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Anath Raema is a member of the Cytharai pantheon of the Warhammer Fantasy Elf Gods and the sister to Khaine, the elf god of war. She is the goddess of the savage hunting, which does all it says on the tin. She is the goddess of the joy of chasing, hunting down and killing others and it is not surprising the Dark Elves in particular give her great respect.

It doesn't matter to her who or what the victim is; identity is unimportant if there is jolly old fun to be had. Rumour has it she is responsible for the creation of the hunger games.

She has a sassy belt of hands and heads of hunters who called on her help but never thanked her for it. So she's a woman with pride in her work.

Seeing how they are both gods of hunting, she made advances at Kurnous who spurred her for Isha (having seen how bat-shit crazy she was). She is also the patron of jealous lovers and will gladly hunt down those that do wrong by her followers.

As you can expect, the Dark Elves love her and it won't be surprising to find a sect of witch elf like warriors dedicated towards her. The High Elves are too afraid of her and tried their best to stay out of her way. No word on what the Wood Elves feel towards her but considering she is opposite of what Kurnous is all about, it won't be a surprise if they are not keen on her.

There is no mentions of Anath Raema in Warhammer 40k, most likely due to how recently she was added to the fluff. More likely then not she has been nommed by Slaanesh and is currently bubbling nicely in his/her stomach. This is a shame as she would have done very well with the Dark Eldar and their love of slave hunting.

She also receives a few mentions in Total War: Warhammer, most notably in the Wood Elf campaign, where a group of her followers serve as antagonists for one of Orion's quest battles.

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