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Slaugth lord.png This article describes a Xenos species in the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.

The Anatik are a race of arachnidoid Xenos hailing from a deathworld near the Eastern Periphery of the Imperium of Man. Originally hailing from the polar region of their ancient world, their industrial society unintentionally resulted in a massive release of greenhouse gases, resulting in a global warming effect. Larger, cold bloodied predators multiplied considerably, forcing the Anatik to retreat further into the dust belts of the planet's equatorial region. Favoring a colder temperature, the Anatik wear form fitting Hostile Encounter suit with which they yield cyrogenic and endothermic weapons developed from their own environmental control systems. Their extremely nimble and numerous mouth appendages combined with keen eye sight make them masters of miniaturization and detail, making them apt producers of circuitry and other minuscule components.

The Anatik are a democratic society with a meritocratic hierarchy. Once an Anatik reaches adulthood, it becomes a member of the local hive's forum. The hierarchy system is based on whether or not an individual is producing what the forum is decided is needed by the Hive at large. For example, if the local infestation needs more young, the most fertile gain the most prominence (i.e. more time to speak/chitter/wave arms around). If the hive needs more allies and contacts, the ones that produce the most social and commercial relationships gain prominence. Normally the journeymen would go about doing whatever it is they specialize in and would still have a vote like a pure Greek democracy, but "rank" would be established by who ever more successfully carries out the consensus of the Forum.

Anatiks also normally have at least six larval Anatiks that serve and attend to the Anatik's needs and wishes as well as assisting them in their trade. Anatiks can be found in many Xeno Trade Cabal starports, providing efficient star ship repair and advanced circuitry manufacturing services. Their advanced cryo-genic weapons are in high demand, and on the battlefield Anatiks are a greatly feared foe.

The following is a reported transcriptum by Rogue Trader Byllnum Mura of the proceedings of an Anatik Forum:

"Two votes for the Breeding class this term," danced Senator Xyvlortix "And three for the workers, they will both be essential in the new expansion."

"But what of the hive-tenders?" came the shaking of Senator Oiyxxxytl's thorax.

"Ah, two for them as well," Xyvlortix pogoed, "Shall we call it to a vote?"

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