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Loli Daemonette, commonly shortened to Loli D., is the name given to a Slaaneshi daemonette. Who is a loli. Original, we know, oh yes, and enjoys molesting and generally mistreating her sister.

The term is also used for daemons dedicated to other Chaos Gods, but Slaanesh is the only god to employ daemoettes in a prepubescent female shape. Nurgle's daemonettes in particular seem 16-18 years old, either because Papa Nurgle would rather not encourage paedophilia among his followers, or because he can't tell the difference between prepubescent children and blobs of embryo and placenta.

Pfft, now that Malal is weaseling his way back into the canon, you might as well make some daemonettes for him if you're gonna do it for Khorne. Don't forget the black makeup and razorblades though.

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