Angels of Vengeance

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Angels of Vengeance
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Dark Angels
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Probably the same as the Dark Angels if not less due to idiocy
Specialty Terminators, Bikes, and not giving up even when it is tactically sound to do so
Allegiance Imperium of Man, except for those who fell to Chaos
Colours Black & Red

The Angels of Vengeance are a successor Chapter of the Dark Angels, divided from their parent legion during the Second Founding.

Still rocking that First Legion color scheme.

In a strange break from the established tradition of the "parent" chapter keeping all of the iconography and the successors making up their own, the Angels of Vengeance got to keep the original black colour scheme whilst the parents painted themselves green. The Angels of Vengeance "Reaper" icon they use as their chapter symbol mirrors a symbol used in the First Legion to denote the Terran veterans amongst their ranks, so maybe the Angels of Vengeance were those same veterans, given a chapter of their own in the second founding.

In temperament, the Angels of Vengeance make the Dark Angels look like respectable party organisers. They generally ignore everyone and everything else and get shit done. More so than other space marines, the Angels of Vengeance simply do not understand the concept of failure and will stubbornly pursue their own objectives even if it results in their death. Unfortunately, this has caused many problems where their own military objectives conflict with everyone else's, giving them a bad reputation as the sort of dudes who win a battle only to cost themselves the war.

Despite this, they have an honour roll as long as any other Second Founding chapter, which is pretty much the only thing that stops other chapters from looking down on them as retards.

Though, how much of this is truly stubbornly going after pointless objectives and how much is hunting clues to certain traitor Marines that definitely don't exist is unknown.

Of course, the level of disdain the Angels of Vengeance hold for others does not extend to other members of the Unforgiven, since they share an overall command structure with the Inner Circle, and they have similar formations to the Deathwing & Ravenwing named the Dreadwing and the Raptorwing. In fact, during a period where three masters of the Ravenwing died in quick succession and the Dark Angels had yet to figure out why, the Angels of Vengeance subbed in their own 2nd Captain to fill the vacancy.

Relics & Honours[edit]

The Angels of Vengeance have one particular relic that was handed over to the armouries of the Deathwatch called Anmael's Reach, which was a master crafted storm bolter whose Machine Spirit rendered the bearer immune to fear, though it reduced his willpower if he ever chose to retreat from battle. This does not sound at all like something a gun should be capable of. I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

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