Angel: Barachiel

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Version: 2.5

Name: Barachiel - Blessing Of God

Description: Limbless creature, 12 eyes. Slimy, hairy skin, strong, powerful lower muscles, worm/snake-like.

Order: Warrior Angel

Choir: [NO CHOIR]

Difficulty: Easy (CR:1)

Body Type: Bestial (Limbless)

Locomotion: Crawling/Burrowing

Size: Massive (+30 to hit, +5 Wounds to all locations)

Statistics WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel LS
50 20 40 60 30 30 20 10 10 110

Body Location % to hit AP Wounds
Head 01-20 2 14
Core 21-25 2 12
Body 26-00 2 28


Angel: Angel: 1 Fate Point, may spend to regenerate 6 Wounds, may burn to regenerate 1d10+6 Wounds. After all Fate Points are burnt, gains the "Superior Action" Angelic Trait.

Harbinger of Tragedy: Any round where the Angel doesn't attack an EVA, it immediately causes 4 Collateral instead as it rampages through its surroundings

Melee Attack Name Damage Penetration Type Effect Effect Details
Breath 1d10 ALL Energy Breath/Biotoxin Everything withing 10dam cone in front of Angel must test Dodge or take damage that ignores TB, AP and causes the weapon's effect/Affected unit is blind and deaf for 1d5 rounds

AT Powers: Deflective Field

Skills: Dodge, Intimidate, Climb Proficient

Fear Rating (1)

20 Dam Angelic Senses

3 rerolls per combat, +10 to all skill tests

Strategy: Intended as a second encounter, Barachiel's Breath weaponry and high LS can be quite fearsome. In addition, the "Harbinger of Tragedy" trait makes it too dangerous to simply stay out of the beast's melee range and pepper it with fire-power. However, the massive size of it makes it an easy target, and its relatively low AP and lack of offensive AT powers ensure that once it is engaged in hand to hand with one or more EVAs, it should soon fall. In addition, its long and (comparative to its length) narrow body means that agile enough EVAs should be able to attack it away from the head, along the length of the body and tail, where it can't bring the breath weapon to bear without slowly manoeuvring it's head around to face them. A competent, tactical (or even just over-eager) squad of EVAs should make easy work of it, though they may be less willing to close to hand-to-hand after the lessons of Jegudiel, if you used him as the first encounter.

Scaling for Challenge: An immediate candidate is Multiple Weapons, to make use of Barachiel's decent WS and S stats. Alternatively, Detonation could do. Unfriendly Fire could make Harbinger of Tragedy all the more worrying, and Unreasonable Demands can also turn up the heat. It is not recommended to use both Detonation and Unreasonable Demands simultaneously, unless you REALLY hate your party.