Angel: Makatiel

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Version: 2.5

Name: Makatiel - Plague of God

Description: A screeching mass of uncontrollably twitching, vaguely humanoid E-scale monstrosities.

Order: Warrior Angel

Choir: Guardian Angel

Difficulty: Average (CR:0)

Body Type: Humanoid

Locomotion: Surging bipedal tide

Size: Massive (+30 to hit, +5 Wounds)

Statistics WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel LS
70 40 30 70 40 10 20 10 10 110

Body Location % to hit AP Wounds
Body 01-00 7 23


Angel: 1 Fate Point, may spend to regenerate 14 Wounds, may burn to regenerate 1d10+14 Wounds. After all Fate Points are burnt, gains the "Superior Action" Angelic Trait.

Guardian: May ignore the first instance of Critical damage per session, regardless of damage rolled, treating location as having 0 wounds and no critical damage instead.

Swarm: Any attack which doesn't have blast, flame, scatter or other area of effect qualities halves rolled damage. This Angel can't be grappled, knocked down or pinned. It must be destroyed in its entirety, as it lacks a core.

The Specialist: Resilient Frame - Angel gains +20 T, and may test Toughness as a Reaction Action to negate any single attack regardless of multiple hits or special abilities.

Flammable: If the Angel catches fire, it may not put out the flames, and it suffers an additional d10 damage from the fire.

Melee Attack Name Damage Penetration Type Effect Effect Details
Limb Whip 1d10+3 6 Impact Flexible/Pushing Cannot be Parried/Affected Unit is thrown back 1d10+5 dam and must test Agility or fall prone, suffering falling damage for the distance thrown.

AT Powers: Deflection

Skills: Dodge Proficient

Fear Rating (1)

20 Dam Angelic Senses

3 rerolls per combat, +10 to all skill tests, TB doubled

Strategy: Makatiel's simple to run. Run in, smash, kill, maim, try to avoid being burned. No fancy AT powers, no ranged options, not much fear-causing capabilities either. Makatiel is just expected to tank his way through opposition through sheer attrition. Nothing stylish, nothing clever. Just ruck your way through the pilots, or die trying.

Scaling for Challenge: Incarnate [S] increases the Whip damage to 1d10+5 and the Pen to 10, more than enough to pierce the heaviest EVAs. Another option would be The Specialist [Exoskeleton], raising Makatiel's AP to a horrific 13. That, combined with it's ability to negate any single attack from Resilient Frame and its nature as a swarm, gives it a defense so impenetrable it makes Zeruel blush.