Allarus Custodian

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Only the best pauldrons for Big E's golden buddies!


There is a new Terminator in town and it wants plenty of ass to penetrate.

Allarus Custodians are veterans of the Adeptus Custodes wearing heavier armor. It is confirmed that this armor is a variant of Terminator armor separate to the Aquilon Pattern with these armor being expertly crafted suits and are so Emperor-damned expensive that each individually is worth entire worlds. Allarus suits, on top of having protection better than even Aquilon suits, have no restriction towards movement or agility.

In addition to the standard issue Guardian Spear, they also wield the pretty sexy Castellan Axe, Allarus Custodians also have a Balistus Grenade Launcher attached to their arms, akin to the Grey Knights Storm Bolters but with far greater effectiveness against armored targets. Though a grenade launcher is admittedly a bizarre choice of weapon to deal with heavily armoured infantry given that grenade launchers are rather well known to be low velocity weapons that are almost entirely reliant on the warhead's explosion to do damage instead of trying to punch through with their thin skinned shells. It might just be a HEAT round, but the D3 shots on its profile is usually indicative of an area of effect weapon, so the only reasonable answer is that it uses some kind of armour piercing shrapnel. Or maybe it's a HEDP round?

They serve as Varangian Guard IN SPACE, showing the Space Corgis how to be Emperor's murdervikings.


In terms of combat, the Allarus Custodians deploy with sudden fury via simultaneous, devastating deep strikes in order to tear the throat from the enemy army. These guys are Custodes shock troops meant to make mince meat of any unfortunate fool within their vicinity. These guys are there if you truly want to crack open that annoying strongpoint like an egg.

Their weapons, as previously mentioned, are formidable, Guardian spears twice the height of a man for extra shish-kebabing, or castellan axes for extra shit-kesmashing. Allarus Custodians eliminate key targets, sow anarchy and confusion through unsuspecting forces and completely destabilize the foe’s formations. These guys are a literal one man army.

As these units were not in the 30k Talons of the Emperor army list, it is unknown if they date back to the Heresy or are a more recent invention.


Forces of the Adeptus Custodes
Command: Companions/Hetaeron - Shield-Captain - Blade Champion
Troops: Allarus Custodians - Aquilon Terminator - Custodian Guard
Custodian Warden - Sagittarum Guard - Sentinel Guard
Vexilus Praetor - Venatari - Warder
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