Angels Revenant

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Angels Revenant
Angels Revenant Symbol.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding 8th Founding
Successors of Ultramarines (Wait, seriously? How can a chapter with a name like that not be a Dark Angels successor?)
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Libethra (trashed by Necrons)
Strength heavily depleted
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Deep blue with white pauldrons and gold accents.

The Angels Revenant are, like the Emperor's Spears, a Space Marine Chapter assigned to guard a particular region of space. In their case, the prosperous Orpheus Sector, located in the southwest edge of the Imperium of Man. It had not always been this way though: the Chapter's origins can be traced back to the 8th Founding in M35, during the dark times of the Nova Terra Interregnum. And since then, they had spent most of their long history on Crusade throughout the Segmentum Tempestus until they decided to join the Arch-Confessor Marduk of Helvamon's Orphean War of Faith (Not the Orphean War, more on that later) against the forces of Chaos. Beacause of their history as a Fleet-based Chapter, the Angels Revenant preferred to rely on the more common patterns of weapons and vehicles, and placed a high value on it's repair and mainteinance, Carcharodons-style. This also served to create a bond between the various generations of the Chapter's warriors.

After the Dark Marches Crusade Imperial victory, the Orpheus Sector was in full recovery mode: planetary governorships were being given to Imperial commanders, regiments of the Astra Militarum and survivors of Saint Marduk's crusade were allowed to settle its worlds, and the backwater world of Libethra was transformed a Shrine World in honour of Marduk. Beacause the Angels Revenant were stern supporters of the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Creed (a rising trend in Chapters of later foundings), they were awarded with overlordship of the Shrine World as their domain, further strengthening the defences of the Orpheus Sector. Not only that, but thy were also given the bounty of the Orphean Ecclesiarchy to build the Chapter's fortress-monastery along with a Feral World from which to recruit.

The chapter inherited a lot of Mk IV Power Armour beacause Forge World, and they've carefully preserved the suits across their long history.
The Angels Revenant then became the protectors of the Orpheus Sector: They defended it against multiple plagues such as Eldar Corsairs, Ork Freebooterz, Fleets of Chaos, and Dark Eldar sickos. They worked tirelessly, never faltering in the line of duty. Alas, it wouldn't be enough.

In the 41st millenium, the Necrons began to wake from their slumber en-masse, and the edge of the Orpheus Sector was home to one of the nastiest Dynasties out there: the Maynarkh. These Xenos would fall upon the Sector and it's stalwart defenders, silencing them overnight. The Orphean War was about to begin, and although the Imperial authorities wouldn't know until much later, the Angels Revenant gave a hell of a fight: it is implied that the Necron invaders had to break through Libethra's crust and unleash the planet's molten core to get rid of them. Not only that, but one of the Necron ships encountered by the Minotaurs during the orphean War held the fresh scars of a Space Marine braodside at extreme close range.

It is thought that no more than a few hundred Angels Revenant, far away from their Chapter homeworld on crusade, perhaps survived...

...Exept they totally did. Artwork for Imperial Armour: Fires of Cyraxus shows they are alive and kicking, having rescued at least a relic Contemptor Dreadnought from their homeworld. But wait, there's more: according to White Dwarf 39 (November 2019), a taskforce sent to supply them with Primaris Marines found the Angels Revenant of Libethra still battling the Necrons in the collapsed catacombs of their homeworld. Add the new batch of primaris to the survivors of Libethra and the ones who are still in crusade, and the Angels Revenant barely manage to avoid being counted among the list of Nearly Destroyed Chapters.


  • Dark Marches Crusade: The Angels Revenant participate in the initial conquest of the Orpheus Sector during the Age of Redemption by lending four companies to the crusade of Lord Tempestus Hal Orpheus.
  • Occlusiad War - A big fucking shitstorm that kicked off in 550.M37 caused by rogue Techpriests inder the leadership of the "Blind King", who felt humans were an affront to the Omnissiah and decided to go all meatbag-genocide after bumble-fucking into some tech from the Dark Age of Technology that let them vaporize whole systems by making stars go supernova. It was also rumored that the Hereteks might have rediscovered the STC of the Sicaran Battle Tank during this era, making the war against the Blind King a pain in the ass for the Imperium. The Angels Revenant were involved in the campaign, even though the major players were the Dark Hunters and the Navigator that discovered the fold of Warpspace where the Blind King was hiding his warship-palace.
  • Orphean War of Faith - Joined Saint Marduk's piligrims and the Order of the Valorous Heart in the crusade that took back the sector from the corrupt hands of the military and ruling classes who had plunged it into civil war. The Inquisition dispatched a taskforce of the Ordo Malleus at the start of the crusade, so it's safe to assume things were about to get Chaos real quick.
  • The Bane of Saint Marduk - By the end of the crusade, things had gotten full Chaos. The last stronghold of the Ruinous Powers, a Hive World held by a Warpsmith of the Deathmongers, resisted Marduk's forces. The Arch-Confessor himself launched led the final assault but found himself ovewhelmed by the traitors. The Angels Revenant responded by sending a Strike Cruiser, but were intercepted by a couple of Necron ships, back then of unkown origin. The Astartes managed to destroy one and rout the other, but their ship was badly damaged and couldn't make it to the planet in time. When they arrived, both Chaos and Imperials alike had been slaughtered across the world, leaving only scattered survivors. Those that bore the stigmata of Chaos and treachery were put to the sword, while those few survivors who had fought for the Emperor, were carried away to salvation by the Angels Revenant. The Arch-Confessor however, would not survive the battle, and thus the would was renamed "Saint Markduk's Bane" in his honour.


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