Angel: Izra'il

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Version: 2.5

Name: Izra'il - Angel of Health

Description: Bony ridges, Metallic Skin.

Order: Smiting Angel

Choir: Guardian Angel

Difficulty: Average (CR:0)

Body Type: Artificial

Locomotion: Quadrupedal

Size: Average

Statistics WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel LS
10 50 10 70 30 30 40 30 20 90

Body Location % to hit AP Wounds
Head 01-10 9 7
Core 11-20 9 14
Body 21-60 9 21
Front Right Leg 61-70 9 12
Front Left Leg 71-80 9 12
Back Right Leg 81-90 9 12
Back Left Leg 91-00 9 12


Angel: 1 Fate Point, may spend to regenerate 7 Wounds, may burn to regenerate 1d10+7 Wounds. After all Fate Points are burnt, gains the "Superior Action" Angelic Trait.

Guardian: Angel ignores the first instance of Critical damage suffered in a session, treating it instead as 0 wounds, 0 Critical damage on the hit location, regardless of damage rolled.

Quadruped: Agility Bonus doubled for purposes of 4-legged movement. Agility Bonus reverts to normal if one or more limbs are rendered unusable.

Exoskeleton: Angel gains +6 AP on all hit locations.

Ranged Attack Name Range Damage Damage Type Pen RoF Special (Rapid Fire/AT Leech)
Rapid Fire 120 Dam 1d10 Energy 2 S/5/10 Automatically confirms Righteous Furies/Affected units lose 1d5 ATS which is added to the Angel's ATS for one round.

AT Powers: Accelerated Territory, Kinetic Wave, Spatial Funnel

Skills: Acrobatics, Dodge, Wrangling Proficient

Fear Rating (2)

40 Dam Angelic Senses

2 rerolls per combat

Strategy: Izra'il is doomed if he gets swarmed. That much is a given. Thanks to Accelerated Territory, he is quick enough to skirmish, reaching an Agility Bonus of 10, more than enough to circle less savvy or coordinated EVA pilots. His high AP should also stop all but the most impressive shots from doing any more than plinking away at him, even considering his laughable Deflection. Pilots looking to beat Izra'il should try and corner or otherwise out-maneuver him - there's three (or more) of them, and only one of him, after all. Otherwise, AT powers can turn the tide. Friction Flood, for instance, slows him to an Agility Bonus of 6 (3 if one or more legs are crippled). Containment and Dirac powers like Phase Trap, Inverted Field or Dirac Jaunt can also even the odds. However they ultimately manage to get in range to achieve it, if they can drown Izra'il under a sea of stabbing Progressive Knives, he will very quickly stop looking so healthy.

Scaling for Challenge: Multiple Weapons [Ranged] or Rapid Shooter are both ideal. Hard to Kill could bulk up his defenses. Mismanagement could work, if you're feeling really mean.