as a miniature bolt thrower. It is however debatable that Lileath actually came down to give it to Alith Anar or else it could have broken her father's law (in the novel Lileath gives Alith visions that enable him to locate the bow).

Total War: WARHAMMER and Dylan Sprouse[edit]

He is featured in Total War: WARHAMMER as a FLC lord in the Queen and the Crone patch. He led the faction called Nagarythe and is an unique lord whose play style focus on killing Dark Elves and assassinating Dark Elves agents on the campaign map. His army also gets to ambush his enemies' and Dark Elves' army on attack and having accessed to a unique stance called "Shadow Realm" that lets his army bypass terrain and remain hidden. This makes him the most cunning High Elves EVER, so that he is sometimes mistaken for an Eshin Skaven lord, the fact his faction is suitable to settlement in wasteland climate reinforce this, YES-YES. In combat, his Moonbow has the power of bolt thrower and has a special attack that deals a lot of damage to anything it targets. He is also the first lord with the ability to create a clone decoy of himself. Yes. Alith Anar has master Nippon's shadow clone jutsu without ever going to Nippon. The said ability is hilarious useful to bait artillery fire and tarpit enemies cavalry but unable to deal any damage. It is however a shame that his crown doesn't actually stopped time.

What's really interesting is his VA, Dylan Sprouse, whom you Disney viewers known as Zack from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Dylan also expressed his love at Alith Anar for being his favorite High Elves and even once expressed a desire for playing the role of Felix in a potential Gotrek and Felix movie adaptation. Nuff said, Alith Anar's reputation just got a bit less edgy and grim, and is now the butt of that Disney show joke on the internet. He also made a Total Warhammer map that has a big hill of shit in the middle of it. As of Dylan's recent work in the vidya gaem known as Kingdom Hearts 3: remind, Alith Anar is also this Japanese Yozora guy, some final fantasy main character lookalike.


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