Angels Excelsis

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Angels Excelsis
A winged axe
Battle Cry
"Slay, slay, slay! By the Blood! By the Great Angel!"
Founding Unknown, sometime during the 36th Millennium
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Follordark (KIA)
Primarch Sanguinius
Homeworld Fleet-based
Strength Destroyed
Specialty Void warfare
Allegiance Imperium
Colours White limbs and backpack and red torso

The Angels Excelsis were a successor chapter of the Blood Angels, founded at some point in the 36th Millennium. They existed mainly to give the Blood Angels another chapter to feed into the grinder at the Devastation of Baal. They were notable mainly for being kind of assholes to their mortal serfs and sometimes to each other, if the behavior of their one of their captains, a fellow named Erwin, is anything to go by. Erwin was an arrogant, hardheaded jackass who routinely fucked up other people's plans, then refused to apologize for it, and his arrogant jackassery was directly responsible for the Arx Angelicum nearly being destroyed. To wit: he drove his strike cruiser too close to the Tyranid hive fleet while attempting to save a ship that had actually deliberately been abandoned and left to self-destruct, which allowed a Lictor to latch onto his ship's hull xenomorph-queen style. When warned that this might have been the reason the tyranids apparently retreated and let him get away, Erwin dismissed the possibility and refused to check his ship. Said lictor then made landfall on Baal, infiltrated the Arx Angelicum along with a bunch of genestealers during the battle, and wreaked havoc once inside, almost fatally compromising the Arx's defenses. Erwin, meanwhile, died in glorious void combat against Hive Fleet Leviathan, along with the rest of his chapter. They were apparently not rebuilt after the end of the Devastation.

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