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The Amaranthine is the in-universe name for the collective pantheon of gods in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition setting of Humblewood. They consist of a set of twelve deities, all of whom represent guardians and champions of different aspects of the cycles of nature - which are known to the beastfolk of Humblewood as "The Great Rhythm". In essence, they're an entire pantheon of nature gods, taking charge of specific aspects of nature.

The Birdfolk have the most coherent mythology, claiming to have been created directly by the duotheistic creator-gods Ardea and Tyton, after which five champions of their race were elevated to become patron gods alongside their original creators, and in turn divide the birdfolk into their five present races; Altus of the Strig, Clhuran of the Luma, Gesme of the Corvum, Reya of the Raptors, and Hanera of the Gallus.

Each of the Humblefolk races has a single patron racial god, although they lack any coherent mythology, leading to instead a collection of myths and fables, often tying these five gods - Cairith of the Cervan, Gaspard of the Jerbeen, Hath of the Mapach, Henwin of the Hedge and Kren of the Vulpins - to the creator-gods or the Birdfolk patrons. Humblefolk often worship Ardea and Tyton by their epithets and depict them as members of their own race, which ruffles some birdfolk feathers, but is generally accepted.

In general, Humblefolk and Birdfolk pray to their own patron gods, or at least their racial pantheon, united only by shared reverence for the creators. Humblefolk are much more likely to worship the birdfolk pantheon; birdfolk who worship members of the humblefolk pantheon are uncommon at best, rare at worst, and such birdfolk may face hostility from both their feathered kin and the furred humblefolk, although the priests of the Amaranthine as a whole see this as perfectly natural and acceptable behavior; each member of the Amaranthine is but part of the Great Rhythm, and thusly all should feel welcome to learn from each Amaranthine's wisdom.

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