All Flesh Must be Eaten

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All Flesh Must be Eaten, commonly abbreviated as AFMBE or "All Flesh" is a roleplaying game based on movies, books and video games of the zombie horror genre.

Players can take on the role of an ordinary person or a bad-ass survivor-type who practically orgasms over the chance to crimp out yet-another BOOM HEAD SHOT into the walking/singing/dancing/shuffling/limping/crawling/felching dead. In some campaigns players even play (with) themselves, translating themselves into playable characters. This typically results in each player insisting that they have *at least* Str 2 and *of course* Int 4+. (..are stronger and smarter than anyone else would believe/suspect/agree.)

The game is known for its extensive exploration of various types of zombies and zombie apocalypses, from virus outbreaks to black magic, so the players have a large palette of stereotypes to choose from and base their game upon. The supplements really give a lot of setting options too. Fantasy, scifi, old west, martial arts, historic... even if you weren't into zombies it's got a pretty wide array of choices!

AFMBE uses the point-buy based Unisystem mechanic. It can be used to run games about monsters such as Triffids, vampires, or anything else that wants to eat you.