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An ornate wooden chalice pouring storm clouds.
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Amaranthine
Portfolio Strength, Determination, Hardship, Challenge, Endurance, Tenacity, Courage
Domains War, Tempest
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Strigs, Warriors, Athletes, Farmers, the Unlucky
Favoured Weapon Axe

Altus the Enduring is one of the five Amaranthine associated with the Birdfolk races of the Humblewood setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Patron god of the owl-like Strigs, he is also revered by warriors and athletes of all stripes, although anyone who seeks the strength to withstand personal hardships, bad harvests or natural disasters will pray to him.

Altus is a pragmatic Amaranthine, believing that strength is cultivated through enduring hardships, overcoming challenges, and testing mortal limitations. Stories of Altus’ tenacity and endurance abound, including the time he captured the moon as a gift to Ardea, and the time he made the mountains by lifting the earth. Themes of bravery and strength are common in his myths.

Altus resides with Tyton in the lands of death. Legend says that every year Altus makes the long and arduous journey to bring winter storms and foul weather. According to myth, this is as much to test the endurance of his people as it is to test himself by crossing the divide between life and death, which binds the Great Rhythm. Summers with especially bad weather are credited to Altus, who made the trip early to keep his people strong and vigilant.

The strig celebrate their status as Altus' chosen people with an annual great winter festival. Games and activities during this festival challenge entrants with feats of strength and endurance. No official winner is declared, and all who participate are lauded for their courage and given a special place at the feasting table.


Altus is portrayed in Humblewooder artwork as a powerful white-feathered horned owl, who carries a chalice from which he pours thunderheads.


Challenge yourself. Endurance brings change, change brings growth, and growth brings strength!

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