Angels Encarmine

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Angels Encarmine
Angels Encarmine Shoulder Pad.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Blood Angels
Chapter Master Castellan Zargo
Primarch Sanguinius
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Rarely at full strength
Specialty Unknown, possibly melee combat and full frontal assaults.
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red

The Angels Encarmine is a second founding successor chapter of the Blood Angels.

One of the most active chapters in the Imperium, the Angel Encarmine are famed for constantly campaigning and always looking for the next fight to throw themselves into it. This relentless attitude and their willingness to fight to protect the Emperor's people has bought them much fame and valor and casts a good light on the sons of Sanguinius.

You see, the Angels Encarmine's Chapter Master or "Castellan," Zargo, has no need for rest and finds no comfort in sleep; constantly seeking opportunities to lead his brothers on campaign. In battle he is said to be relentless and commands his brothers with great zeal and fury. To the ire of some, he has a penchant for getting rather irritated with those around him he deems coy, weak, or too hesitant to charge headlong into battle to slay mankind's foes. Although undoubtedly effective, this relentlessness and utter lust for battle has rubbed off on most of the chapter; and at times their bloodlust is met with awe and suspicion by those the Angel's Encarmine fight along side.

As a result the Angel's ranks are rarely at full strength. They almost never stop to resupply, recruit novitiates or generally catch their breath. During Zargo's leadership it was said by a Blood Angels' archivist that no Space Marine Chapter was as active as the Angels Encarmine, which is fucking insane considering how thin they're stretched already. Still they kick serious ass, despite being outnumbered and outgunned most of the time.

Although it might just be the blood lust in the Angels Encarmine demanding blood, blood, BLOOD, it is whispered there is a darker reason. The flaws of the Red Thirst and the Black Rage manifest themselves differently from chapter to chapter and it could be this active energy is a result of the Encarmine handling it in their own way. Their Death Company is larger than most, evidence to the rumourmongers that the chapter's days are numbered... as the rumors have stated for the last ten thousand years. If ten thousand years of a large Death Company, slow casualty replacement, and constant campaigning hasn't killed them off, they are fine.

Like most Blood Angel successors, they use an obscene amount of red in their armour. Seriously, they need to diversify their colour schemes a bit more. Or perhaps the Chapters of the Blood Angels still view themselves as a Legion? They might not operate as one like the Dark Angels some people, but they do act like it when fighting together.

They are also noteworthy for having their Death Company and Sanguinary Guard wear white instead of black or gold.

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