Angel: Colopatiron

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For Adeptus Evangelion Version 2.5

Version: 2.5

Name: Colopatiron - Angel of Liberation

Description: Glowing, variable colour skin.

Order: Messenger Angel

Choir: Guiding Angel

Difficulty: Hard (CR:0)

Body Type: Bestial (Limbless)

Locomotion: Crawling, Burrowing, Floating

Size: Puny (-20 to hit, -3 Wounds)

Statistics WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel LS
60 50 40 60 50 30 50 40 10 200

Body Location % to hit AP Wounds
Head 01-20 3 9
Core 21-25 3 5
Body 26-00 3 16


Angel: 1 Fate Point, may spend to regenerate 6 Wounds, may burn to regenerate 1d10+6 Wounds.

Burrower: As in DH core, pg. 329.

Heavenly: ATP is not reduced by activating AT powers. AT powers may be augmented by ATP, but not up to more than the amount of ATS possessed by the Angel.

Incarnate: +20 WS

Natural Senses: Angel lacks Angelic Senses, if the Head is destroyed the Angel is blinded and deafened

Superior Action: May perform Full Actions as Half Actions, may perform one Half Action as a Reaction Action per turn. May use multiple attacks per turn, provided it has multiple weapons to use.

Melee Attack Name Damage Penetration Type Effect Effect Details
Whip 1d10+4 8 Rending Flexible/Infect Cannot be parried/Pilot loses 1d10 Ego, if this attack defeats the EVA or reduces the Pilot's Ego Barrier to 0, the EVA comes under Angelic control until the Angel is destroyed.
Ranged Attack Name Range Damage Damage Type Pen RoF Special (Localized Effect/Provoke)
Localized Effect LOS None None None None Select one target as a Half Action, they suffer the weapon's effect, no test to hit needed/Affected Pilot must test WP or lose 2d10 Ego as the EVA berserks.

AT Powers: Layered Field, Rutherford Chain, Deflection Field, Kinetic Wave, Inertia, Float

Skills: Acrobatics, Dodge, Swim Proficient

Fear Rating (1)

4 rerolls per combat, +20 to all skill tests, TB Doubled

Strategy: EGO DAMAGE, EGO DAMAGE EVERYWHERE. That said, don't be shy. Each EVA it berserks is another, angrier EVA trying to kill it. In addition, he is largely melee focused - he wants to rush in, to whip, to infect the EVAs. If he can take one or more of the EVAs down in this manner, it can quickly become an unsalvageable situation, however, so try not to overdo the infections. Use discretion.

Scaling for Challenge: Dual Field, Providence [Absolute Terror]/[Mind Probe]/[Nightmare]/[Neurotic Surge] could all work in keeping the feel of Colopatiron targeting the pilots mentally, though Providence [Oversynch] is ideal for expanding on the idea of him harming the Pilot's Ego through means which could be used against him (like making the EVAs berserk or, in this case, raising their SR).