Andy Hoare

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Andy Hoare is a GW author/games designer and Billy Idol lookalike who has been around for a while doing a multitude of jobs, dabbling in a bit of everything. Starting out in the design studio around 3rd edition and contributed towards: 3rd Edition Necrons, Witch Hunters, Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard Codices. As well as the 4th Edition Codex Dark Angels and the Cities of Death Supplement

He later moved over to Black Library and wrote a few novels and also wrote some articles for White Dwarf.

His return to the design studio had him contributing to Imperial Armour and Horus Heresy rules for Forge World. Nowadays he seems to be doing much of the work for Specialist Games with him being strongly involved in the update for Necromunda and Blood Bowl, as well as contributing to the new Adeptus Titanicus game. Recently (September 2018) he has announced a blog updating the community on specialist games progress.

He is not Mike Brooks.