Angel: Forcas

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For Adeptus Evangelion Version 2.5

Version: 2.5

Name: Forcas - Angel of Invisibility

Description: Hunchback, pulsing core, incongruous footprints.

Order: Messenger Angel

Choir: Guiding Angel

Difficulty: Hard (CR:0)

Body Type: Bestial (Flyer)

Locomotion: Bipedal, Flight

Size: Average

Statistics WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel LS
30 40 30 50 50 40 40 50 20 140

Body Location % to hit AP Wounds
Head 01-10 0 5
Right Wing 11-20 0 13
Left Wing 21-30 0 13
Core 31-40 4 7
Body 41-70 4 18
Right Leg 71-85 0 5
Left Leg 86-00 0 5


Angel: 1 Fate Point, may spend to regenerate 10 Wounds, may burn to regenerate 1d10+10 Wounds.

Flyer: As in DH core, pg. 216.

Heavenly: ATP is not reduced by activating AT powers. AT powers may be augmented by ATP, but not up to more than the amount of ATS possessed by the Angel.

Superior Action: May perform Full Actions as Half Actions, may perform one Half Action as a Reaction Action per turn. May use multiple attacks per turn, provided it has multiple weapons to use.

Grounded: Any round the Angel is struck by Tesla weaponry and takes damage or otherwise takes a similarly powerful electrical charge, it may only take Half Actions.

Achilles' Heel: Testing Scholastic Lore: Angels allows a Pilot's next single attack to ignore TB or AP (their choice), on a success. OD's may test and grant the benefit to a single Pilot of their choice, on a success.

Godly: +50 LS

Ranged Attack Name Range Damage Damage Type Pen RoF Special (Beam Array/Erosion)
Beam Array 80 Dam 1d10+4 4 Energy S/3/6 By taking -10 while Semi-Auto or -20 while Full-Auto firing, may fire at an area, hitting all enemies in range. If so, it deals Collateral as if it were a large Area Of Effect weapon/After applying Damage Reduction from TB/AP, the Angel may convert the normal damage into Ego Barrier damage instead.

AT Powers: Stealth Field, Mirror Image, Deflection Field, Kinetic Wave, Barrier, Wrap Beam, Containment

Skills: Dodge, Silent Move, Concealment, Shadowing Proficient

Fear Rating (2)

40 Dam Angelic Senses

3 rerolls per combat, +10 to all skill tests, TB doubled

Strategy: Forcas, the Angel of Invisibility, is, surprisingly enough, invisible. Ignoring the immediate implications his Stealth Field raises, he is likely to keep several Mirror Images around, who will not have the benefit of invisibility. As such, when he first appears, it is likely the EVAs will mistakenly target one of his mirror images instead of him. This is good. Much of the challenge of Forcas is learning that the images are just images in the first place. Eventually (whether through detecting his AT signature is positioned wrong for the images, through his footprints, realising the energy beams aren't coming from any of the images or something else entirely) they should discover this fact, at which point crippling him is fairly standard procedure, thanks to his average wounds and almost non-existent AP. The fact the Stealth Field makes him effectively in darkness for the entire encounter makes him hard to hit, yes, but anything which DOES hit (barring weak body shots) will seriously diminish his combat potential. In addition, you should bear in mind he is a stronger opponent in certain locations (like urban cityscapes) than others (such as empty farmland). Don't underestimate the ability of cover to allow Mirror Image/Invisibility toggling dickery. Forcas, done right, should feel like a EVA-scale shell game.

Scaling for Challenge: Incarnate [BS] is always a good start to toughen up Forcas. Precise (Basic) [Well Placed] is a good alternative. Multiple Weapons [Ranged] can work, if you feel volume of fire power makes up for relative lack of skill. Otherwise you can make Forcas more AT-focused, and take either The Specialist [Serpentine Guile] to underline his targeting of the Pilots themselves rather than the EVAs, or The Specialist [God's Thunder] if you want to take a middle ground between the AT and Energy Weapon solutions. Whatever you select, the +10 LS and +3 Wounds per Location per CR spent really help give Forcas some extra staying power.