Angel and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer RPG

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Angel and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is an RPG created by Eden Games as a way of recreating the Amazing TV series from the late 90's to Early 00's. The game center's around a group of peeps who hunt/slay Vampires, Demons and the forces of Darkness just like the show. The game runs on the Unisystem which helps with cinematic feats and general coolness on the parts of the players.


The game can be set at any point in time however the books and pre writs in the back are geared towards any point in the Buffy TV show, Pre Sunnydale Crater. The Core Rules also have ideas for a wild west setting and a post apocalyptic world setting, both of which would be really cool.

Character Generation[edit]

The players can create any character they can think of following the guidelines in the books. They pick whether they are a hero who can be anything from a new slayer to a special ops guy. They can be White Hats who are your average Joes and support the heroes but get other benefits. They can also be experienced heroes who are the elite like a certain Spangly Super-Soldier who you can sort of create quite convincingly. Depending on the players choices you can have quite a mixed bag of characters but some guidance from the GM is needed so they all fit into the story. Having a series set in college with a Watcher Librarian, A demon student, the Slayer, A Jock and an old nearly at the end of his career detective doesn't quite work. So some working with the GM is good. With the three category's you receive various points to build your character. Heroes get 20 points on attributes, 20 points on qualities, upto 10 points on draw backs, 20 points in skills and 10 Drama Points. White Hats however get 15 points in attributes, 10 quality points, upto 10 points on draw backs, 15 points for skills and 20 Drama Points. So just by looking at the points you get its very easy to have a mismatched group of characters. The attributes are Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Perception and Willpower. The range for normal humans is 1 to 6 and any higher is usually due to some gift like being the Slayer.