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The Altair Enclave is a xeno faction in the Imperium Asunder setting, a fan remake of the warhammer 40 000 history.


the faction to receive so much criticism it was rewritten and deleted thrice.




everybody has a cellphone and abuses social media


Herein lies technobabble.

Hyper-Dimensional Tachyon Shifter[edit]

spooky timetravel

Multiphasic Energy Polarizer[edit]

weapons set to rape

Modular Resonance Actuator[edit]

i dont even know yet

Photonic Variance Transducer[edit]

maybe a cloaking device?

Dynamic Bioneural Capacitator[edit]

crowd-funded cloud computing?

War Campaigns[edit]

Know thy Enemy, Prepare thy anus.

Current Events[edit]

memeing in progress

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