Angel: Kabaiel

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Version: 2.5

Name: Kabaiel - Star of God

Description: Patterned, jewel-encrusted rock-skin.

Order: Smiting Angel

Choir: Guardian Angel

Difficulty: Average (CR:0)

Body Type: Artificial

Locomotion: Quadruped, Swimming

Size: Massive (+30 to hit, +5 Wounds)

Statistics WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel LS
40 50 20 60 30 20 50 30 10 150

Body Location % to hit AP Wounds
Head 01-10 3 11
Core 11-20 3 17
Body 21-60 3 23
Front Right Leg 61-70 3 11
Front Left Leg 71-80 3 11
Back Right Leg 81-90 3 11
Back Left Leg 91-00 3 11


Angel: 1 Fate Point, may spend to regenerate 12 Wounds, may burn to regenerate 1d10+12 Wounds. After all Fate Points are burnt, gains the "Superior Action" Angelic Trait.

Guardian: May ignore the first instance of Critical damage per session, regardless of damage rolled, treating location as having 0 wounds and no critical damage instead.

Quadruped: Agility Bonus doubled for purposes of 4-legged movement.

Blinking: Once every 5 rounds the Angel may, as a reaction, move up to 1d10*10 Dam in a direction of it's choice.

Orbital: Resides in Orbit, size Massive. Gains an extra ranged attack with the "Longshot" quality.

Longshot: -30 to hit Point Blank, -10 at less than 20 Dam, +10 at more than 100 Dam, +30 on another Continent/Ground-To-Orbit/Orbit-To-Ground.

Marking Time, Waiting For Death: After the EVAs are deployed against it, it shall take no offensive action against them for 1d5 rounds, unless it is attacked first.

Hostile Environ [Space]: Will attempt to strike Nerv from orbit, rather than launching an all-out assault.

Ranged Attack Name Range Damage Damage Type Pen RoF Special (Blast (7)/Antimatter)
Burst Shot 60 Dam 2d10 Explosive 5 S/-/- Causes a 7-dam Area-of-Effect Blast/Ignores TB for purposes of Damage Reduction.
Ranged Attack Name Range Damage Damage Type Pen RoF Special (Rapid Fire/Pushing)
Rapid Fire Longshot 1d10 Energy 8 S/5/10 Automatically confirms Righteous Furies/Unit is thrown back 1d10+5 dam, must test Agility or be knocked prone and suffer falling damage for distance thrown.

AT Powers: Deflective Field, Kinetic Wave

Skills: Dodge, Swim Proficient

Fear Rating (1)

50 Dam Angelic Senses

3 rerolls per combat, +10 to all skill tests, TB doubled

Strategy: Kabaiel, while likely not being the most statistically threatening Angel the party have faced so far, does have one trick up it's sleeve - the fact it can casually sit in orbit, spamming lasers down upon Nerv with impunity. Hopefully the team has an AT Technician to allow for some Dirac Sea dickery to even the playing field, otherwise you may need to allow the OD access to E-Type equipment or some transport ex machina, so that they can actually take the fight to him. If Kabaiel is being played right, the hardest part will be getting into combat range of him, not the fight itself.

Scaling for Challenge: Incarnate [BS], Zeal, Detonation or The Specialist [Exoskeleton] or [Behemoth]. Tanking him up, or giving him a bit more kick, are both valid options for improvement.