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The Cat Lord in her human form

The Animal Lords (or Beast Lords) are a species of Angels bordering on Godhood native to the Beastlands in Dungeons & Dragons. As their name suggests, each is the absolute spiritual authority and master of all animals of a specific type.

For each variety of animal there is a corresponding animal lord. For instance, there is a fox lord, an owl lord, a horse lord, and hundreds of other animal lords. Animal lords can appear in humanoid or animal form. All of them are over 6 feet tall in their human forms, and have subtle animal like features (Cat-like eyes, Lizard eyes, Horse cock etc). In animal form, they look like the animal over which they have dominion. The tiger lord looks like a sleek tiger, the badger lord appears as a badger, and so on. They also have a natural psionic ability, they can not be surprised or deceived.

In combat they fight with unique styles similar to the animals they protect. The camel lord runs with a herd, fighting ferociously when necessary to protect the flight of the camels. Some Animal Lords will fight in their human forms others will only fight in their animal forms, and most of the herbivore lords are pussies that just run away.

They are not immortals but they have no care for non-animal affairs. None of them could care about anything other than making sure all the zebras or whatever animal are happy and fed. If another creature or person enters the lord's territory they will aid the creature in leaving the animal's domain. But in any other matter they do not care, there is no such thing as animal politics.

...Yeah, they're not really as interesting as they could be.

Animal Lords were detailed in the Planescape setting, which provided stats for the Cat Lord (female), Hawk Lord (female), Lizard Lord (male) and Wolf Lord (male).

Animal Lord is also the name of a Prestige Class from Complete Adventurer


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