Angels Penitent

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Angels Penitent
A skull encircled by a crown of thorns
Battle Cry "The Emperor Condemns!"
Founding Unknown
Successors of Blood Angels
Original Name Angels Resplendent
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Varzival Czervantes (missing, presumed dead)
Primarch Sanguinius
Homeworld Malpertuis
Strength Unknown
Specialty Being self-flagellating killjoys, punishing sinners
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black with umber streaks

The Angels Penitent are a successor chapter of the Blood Angels, from an unknown founding.

They were once known as the Angels Resplendent, and were some of the prettiest, noblest, and all-around greatest of the sons of Sanguinius. They wore golden armor trimmed with red and silver, and the entire chapter took to heart Sanguinius's idea that his sons ought to be just as good at art as they were at war. Where other chapters excelled in close combat, fast attack, long-range firepower, or armored assault, they made themselves into warrior-artisans, believing that by creating art, they would become better warriors and defenders of mankind. Their fortress-monastery was filled with magnificent paintings, tapestries, and statuary created by the chapter's warriors, and many of them even decorated their pauldrons with beautifully painted individual heraldry. They were also notable for being one of two Blood Angels successor chapters who didn't have any issues with their Marines suddenly developing a craving for the red stuff or going bugshit berserk. Things were pretty good for the chapter for a while.

The Last Candle Incident[edit]

A detachment of the Angels Resplendent, led by then-Captain Varzival Czervantes, took part in a crusade launched by a charismatic preacher named Father Deliverance to bring the worlds of the Providence System into the Imperium. The crusade quickly collapsed into a quagmire when the inhabitants of Providence rejected the word of the God-Emperor and the Imperial forces responded by scourging and purging. The Angels, who'd advocated for a diplomatic approach, got fed up and bailed out almost immediately. Some of them eventually wound up on Vytarn, a remote Shrine World inhabited by a reclusive Adepta Sororitas Order Minoris known as the Last Candle. Unfortunately, the Last Candle's entire shrine complex, the Koronatus Ring, had been built over what was essentially a sewer drain for the Webway, and as a result Chaotic corruption had slowly seeped into the place to the point where an entire spire had been lost and some of the Sisters were going squirrelly and doing things that strongly resembled Chaos worship. When all hell finally broke loose and the place started being torn apart by daemons of Tzeentch and Nurgle, the Angels fortified one spire of the Ring and held it against all comers, sheltering anyone who managed to escape the small-c chaos and reach them. Among the refugees was a young psyker named Athanazius Calvino, who would one day become the chapter's Chief Librarian.

The Undying Martyr and the Birth of the Angels Penitent[edit]

Sometime after the Last Candle incident, Czervantes was promoted to Chapter Master and set out on campaign with the entire 1st Company. While they were gone, a mysterious man with a huge scar across his stomach and glowing eyes showed up at the Angels' fortress-monastery, somehow crossed the impassable river that surrounded it, and sat down for a friendly chat with one of their Chaplains. For nineteen days. At the end of this marathon discussion, the Chaplain in question, one Icharos Malvoisin (which translates to "evil neighbor" in French in case you couldn't see where this was going), emerged and proclaimed the stranger to be the Undying Martyr, a prophet of the God-Emperor, who bore terrible new insights into the Imperial Creed. These truths were dark indeed, for the Martyr had revealed that humanity was corrupt beyond any hope of redemption and that its greatest guardians, the Adeptus Astartes, were the basest of all sinners, for they had faltered and fragmented in the war against the arch-betrayer Horus. There could be no hope of ascension into the Emperor's light, only penitence and pain for humanity's collective sins past and future. The war was already lost and the only course was to fight on in the knowledge of certain defeat.

With that, Malvoisin and the Undying Martyr instigated a purge of the chapter. They tore down and destroyed all the art they had ever made, and left the wreckage to rot in the corridors as a monument to treacherous pride. Then they confronted Athanazius and the rest of the chapter's Librarius, who were the only Angels Resplendent to reject the Martyr's bitter, nihilistic creed. The Librarians greeted their overzealous brothers unarmed and unarmored, and Athanazius nearly managed to defuse the whole thing by standing forth and speaking the chapter's battle cry--"We will rise on burning wings"--only for Malvoisin to shout "The Emperor Condemns!", at which point the chapter descended upon the Librarians and murdered them. In the aftermath, the chapter renamed itself to the Angels Penitent and changed their color scheme and heraldry. Malvoisin declared Czervantes and the 1st Company to be either lost or heretics, as nothing had been heard from them since the Great Purge, and he and the other Chaplains took control of the chapter, forming the Council of Thorns to enforce their new decrees. Creating any kind of art was banned under pain of death, and the Chaplains encouraged their brothers to snitch on each other for any violation of the new rules. Many of the chapter's Astartes took to committing acts of self-mutilation and extreme denial as penance for their "sins". Sadly, this caused the Black Rage to manifest in their ranks for the first time with a vengeance, and within a short time over half the chapter had fallen to the Rage and been inducted into the Death Company. Even the Scouts were beginning to manifest the Rage, meaning that the chapter was now threatened with extinction. As a result of all this, a few holdouts became convinced that the Martyr was an agent of Chaos who had bewitched the Chaplains, and hoped that Czervantes would one day come to reclaim the chapter and drive out Malvoisin and those who adhered to his new dictates. As of now, this has yet to happen, and the Angels Penitent have continued on their merry way as a band of bitter, overzealous assholes who live only to punish everyone in the galaxy for being filthy sinners.

Despite their newfound devotion to hating themselves and everyone else, they answered the call when Dante sent word to the IX Legion's successor chapters that there was going to be a rumble with Hive Fleet Leviathan at Baal and everyone was invited. It is currently unknown whether they were completely wiped out or just sustained massive losses, or if they were rebuilt with Primaris Marines.

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